TRANSFORMERS (Lobos in disguise)

This article will be tackling the false ministry of New Apostolic Refotmation (NAR) Pastrix Marilyn McKenny.

To do this, we will pull apart some of the nonsense she says in the below video, exposing that she is a full blown NARcolyte.


Prayerwalking: A NAR practice of sending teams of individuals to the physical locations of regions where they desire to see spiritual and societal transformation. At these locations, the tea,s engage in warfare prayer and other practices of strategic-level spiritual warfare.

The above definition of ‘prayerwalking’ can be found in the glossary of Holly Pivec’s book, ‘God’s Super Apostles’, a work that exposes the New Apostolic Reformation cult. It’s a type of “strategic level spiritual warfare” promoted by it’s leaders.

In the above video, Marilyn McKenny claims “God has given us a simple yet powerful strategy to prepare the way for this great ingathering he intends to bring”. This is false. Nowhere in scripture are we taught about this type of prayerwalking. However, there is nothing wrong with praying while one engages in daily activities. By making such a claim, McKenny is giving people the impression she is a prophet, knowing how God is moving today.

Do not fall for her gimmicks.


We will help point out the remaining New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) language and ideas in her presentation:

“A tsunami wave of God’s presence, glory, love and power…”

The NAR often use waves to help make people feel they are apart of something bigger than themselves. You will often hear the NAR talk about first waves, second waves, third waves, tidal waves or tsunamis to convince people they are part of a movement or revival God is promoting.

“… is about to sweep the nations.”

NARfolks love to exaggerate. As a result, they emphasise global awakenings or otherwise emphasise revivel or movements that will restore, build, save or transform, sweep, revive “the nations”. Oddly, the emphasis is on the event – not God; people getting involved to spread “it” and do their part – not having faith that God will do what He wants accomplished.

“It will usher in a mighty harvest of one billion plus souls with an emphasis upon the youth.”

A good way to recognise a NARcolyte is how they present themselves. The best way to describe them is a harbinger: “a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.”

Is this not how Marilyn McKenny is portraying herself? She is the “usherer”. She wants to be seen as the one ushering in the “one billion plus souls”. Also don’t forget that the NAR also heavily emphasise or have a focus on the youth or the “generations” that are to come. This unhealthy focus on the cult of youth marginalises the body of Christ.

“They’re also the future leaders, intercessors, visionaries and harvesters for the body of Christ.”

What do you notice her emphasising in this phrase? Generally a NARcolyte emphasises governing apostles and prophets.

However, McKenny also has emphasised the another arm that governs the NAR cult: “leaders, intercessors, visionaries and harvesters”. These aren’t biblical leaders she is talking about nor are these biblical intercessors. Neither intercessor, visionary or harvester biblical offices in the scriptures. These are made up modern day offices. All these made up offices exist to usher in God’s presence into the church and community to bring heaven to the earth to quicken Christ’s return. These NAR offices often espouse divine revelation on strategic spiritual level warfare (SPLW). SPLW is a fanciful doctrine invented by the NAR to force and control people to be subjected to it’s super-spiritual leaders.

“It’s time for history makers to arise and change the destiny of our precious students.”

The NAR sometimes entice people by alluding they can be “history makers” or “change agents” to tranform or change the nations. The crime here is what they are emphasising: YOU. Not God. You.

It really is this black and white – if we get the glory for the “faith-filled” work we do, if it’s all about us saving people, then we’re missing the point. Christianitity is not about you. You died in Christ and are baptised into his death and raised with Him in New Life. It was the preaching of the Word of the Gospel that did this – and do you know how foolish this gospel is? It is so foolish, that the world has mocked it for two thousand years.

But is is this good news that is the power of God unto salvation. Who buried you, raised you up in new life and gave you eternal life? A “faith-filled” Christian who went on a prayer-walk around your neighbourhood? A history maker?

No. Jesus Christ. To him be the glory – not pastrixes who want to be wannabe harbingers.


“A tsunami wave of God’s presence, glory, love and power is about to sweep the nations. It will usher in a mighty harvest of one billion plus souls with an emphasis upon the youth. God has given us a simple yet powerful strategy to prepare the way for this great ingathering he intends to bring.

Stage one is for each of our two thousand secondary schools to be prayer-walked by three to four committed people, with a view to the harvest and a transformation as well of that school, including minimizing bullying and violence.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s mums and dads, educators, community and business leaders. They’re also the future leaders, intercessors, visionaries and harvesters for the body of Christ. They’re worth fighting for, for both their sakes and for the sake of the Kingdom.

Committed prayer walkers can anticipate significant results. A number of years ago, a small group spent several months prayer-walking for their Christmas outreach. Before that event, eight pastors in the town arranged for an outreach to the senior year students at the local high-school. As a result, thirty seven students gave their lives to the Lord. And when the pastors followed to distribute the follow-ups, to their great surprise, they discovered that all thirty seven students had come from a small area that had been regularly prayer-walked. And that area of two hundred homes represented less then five percent of the entire population. It was an amazing result.

That is the power of regular, faith-filled prayer-walking – and what we can expect when we apply ourselves to it. It’s time for history makers to arise and change the destiny of our precious students.”

Source: Marilyn McKenny, Austransformers, YouTube,, Published 01/02/2015. (Accessed 01/05/2016.)

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  1. And shes a modern apostle. If youve any doubts contact this person Che’ Ahn because he made her one, rofl.

    “She is based at Rivers Apostolic Centre in Brisbane, Queensland and was commissioned in 2015 as an apostle with AARC by Che’ Ahn”

  2. Angels join in worship where she ministers too. How amazing.

    “On three occasions angels joined the worship and ushered in the most powerful presence of God I have experienced.”

    Maybe she knows that other visionary who also gets angels joining in his church’s worship? Whats his name, Ps Dr Phil Pringle?

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