Further evidence of Michael Brown’s ties with the NAR.

Dr. Michael Brown has denied the existence of the New Apostolic Reformation on his radio program by calling it, “the so-called NAR.”

You can listen to Chris Rosebrough, Steven Kozar and Amy Spreeman challenge Michael Brown’s statement here:

Mutiny Against Dr. Michael Brown

It’s hypocritical for Dr. Michael Brown to deny the existence of a movement when he is inexplicably tied with Destiny Image Publishing, which is one of the biggest New Apostolic Reformation publishing houses in the world.



Not only is he promoted on their website, he has even published his book, “Our Hands Are Stained with Blood” though Destiny Image.


The reason this is so ironic is because Destiny Image champions “Prophets” of the New Apostolic Reformation as their top authors, and included in that list is none other than C. Peter Wagner.



Destiny Image Publishing even has their own tribute to C. Peter Wagner, who in their own words write,

“A champion of the New Apostolic Reformation — a Pentecostal/charismatic movement involving the restoration of the offices of apostle and prophet — Wagner wrote more than 70 books, was founding president of Global Harvest Ministries, and founder and chancellor emeritus of the Wagner Leadership Institute.”



When reading the About Page on Destiny Image’s website you’ll notice that Don Nori, the founder of Destiny Image, received a “direct revelation from God” to have a “prophet publish for prophets.”

“The voice of the Lord resounded with deep indignation as He spoke to an amazed Don, “This is an abomination. It is an abomination for My prophets to submit their words to mere mortal men.” The last three words issued from the mouth of the Lord as though the taste of them was bitter. Once more the Lord spoke to Don’s heart: “I am looking for a prophet to publish the prophets.” In the heat of that early August afternoon along Interstate 81 Don found himself crying out to the Lord: “I care about what You have to say!” Without quite knowing what he was saying, Don responded to the call of the Lord. “I’ll do it! I’ll publish the prophets! I care about Your heart! I’ll do it!” (Emphasis Ours)



We have a few questions for Dr. Michael Brown to answer: 

1. How can he deny the existence of the NAR when he’s both published through Destiny Image (which boldly proclaims they herald the NAR) and is promoted by them?

2. Because he is promoted and published through Destiny Image does that mean he is in fact, a Prophet since this is a company that’s supposed to “publish the prophets”?

We would like to point out that Destiny Image is responsible for publishing FIVE of Amanda Wells’ books, (our friends at Weedingoutwells are diligently exposing the plagiarism in her books), and they are also responsible for publishing the works of other “Prophets” such as C. Peter Wagner, Lance Wallnau, Patricia King, and the list goes on.

We would like to challenge Destiny Image’s “Vision, Commitment, and Mission” statements at the bottom of their About Page because none of the “Prophets” published and promoted by them teach in accordance with sound Biblical doctrine.  

“OUR VISION – Destiny has been called to publish biblically sound, prophetic word to the Body of Christ. To that end, we look for authors with an anointing to direct, encourage and strengthen the church as a whole.

OUR COMMITMENT – We are committed to upholding the written Word of God, the deity of Christ, and the dignity of His Body, regardless of the labels that are attached by men. We are also called to good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by the Lord. We are committed to serving our Lord and His people with honesty, courtesy, and integrity.

OUR MISSION – Destiny Image seeks to accurately represent authors who have a call to share God’s present word to His people and to make these authors easily accessible to the Christian body around the world in every form of media possible. Ultimately, we desire to help and encourage Christians everywhere to deepen their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts and change their lives.”


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