Berean Research exposes Pure Flix being dishonest to “family-friendly” audiences.

On the ‘About Us’ page on the Pure Flix website, they state:

“Our purpose is simple — Pure Flix strives to be the most trusted family-friendly video-streaming source on the web.” [Archived]

Amy Spreeman of Berean Research has demonstrated that Pure Flix is not being honest to their Christians customers. It is not to be trusted and it is not “family-friendly.” Her research exposes the fact that they are an arm of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult, pushing NAR propaganda onto the Christian masses.

Berean Research writes,

Pureflix an arm of dominionist International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Is Christian-themed movie subscription site PureFlix a strategic tool of the New Apostolic Reformation, or does this movie company simply focus on delivering films with a pro-Christian message? I’m about to make a case for the former.

We know that one of the hallmarks of the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) movement is taking dominion over seven spheres of life on Earth, in order to activate the reign of Jesus’ Kingdom. It’s called the “7 Mountain Mandate,” in which Christians are to dominate and fix business, government, media, education, the family, religion, and arts and entertainment.

NAR leaders are very methodical about these takeovers, as you can read about in the extra links below. But what fascinates me is the arts and entertainment sphere. In doing research I stumbled across, quite by accident, a sub ministry of a highly influential group called the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, or ICAL for short.

ICAL's Web Promotion

ICAL was brought to America in 2000 by “Apostle” John P. Kelly, who set up shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Kelly was “directed by the Lord” to ask C. Peter Wagner to accept the position of Presiding Apostle over the network of apostles. New Apostolic Reformation is the term Wagner gave to this movement that encompasses hundreds of similar apostolic networks around the world, but not everyone uses Wagner’s exact terminology.  Another common term for the movement is “apostolic and prophetic.” The late Wagner turned the keys back over to Kelly, whose ICAL mission statement reads:

“ICAL is designed to connect apostles’ wisdom and resources in order that each member can function more strategically, combine their efforts globally, and effectively accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society.”  (Mission statement)

On its website, you can find out which leaders have been appointed as modern-day “Apostles,” who are to rule over all Christians and bring forth utterances of actual fresh words – oracles if you will – of God Almighty Himself.

ICAL Website Image

You can also find a curious page for its dominionist sub ministries, partnerships and alliances. One of those alliances is PureFlix.

ICAL Website Image

ICAL Website Image

“The PureFlix Strategic Alliance with ICAL will provide solutions for local churches and ministries to reach more people, more effectively for evangelism and training.  Members will be sent more specific details for how to maximize this alliance in the near future.

“In the meantime, click on the Global Outreach link below and click on the images to view more and see the trailer for the newest movie – God’s Not Dead 2 – in theaters April 1, 2016. 

“Global Outreach:  Learn more about Pure Flix alliances and opportunities at:

“During the 2015 ICAL International Congress, Steve Fedyski (ICAL Member) presented the Pure Flix vision and a powerful high-quality preview of the the film “Woodlawn”. There was an tremendous response and excitement by everyone to the quality and message of the film and the Pure Flix mission.  There [sic] newest release, God Is NOT Dead 2, will be released in the Spring of 2016.”

That in mind, I ask again: PureFlix part of the New Apostolic network?

The subscription-based Christian film company certainly carries a lot of titles that are produced by Global NAR empires like Hillsong United. Consider this language for a recent industry promotion:

HILLSONG-LET HOPE RISE is so much more than a film about a Christian band or even a church. It is truly a theatrical worship experience,” said Michael Scott, chief production officer and a founding partner of Pure Flix. “It is a dream come true for us, as a studio committed to influencing the global culture, to partner with a church like Hillsong.”  source

PureFlix says it has always been their vision and calling to, “serve alongside the church by providing affordable and effective Movie Ministry Solutions to use for Outreach, Church Growth, Fellowship Opportunities, Small Group Ministry and Sermon Messages.”

That’s quite a different agenda than simply producing uplifting movies with Christian themes, is it not? And if we as consumers are paying a monthly subscription fee for Pureflix movies, are we not in some way supporting the mandate of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, and the NAR movement?

I reached out to Pureflix, but have so far received no response.

Source: Amy Spreeman, Pureflix an arm of dominionist International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, Berean Research,, Published 19/01/2017. (Accessed 21/01/2017.)

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