Michael Brown: You’ve got questions? He has books.

The following twitter conversation between Ethan Smith and Dr. Michael Brown was recently brought to our attention:


Whenever Dr. Michael Brown is asked a specific question (in this case it was, “Are you fine with holy laughter, being slain in the Spirit and/or shaking etc.?”), there are three different responses one can expect to receive:

1. Dr. Michael Brown claims to not have enough time to answer. He’s done this many times with several others who have attempted to engage him in a debate such as Amy Spreeman.

2. Dr. Michael Brown will offer the person who is asking him questions to call in on his program and ask him there. Chris Rosebrough took him up on his offer and you can hear how well that went here: Mutiny Against Dr. Michael Brown

3. Dr. Michael Brown will ask the person with the questions to buy his book.

In the above twitter exchange, Dr. Michael Brown responded to Ethan Smith with a combination of 1 and 3. Despite Ethan Smith saying he didn’t have the proper funds to purchase the book, Dr. Michael Brown decided to neither answer the question or help Ethan Smith get his hands on the answer he was seeking.

We didn’t realize there was a price tag attached to rightly understanding Sound Biblical Doctrine. 

Source: Twitter, Dr. Michael Brown, https://twitter.com/DrMichaelLBrown/status/833530571494076416 (Published 19/02/2017, Accessed 21/02/2016)

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