Writers & Contributors Wanted.

Athanasius Wanted.png
If you’re interested in becoming a Churchwatch contributor here are a few things you need to know:

1.  All writers are (unpaid) volunteers who believe it’s important to keep Christians up to date on the many heresies that are infiltrating the Body of Christ.

2.  We cover a variety of topics here such as current events, personal testimonies of how people were saved and/or came out of a cult, the sins of unrepentant men and women who identify as Christians, and so on.

3. If you see something heretical and wish to write an article where you rebuke it using Scripture, remember to ‘save the link’, take a screenshot, and source where it came from. We will not share information that cannot be verified.

4. When you email us an article that you’ve written, you may choose to have your name attached to it so you can be given credit or you may choose to remain anonymous.

5. If we have any concerns about the article you’ve submitted for us to post, we will email you with questions pertaining to what you’ve written and go over it with you before publishing it.

6. We reserve the right to not publish articles if they are slanderous or are not in accordance with sound Biblical doctrine.

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