Chris Rosebrough reviews Jurgen Matthesius’ ad hominem attack against ChurchWatch.



We would like to introduce a new writer and contributor to our Church Watch team, our brother in Christ Stephen Sapaugh from the United States. Below is his first contribution:





On the April 6, 2017 episode of Fighting For The Faith, Pastor Chris Rosebrough covered C3 San Diego’s pastor Jurgen Matthesius in a blistering rebuke of both his heretical and ad hominem attacks on the church. This twisting from Matthesius is a tactic often used as a setup before an attack on a critic that’s about to take place. Here is an excerpt from the show:



00:06:20 Prophetic Round Up of April “Prophecies”
00:41:24 Jurgen Matthesius Ad Hominem Attack Against His Critics
01:01:14 Brian Houston Look It In the Eye and Step Into It
01:21:57 Sermon Review: Be Assured There is a Purpose and an End by Chris Hodges 

Jurgen Matthesius: “…So we find in the scripture Luke 19:17 there is a guy with five talents, and we know that he trades and produces five more. So Jesus says to this man, well done good and faithful servant. You were faithful over a few things I will make you a ruler, or literally in the N.I.V, I will give you authority over ten cities, because you were a good steward. Because you were responsible, I’m going to release to you authority.’ You’ll find that Jesus, before he gives authority, always tests with responsibility. Before you give someone a title, test them with the responsibility of carrying the weight of that title.

I used to think that if I called somebody Deacon, if I called somebody V.P, if I call some then they will step up, but it’s rarely worked out that way. You find that if you give somebody the responsibility and they step up then you are just calling them what it is. You will always find that’s why he gives one talent, two talents, five talents and goes away on a long journey that’s why no supervision.”


Pastor Rosebrough responds in a very biblical way, “This is an eschatological parable, it really is.”

The next move comes in the form of an attack against Churchwatch Central by twisting an eschatological text tightly around a text that is addressed to the whole church.


Jurgen Matthesius: “In fact, there is nothing more wicked than seeing somebody who has no responsibility but wants to exercise authority. There is this group coming out of Australia called ‘Church Watch’ and they are self promoted theologians. They attack Hillsong, C3 – in fact they attack any church that is winning people to Christ, cause if they are winning people to Christ they have to be doing something evil. Because (sic) how many people know if people are coming to Christ it has got to be the work of the devil. It has got to be the work of the dark lord. It smells like Lucifer people are coming to Christ.

Addictions are being broken, their marriages are being healed, people are being saved for all eternity, joy, they are speaking another language it has got to be the devil. We ain’t getting nobody saved but our doctrine is pure. Who told you your doctrine is pure? We did. We got together, we self appointed ourselves. We appointed ourselves the watchmen. Ah that’s interesting uhhhhhhhh, the Bible says that a man is valued by what others say of him. The Bible says that to have authority you have to be under authority, who’s authority? Oh you’re not under anyone’s authority! I know somebody else like that.”

Pastor Rosebrough responds, “Actually, they are not. Let me explain. Jude, the epistle of Jude, says something very important. Who is the epistle of Jude written to? Answer: it is a part of a body of work known as the catholic epistles. catholic meaning universal. It is a body of work not written to a specific church body, this is an epistle written to the entire body of Christ and here is what Jude says verse 3:
“Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Go on and you will see that Jurgen Matthesius, this is a fellow who we have covered for quite awhile on Fighting For The Faith and (he) is a habitual and chronic twister of God’s word. And he is literally one of the false teachers that Jude is warning us about, and in verse three it literally says to each and every Christian believer that they are to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. And since Jude is part of the body of work known as the New Testament, it is written scripture it is “theopneustos”, it is God breathed.

Therefore, when somebody like Church Watch is contending for the faith and warning the body of Christ of false teachers and false prophets like Jurgen Matthesius they have a commission and authority to do this given by God Himself through the written word and specifically through the epistle of Jude.

Nope. Church Watch doesn’t do that, Fighting for the Faith doesn’t do that. Wow! So ad hominem attack on top of his bible twisting. Well, actually Jesus himself said that the devil is the father of lies, and when he lies he speaks his native language, and well those who are his servants also traffic in lies and twisting scripture. So when somebody is in the name of Jesus twisting God’s word and teaching a false doctrine or a false gospel, then they are doing the work of the Devil. Are they repenting of their sins and trusting in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins? Because, that seems to be a message that I never really hear Jurgen Matthesius or anyone that is part of the C3 movement preach. No, actually scripture appointed them. No, scripture says contend for the faith. Yeah Jude verse 3 I just said, written to all Christians. We are admonished to contend for the faith because of false teachers that have crept in among us including you, Jurgen. Oh, that is weird, why would you think that they don’t have a pastor? Or they are not under the authority of a pastor? I know exactly who their pastor is. Uh huh, and I know that they are under his authority. Wow, so straight up lies, and this is by the way you know somebody like Jurgen Matthesius who is a habitual twister of God’s word, is a false teacher and false prophet. He cannot actually answer showing from scripture.
Now what I was saying here is what really God’s word says. He can’t do that. In fact, men like Rick Warren can’t do it. Men like Brian Houston can’t do it. Men like Jurgen Matthesius can’t do it. Phil Pringle can’t do it. So you know what they do if they ever say anything about their critics – they will never actually address the substance of the critique that is leveled against them that demonstrates that they are a false teacher. They will always attack the person. It’s called an ad hominen attack and it’s actually a logical fallacy and shows not only the bankruptcy of their theology, it shows the bankruptcy of their character themselves.”

So we hear Pastor Rosebrough, true to form, calling Jurgen Matthesius out in regards to what he is doing. Pastor Rosebrough defends those who needs defending, and lastly preaches the gospel even in the face of someone who is literally eating up sheep in front of his eyes. The funny thing with this C3 pastor (who also heads up the C3Americas group) is that Church Watch members aren’t self appointed. We are appointed by God. We aren’t removed from authority we are rather underneath God’s authority, and every single person here at Church Watch is under the authority of a pastor. Also, we are contributors from all over the globe, and I’m grateful to have had the ability to write my first article for this website. I’m personally from the United States of America, I have a wife, a child, and am a Deacon at my church. And still, I recognize that fellows like Jurgen Matthesius are false prophets, because ironically, they are lying to the body of Christ – by claiming that people critiquing them are not under any biblical authority at all.
In my next article we will dig a little deeper into the text of this ‘sermon’ by Jurgen Matthesius.


Your servant in Christ, Stephen Sapaugh.

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