Heresy Hunters Guide (Part 1): Why God has called Christians to be ‘Heresy Hunters’.

Christians are called to love Jesus the way he asked us to:

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15

Sadly, not only do many Christians neglect this command in the church today, the results of ignoring Jesus’ Words regarding false teachers has spiritual consequences:

  1. Unloving towards both God and neighbour;
  2. Exposing the church to more apostacy;
  3. Representing a bad witness to a lost and dying world;
  4. Spiritually harming many people in the church and in the community;
  5. Watering down and complicating the simplicity of the gospel and the Christian confession of faith;
  6. Making evangelism harder regarding new converts finding safe churches where the gospel is not tainted by false teaching or associated with false teachers.

It seems many choose to turn a deaf ear to Paul’s warning:

“I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. Therefore be alert, remembering that for three years I did not cease night or day to admonish every one with tears.” Acts 20:29-31

Why are so many Christians more than happy to go churches run by wolves who do not spare the flock (Acts 20:33), speak “twisted things” and “draw away the disciples after them.”


If you hear church leaders use the typical biblically twisted phrases, “judge not lest ye be judged,” “he who hasn’t sin cast the first stone,” “for all have sinned and fallen short,” “at least Christ is proclaimed,” or the typical name calling such as “haters, Pharisees, witch hunters etc” – there is a very good chance you are dealing with someone who is ANTI-Christ. That is, a leader who is rejecting the very clear warnings and teachings of Jesus and His disciples regarding false prophets and teachers. In other words, they are refusing to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

          We need to take aim at heretics and blasphemers as well.

We are not talking about a teacher who might be heterodox, might slip up occasionally or be aligned to a particular Calvinist/Arminianist theology. We are talking about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are talking about a person who capitalizes and benefits off the good will of undiscerning believers – by a wolf who continually relies on this lack of discernment to give them power over the congregations.

Make no mistake, when Jesus identified wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7), Jesus made the point that they were not regenerate and that he would personally send them to hell. In this article, we give a brief guide as to why a discerning Christian shouldn’t object to the title ‘Heresy Hunter’. The truth is – the more the church sinks into apostacy because of the rise of wolves in pulpits, we need more godly pastors and their congregations to address the fact that they are going to be called by God to ‘wear’ the heresy hunter label. We examined this concept in our open letter to Dr Michael Brown here: Heresy Hunters open letter to Michael Brown.


Back in the false Lakeland ‘revival, Todd Bentley condemned Christians by calling them ‘heresy hunters’. Beth Moore claimed Christians are on a ‘witch hunt’. Brian Houston condemns discerning Christians calling them ‘critics’ or ‘pharisees’. Steven Furtick makes videos call discerning believers ‘haters’. Jen Hodge and her son Ben Fitzgerald call discerning Christians ‘unloving’.

But the question is, why are they being so vocal about this?

Wolves do not want to be exposed.

When you look at the state of Western democratic systems, people can’t clearly present or voice their concerns without being labelled ‘politically incorrect’. While a sinful world controls people with ‘political correctness‘, wolves in the church control Christians with ‘spiritual correctness‘. They are completely maligning Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in their attempt to create a false unity that safeguards their name and reputation at the expense of the Trinity.

When we look at recent events in Canada, the world is taking note that this hyper-political correct environment is hurting legal, educational and health care institutions. What is striking with the liberal LGTBI agenda is that they use the very same tactics that wolves use in the church. They ‘name-call’ to silence opposition and appeal to utopian-like ideology to get everyone agreeing with their ideas and motives. And what should be the world’s response to this? Let the insults come. Let them call you a racist, a bigot and a sexist. Once you get past the initial name-calling barrier there is no other barrier. Embrace the name-calling.


Likewise, wolves in sheep’s clothing will ‘name-call’ to control your behaviour or appeal to that same behaviour to bring you into line with their false definition of love. So embrace the names. By embracing some names or insults false teachers put upon Christians, it actually exposes them. For instance, Beth Moore claims that those who criticized her were on a ‘witch hunt’. Jezebel was a witch. God calls Christians in Revelation not to tolerate or put up with ‘Jezebel’. God calls His church to hunt her down and get rid of her. But if Christians embraced the insult as ‘witch hunters’, the term would only backfire on Moore because she identified herself as a witch that discerning Christians are trying to ‘hunt down’ and remove as scriptures say. Not by putting her to death obviously – but to put her outside of the church where she belongs.


Likewise with Todd Bentley, he called his critics ‘Heresy hunters’. Who is he claiming the hunter to be? Discerning Christians. Doing what? Exposing heresy. But where do you find this heresy? Coming from the mouths of these men. Why is this heresy coming out from the mouths of men? Because this is what is coming out  “inwardly” from “ravenous wolves.” Those discerning Christians saw straight through the ‘sheep skin’ of Todd Bentley and heard what?

Bad teaching. Bad fruit.


But then you get insulted by wolf pups like Ben Fitzgerald who bares his fangs at anyone who are ‘fruit inspectors’. What are Christians called by Jesus to do? Inspect the fruit. But what do good fruit inspectors do? Look at how big and influential Fitzgerald’s ‘Awakening’ conferences are? Be dazzled by how MANY people are saved have a ‘god encounter’ through his parent’s Christalignment coven? Be in awe at how many people attend a Hillsong conference or a Bethel church service? Heaven forbid!

Jesus does not teach that the Christian is looking at the QUANTITY of fruit on the tree.
He instructs the Christian to look at the QUALITY of fruit on the tree.

If Christians examined the fruit before putting the ‘approved’ sticker, a lot of heart-ache can be prevented.

(NOTE: You know you are dealing with a false teacher when their ‘less than discerning followers’ are eating up the idea that they need to ‘chew on the meat and spit out the bones’ or are saying ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’. If they are spouting the idea that good (meat/baby) and bad fruit (bones/bathwater) can grow on the same tree – they are lack the discernment of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ statements:

You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” Matt 7:16

A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.Matt 7:18

The baby/bathwater and meat/bone argument is an admission that the person who claims to be a true teacher is in fact a false teacher (bad tree). The fact they are spouting this nonsense proves they have eaten the fruit of a false teacher who does not want their followers to hold them accountable.

So a discerning Christian would expose the witch and kick her out of the church for the protection of God’s family. A good Christian would hunt down the wolves and deal with accordingly to protect the lambs in God’s flock. A discerning Christian is a good fruit inspector so they can warn the less knowledgeable Christian not to eat from a bad tree.


A deceitful witch hides behinds illusions, dazzles her victims, entices the vulnerable, manipulates the gullible and leads her prey to spiritual idolatry away from God and His Word. Their fruit is rebellion – and Beth Moore’s fruit is that exactly, (demonstrated with her defiance of the pastoral office, her claiming to prophesy on behalf of God while at the same time twisting His word and enticing gullible women).

A wolf in sheep’s clothing may look like a shepherd with their supposed ‘good works’ (they often like to make a show of it); and sound like a shepherd with their virtue signalling.

Frank Houston of Hillsong was a master of virtue signalling, masking his pedophilia behind words, works, ‘signs and wonders’ and slick bible preaching. His son is no different.

Although Brian Houston is not a pedophile, he protected and covered up the crimes of his  pedophile father by lying to the Australian AOG, lying to his church and lying to the victims and international media about the nature, time and location of Frank Houston’s wicked actions. Amidst the cover up, Hillsong amidst the coverup advertised their conferences with grandiose buzzwords like ‘love’, ‘justice’, ‘truth’, ‘freedom’. Imagine how the victims of Hillsog’s apostolic pedophile felt seeing these abusers engaging in virtue signaling while refusing to deal with Frank and neglecting his victims?

But most in Hillsong will defend the ‘integrity’ of these criminally minded men (that’s the language Christ himself used when he judged these wolves in sheep’s clothing).

A bad tree that may appear to have a ‘multitude’ of ‘good fruit’ (that is appealing to the eye), might taste sweet but has poison like that of cyanide. Maybe the tree looks healthy in its speedy growth and fast production of various ‘fruit’ like the Bethel and Christalignment trees. Is it right to just assume that these trees are supposedly leading many people to Jesus? You might not realise that the roots are infected with occultic poison or demonic diseases. Do you think that fruit is going to last or be good to eat?

However, if a Christian is figuratively ‘a witch hunter, heresy hunter or a fruit  inspector’, is this not at least demonstrating their love for Jesus by keeping his Word?

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15

We are living in a time where wolves are more ferocious then ever before, relying on packs to attack God’s flock. Let faithful shepherds be those heresy hunters God calls them to be. It is time for shepherds to rise, burn the books of wolves and chase them out of God’s flock with crooks, slings and God’s Word.

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