Timeline of events and resources on Mike Bickle scandal and the evangelical leadership culture of ‘cover-up’.

[Updated to include IHOP 2019 scandals and revelations]

[Updated Nov 25, 2023 – to include Bethany Deaton, Micah Moore and Shelley Hundley scandal, resources and testimonies]  

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This article is a repository of relevant documents, videos, PDF’s, reports, tweets and posts that are relevant to the current IHOPKC scandal. Knowing how cults operate, will the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and its staff or members start deleting their own posts, commentaries and resources? Therefore, this repository exists to help make sense of articles that reference material that may potentially disappear, or provide a better context to articles below that try to misconstrue the facts.

What makes this scandal interesting is how critics online were always wary in regards of the integrity of Mike Bickle, his Kansas City Prophet  (KCP) ‘Boys Club’, IHOP being extremely cult-like – and its past scandals. The behaviour of Mike Bickle, his leadership, outside influences stepping in, and the way the scandal has been handled has been ‘predicted’ by both Christian critics and even by some IHOP members.

Expect to see these ‘Boys Club’ ‘prophets’ react with utter disregard to God’s Word, His Church,
the victims and proper procedures that people expect to be put in place.

They have a lot to lose when Bickle falls. That is why they will come out and say something.

– – – – – – – – –

“If anyone sins in that he hears a public adjuration to testify, and though he is a witness, whetherhe
has seen or come to know the matter, yet does not speak, he shall bear his iniquity…”
Leveticus 5:1

“Open your mouth for those with no voice,
for the cause of all the dispossessed.
Open your mouth, judge righteously,
and defend the cause of the poor and needy.”
Proverbs 31:8-9

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Bob Jones and Michael Bickle 1988 interview on all the Blueprint Prophecy, their prophecies and their forming of IHOP:

Tape 1 Visions and Revelations – 1988

Tape 2 Visions and Revelations – 1988

Tape 3 Visions and Revelations – 1988

Tape 4 Visions and Revelations – 1988

Transcript of the interview:

Interview Transcript: Visions & Revelations – Bob Jones and Mike Bickle (1988)

Damning report exposing the dangerous Kansas City Prophets movement that nearly destroyed Bickle and his ‘prophetic movement’:

PDF: Aberrant Practices by Ernie Gruen

PDF: Buckingham Report  July-Aug-1990
^ BR-July-Aug-1990.pdf (jamiebuckinghamministries.com)

Outcome of Ernie Gruen vs. Kansas City Prophets

C. Peter Wagner notes how significant the damning report by Ernie Gruen had. Not only did it nearly decimate Mike Bickle and his prophetic felons, but the ripple effect of this report was also felt all the way at the top of the Prophetic and Apostolic Movement (PAM) at the time, leaving lasting consequences. Wagner suggested it took some form in having Apostle John Wimber split with Wagner and his Apostles and Prophets over the Toronto Blessing/Pensacola Outpouring period in 1995

C. Peter Wagner reported the significance of Ernie Gruen’s work claiming, the ripples of his work being felt through the Prophetic.

The Ernie Gruen Controversy

Meanwhile, another severe complication had entered the picture. In January 1990, Ernie Gruen, an influential Kansas City pastor who had been building a case against the Kansas City Prophets for sometime, finally went public with a recording of a sermon entitled “Do we keep on smiling and say nothing?” He proceeded to circulate to circulate thousands of copies of the audiotape through his worldwide mailing list.

Gruen followed this up in May with a 233-page criticism entitled “Documentation of Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship.” This caused charismatic leaders across the country begin taking sides. In an effort to manage the controversy and facilitate whatever damage control might be possible, John Wimber agreed to absorb Mike Bickle and the Kansas City Fellowship into the Association of Vineyard Churches. Wimber then decided to deviate from his normal pattern of not responding to critics and to move into polemics.

This controversy, combined with a similar attack from Australia and the disappointment of the prophesied-but and realised-revival in England, was very draining on John. In May 1991 he used a meeting of the board of the Association of Vineyard Churches, held in Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, to begin a process of backing off on what had been perceived by some as unconditional support of the prophetic movement, represented by the Kansas City Prophets.

The phrase was used that Vineyard had to get “back on track“ as a movement. Bill Jackson reports that four years later at a pastors’ conference in Anaheim Hills, California, in 1995, “Wimber told the movement that he regretted leading the Vineyard into the prophetic era, saying that it did, indeed, get [them] off track. Behind closed doors, it became apparent that John had been deeply hurt by the lack of a significant revival in London and had become disillusioned.“

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Apostles and Prophets: The Foundation of the Church. pg. 134-135. 2000. [See Bill Jackon’s book ‘The Quest for the Radical Middle: A History of the Vineyard, 1999. pgs. 198-200. for more details]

Sites such as The Grey Coats, Banner Ministries and Not Unlikelee have done a faithful job recording the aftermath of Gruen’s work and preserved Gruen’s integrity when he received backlash. To this day, Gruen’s work remains unchallenged and highlights the major problem with IHOP, Bickle and his prophetic leadership to this very day.




OCTOBER 30, 2012 – OCTOBER 31, 2014.

On October 30, 2012, Bethany Deaton’s body was discovered in the rear of her minivan, secured with locked doors and a note placed within reading:

“My name is Bethany Deaton. I chose this evil thing,” the note read, according to court documents. “I did it because I wouldn’t be a real person and what is the point of living if it is too late for that? I wish I had chosen differently a long time ago. I knew it all and refused to listen. Maybe Jesus will still save me.”

November 09, 2012

Micah Moore confessed to Bethany Deaton’s murder.

October 31, 2014

All charges against Micah Moore were later dropped, the court dismissing his confession at the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri (warning – content in court transcript may be stressful for some readers):

Micah Moore – Motion to Exclude Moore’s Statements base on lack of Corpus Delicti

Sources and Resources

Twists in Bethany Deaton Murder Case Put Spotlight on Charismatic Sect – NYTimes.com (archive.org)

IHOP Prayer Movement Disputes Link to Murder in Religious …… | News & Reporting | Christianity Today (archive.org)

Secrets of Tyler Deaton’s prayer group emerge – KansasCity.com (archive.org)

Man Says He Wrongly Confessed to Murder After Undergoing ‘Exorcism’ – ABC News

Exorcism preceded confession in 2012 death involving International House of Prayer, defense says | The Kansas City Star (archive.org)

Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife (corrections1.com)

Bethany Deaton | Sketches By Boze (archive.org)

Prosecutor drops murder charge against Micah Moore in the death of Bethany Deaton | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star (archive.org)

Religious Group Members Steering Clear of Micah Moore | fox4kc.com (archive.org)

Love and Death In the International House of Prayer: A Cultlike Christian Group’s Darkest Secrets – Rolling Stone (archive.org)

Bethany Leidlein Deaton – Wade Family Funeral Home (archive.org)

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Blaise Foret of Wake up and Win podcast talks about his time at IHOP and mentions his concerns how IHOPKC leadership handled this entire experience (emphasis added):


I will mention for only a moment, for times sake, the current IHOPKC scandal taking place regarding the death of a former IHOP University student, Bethany Deaton. The story is sad and heart wrenching. But as I’ve watched it unfold, it’s clear that IHOPKC’s part in covering up their knowledge of her situation was to protect their reputation and not to tell the truth. As I’ve watched it unfold I have seen others get pulled into meetings and be treated similarly to the way my friends and I were treated, just because they were trying to get answers regarding IHOPKC’s cover up of this story. The cover up is regarding a prophet at IHOP that supposedly had a prophetic word about who killed the student. She forced a confession from the person who she felt God was telling her killed the young girl. This caused the young man who confessed to go to jail, only to be found completely innocent later on. And he admitted to be coaxed into a confession after being kept awake for hours. This prophet went into hiding and no one knows where she is. Although they celebrated her prophetic gifting when she initially seemed to have solved the case, IHOPKC will not comment on the situation any longer. This is a messy situation and too long for me to cover here. But it is worth looking into before you decide to go to IHOPKC to be a part of any of their conferences or internships (which I highly discourage for reasons other than the scandal and based soley on their cultish environment and dangerous fringe theology). You can read about the situation online. I don’t want to focus on this but I did feel that it’s important to mention. I am praying for grace and healing for all those involved.

Source: Why I Left IHOPKC and How I was Treated When I Left // MY STORY | Blaise Foret, http://blaiseforet.com/2015/03/10/why-i-left-ihopkc-and-how-i-was-treated-when-i-left-my-story/, Published March 10, 2015. (Accessed November 07, 2023.) [Archive]

Another individual calls foul of IHOP potentially covering up the tragic death of Bethany Deaton (emphasis added):

IHOP was an afterthought when I heard about Bethany Deaton’s death.  I was informed by friends I ran into at a Price Chopper that Micah had killed her and that Shelley Hundley, who was now in protective custody, broke the case wide open through the use of the prophetic.  I didn’t know anyone in Deaton’s group, but it still rattled me.  However, the more details I heard about the group and the case didn’t make sense.  The evidence being released was incredibly circumstantial.  There was an air of triumph amidst the IHOP community about this great foil.  Shelley had disappeared and was hailed as a hero on the run for her life.  But none of this made sense.  Protective custody is an intense deal and she was gone long after Deaton’s group had been dispersed and he was quietly in the wind.  Still, I let it be.

Things began to shift in the spring of 2014 after Rolling Stone released an article about the event called “Love and Death in the House of Prayer.”  Two close friends of mine, Kendall Beachey and Gary Wallin, wrote companion pieces on their blog, The Cosmic Cathedral.  Delving into events and issues concerning the arrest of Micah Moore and the handling of Bethany’s death which were omitted from the article, they unleashed a firestorm of questions in the IHOP community through social media.  Along with addressing the event, they delved into longstanding, systemic, and verified incidents in the ministry concerning mistreatment and misconduct by those in leadership.  The stories reported were ones I knew either first or secondhand.  These were issues I had long had issue with, but again, I was exhausted and though I respected their effort for reform and truth, I was too exhausted to join with them.  They lost friends, were branded social pariahs and heretics, and aggressively branded as bitter persecutors of the ministry by leaders and staff members.  However, this led to a meeting between several of my friends who had gathered dozens of stories concerning misconduct and spiritual abuse and leaders from IHOP with a mediating third party.  This meeting did accomplish some good.  Since the meeting, IHOP has undergone many invasive reforms as a direct result.  However, in these changes, there have been no public admission of specific wrongs, let alone any admission of specific wrongs in the response letter sent to the individuals they met with.

Pleased with some of the outcome and not very surprised at the lack of admission of guilt, I let this be.  However, in the fall of 2014, something broke wide open which compelled me to speak up and engage in the conversation.  The charges against Micah Moore were dropped due to a large amount of exonerating evidence, including video surveillance which put him in the prayer room at the time of Bethany’s death.  This was more than an egregiously mishandling of a situation.  This was a cover up.  This was not the mistake of one individual, but an ongoing issue of many individuals and an internationally renowned ministry.  Had there been an open admission of what had happened, a response out of deep contrition, or a willingness to discuss it publically in a way which included more than empty, public relations, legalese, I would be content to sit on the fence.  However, the reaction has been primarily silence, and what is even more shocking, contempt towards anyone who dares to criticize or speak against the ministry.  Social media has driven this conversation to the forefront of the minds and conscious of many who have either been uninformed or polarized concerning it.  This conversation is absolutely necessary, not just for IHOP or individuals involved, but for Christians worldwide.  The outcome of what is to happen and what has happened has far reaching consequences that effect far more than the lives of those involved, but the understanding and expression of Christianity worldwide.

Source: By jonathanbarclay, Why the Conversation about IHOP and the Handling of Bethany Deaton’s Death is Important (Part 1: My Story) | Confessions of a Teenage Montanist, https://confessionsofateenagemontanist.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/why-the-conversation-about-ihop-and-the-handling-of-bethany-deatons-death-is-important-part-1-my-story/, Published March 03, 2015.(Accessed November 10, 2019.) [Archive]

This follow up article also captures a very dangerous and totalitarian prophetic culture within IHOP:

Why the Conversation about IHOP and the Handling of Bethany Deaton’s Death is Important (Part 2: The Conversation and Issues at Hand) | Confessions of a Teenage Montanist (archive.org)

Excerpt from above article (emphasis added):

IHOP’s community was gripped with both tragedy and panic at the news of Bethany’s death […] The ministry had done its due diligence and emerged from the tragedy as heroic.  Staff and students could move on, comforted by the protective hand of God over their ministry and lives.  The situation received an added level of intrigue when the renowned prophet disappeared without warning, the reason for the disappearance was that their life was in danger and they needed to be in protective custody.  The rumors spread that this violent cult was looking for revenge and the hero of the moment grew to become a legend.  This is what I initially saw concerning this events.  I understand crisis control.  If the cult was violent and the confession was real, then the ministry should be heralded and applauded.

However, over time, I learned that this was not the case.  It was discovered that the ministry went to great lengths to cover up any involvement of Tyler Deaton and his group in their midst, distancing themselves from the group.  It came out that the cult had no history of violence and that no one’s life was ever in danger.  Reports of the events concerning Micah’s confession began to emerge, shedding ambiguity on their validity.  Months had passed since the rumors of protective custody began, and were neither retracted nor explained, which is odd for someone who was so integral to the foundation of the ministry.  People who began to ask questions about the truth of the story reported were viciously attacked by leaders from IHOP and the IHOP community.  When stories surfaced about the ministry’s unspoken past of ministerial misconduct, especially involving the prophet who ousted the murderer, the reaction from many in the ministry was anger that anyone dare criticize the ministry.  Leaders took to social media to condemn the bitter individuals who would dare to cowardly speak out against the ministry with such agenda filled lies.  The community scoffed and vilified individuals who would even attempt to portray the ministry in a negative light.  The questions and concerns they raised were legitimate and the stories they shared were real, but that did not matter, they opposed the sanctity of the ministry and were therefore needed to be demonized.  Within the ministry, these concerns were often described as “persecution” and “a season of testing.”  Eventually, the individuals who were raising concerns did meet with IHOP leadership and a third part moderator, resulting in long reaching internal reforms which would not have happened if no one had ever spoken up.  However, there were no public admissions of any specific wrongs.  Changes occurred, but incidents were not addressed publicly.

In the fall of last year, the charges against Micah Moore were dropped because there was evidence found that cleared his name and nullified everything which was said in the emotionally distressed confession.  I have written about this extensively in a previous post.  The reaction from the ministry was a hollow one.  With allegations coming to light concerning the circumstances surrounding his confession, IHOP remained silent on the issue.  Given multiple opportunities to speak to the press, they have refused to give any clarity concerning these events.  There were some issues addressed at staff meetings, but the information given was incredibly vague.  Since then, many people have asked for clarity and a response from IHOP in regards to the way things were handled.  The leader responsible for pulling the confession out of Micah has relocated under vague reasons.  The ministry team which was involved in the event leading to the confession has been disbanded and witnesses have not come forward and many have been instructed not to speak.  Anyone who has a hint of a journalistic inkling would find this entire situation suspicious.  It resembles what corporations and politicians do in order to cover up scandals.  Hard questions need to be asked, which are not being done within the ministry.  As was the case earlier, the ones who are speaking out asking for clarity are being dismissed by members of the ministry’s community and even have been aggressively criticized on social media by members of the ministry’s leadership.  My concern regarding this entire situation stemmed from discovering and reading the evidence which exonerated Micah Moore.  It shows strong evidence of an active cover up by the ministry.  I understand the initial situation being handled poorly and then an apology, but this is not what happened.  Wrongfully in jail, Micah was branded a murderer by the community.  There were no attempts to look into his case by the ministry or contend for his exoneration.  Only one person from the ministry he left Texas to join visited him while he was in jail.  The members of the cult he was in were quickly dispersed.  Within the ministry’s community, many in the cult were not regarded as victims, but rather like stains in the community.  They were not individuals who were to be fought for, but a reminder of an event and situation which many were ashamed of.  What mattered was the public image, not the men and women who suffered tremendous abuse in their desire to serve God.  Witnesses to the events disappeared and the ministry aggressively tried to silence and discredit individuals who raised questions concerning the efficacy of the events.  This was not a single event gone horribly awry; it was an ongoing attempt to preserve a clean public image.


OCTOBER 28, 2018.

Book published in 2018 exposes IHOPKC as a prophetic doomsday cult.

The book title (see amazon.com):

IHOP Kansas City Leadership Review: Grievances and Concerns About Theology, Culture, Students and Leaders

Back cover blurb:

A group of former students, radical bloggers, outspoken critics, and a former teacher at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City pooled their experience, research and complaints into a bold live presentation to Mike Bickle, founder of IHOP-KC, and members of his leadership team. Speaking truth to power, this small book is a distilled version of that historic meeting, concisely articulating serious unresolved problems at the famous organization. The authors present a compelling case in a reasonable tone without hyperbole or cheap shots. This is a professional-quality document which a retired professor and historian called “maturely written.” It solves the IHOP puzzle. It gets to the bottom of critical Biblical issues of sound doctrine and human dignity. It is must reading for all students, staff, and interns at IHOP struggling to understand what is happening and why something doesn’t seem right. Anyone considering IHOP should read it to weigh the risks and find out whether they should commit themselves. Getting in is easy, the authors say; getting out is another story. This is a wake-up call to IHOP leaders who claim to want the Holy Spirit to be released in unprecedented fashion for an epic revival of Biblical proportions, yet continuously grieve the Holy Spirit and quench the Spirit by mean and abusive sociopathic behaviour, then wonder why there is no revival. IHOP Kansas City Leadership Review was written with a depth of analysis rarely found in charismatic circles about a darling in the charismatic world. Discover secrets and lies revealed by named insiders, not anonymous internet complaints. One of the authors led the public charge against IHOP-KC after the tragic Bethany Deaton suicide and suspicious Micah Moore fake confession scandal, demanding answers from leaders. The controlling IHOP behavior is annoying to some and stifling to others. Strange things go on there. The mini book is a tour de force; it is like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness, calling leaders to repent. It is respectfully written but very direct. The authors show a huge amount of restraint while they were deeply concerned about inexplicable decisions and IHOP-KC’s fake leadership culture. Without flinching they begin an intellectual challenge against two IHOP sacred cows considered by some as infallible as the Pope and as reliable as the Book of Mormon: Mike Bickle and Prophetic History. The book concludes by raising the obvious and most basic question: how could everything happen right under Bickle’s eyes without him knowing? The answer of whether it was by design or negligence will be determined in large part by how Bickle responds to the stunning revelations about his leaders.

Conclusion of the book reads (pg 26.):

Mike Bickle
From our perspective, we can only see two possible explanations as to Mr. Bickle’s personal involvement with the unhealthy leadership culture at IHOP-KC:

1) Individuals who abuse their power are put into place because they are the type of leaders that Mr. Bickle wants in his organization. The contrast between what is said on the platform and what they execute is because they execute what Mr. Bickle actually wants.

2) Abuses have perpetuated in many different areas of Mr. Bickle’s organization by many senior and junior leaders without Mr. Bickle’s full knowledge, but not without an extreme level of negligence on Mr. Bickle’s part. If this is true, Mr. Bickle must accept full responsibility for the level of negligence that was required for this type of situation to grow and perpetuate.


APRIL 29, 2019.

IHOPKC release a report investigation into a sexual abuse allegation claim.

A later petition cries ‘foul’ on this report, insisting that IHOPKC “claim he and Jennifer had a reconciliation… a reconciliation that never happened… that they say ended with her blessing Brad to return to ministry”:

International House of Prayer of Kansas City Concludes Misconduct Investigation


After one full year, all investigations regarding a 2018 sexual misconduct allegation made against an International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) staff member have been completed. “Both the victim and the accused members of this investigation have found resolution,” says a senior IHOPKC official.

“During the course of discovery, the victim realized that the accused did make a genuine apology and she has genuinely forgiven him,” her Sacramento lawyer, Joseph George, said on Friday, December 14, 2018 in a telephone interview with the Modesto Bee.

In 2018, charges were made against an IHOPKC staff member during his tenure in a ministry unrelated to IHOPKC, in another state, over thirty years ago. The accused was placed on a leave of absence while the IHOPKC Executive Leadership Team spent considerable time in discovery and fact-finding with regards to the victim’s accusations. When the injured party escalated the nature of the original claim and requested an expansion to the internal process, IHOPKC agreed to bring in an outside organization of the victim’s recommendation to ensure a fair and thorough investigation.

During the course of both the internal and external investigations, the accused demonstrated genuine remorse and repentance over the clear moral failure committed at that time, as well as complete cooperation with the litigation. The injured realized that the accuser made a genuine apology and has genuinely forgiven him.

“The critical conclusion of the report is that no evidence of further incidents was discovered by the independent firm, nor has there been any evidence of further wrongdoing over the last 30+ years, including time spent at IHOPKC,” says a senior IHOPKC official. “IHOPKC diligently seeks to be a safe, accountable, transparent and integrous organization, fully alert and corporately aware to abuses and abusers, of any kind. We desire to be a safe, trustworthy organization that deeply embodies the values and actions of Jesus for justice, mercy, and redemption. We are committed to both the prevention of oppression and to justice for those oppressed. Additionally, we challenge abusers toward full repentance with the hope of eventual restoration.”

In response to the review conducted by the external agency, with further recommendations concerning IHOPKC’s Sexual Harassment prevention and protection policies, IHOPKC leadership instituted several additional processes to ensure that IHOPKC is a safe place to work, including but not limited to an audit of the Ministry Staff Application Screening Process, training for those that review and interview applicants, Restoration Guidelines for Victims of Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Training for all IHOPKC staff.

Source: International House of Prayer of Kansas City Concludes Misconduct Investigation, IHOPKC, https://www.ihopkc.org/press-center/press-releases/international-house-prayer-kansas-city-concludes-misconduct-investigation/, Published April 29, 2019. (Accessed November 20, 2021.) [Archive]

AUGUST 02, 2019.

A petition starts in 2019, highlighting some very disturbing revelations how IHOPKC deal with sexual abuse scandals, conduct themselves in such matters and how they handle ‘restorations’.

Link: Petition · Demand Honesty From IHOP-KC · Change.org

UPDATE – Author of petition talks about IHOP’s reaction in 2019:

Gracia Nope

Johnna Brynn this is my petition from 2019. IHOP never even responded to it. 🤷‍♀️ Clearly the one my team and I launched this year (on the allegations against Mike) got way more traction, but even that one hasn’t gotten an official response from IHOP yet.

Source: Gracia Nope, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/HeavenBentPod/posts/pfbid0uYst5hvKnrm9tb2dK43LazSGKGRCBMWqrd5UkKSszvX1nsV1ZUb96hAPnFtjhgcwl,  Published November 22, 2023 16:10. (Accessed November 23, 2023.)

Gracia S writes,

Why this petition matters

Started by Gracia S

This petition is about my friend Jennifer Roach, who recently won a lawsuit against her former church in Modesto, California, over ongoing sexual abuse she endured as a minor in the 80’s at the hands one of the church’s leaders. That leader, Brad Tebutt, has been working at IHOP-KC for years as an internship leader, despite this history of preying on a minor.

After putting him on a leave of absence to run an investigation led by GRACE, they have reinstated him as a leader at IHOP-KC, because of two reasons (see the article under resources for the full response given by IHOP-KC). The first reason is that they claim he is repentant of his actions. Frankly, that is irrelevant to the situation. People can repent and change their ways, but someone with his history simply should not get to work in ministry again, no matter the amount of time that has passed, nor the disposition of his heart. The second reason they list for reinstatement, and the entire reason for this petition, is that they claim he and Jennifer had a reconciliation — a reconciliation that never happened — that they say ended with her blessing Brad to return to ministry. This is something that IHOP-KC as a whole often does: they exhaust their resources to appear open, transparent, and concerned, but at the end of the day, the leadership team is actively compromising the safety of thousands of children and young adults by repeatedly pushing sexual abuse under the rug and making their missions base appear safer than it really is. This must stop. Brad Tebutt should either be let go or IHOP-KC should at the very least correct their statement regarding the reconciliation. If they want a man with Brad’s history working on their missions base, they need to own that decision and not try to paint the situation to be one of reconciliation and forgiveness when it simply isn’t.

This petition is a fight for IHOP-KC to embrace a transparency that will enable the donors, attendees, and visitors make educated decisions in whether or not to support this organization.

So please, sign this petition, share it, and let’s plea together for the honesty of IHOP-KC.



Brad Tebutt Stories:





IHOP-KC’s Conclusion on their investigation:


Source: Gracia S, Demand Honesty From IHOP-KC, Change.org. https://www.change.org/p/international-house-of-prayer-kansas-city-demand-ihopkc-to-stop-brushing-sexual-abuse-under-the-rug, Published August 02, 2019. (Accessed November 20, 2023.)

[Click to view archived ModBee news article here]



OCTOBER 09, 2023.

Leaked email exchanges discloses private and secret meeting with Bickle and [Redacted].




OCTOBER 20, 2023.

Concerning sermon(?) segments concern IHOP members

(Note – video has been downloaded and archived)

MikeBickle.org uploaded a teaching from Mike Bickle titled ‘An Urgent Prophetic Call to Engage in a 3-Fold Preemptive Strike (Ps. 18; Rev. 12) (Part 1)’. Bickle addresses the topic of “slander” against him. However, it appears this has disappeared from their English YouTube channel.

Source: An Urgent Prophetic Call to Engage in a 3-Fold Preemptive Strike (Ps. 18; Rev. 12) (Part 1), MikeBickle.org, https://mikebickle.org/resource/an-urgent-prophetic-call-to-engage-in-a-3-fold-preemptive-strike-part-1/, Published Oct 20, 2023. Accessed Oct 29, 2023. (Archived) (Archive link to pdf) (Archive link to video)

Excerpt from PDF notes on the above sermon (reformatted for readability – emphasis in bold):


A. The combination of an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit with betrayal is part of the optimum
environment for the Church to be transformed in order to relate as an unified international family of
affection (Jn. 17:22-23). Multitudes in the end-time Church will be progressing toward mature love,
while many will be overcome with offense that will lead them to betray other believers (Mt. 24:10).
The gospel is made known to all nations (Mt. 24:14; Jn. 17:23) in context to betrayal and pressure.
22“…that they may be one as We are…23that the world may know You sent Me…” (Jn. 17:22-23)
10“Then many will be offended, will betray…14This gospel…will be preached in all the world…”
(Mt. 24:10-14)

B. By definition, betrayal is in context to a close relationship—including family and friends.
16“You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends…” (Lk. 21:16)
17The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him….
(Prov. 18:17)

C. We must be alerted to two extreme social and spiritual developments occurring simultaneously in
the global body of Christ in the end times. They are total opposites—a culture of betrayal
(Mt. 24:10) in contrast to a culture of deep love and unity (Jn. 17:23).

D. Both betrayal and blood are “accelerants” that lead to faster growth in humble love or in bitterness
and offense. Betrayal creates urgency in us to go much deeper in our relationship with God to find
understanding, reconciliation, healing, and peace for the pain that is caused by betrayal.

E. Over a 50-year period, David was betrayed by family members (Saul, Ammon, Absalom, Michal,
Adonijah, Joab, Ish-bosheth, his own brothers; Ps. 69:7-12), by his own men (Ziklag; 1 Sam. 30),
by top political (Ahithophel) and military leaders (Abner; 2 Sam. 3:9), by his countrymen (Ziphites
and at Keilah), the army of Israel (with Saul, then Absalom), and others (Shimei, Doeg, etc.).

A. The Church is approaching the most glorious and challenging hour in history with the dragon (black
horse) breathing on many to accuse and betray each other (Rev. 12:10; cf. Lk 21:16). Satan has the
supernatural ability to turn whispered innuendoes into hostile accusations that destroy lives and
relationships. Satan’s most destructive weapon against God’s people is accusation (Rev. 12:10).

Please note that the above PDF excerpt can be heard in Part 2, which was uploaded the following day on October 21, 2023.

 OCTOBER 21, 2023.

(Note – video has been downloaded and archived)

MikeBickle.org uploaded a second teaching from Mike Bickle titled ‘An Urgent Prophetic Call to Engage in a 3-Fold Preemptive Strike (Ps. 18; Rev. 12) (Part 2)‘. IHOP members who recently watched this, observed at the 40 minute mark Bickle behaving strangely on the topic of slander and betrayal.

Source: An Urgent Prophetic Call to Engage in a 3-Fold Preemptive Strike (Ps. 18; Rev. 12) (Part 1), MikeBickle.org, https://mikebickle.org/resource/an-urgent-prophetic-call-to-engage-in-a-3-fold-preemptive-strike-part-2/, Published Oct 21, 2023. Accessed Oct 29, 2023. (Archived) (Archive link to pdf above) (Archive link to video above)

 OCTOBER 23, 2023.


Listen to the story of Tara Jean talk on her research regarding Bethany Deaton’s death:

S4E5: The Micahs

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An exorcism? A false-murder confession? Rumours of a sex cult? Tara Jean explores the aftermath of Bethany Deaton’s death. Also, a further spotlight on how IHOP leadership managed this crisis in their community.

Source: Heaven Bent Podcast, S4E5: The Micahs, Apple Podcasts, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/s4e5-the-micahs/id1513489117?i=1000630312195, Released October 23, 2023. (Accessed November 07, 2023.)

For more context of this podcast, check out the following links:

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OCTOBER 28, 2023.

Former leaders of IHOP Dwayne Roberts, Brian Kim and Wes Martin, release a statement concerning recent allegations about Mike Bickle, the statement circulating like wildfire across social media platforms:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Public Statement concerning recent allegations on Mike Bickle

October 28th, 2023

A few days ago, we made the leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (1HOPKC) aware of serious allegations spanning several decades concerning its founder, Mike Bickle. Without going into details to protect the privacy of the victims’ identities, we have found these allegations of clergy sexual abuse by Mike Bickle to be credible and long-standing. The credibility of these allegations is not based on any one experience or any one victim, but on the collective and corroborating testimony of the experiences of several victims.

Prior to meeting with the leadership team of IHOP, we attempted to bring the allegations and the testimony of one of the victims directly to Mike Bickle in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-17. How- ever, we were repeatedly rebuffed by Mike Bickle and we were refused any sort of meeting. Instead, Mike used manipulating and intimidating tactics towards the victims to isolate them and discredit them. To avoid further wounding of victims, we met with several members of IHOPKC’s Executive Leadership Team. There, we shared testimonies of these victims of Mike’s inappropriate words and actions.

When these allegations were brought to our attention, we were shocked. We could never have imagined that inappropriate conduct with women as something we would ever need to be con- cerned about. The allegations seemed out of character to the man we thought we knew, but they were so serious we could not ignore them.

The Scriptures inform us that leaders in the church, especially those who teach the Word of God, are held to a higher standard and stricter judgment. We believe that Mike Bickle’s actions were not above reproach and fall short of biblical standards for leaders in the church. To be clear, the allegations made about Mike Bickle’s misconduct were sexual in nature where the marriage covenant was not honored. Furthermore, the allegations made also reveal that Mike Bickle used his position of spiritual authority over the victims to manipulate them.

We do not share this process to fill in salacious details, but to protect the integrity of the victims and their experiences that were shared. We appeal to you to refrain from using names of any victims. These are women who have always been viewed as credible, trustworthy, and coura- geous. None of these victims had any intention to punish Mike Bickle and they had nothing to gain by sharing their experiences except the pursuit of truth, repentance, mercy, and grace.

Dwayne Roberts
Former Executive Leadership Team and Board Member, IHOPKC

Brian Kim Former
Executive Leadership Team and Board Member, IHOPKC

Wes Martin
Former Pastor, Forerunner Christian Fellowship and Former Vice President of Student Affairs, IHOPU

OCTOBER 29, 2023.

News emerges of Randy Bohlender talking about Mike Bickle Allegations on October 29

Entire sermon where he talks about the Mike Bickle scandal can be viewed here:

Source: Uploaded by _bytheirfruit you will know them, Psalms 111 & 112 -Randy Bohlender 10/29/23, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWAt6kuJ5e4, Published November 07, 2023. (Accessed November 08, 2023.)

OCTOBER 30, 2023.

Dr Brown Weigh’s in as Heaven Bent Podcast Releases Shocking Revelation on IHOP Scandal

Dr Brown tweeted the following,

For all those who were inspired to get in involved in houses of prayer because of the influence of IHOPKC, now is not the time to run
from the house of prayer because of discouragement or disillusionment. Now is the time to run TO the house of prayer.

Source: Dr. Michael L. Brown, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/DrMichaelLBrown/status/1719209801824026979, Published 3:28 pm · 30/31 Oct 2023. (Accessed November 01, 2023.) [Tweet accessed in American time zone]

Listen to the story of Gracia here on Heaven Bent Podcast:

S4E6: Gracia

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Gracia dedicated 6 years to IHOP’s 24/7 prayer room. But, she has grievances about her time there, especially when it comes to how they handled her sexual assault claim. Also, on the final episode this season, the surprising person who is coming to Gracia’s defence

Source: Heaven Bent Podcast, S4 BONUS: The Allegations Against Mike Bickle, Apple Podcasts, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/s4e6-gracia/id1513489117?i=1000631650016, Released October 30, 2023. (Accessed November 02, 2023.)

Having trouble listening to the podcast? Try listening here:

Heaven Bent on Apple Podcasts

‘Thriving Forward’ alerts people on Facebook to the fact that :

The following was published on Facebook:

Someone formerly connected to IHOP (International House of Prayer) claims that she was alerted moths ago to an investigation that was being conducted by former IHOP staff, but not told the allegations were against Mike Bickle.

If this is true, then former IHOP staff have been investigating these allegations ALL SUMMER. It’s unclear exactly when current staff were informed. Only today did current staff announce an investigation and that Mike has been temporary stripped from his preaching privileges.

Pastor’s should always be pulled from the pulpit first (in this case, church leadership should have been informed immediately so they could do that), then a report should be made to the athorities so they may determine whether or not to proceed. If a false allegation has been made the pastor may be restored to their position.

But you do NOT allow a pastor to preach for months while you secretly investigate claims that are criminal in nature. 😩

~ Emily Elizabeth Anderson

Source: Thriving Forward, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=830719992387904&set=a.130715589055018&__tn__=%2CO*F, Published October 30 at 16:25. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)



OCTOBER 31, 2023.

Social media starts to leak the front page of an investigative report on Bickle comprising approximately 40 pages in its entirety.

The Report Statement reads:


Much to our deep sorrow, we are compelled to report that Mike Bickle is completely unfit for leadership or influence at IHOPKC, and should be stripped of all messaging and moral authority to the wider Body of Christ. This report will demonstrate the veracity of these claims and is a clarion call for further investigation, immediate provisional action, and deep institutional reform.

If further investigation bears out the findings of this report, even by half, Mike will not have proven to be a perplexing moral contradiction, but a confirmed sexual predator. For 30+ years, it strongly appears that Mike has lived a double life, presenting himself publicly as a model Christian leader and disciple whose unrelenting call to holiness and full surrender to Jesus inspired millions around the globe to His message – all while secretly wooing and taking advantage of numerous women under his care, shattering his marriage vow in serial fashion. A number of “Jane Does” (or their husbands) have come forward sharing remarkably similar stories, language and methodologies, all without prior coordination.

Furthermore, with the clarity of hindsight, there is now a reason to believe that Mike used his platform, powers of persuasion, and employed legitimate Biblical themes of forgiveness, overcoming accusation, David’s life story, and more, to essentially inoculate the staff and global audience into an unwitting position of suspicion regarding legitimate, truthful inquiry; worse still for the victims, of instilling fear should they not release Mike from guilt or fail to “affirm the narrative over his life.” The sophistication of this messaging and prophetic manipulation are subtle, calculated, and shocking. While a formal diagnosis has not been made, pathological narcissism is clearly in view. Each person responsible for the development or presentation of this report has been a longtime ally and friend to Mike, either as spiritual peers, brothers or sons. We weep, and rejoice not, to disclose the material in this report. Humbly aware of our own flaws, our motivation is fearful obedience to Jesus, sober obedience to the process outlined in Scripture, profound grief, and righteous anger on behalf of the alleged victims.


Murray Hiebert


Dwayne Roberts


Allen Hood


Brian Kim


Wes Martin


Michael Sullivant


John Chisholm


Dean Briggs

NOVEMBER 01, 2023.

Allen Hood Releases Statement

Allen Hood took to Twitter (X) and posted the following comment along with this statement:

“As many are now aware, there are serious”

Source: Allen Hood, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/allenshood/status/1719441294970200467?, Published . (Accessed Nov 01, 2023.) [Archive]

He also published this on his website:

Public statement concerning allegations of spiritual and sexual abuse against Mike Bickle

As many are now aware, there are serious allegations of spiritual and sexual abuse concerning my spiritual father, Mike Bickle. I have been walking closely with one survivor and her husband. She is a dear sister who is precious to my wife Rachel, myself, and our family. We are deeply broken for her. She and her family deserve our utmost care, trust, and discretion.

I have also learned of corroborating allegations from other victims. This has broken my heart to an unimaginable level. Furthermore, I am dismayed that survivors of abuse and those who advocate for them are being labeled as “betrayers.” Such speech shames victims and is an egregious form of spiritual manipulation.

As the former associate director of IHOPKC, I want to speak clearly and firmly: it is imperative that the IHOPKC leadership team investigates these allegations by engaging an independent, third-party organization that specializes in handling allegations of abuse in a church context.

Historically, leadership teams have been unable to effectively lead internal investigation processes (e.g., Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Willow Creek Community Church, Hillsong Church). We have learned too many lessons from other church scandals (e.g., Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention) to think that IHOPKC is immune from institutional blind spots.

The burden upon my friends in the IHOPKC leadership is too weighty for such a task. An independent, third-party investigation is the only pathway for a godly and fair process for all parties involved. I have spoken with IHOPKC leadership, and they have assured me this is their intent.

There is only one way forward — a renewed commitment to holiness in the fear of the Lord that demands honesty and accountability. The apostle Peter warned us that judgment begins in the house of the Lord. May the Lord purify our hearts and give the church a season of self-reflection and repentance. 

Allen Hood

Director, Excellencies of Christ Ministries

Source: Allen Hood, Public statement concerning allegations of spiritual and sexual abuse against Mike Bickle, Excellence Of Christ, https://www.excellencies.org/publicstatement, Published Oct 31, 2023. (Accessed Oct 31, 2023.)

Popular IHOP worship leader, Misty Edwards, clarifies information about her name being in the report

She writes:

l am very sad, like all of us, concerning what is happening here at ihopkc. It has been a sorrowful week and my eyes are swollen with tears. I am not commenting on any of the women’s allegations concerning Mike Bickle. However, I want to make it clear, I am not one of them. I have worked with Mike for 25 years and in my personal experience he has only been godly. I have been sent several social media posts speculating differently and I want to boldly say, those are lies and entirely based on suspicion. I have never been sexually or spiritually abused by Mike Bickle.

Misty Edwards

Source: Misty Edwards, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=916054523210550&set=a.306327240849951, Published November 01, 2023. (Accessed November 03, 2023.)


Report on IHOPKC in Kansas City Star

Reporter, Judy L. Thomas reported the following in the Kansas City Star (KCS):

IHOPKC asks third party to investigate sexual immorality allegations against founder

The International House of Prayer of Kansas City has engaged a third party to investigate allegations of sexual immorality against its founder, one of the organization’s leaders told followers.

Stuart Greaves, IHOPKC’s executive director, gave an update about the allegations against Mike Bickle during a special service at Forerunner Church in Grandview.

“IHOP has officially engaged with a very capable third party to help guide us, build, what the various layers of outside help looks like,” Greaves told those attending the service Tuesday night. “There are just various layers that are involved in this process. And we are going through a significant learning curve in this process, as we’re going through, undoubtedly, just a media swarm, as it were.”

He said the action “is not a giant step, but things are moving forward.” He warned, however, that the investigation would “be a long journey.”

“It takes time to do this responsibly, as there are laws and procedures that we have to honor in terms of how we move forward in this process in order to do it right,” he said.

The allegations against Bickle surfaced on Friday when leaders called a meeting to inform staff members. IHOPKC’s leadership team then told followers at a church service Sunday morning, describing the allegations as “unsettling” and saying they involved “sexual immorality.”

Greaves asked followers Tuesday night to keep the leadership team in their prayers.

“There are times where the feeling is that you’re fighting for and laboring for the survival of this ministry,” he said. “And so we need the Lord’s grace and the Lord’s strength to touch us, yet at the same time, we’re confident that the Lord is with us. We’re confident that what the Lord started here was by his divine initiative and that he is faithful to bring into completion that which he has started.”

Chris Reed, of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina, told those in attendance that he was there to stand in solidarity with IHOPKC.

“We believe in you,” he said. “This is not the end, this is a new beginning, a fresh start.”

He said IHOPKC “is bigger than any one person.”

“This is a global prayer movement that the earth is depending on to keep your eyes on Jesus … just fix your eyes on the hope. The hope has to be renewed.”

He told them to “stick it through the thick and thin.”

“Don’t abandon ship,” he said. “Stay with what God is doing. … Keep moving forward because hope’s in front of you. It’s not in looking back. I love you guys. You’re gonna make it. You got friends. God’s not done with this place.”

Greaves told followers on Sunday that the leadership team had asked Bickle “to not preach or teach from the IHOPKC platform, attend our 24-hour prayer room or engage his social media channels while we work with others to assess this situation.”

Bickle, 68, has not responded publicly to the allegations. IHOPKC leaders have not said whether they have reported the allegations to police. At Sunday’s service, they urged those who experienced “traumatic events that are of this nature” to seek out an IHOPKC leader or counselor.

Founded by Bickle in 1999, IHOPKC is a 24/7 evangelical and missions organization. With its world headquarters on Red Bridge Road in south Kansas City, IHOPKC draws people from around the world to its university and round-the-clock “prayer room.” For years, it has come under criticism by ex-staffers and former followers who accuse it of being cult-like.

This isn’t the first time IHOPKC has asked an outside party to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2018, it hired a firm led by a grandson of the late Rev. Billy Graham to conduct an independent investigation into allegations by a Washington woman who said an IHOPKC missionary, Brad Tebbutt, had sexually abused her for 2 ½ years when she was a teen and Tebbutt was a youth pastor at a Baptist church in Modesto, California.

The results of that investigation weren’t made public. In a June 2022 email to The Star, IHOPKC referred to Tebbutt as “one of our missionaries” and directed The Star to a news release it issued in April 2019 when it announced that internal and external investigations into the case had been completed and had found he had committed no “further wrongdoing.”

Also on Tuesday, former IHOPKC associate director Allen Hood issued a statement about the allegations against Bickle, whom he referred to as “my spiritual father.”

“I have been walking closely with one survivor and her husband,” said Hood, who is now director of Excellencies of Christ Ministries. “She is a dear sister who is precious to my wife Rachel, myself, and our family. We are deeply broken for her. She and her family deserve our utmost care, trust, and discretion.”

Hood said he also had learned “of corroborating allegations from other victims.”

“This has broken my heart to an unimaginable level,” he said. “Furthermore, I am dismayed that survivors of abuse and those who advocate for them are being labeled as ‘betrayers.’ Such speech shames victims and is an egregious form of spiritual manipulation.”

Hood said it was imperative for IHOPKC leaders to use “an independent, third-party organization that specializes in handling allegations of abuse in a church context” to investigate the allegations.

“The burden upon my friends in the IHOPKC leadership is too weighty for such a task,” Hood said. “An independent, third-party investigation is the only pathway for a godly and fair process for all parties involved. I have spoken with IHOPKC leadership, and they have assured me this is their intent.”

Hood is among several former IHOPKC leaders who have issued statements about the allegations.

On Saturday, three other former IHOPKC leaders went public.

“A few days ago, we made the leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) aware of serious allegations spanning several decades concerning its founder, Mike Bickle,” the statement said, adding that they found “these allegations of clergy sexual abuse by Mike Bickle to be credible and long-standing.”

The statement was issued by Dwayne Roberts and Brian Kim, former members of the IHOPKC executive leadership team, and Wes Martin, former pastor of Forerunner Christian Fellowship and former vice president of student affairs of IHOPU. Roberts was a founding member of IHOPKC and was in leadership there for 14 years before leaving to start the Florianópolis House of Prayer (FHOP) in Brazil.

The men said that prior to meeting with IHOPKC leadership, they tried to bring the allegations and testimony of one alleged victim to Bickle.

“However, we were repeatedly rebuffed by Mike Bickle and we were refused any sort of meeting,” the statement said. “Instead, Mike used manipulating and intimidating tactics towards the victims to isolate them and discredit them.”

Source: Judy L. Thomas, IHOPKC asks third party to investigate sexual immorality allegations against founder, Kansas City Star, https://amp.kansascity.com/news/local/article281281808.html, Published Nov 01, 2023 9:21 AM. (Accessed Nov 01, 2023.)

April Rose Clarifies on Facebook she is not one of Bickle’s Victims

She writes,


I have been stewing for the last couple of days as it has come to my attention that my name was put on a list of Mike Bickle’s victims. For those of you who do not know who he is, or are not familiar with IHOPKC, or have been living under a rock, on October 28th a group under Dwanye Robert’s leadership made a public statement concerning Mike (Founder of IHOPKC). They stated that they had made the leadership team of IHOPKC aware of “serious allegations spanning several decades” concerning Mike. And that, “we have found these allegations of clergy sexual abuse by Mike Bickle to be credible and long-standing. The credibility of these allegations is not based on any one experience or any one victim, but on the collective and corroborating testimony of the experiences of several victims.”

What follows is MY public statement:

On October 26, I was contacted by this group who basically insinuated and assumed (based on something that was said secondhand about me years ago), that I was Mike’s victim, they then proceeded to send me articles on clergy sexual abuse, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, etc. I responded to them saying and I quote “(this) has NOT been my experience with Mike. I’ve only known him to be a God-fearing man who genuinely loves Jesus, (with all of his heart) and is living for eternity. I have not witnessed any duplicity. In the years that I have known him, he has always been consistent with how all of us know him.” I told them very clearly that I did not want to be contacted on this issue again and did not want to have anything to do with the accusations coming against him.

Despite this, they did not respect my wishes and added my name to their list of victims. Words cannot even begin to describe how OUTRAGED I am!!! I am NOT, I repeat, NOT Mike Bickle’s victim, nor have I ever been!! Unfortunately, I am familiar with NPD, I also know what grooming looks like, future faking, etc. In fact, ironically, just days ago I received a certification for completing over 48 hours of training on sex trafficking, I know what all of these things look like and I have NEVER seen Mike display any of these behaviors, not with me or anyone else. And NO, I do not have Stockholm Syndrome!! These allegations are just simply NOT TRUE!!

Is Mike perfect? No, he is not Jesus, he is 100% human, but he is one of the purest if not the purest man I’ve ever gotten to know. He has his quirks, and like many men and women throughout history who have accomplished great things, he’s a little eccentric. But, he has never touched me sexually, I have never even felt him ever look at me lustfully, he has always been respectful and has never asked me for anything. I have found him actually to have a childlike innocence that many people might misinterpret for something else because we live in such a pornified society.

I feel like I have been victimized NOT by Mike but by DWAYNE ROBERTS and his group. THIS is spiritual abuse! They have used my name without my permission, or knowledge to attack what I know to be a good man, and in doing so are wounding SO many people all over the globe, starting with my children who have grown up with Mike in their lives as the benevolent father of the House who would give them and their buddies candy, notepads, pens, let them steal protein bars from his fridge etc. and now don’t know if he’s a monster. These men should be stripped of their titles and may God raise up shepherds after His own heart to replace them!

This is my House, my community, my people whom I love and the fact that my name is being used behind the scenes to harm them is infuriating!!! We have come under so much scrutiny over the years. No, we are not perfect, and we could use some cleaning up but to fabricate allegations!

To Dwayne Roberts and Co. – like many men, you have judged me with your eyes, you incorrectly labeled me as a weak, little woman that you could use and manipulate to advance your sick, and evil agenda. YOU are the abusers!!! Let me be clear, MY voice was given to me by God Almighty, it is MY voice and MINE alone and NO MAN, no matter how loudly he speaks will speak for me. My voice will be used for righteousness and to advance God’s kingdom and NOT to tear it down. I am here, calling you to REPENT for your evil, and selfish ambitions.

Furthermore, I DEMAND that my name be IMMEDIATELY removed from your list of “victims,” and that you issue an official and public apology.

To the other women who have been contacted, if you know that your name is on this list and you are not a victim, PLEASE speak up, for in this case – all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good WOMEN to do nothing.

***** For those who are wondering about the update that I posted and then removed; I was informed that the person who contacted me IS actually connected to Dwayne’s group. This is all very ugly!! I said what I needed to say, I feel I took back what was stolen from me, I am happy for that, and happy now to move on with my life. This is my page and my story, if you don’t like it, or don’t believe it, you don’t have to – it’s entirely up to you. Peace out!

***** I cannot reveal who told me I’m on the list, the list is supposed to be confidential to protect the victims, but as someone commented below, people are talking and mentioning names. Regardless, it has been confirmed to me by Ihop leadership that I AM on the list that was given to them.

Dwayne Roberts Wes Martin Allen Hood Stuart Greaves Isaac Bennett David Sliker Lenny La Guardia Tracey Bickle Mike Bickle – ihopkc Dean Briggs

Source: April Rose, I AM NOT A VICTIM, Facebook (Story), https://www.facebook.com/aprilrose8/posts/pfbid0sa68cmG5Sfe3J586Y8fYCZnWuFk5uZJwxaEaE3fiSE41hn4erTBjNqYeMUooc5dCl, Published 06:34 November 01, 2023. (Accessed November 03, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 02, 2023.

Joel Richardson reports on IHOPKC – calling out 

Joel Richardson is someone who was personally involved behind the scenes and knows a lot of information that is yet to go potentially public. His pleading with Stuart Greaves and David Sliker has resulted in them ignoring him. [Note: Tweets below are not in chronological order]

On November 02, he posted the following on Twitter (X):

(1) Regarding the IHOP scandal, how these type of things tend to unfold is a pattern as old as mankind. The first effort will be to discredit all of the men and women who have come forward as whistleblowers and their advocates.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226585284919739, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(2) Mike will likely make an official mea culpa statement in which he takes responsibility for some issues, but not nearly all of the things for which he is actually guilty. This will be enough however, to elicit tremendous sympathy and support.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226588212535665, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(3) There will be a friendly or a weak investigation. Mike will likely be removed from ministry for a short period but then reinstated.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226590884282412, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(4) I want to be very very clear here. Mike Bickle was my hero. I esteemed him not only for his excellent Bible teaching, but more than anything for his integrity and character.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X),https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226593744826828, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(5) But based on everything that I have seen and heard, I absolutely believe that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who needs to be removed from ministry permanently. I am willing to lose everything over this.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226596953436180, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(6) Before this is all said and done many more heartbreaking revelations will emerge. If they don’t, just know that there is so much being covered up, enough to make one sick.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226600296329351, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

– – – – –

(7) I understand that many out there are trying to understand this nightmare. Many will likely be very angry at me for saying these things. What I’m saying is truth and I am willing to die on this hill.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720226602678657042, Published Nov 02, 2023 at 10:49. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

Responding to a comment, Joel Richardon stated:

“I sat in the leadership room with Stuart and Sliker on Saturday for nearly 2 hours and pleaded with them to immediately call for a third-party investigation. Today Stuart will not even return my texts and Sliker refuses to answer if they hired anyone.”

[Source coming]

Joel Richardson’s commentary got more contoversial in his experience with IHOPKC leadership:

“I met with David Sliker and Stuart for two hours on Saturday. I’m scheduled to speak with them at IHOP in three weeks. I caught them lying to my face. They won’t even return my texts. Don’t speak about things that you know nothing about.”

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720142192977518719, Published . (Accessed November 12, 2023.)

Joel Richardson refuses to budge on his claims and further reveals damning insights to IHOPKC leadership as IHOPKC lemmings assume and slag of at his character. Richardson claims they have not brought in a “third-party investigative firm” but instead “are deleting everyone’s accounts and erasing evidence.”

“There have been massive accusations made. They promised to bring in a third-party investigative firm. They have not done that. Instead, they are deleting everyone’s accounts and erasing evidence. Zero speculation here. Just facts”

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720153402767028569?, Published

Wounded Souldier (@Mike19195973) asked Joel Richardson the following:

if he was still speaking at an upcoming event at IHOP, Joel Richardson responded with the following:

“Will you still be doing School of Messengers November 16-18 @ IHOPKC? I was considering signing up for the online participation but not sure if it will still be happening. Bless you!”

His response?

“There is no way I could share the platform with men who have been so dishonest.”

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1720182793634820448, Published

Joel Richardson again reports on IHOPKC – Email Accounts Deleted

This tweet from Joel Richardson:

This morning numerous former IHOP executive leaders and staff woke up to find all of their IHOP e-mail accounts deleted. So much for a transparent honest investigation. This is starting to look grossly like a cover-up.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/joel7richardson/status/1720133634303119827?, Published 4:39 am, Nov 02, 2023. (Accessed Nov 03, 2023.)

NOTE: Timezone differences affect the date of when they are published in screen grabs.

Rick Joyner decides to weigh in on #BickleGate, uploading videos across various social media platforms 

Claims the entire the entire scandal is a “nothing burger” – visit link in source to watch the video.

[Video unavailable on web platform – but downloaded. Request if you want it for research purposes.
UPDATE – see Brother John Elving review this Rick Joyner video on November 12, 2023.]

In his latest Rant, Rick gives a health update and shares his thoughts and perspective on the accusations that have come against IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle. | For more content visit: https://www.morningstartv.com/msjn

Source: Rick Joyner, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=301752312779713, Published November 02, 2023. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

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Iwona Bednarz-Major published the following, providing relevant hashtags to alert IHOPKC of her post: 

On psychological manipulation in sexual and spiritual abuse of adult women by clergy (Evangelical/Charismatic audience). 👇

I get comments about ‘immorality’ vs ‘abuse’ and ‘what if this was a consensual relationship or encounter’ from a few leaders of Christian ministries.

As a person who as a first victim brought charges against a known and highly regarded male, priest, a Franciscan friar which resulted in his removal from his religious order decreed by the chief leader of the worldwide Franciscan Order OFM (waiting for Vatican’s Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life to uphold and confirm), I have several points that I wish people would understand and get informed about.

1. All spiritual abuse is power abuse. It’s an issue of power not consent. The person in authority (pastor, church leader, coach, therapist, teacher, parent, caretaker) is ALWAYS at fault in engaging inappropriately with those in their care, and age does not matter, in any grooming, sexual harassment (verbal innuendos including) or any sexual activity. Adult women who do not immediately stop sexual harassment or activity from such overseers, even prolonged and multiple times, allow for it for various reasons: fear, they can feel trapped, confused, having a traumatic bond from the past unresolved, behaving in a post-traumatic way (previous sexual abuse), feel their position can be threatened, they can be theologically or spiritually groomed via specific teaching or “supernatural knowledge’, they can be threatened verbally or manipulated or this can be their first traumatic experience and they have no idea what is really happening. They are ‘vulnerable adults’ who can freeze, allow, and even experience emotional or physical pleasure from such contacts and not be able to withdraw for a time because their will is impaired by false beliefs, wrong experiences, environment or circumstances. They might lack sound judgment in the moment of abuse due to childhood abuse, lack of correct attachment and bonds, developed anxiety, and all kinds of trauma residue. You can not compare your healthy self and demand your standards of moral behavior to be applied in traumatic situations to the victims. You may retraumatize them and that often happens. Your good intentions do not change the fact.

If you have never been educated or trained in the issue of POWER ABUSE, especially in the spiritual/church/religious setting, it’s about time.

From “When Pastors Prey: Overcoming Clergy Sexual Abuse of Women” nook listed on the World Council of Churches


“According to Columbia Theological Seminary’s Pamela Cooper-White, 90 to 95 percent of victims of clergy sexual misconduct are female congregants. These victims are often so trapped in confusion, guilt, shame and self-blame that they are unable to see themselves as victims. Clinical research from the FaithTrust Institute indicates that women victims are likely to remain silent, with many suffering severe consequences that range from depression to suicide. (….)

Yet disclosures of sexual abuse between adults are easily dismissed or down-played as “consensual affairs,” without considering the real issues—the abuse of power, the clergy’s violations of the sacred trust of ministries, the breach of fiduciary responsibility and the violation of professional boundaries. (..)

Clergy sexual abuse of women needs to be seen as a gross violation of the power of a minister towards his parishioner. There should be no confusion of clergy sexual abuse of women with or acceptance of it as a consensual affair between adults. In this relationship, there are no equals, and the responsibility rests squarely with the clergyperson, who needs to be held to account. The tendency to blame the woman needs to be resisted and not institutionalized.”

2. In many cases there is no ‘proof’ of sexual abuse of adult women by clergy. It takes years or decades for women to bring their stories to the surface. Why? They do not trust the environment, they do not feel they will be believed, they were dismissed already when they tried, they were labeled as ‘#metoo hungry feminists’, they were told multiple times that false accusations lead to hell or whatnot, they were told ‘not to touch the anointed’. Very often it costs them many friendships, relationships, and family bonds to come out and testify. They have not much to gain and everything to lose. Often it is too late to report it to the police because of statutes of limitations. Very often it is their word against the known and respected person. Extremely often there are not known procedures in churches, or religious groups to follow in such cases so most of it is just casual approaches, and conversations, often gagged by ‘more spiritual’ or higher in the power chain leaders. Those women’s sound judgment and realization of the damage, their bravery after years of inner conflict, guilt, and shame is often met with silence, or a bit of empathy, complete dismissal, and unbelief. Very often one testimony is not enough and their story is buried forever.

3. Bathsheba was raped. – The confirmation bias problem. From https://ecap.net/sexual-abuse-how-the-church-can-do-better/:

“Evangelicals tend to be initially more skeptical of media reports, even well-documented ones, than members of the population at large—even when such reports come accompanied by significant evidence and documentation. It appears that we are more likely to go with the US legal system’s “innocent until proven guilty” rule of thumb than the Bible’s “at the mouth of three witnesses let a thing be established” guideline (Deut 19:15; Matt 18:16; 2 Cor 13:1; 1 Tim 5:19). This is even more of an issue when allegations are brought against beloved leaders who have impacted the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, as in the case of Ravi Zacharias or Bill Hybels.

When #MeToo initially went viral, many Christians assumed the church was ahead of the culture in terms of morality. But we soon learned that it merely took longer for the church stories to break. #ChurchToo followed with many stories about abuses of power beneath the steeple. This means: often we believe the high-profile person who says “I didn’t do it” over the less powerful person saying, “You did this. And I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by bringing it up.” Many more people get abused than falsely accused. So while we must take both seriously, we must also recognize our tendency to disbelieve the powerless.

Christians who provide well-researched, investigated reports on allegations of sexual harassment and abuse are doing holy work, bringing darkness to light. Often public accountability is the only way to keep powerful people honest. Even church boards, seeking to reduce negative publicity, are often complicit in cover-ups.

Many mental-health professionals believe that the power differential is so significant in relationships such as minister with parishioner, physician with patient, and counselor with client that there is no such thing as “consent” when power is abused in such relationships. That being the case, words such as “affair” have no room in the vocabulary for describing such situations. David did not have an affair with Bathsheba. Pastors don’t have affairs with parishioners. (For an explanation of why David’s actions should be considered rape, see Old Testament scholar Carmen Joy Imes’ Blame David, Not Bathsheba. The Prophet Nathan Did and Pastor Kyle Worley’s Why It’s Easier to Accept David as a Murdered than a Rapist).

It is not enough to call for resignation when a leader has harmed a parishioner. And a verbal apology is not enough, either. Healing involves also making reparations such as taking full responsibility via rhetoric and paying for victims’ counseling. When Zacchaeus repented of theft, he did more than apologize. He even did more than return the money. He paid back his victims more than they had lost financially through his thievery (Luke 19:1-10).”

4. Calling women victims or people speaking on their behalf ‘bitter’ is pretty much gaslighting. Expecting them to be emotionally healed, calm, loving, and gentle is a facade of misogyny. Righteous anger is a proper emotional response to injustice. Trying to pacify the victims or their defenders is horrible.

5. There is an order of dealing with resolving the issue of sexual, spiritual power abuse in a biblical way:

[ ] Confessing sins by the abuser – concretely, not vaguely; the first step to healing is to hear a sincere, adequate, and heartfelt apology for concrete acts; confession acknowledges the wrongs – this step is actually rarely done bc most leaders deny accusations

[ ] Confessing sins by the organization/church – being responsible for the harm done as an organization – this step is sometimes done (we are truly sorry this happened to you) but with limitations due to fear of uncovering systemic abuse in the culture without proper accountability tools in place; a lot of times the org or church will be afraid of finding or disclosing cover-ups (neglecting to report or taking actions); saying ‘sorry’ might not be enough

[ ] Asking for forgiveness – the abuser and the church he represents should ask for forgiveness without demanding to give it; it might shock you but asking to forgive the victim of sexual and spiritual abuse prior to the two points above is not biblical but again, spiritual bypassing; it is true that forgiveness keeps the victim in emotional or mental (psychological) bondage that can result in various even physical conditions but demanding or suggesting for premature forgiveness results in more inner conflict and not freedom; victims will forgive on their own terms when they are ready and it takes skill and sensitivity of approaching this topic adequately; more, asking for forgiveness should include asking what kind of words or actions should be accommodated and offered to the victim so they can receive forgiveness – it is up to the victim to express their conditions; what conditions? It might be a confrontation, might be a need for a meeting with the top leader of the whole organization etc. – this step is usually butchered or omitted altogether or treated so casually that is meaningless to the victims

[ ] Offering help – this is non-negotiable; offering help to the victims to repair the damages done – mental, physical, relational – this is usually offered

[ ] Reparation – asking how to repair the relationship between the abuser and victim is not proper; victims should have freedom of cutting all ties forever with the abuser or taking steps on their own to approach them in a safe and contained assisted manner; asking how the church/org can repair the damage is proper; this is not an ‘eye for an eye’ but a humble approach to repair the damage done to the self-worth and dignity back from what was stolen; sometimes years of damage are not repairable; – this is usually not done well and if ends in court the church or denomination has to pay a lot of money; sometimes mediation helps, sometimes it does not; usually church and the perpetrator hire high-level lawyers and victims don’t and that’s why they wait for group cases to be included

6. Calling victims as ‘judging what God has not judged.” We are called to judge but not be judgmental. We judge every minute of our lives: what we eat, what we say etc. Gaslighting people with “how do you dare judge him without any proof on your behalf besides your words”, shutting people up with “prophetic words’, ‘prophetic dreams’, any ‘higher knowledge’ (gnosis), leads to deeper trauma and division; Shutting down personal confessions with intimidating pronunciations of ‘spiritual warfare’ is immature, so opposite of spiritual maturity; spiritual bypassing in such cases is high bc people have a need to stick to their cognitive truths so they will do all kinds of mental gymnastics, including demanding and harassing victims.

Helping the victims out of chaos and into the peace of Christ is your call also.


Good resources for learning about power abuse:

1. https://www.dianelangberg.com/ – a specialist in clinical work with trauma victims and understanding authority and abuse in the church

2. https://www.amazon.com/When-Narcissism…/dp/B07ZG79HHF Chuck DeGroat has been counseling pastors with narcissistic personality disorder, as well as those wounded by narcissistic leaders and systems, for over twenty years.

3. Allender Center https://theallendercenter.org/ Our purpose is to step into this gap to offer story exploration experiences and to train more leaders to address harm and tragedy with informed care and holistic engagement, identifying the emotional, spiritual, and relational impacts of our core stories of neglect, loss, betrayal, or outright abuse and violence.

4. “Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse–and Freeing Yourself from Its Power” by Wade Mullen

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Source: Iwona Bednarz-Major, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/iwka.onething/posts/pfbid02gk9AmYuXZ2yoFzshtVjcTHZMjUZeLfcFY1Urgrc1ghto4t4a8cvJH7cMVTcdXLbnl, November 02, 2023 at 05:21.


NOVEMBER 03, 2023.

Charisma News (Steve Strang) Covers for Bickle & IHOPKC

Apostle Steve Strang of Charisma News ‘reports’ on the Bickle IHOPKC scandal with a ‘nothing to see here’ video, favouring Bickle over the allegations:

Source: Stephen Strang responds to Mike Bickle Accusation, Charisma News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms85raYL0xY, Published Nov 03, 2023. (Accessed Nov 03, 2023.)

Strang releases his pro-NAR propaganda article on the same day on the New Apostolic Reformation propaganda magazine, Charisma News.

Charisma New published the following:

Stephen Strang: Let Investigation Find the Truth on Mike Bickle

Some leaders at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City have called for an independent, third-party investigation into charges of “clergy sexual abuse” brought last week against Mike Bickle who founded the ministry.

I wholeheartedly agree with the need for an independent investigation because the truth must come out, and often it’s hard to find the truth when those investigating have a vested interest in the outcome. Mike Bickle and IHOPKC have stood for holiness and seemed to be a paragon of virtue in a culture (and church) that has seen too much compromise.

The charges seem serious, yet at least two, who were originally thought to be “victims,” say it isn’t true. While I am not doing an investigation and I’m certainly not judge and jury, I hope what I’ve found so far will at least show there is “another side” and urge Christians not to rush to judgment. By no means am I seeking to hurt, victimize or minimize those who have come forward. Rather I am seeking to provide some personal context and insight into a very emotional and confusing moment for so many. I shared this in my Strang Report video podcast you can watch here.

I have known Mike Bickle and his wife Diane since the 1980s and we have become friends. I am also his publisher. The first thing I thought was “oh no, not again, and not Mike, too.”

Emotionally I’ve been numb, not wanting to believe this is true of such a respected friend. I immediately reached out to Mike via email but I’m not surprised he hasn’t responded because he has a policy of not defending himself. He’s been criticized many times, the most recent in a documentary called “Cessationist.” But while others in the movie defended their beliefs publicly, Mike refused to do so.

I know Mike as a humble man who lives a modest lifestyle and didn’t take royalties on his teaching or make money like some Christian leaders do who have big followings. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but Mike said early in his career he should avoid even the appearance of evil regarding money.

While at IHOPKC I got to meet several of the key leaders whom Mike mentored. They seem to be solid men of God who learned well. Now they are the ones who are trying to navigate what would be a nightmare for any ministry but especially for one that put such an emphasis on holy living and extreme devotion in terms of study of the word and prayer for hours a day. Since it started in 1999 IHOPKC has had 24-hour-a-day prayer and worship even during snow storms and power outages. They called it harp and bowl and modeled it after the tabernacle of David.

As his friend, I never saw anything that would have hinted Mike had a double life regarding what he’s been charged with. Having said this, I believe when credible charges are brought they must be taken seriously to protect those victimized. It’s like with the police. If charges are brought to them about a crime, they must consider it to be true. If there is enough evidence, then an indictment is issued and the case is tried in the courts. Those accused are innocent until proven guilty.

While this is not in the courts it is playing out in the court of public opinion. Even some Christian media seem to be piling on. People are talking about it. One of my friends calls this “failure porn”—an expression I’d never heard before. But basically when a failure happens, all sorts of righteous people who would never look at porn delight in the salacious details that come out of the scandal.

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We mustn’t let that happen. But we mustn’t be glib because sadly the charges might be true. There’s a saying “where there is smoke there’s usually fire.” But there are cases of false accusations even in the Bible. The best known is Potiphar’s wife falsely accusing Joseph.

When they were nominated to the U.S. Supreme court, both Clarence Thomas and Brent Kavanaugh were charged with sexual misconduct by opponents trying to derail their nominations. Apparently the charges were entirely fabricated and both conservatives jurists were approved by the Senate.

In the church, we must hold up a high standard of morality because the Bible commands us to, and the world is watching. And Dr. Michael Brown discussed how clergy wrong-doing must be handled if the charges are true. (He made clear that he hoped the charges against Mike aren’t true.) Now, information is coming out that this may not be a black and white issue. Only time will tell, but several close to the ministry who I know personally say they are standing with Mike until they see absolute proof the charges are true. Some have told me off the record that some former leaders have been gunning for Mike to remove him from leadership.

In my long career I’ve seen charges of clergy immorality both in the Pentecostal movement as well as in evangelicals circles, the Roman Catholic church and even among Southern Baptists. Usually the leader leads a double life and is finally caught and within a day or two admits it is true.

I’ve known Mike well for many years and I’ve never seen anything to suggest he has any sort of double life, and so I am choosing to stand with him, recognizing that we still don’t know what is the truth and we must be careful to defend those who may have been victimized in some way.

Why do I say this? According to reports there are 8 “victims,” yet two have come out saying the charges (involving them) are entirely false. One is Misty Edwards, probably the best known worship leader to come out of this ministry. In a post on Facebook (you can read here), she said she was very sorrowful about the charges and she wasn’t commenting on any of the women, but she wanted “to make it clear, I am not one of them. I have worked with Mike for 25 years and in my personal experience he has only been godly. I have been sent several social media posts speculating differently and I want to boldly say, those are lies and entirely based on suspicion. I have never been sexually or spiritual abused by Mike Bickle.”

Another Facebook post by April Rose (who I do not know personally) was even stronger. She said she was solicited by some former leaders based on something said about her secondhand “years ago” that she was one of Mike’s victims. “This has NOT been my experience with Mike. I’ve only known him to be a God-fearing man who genuinely loves Jesus (with all of his heart) and is living for eternity. I have not witnessed any duplicity. In the years that I have known him, he has always been consistent with how all of us know him…” (You can read her two-page statement in its entirety here).

She went on to say she was outraged to learn that her name was added to the list of victims anyway and she says it in very strong terms. That makes me know something strange is going on. Time will tell what, if anything, Mike did improperly. But I’m urging the Christian community to not jump to judgment. There seem to be two sides. We need a thorough investigation.

What spiritual lessons can we learn?

My friend Malachi O’Brien has been part of IHOPKC and a close friend of Mike Bickle’s for several years. Here is what he posted on X Sunday afternoon:

– What has come out (recently) does not discredit the prayer 24/7 movement, the labor of IHOPKC and its thousands of faithful missionaries and the tens of millions of people who have been impacted by Mike Bickle, the worship from IHOPKC, the miracles, the prophetic promises, and the innumerable hours of prayer.

– We know that Jesus is faithful when people are not. Remember, God blesses His Word and work because of what He desires to do on the earth. His blessing has more to do with His character than the character of leaders.

– There is a tension between innocent until proven guilty and the need to validate and care for victims of any and all kinds of abuse. Mike has denied the allegations and I choose to believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt and I fully believe credible accusations must be taken seriously and victims deserve to be taken seriously without repercussions and character assassination.

– We need to view all situations through a higher perspective. What does Father God think, feel, and see in this situation? What God wants is repentance, healing, and restoration.

– Truth is our ally and we must pursue it with patience and no bias—not the version we want but the version of truth and wisdom that identifies reality. Good or bad, we seek the truth and the appropriate response to it.

– Finally, let’s reflect on our lives and draw closer to Jesus.

Wise words we all must take to heart.

Source: Steve Strang, Stephen Strang: Let Investigation Find the Truth on Mike Bickle, Charisma News, https://www.charismanews.com/7-news/93688-stephen-strang-let-investigation-find-the-truth-on-mike-bickle, Published November 03, 2023. (Accessed November 05, 2023.) [Archive]

NOVEMBER 05, 2023.

IHOP release an updated statement on their developments in handling the scandal surrounding Mike Bickle, also publishing this statement on social media channel (Instagram):

Updated Statement From IHOPKC Executive Leadership Concerning Allegations toward Mike Bickle

November 5, 2023 11am

We love our global family and are grateful for all of your support, prayers, and solidarity. We want to say we are grateful for you. But now we need to have a family message, primarily directed to the local IHOPKC community and staff.

Firstly, we want to impress upon you that IHOPKC’s mission remains the same as it has always been for over 24 years, which is to engage in the great commission through 24/7 prayer with worship and the proclamation of the Beauty of Jesus. This will not change while we address these recent allegations. We want you to know that there is still a place for you at the table and as a leadership team we are committed to continue growing in love and serving one another. Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Mike Bickle have agreed that out of the best interest of the organization and the integrity of IHOPKC, Mike will step away from public ministry for an indefinite time, up to and including until we complete a thorough examination of the allegations and inquiry of the circumstances. Mike has agreed to not engage in public ministry, our platform, attend our prayer room, or engage in social media messaging.

External Allegations & How We Are Responding
As previously disclosed, there have been several allegations raised and we are taking this process seriously. So far there is one allegation from 26 years ago that has some credibility. Other allegations have been more difficult to verify due to the fact they are either anonymous or represented by third parties. Some of the alleged events predate the founding of IHOPKC. Additionally, some of the women who were named in the allegations have publicly refuted that they were ever victims of abuse and even denounced the representatives of the alleged victim group for using their names without permission. In accordance with best practices, the ELT has retained a national law firm, Stinson LLP to conduct an impartial examination of these allegations with the goal of assessing their merit and advising the ELT regarding appropriate steps to take. The firm has already started its work, but it will take time to complete. When this examination is completed, and based upon its findings, we will be able to determine what steps should be taken to see healing for all who have been affected as well as our community. As always, continue to pray. If you are experiencing shock, pain, and confusion we want to say we understand and this response is valid. Many are grieving, but at the end of the day, we are choosing to fix our eyes on Jesus and we invite you to do the same. We as a leadership team love you deeply. We are grateful for the IHOPKC community. We pray for grace to love in this time. Lastly, we understand that statements like this coming from our leadership team is new for our community, but what has occurred in the last week is unprecedented here at IHOPKC. Even in this time of crisis, we trust in the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The IHOPKC Executive Leadership Team

Source: https://www.ihopkc.org/press-center/press-releases/updated-statement-from-ihopkc-executive-leadership-concerning-allegations-toward-mike-bickle/, Published Nov 05, 2023. (Accessed Nov 05, 2023.) (Archive)

IHOP Intercessory-Missionary Borin Doulos claims the Holy Spirit gave him a message to not align with the devil or ‘worldly thinking’

* Disclaimer and context: Within the NAR cult, an ‘intercessor’ is a spiritual office where one prays and intercedes for whoever is requesting it or for whoever whatever purpose they see fit. Yes – you will not find this office in Ephesians 4 or the gifts passages such as Romans 12. However, this can be paid job in some Narismatic and Charismatic groups.

Source: Doulos Clan, Ministry Update for our Partners (IHOPKC), YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I235byLpv7M, Uploaded November 05, 2023. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)



6:10 – Pardon me if I’m burping- on a video I’m recording. Um, but God has been very clear to us these past several weeks (and even a couple months  coming out of Alaska), um, in regard to the accuser. And, uh- and um- and the need for us to be firmly rooted in him. And dependent on him. And so uh- again, not getting into any details on who or what ideas we think are true or not true (because I don’t think that’s relevant at this current moment). Um, what has been challenging is the warfare.

It has been a tremendous onslaught from the enemy right now. The accuser is out and he is trying to steal and kill and destroy and accuse like crazy. And again, that has nothing to do with whether stuff with Mike is true or not true. Um, it has everything to do with how men’s hearts are being manipulated by the enemy to cause division in the kingdom.

And, uh, he’s at work.

I mean, it’s just been- it’s been wildly, um, uh, it’s just been crazy and- um- but we- You know we are not unaware of the enemy’s, uh, tactics and- uh, God has been sounding the alarm, uh, to us- and I think to the body. I just think a lot of people aren’t tuning into the Holy Spirit. They’re running with what they feel and they’re running with what makes sense to them.

And you know, I get it. Uh, it makes sense.

7:55 – But James 3 makes a very, very, powerful distinction between the wisdom of heaven and the wisdom of man. The wisdom of the world. And uh, here’s the thing: they’re both wisdom. We call them wisdom. We say, “That’s a wise choice.”

And one of those makes a lot of sense to the human frame, to the human mind. But unfortunately, the one that makes the most sense to us is not the wisdom of heaven, it’s the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of heaven is foolishness to this [points to brain]. But the wisdom of- of the world, James calls it demonic.

So he’s not mincing words. There’s no gray area. There’s no gray matter. Uh, if we’re operating in the wisdom of the world, if we’re relying on the flesh, if we’re relying on our understanding, what makes sense to us, what seems just and what seems right and what seems fair, then rest assured it is absolutely black, demonic, according to James.

And I trust him more than I trust myself in theological reasoning.

Um, also James calls this kind of w- he says about this wisdom that the result of it is confusion. Or as some translations would call it, discord, disunity and every evil practice. So we have felt an incredibly challenging, um, battle to maintain a position of confident rest in the work of the father, trusting the Holy Spirit and following and obeying his every word.

Um. It’s been so noisy. We’ve been pulled in every which way to try- to- you know- land in any particular idea or phrase or whatever. But we’ve felt, um, a grace and a warning and a preparation to rely on him, to stay firmly rooted in him. And, uh- uh- He’s been very clear to us in that.

So that’s been very difficult. But we- we, um, we believe, uh, we’re on good footing. The other thing is- um- emotionally, this has been very  challenging.

Um, the whole base, IHOPKC… there’s been so many tears. So much confusion. So much pain. So many opinions, right? Um, a-a-a- a tremendous amount of just, “What do we do? H- how do we handle this?””


10:32 – “And, um, again I’m talking peer level. I’m not talking about leadership I’m not diving into that realm. And my opinions on that in- in this particular video- and, uh. And if you text me and ask me about it, I’m not going to tell you because that’s not, uh, what the Holy Spirit has for us. So I’m going to be firm on that. And I hope it’s not taken as like a meanness. But, uh, I’ve- I’ve talked with Ashley. and we- we really believe we-

We are not a source of information in regard to what is being said behind you know whatever. And we do not, uh, believe that we have been given a position, or a perspective, or a right by the Holy Spirit to speak in regards to that stuff.

Joanna May published the following on Facebook:

It has been just over a week since the public was made aware of a preliminary investigation presented to the current Executive Leadership Team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, prepared by a well-respected group of former ELT members, bringing a credible accusation of long-standing sexual abuse by Mike Bickle against women in his ministry care and the call to immediately remove him from leadership and launch an exhaustive formal investigation.

I am going to speak quite candidly on this matter, and as such, here are some


1. If you are in distress or emotional dysregulation over this issue, you do not need to read this and I encourage you not to. Take some time away from screens and devices, in fresh air, with family, friends or loved ones. I was very blessed to have been traveling abroad with my husband when this news broke and had time to mentally process while walking for miles a day, eating baguettes & cheese and stopping to pray in ancient churches that have seen a thing or two over the years and let me tell you it was cathartic and healing. My post into this void will be here down the road if you want to take a peak later.

2. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, or specifically sexual abuse within a religious context or by Mike Bickle, this time will be very triggering. I strongly encourage you to reach out for professional help, to make a report to the police, and to reach out to safe & trusted friends. I am not an expert on religious trauma or sexual abuse, but I encourage you to find someone who is and I can recommend local resources with unaffiliated licensed therapists. You are not alone.

3. No, I will not “wait until all the evidence comes out” to share my opinion. If that is an important value to you then this post is also not for you and I would encourage you spare yourself and come back in 6 months to 2 years and see how much of what I said was accurate. I will talk later about why I am taking this approach.

4. I was not a part of the preliminary investigation or the soon-to-commence investigation. I would cooperate with and answer questions by investigators, but I have signed no NDAs and am not privy to the most explicit details, though I am fairly informed. I’ve heard enough to feel confident in the below.

</end of Disclaimers>

I have a bit of a reputation as a straight shooter, and I want to provide my perspective to current & former members of the spiritual community and long-distance observers. I am flipping a few pages forward in this saga past the next few weeks to provide a “where I see this going” in the hopes that people who are trying to process information in the gap of what appears to be mangling of communication of this situation by current internal leadership, may receive some perspective with which to start making hard personal decisions and processing painful information.

I am personally operating in the assumption that Mike Bickle is guilty of all that we have heard, and much more that we have not. That he is a clinical narcissist and sexual predator in the category of a Keith Raniere figure. That he is currently unrepentant and coordinating a shoddy disinformation campaign and defense, and may even try and launch a second ministry (Friends of the Bridegroom v2 perhaps) but that the evidence already compiled against him is overwhelmingly credible and compelling, has been accepted by a significant number of former and current prominent leaders and that a subsequent exhaustive investigation against him will only reveal more likely culminating in civil and possibly criminal or federal RICO case against. That process will be lengthy and exhaustive. As such, it is my assumption that:

    • Mike Bickle will never return to leadership at IHOP-KC or any respected ministry.
    • IHOP-KC current leadership is floundering not with the question of his guilt or innocence but with “how to save the ministry.” In my opinion, that is the wrong question to be asking.
    • Mike Bickle intentionally used made-up prophetic language to preemptively deceive about his forthcoming accusations.
    • None of Mike Bickle’s “prophetic history” can be considered credible or foundational for any future ministry.
    • The current ministry identity of IHOP-KC is inextricably tied to Mike Bickle’s “prophetic history” and incurably poisoned by his abusive and dysfunctional leadership.
    • Using the prestige of the prayer room, Mike Bickle used “the fire on the alter will never go out” as a manipulative bludgeoning tool for sexual abuse.
    • The fire on the altar should go out. It has become strange fire.

I believe MANY credible leaders have worked through those first 3 points, but I don’t know how many have worked through the subsequent 4. There’s so much more to say and work through isn’t there?! I know it’s going to be hard. More soon. ❤

Source: Joanna May, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/jburn/posts/pfbid0CpL1UPs76YQVemKSya65NhH2WQrPUy9eoJFCWR8Wc1jaupTf5SNqu1EK2jLNw62Nl, Published November 05, 2023. (Accessed November 05, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 06, 2023.

Heaven Bent Podcast Releases More Information on IHOP Scandal

Listen to the story of Tara Jane here:

S4 BONUS: The Allegations Against Mike Bickle

Listen on Apple Podcasts

The founding leader of IHOPKC has been accused of serious sexual and spiritual misconduct by multiple women. Tara Jean returns with an update, and, her conversation with 3 former IHOPPERS who returned to IHOPKC last weekend, to hear this shocking news officially announced by leaders of the organization

Source: Heaven Bent Podcast, S4 BONUS: The Allegations Against Mike Bickle, Apple Podcasts, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/s4-bonus-the-allegations-against-mike-bickle/id1513489117?i=1000633862103, Released November 06, 2023. (Accessed November 07, 2023.)

Having trouble listening to the podcast? Try listening here:

Heaven Bent on Apple Podcasts

Dr. Michael Brown lends his ‘credibility’, runs interference for IHOP – manipulates listeners to shut up, conform, only focus on Jesus & the future

IHOP their 11am service to YouTube. They write in the description, “At the 11:00am service today IHOPKC leadership will give an updated statement concerning the allegations against Mike Bickle. We are also being joined by Dr. Michael Brown, who will be sharing a message to our church family.”

Notes from below ‘sermon’:

  1. Brown claims he “has not come in as an investigator” but as an ‘advisor’.
  2. Brown has effectively positioned the accusers against Mike by emphasizing his status and Bickle’s status as revered figures in the New Apostolic Reformation and Charismatic movement. This strategic move has forced people to take sides, even though Brown tried to convince everyone that he isn’t there to take sides. In other words, Brown is further polarising the church but insisting the higher ground is to support Bickle and IHOP.
  3. Brown wants a third-party to be involved that could be a safe place for the victims, and a safe place for Mike Bickle.


“I love Mike. I’ve trusted Mike. I have wonderful memories of working together with Mike… I have pointed to Mike as an example. Someone who is a fine leader in the charismatic movement. And I know some of the men who have brought the allegations, and they’re fine and sincere men. And so in that sense we’re all on the same side.”


“… you may have an opinion right now but keep it to yourself. It does no good. You may want to show how prophetic you are. And you want to figure it out. Grow up. This is not the time to be doing that.”

In fact, to speak up, post anything on social media, offer correction or expose anything is to do “satans work.”

(Transcript of relevant snippets coming)

Source: Uploaded by International House Of Prayer, Forerunner Church Service | Dr. Michael L. Brown, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R1NvYR621c, Uploaded Oct 06, 2023. (Accessed Oct 06, 2023.) 


Roys Report releases another update report on IHOPKC and victims

Rebecca Hopkins from the Roys Report wrote the following:

International House of Prayer Announces Independent Investigation, But Victims & Advocates Remain Wary

Facing allegations that its founder, Mike Bickle, sexually abused multiple women, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo. (IHOPKC), announced Sunday it has hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation.

Speaking from stage at IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church, Stuart Greaves, executive director of IHOPKC, said the ministry acted within 24 hours of “official notice” of the allegations to meet with Bickle to remove him from leadership. Then, IHOPKC hired Stinson LLP, a major law firm in Kansas City, to conduct an independent investigation, Greaves added.

He did not give details about the investigation but stated, “When this examination is completed, and based upon the findings, we will be able to determine what next steps should be taken towards healing.”

Michael Brown, an apologist who preached at IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church on Sunday, said IHOPKC had committed to publishing “the findings” of the investigation and urged people to trust the process.

“This is not being done for damage control,” Brown said. “This is being done to bring the truth to light. . . . It is not being done to protect the team here from lawsuits. The whole goal is to have a serious law firm investigate truth because there are very serious allegations that have been made.”

But Brown also appealed to those listening not to talk about the ongoing scandal. “You may have an opinion right now,” Brown said. “Keep it to yourself. It does no good. . . . There is a process in place.”

Brown also encouraged people to delete prior social media posts, saying he believed IHOPKC leaders were “sincere” and “care about the women.”

“So, let’s work together, rather than against each other,” Brown added.

Brown’s comments sparked pushback on social media.

Former spokesperson-turned-whistleblower for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), Ruth Malhotra, tweeted, “. . . (Y)our appeal to refrain from posting online can have a chilling effect on survivors+advocates. While attacks & speculation are unhelpful, earnest questions & concerns should be welcomed—not stifled—in this moment.”

Hi Dr. Brown, I appreciated much of what you shared at @ihopkc. But your appeal to refrain from posting online can have a chilling effect on survivors+advocates.
While attacks & speculation are unhelpful, earnest questions & concerns should be welcomed—not stifled—in this moment.

— Ruth Malhotra (@RuthMalhotra) November 6, 2023

Similarly, former RZIM director, Carson Weitnauer, posted, “I agree with Ruth. Attempting to manage the narrative will understandably backfire. . . .”

Brown contended, “There is no attempt to ‘manage the narrative.’ There IS passionate appeal for all kinds of gossip, speculation, and accusations to stop . . .”

Yet, two former IHOPKC prayer room pastors, Jim and Nancy Hester, told The Roys Report (TRR) they don’t trust IHOPKC leaders to properly handle reports of abuse, based on their past experience.

The Hesters said a woman came to them in 2016 to tell them Greaves had mishandled her 2014 report of rape by a former IHOPKC staff member. Rather than help the woman, Greaves shamed her and urged her not to go to police, the woman told TRR. Nancy Hester said she tried to help her get an apology from Greaves, but he refused.

Recently, Nancy Hester went public with her concerns about IHOPKC on the podcast Heaven Bent (season 4, episode 6). Since then, Nancy said she’s received “conservatively 40 to 50” text messages from men and women, claiming IHOPKC mishandled their emotional and sexual abuse.

Hester said she hasn’t had a chance to talk to all of them. But both Jim and Nancy Hester say they’ve heard enough that they’ve lost confidence in IHOPKC’s executive leaders’ ability to handle cases of abuse and are calling for them to resign.

“What I’ve found is that what is proclaimed from the stage was not implemented in the day-to-day practical expression of Christianity,” said Jim Hester. “My desire is to see the (executive leadership team) completely disbanded.”

Greaves did not immediately respond to TRR’s request for comment.

Public Pushback

Many of those questioning the investigation focused on the investigation process and firm IHOPKC selected.

Writer and abuse survivor advocate, Nancy French, asked Brown if victims “have to go through the church” to connect with Stinson LLP and suggested the firm advertise a hotline for victims to report.

Brown objected to the suggestion, saying, “You’d end up with every kind of wacky accuser, including disgruntled former church members.” But he assured French that accusations would be “treated with the utmost seriousness.”

French replied, “‘Wacky’ accusers is the wrong posture. Victims will read this exchange, see your skepticism/incredulity & stay silent.”

Brown further clarified to TRR that the church and law firm won’t be publicizing a hotline or contact information because “no one is claiming that there’s scores and scores of people involved.” But the law firm will contact victims who already have come forward, Brown said, and then the victims can then pass that contact information on to others.

Samuel Hood, a long-time former IHOPKC member, posted several questions about the investigation on Facebook. “Is the third party an ‘independent investigation organization that specializes in allegations of abuse in a Christian environment?’ . . . Has IHOPKC dialogued with the survivors and received their approval on this third party investigation?”

Dianne Couts, abuse advocate and president of MK Safety Net, told TRR that a third-party investigation should be transparent, should name or adequately describe the accused in the findings, and should make the findings public. She added that not all law firms have reputations for truly caring for victims, so it’s important for churches and organizations to consult victims when choosing a firm. She said this is especially true when they’ve already lost trust in the church or Christian organization.

“The firm that is hired should be a group that the survivors trust,” she said. “So, often, it’s not survivor-centered, it’s institution-centered.”

Questions Raised about Victims

Stuart Greaves claimed during Sunday’s service that some of the women who were named as victims of Bickle’s abuse have denied that they were victims. He added that some also “denounced the representatives of the alleged victim group for using their names without permission.”

Last week, two IHOPKC women posted on social media that they aren’t victims of Bickle. One of them is singer/songwriter Misty Edwards, an IHOPKC worship leader.

“I am not commenting on the women’s allegations concerning Mike Bickle,” Edwards wrote on Facebook. “However, I am not one of them. I have worked for Mike for 25 years and in my personal experience he has only been godly.”

Similarly, April Rose wrote on Facebook that she also is not a Bickle victim but considers him “one of the purest if not the purest man I’ve ever gotten to know.” She didn’t say how she’s connected to IHOPKC, but wrote her kids grew up with Bickle as a “benevolent father of the House.” She said someone from “this group” recently contacted her, and based on “something that was said secondhand” about her, assumed she was a victim. Instead, she alleged that IHOPKC founder Dwayne Roberts and the other two men who made the allegations against Bickle last week had victimized her.

“They have used my name without my permission, or knowledge to attack what I know to be a good man . . .” she wrote. “These men should be stripped of their titles and may God raise up shepherds after His own heart to replace them!”

Roberts, a former IHOPKC executive leadership team (ELT) leader, didn’t return a call from TRR asking for comment. Wes Martin, a former IHOPKC board member and one of the other men who made the allegations, responded with no comment. TRR was unable to reach Brian Kim, the third signer of the allegations and a former ELT leader.

Greaves said one allegation from 26 years ago “has some credibility.” But he added, “There are some allegations that have been more difficult to ascertain due to the fact that they are anonymous or represented by third parties.”

Yet Hester said IHOPKC leaders have previously gaslit other victims of other leaders, or pushed them out, and some were even suicidal because of how IHOPKC has treated them.

“There are certain ways that you treat victims, and so far, for the last two weeks, I don’t think we’ve seen them showing an inkling that they have any idea how to treat a victim,” Hester said.

Allegations of past mishandling of sexual abuse cases surface

A woman who asked to be anonymous told TRR that IHOPKC mishandled her report of being raped by an IHOPKC staff member in 2014 but has refused to acknowledge it. TRR does not report the names of victims of sexual assault unless they asked to be named. However, we confirmed the woman’s identity with Nancy Hester.

The woman said she reported her rape to Greaves, who subjected her to numerous meetings, at which he and other leaders questioned her account and didn’t provide her care. One time, Greaves used her phone to call her mother to say that she was making up this story, the woman said. Greaves also pressured her not to report the matter to police, saying it wasn’t rape, she said. She added that Greaves claimed the police wouldn’t believe her and involving police would only result in bad press for IHOPKC.

Once, Greaves invited her to a meeting that her abuser also attended so that the woman could hear his side of the story, she claimed.

“I had to sit there through the entire thing and anytime I tried to say anything, they’d silence me, and they’re like, ‘You need to listen. You need to show respect. You need to hear his side of the story,’” she told TRR. “He told the story of me seducing him and pressuring him . . . And every time I was crying throughout it, they would be like, ‘Why are you crying? You’re being so overly emotional right now.’”

After months of traumatizing meetings, she asked what she could do to make the meetings stop.

“It was absolutely more painful than the original incident itself,” she said. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I was like, ‘I will do anything you want, just please don’t make me talk about this anymore.’ They said they can make it stop if I retract it . . . They said, ‘We’re going to bring him in and make you apologize to him now.’”

She relented. But in 2016, this woman connected with Nancy Hester, who tried to bring the matter to other IHOPKC leaders. IHOPKC leader Allen Hood listened and cared well for her, both Hester and the woman told TRR.

Soon afterwards, Greaves came to Jim Hester to get his help discipling a different man accused of sexual misconduct, Hester said. Hester said Greaves told him that the woman had called police after the alleged assault, but Greaves convinced the woman not to press charges.

Hester added that Greaves arranged for IHOPKC to double the man’s stipend. “They felt like he needed some stability and some encouragement to be in the prayer room,” Hester said.

Hester said when he challenged Greaves on the arrangement, Greaves said, “Have you ever had an impure thought?”

Hester said he replied, “Are you telling me that you equate an impure thought and rape as the same thing?” Hester said Greaves responded, “Sin is sin.”

The Hesters said Greaves then pushed them out of the ministry.

Tiffany, another woman who asked to be identified by only her first name, said she tried to report sexual misconduct by her IHOPKC leader. Former IHOPKC staffer Anna Daley verified Tiffany’s identity with TRR.

Tiffany claimed the leader tried to initiate a sexual encounter with her when she was 19 years old and tried to remove her clothes. She said she pushed him off her and told him to leave. Then she discovered the leader was simultaneously dating another student. Tiffany said she told a friend about the leader’s behavior, who set up a meeting for her with Greaves.

“I remember (Greaves) responded in a way that made me feel that I had done something wrong,” Tiffany said.

Greaves removed the leader, Tiffany said. But she added that Greaves also “grilled” her with more questions about her account, disregarding the power differential between a student and a leader.

“He proceeded to tell me that if I wouldn’t have been so open to the pursuit of this man, then his natural instincts wouldn’t have taken over and I wouldn’t have been in the position in the relationship I was with him,” Tiffany said. “And then I needed to deal with my ‘inner harlot.’”

Greaves told her she needed to attend Living Waters, an IHOPKC healing ministry led by Mike Bickle’s sister, Tracey Bickle, largely focused on healing of sexual sin, Tiffany said.

“I just was told this was going to help me with my sexual sin,” Tiffany said. “This was going to help me get better. It did the opposite.”

Tracey Bickle did not immediately respond to TRR’s request for comment.

Tiffany said she came out of the program feeling more ashamed, and more trapped in a cycle of trying harder to meet approval.

“It’s this never-ending cycle of trying to perform to a standard that takes away your worth and your value because you don’t actually matter,” Tiffany said.

Leaders of IHOPKC Address Allegations Against Mike Bickle – Nov. 6, 2023

Source: By Rebecca Hopkins, JulieRoys.Com, https://julieroys.com/ihop-kc-indepedent-investigation-victims-advocates-remain-wary/, November 06, 2023. (Accessed November 06, 2023.) [Archived]

Tim Meshginpoosh (@oldreepicheep) reviews IHOPKC Nov 05 media statement 

Tim (@oldreepicheep reviews the IHOPKC media statement, labelling the entire scandal ‘Bicklegate’.

See full article here: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1721339643449254266.html

Archived link: https://web.archive.org/web/20231114030947/https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1721339643449254266.html?s=04


His review of the IHOPKC leadership’s statement suggests that they are using image repair strategies to downplay and minimize the impact of the scandal surrounding Mike Bickle. His analysis identifies the damage control techniques they used such as bolstering, transcendence, minimization, and gaslighting in their released statement.

The use of bolstering involves expressing affection and gratitude to elevate their image, minimizing the impact of the scandal. Transcendence is employed by appealing to higher principles, such as their mission and religious values, to position themselves as the “good guys” and implicitly criticize those questioning their actions.

Minimization is seen in the choice of words like “step away” to describe Bickle’s leave of absence and the use of passive voice to downplay allegations. Temporal distancing is used to mitigate the impact of the abuse by emphasizing the passage of time since the alleged incident.

Tim’s review highlights the fact that IHOPKC leaders took on the role of judging and investigating the allegations before involving an independent third party for investigation, which could be seen as an attempt to cover up the scandal. The closing statement is described as an attempt to cast themselves as victims and appeal to transcendence to gain sympathy.

Tim’s analysis strongly suggests that IHOPKC is involved in a cover-up of a severe scandal, and thus advises individuals associated with IHOPKC to distance themselves from the organization.

Brother John Elving calls out Rick Joyner for his “nothing burger” rant, in favor of Bickle. 

(Sexual Misconduct) Mike Bickle 45min Documentary. Rick Joyner from Morningstar regarding the Sexual Misconduct of Mike Bickle is a “Nothingburger” & now Victim Blaming. Rick is claiming the victims have acted in an evil spirit referring to the accusations of satan. Rick Joyner wants to restore Mike as soon as possible, claiming Mike Bickle is a type of King David anointing. ❤️ Please join me in prayer for all the victims of this fiasco. God bless you. My website http://www.brotherjohnelving.com Contact me directly john@brotherjohnelving.com…

Paragraph: By Brother John Elving, Rick Joyner Regarding – “Nothingburger” & Victim Blaming, YouTube, https://youtu.be/Rw4c_P6Ab0Y, November 06, 2023. (Accessed November 06, 2023.)


Rick Joyner offers clarification to his “nothing burger” rant on November 02, 2023

He claims that he made a “big ‘rookie’ mistake” in his last rant.

[Video unavailable on web platform – but downloaded. Request if you want it for research purposes.
UPDATE – see Brother John Elving review this Rick Joyner video on November 12, 2023.]

Rick’s Rants November 06, 2023

In this Rant, Rick clarifies some things about his position on the accusations against IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle and shares personal testimony about the discipline of the Lord. Rick also issues a call for Christians to pray for Israel and the Jewish people.”

Source: Rick Joyner, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/RickJoyner.MorningStar/videos/648710407422790, Uploaded November 06, 2023. (Accessed 02:15 November 09, 2023.) 

NOVEMBER 07, 2023.

Controversial information emerges on the investigative third party into the IHOPKC scandal

On Instagram, _bytheirfruits published the following along with these relevant screen grabbed conversations:

Thoughts on @ihopkc choice of third party to investigate from a lawyer who is familiar and a friend of some who have interacted with the chosen firm: Stinson LLP.
#ihopkcaccountability #westandwithihopkcvictims #churchtoo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: _bytheirfruit, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/CzTma4EumKm/, Published Nov 07, 2023. (Accessed Nov 07, 2023.)

Dr Michael Brown called out for engaging in censorship and politics – people calling him out…

Scott Warren calls out Michael Brown for engaging in censorship. He writes the following rebuke to Dr Michael Brown:

This morning, I commented on the post by Dr. Michael Brown screen-captured below. My comment was deleted within six hours and I am posting it below with minor edits.


My dear, sir. We are not stupid. We can tell the difference between rumor and credible allegation brought and confirmed by leaders—Dwayne, Brian, Wes, Allen—who we know, trust, and who have far more to lose by presenting false allegations than they have to personally gain by bringing to light the stories of the Janes Doe. IHOPKC has even admitted publicly that one allegation has some credibility and, statistically, >90% of SA allegations turn out to be true. So, no. We don’t need “proof” or an official investigation report to have a high level of confidence that the allegations are broadly true and it is not wrong to say so publicly.

For most of us, the story arc of the recent allegations echoes the patterns that we have repeatedly witnessed at a smaller scale in our lives over the years. Are you aware of how many hundreds of young people were inspired by the vision, prophetic history, and teaching of Mike Bickle and gave the strength of their youth (and their time and their money) to build the prayer movement only to experience trauma or abuse by IHOP leaders followed by organizational self-protection, narrative spin and colossal failure of pastoral care? Most have left the Christian faith. Their stories are real and I challenge you to listen.

The overflow of emotion on social media is a fountain of pain. Pain at old hurts re-opened, pain at the betrayal by a father of the faith who we loved and trusted, pain at the mishandling of these allegations by “shepherds” who appear more concerned about protecting the ministry than true institutional reform. (I would be delighted to be wrong about this; time will tell.)

Christian leaders have one job: “Do you love me? Then feed my sheep.” Noting else matters. Not the “fire on the altar”, not the “global prayer movement”; nothing.

So do not wag your finger at us, Dr. Brown, telling us that our pain, our anger, our tears, our collective catharsis is sinful. Do not misuse the Holy Scripture or your ministry platform to shame into silence those of us who have had enough of the organizational dysfunction we have personally experienced. Are you a shepherd? Then get down off your platform, meet the sheep where they are in their pain and suffering and feed them.



Source: Scott Warren, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/scott.warren.5201/posts/pfbid02v3vJ3PuW2meyZRc5smMnhVKwn3qNf2z23dA9MsFcRfXRnfgCh6aiptzvuezAs3dflm Published November 07, 2023. (Accessed November 07, 2023.)

Another Old KCP ‘Boys Club’ ‘prophet’, James Goll weighs in to condemn and intimidate people who dare question or raise issues in IHOPKC scandal.

Source: Uploaded by James. W. Goll, How Have the Mighty Fallen – Wisdom for a Complex Time, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPoY1r3EPTU, Published November 07, 2023. (Accessed November 09, 2023.) 

[Video downloaded – transcript coming]

NOVEMBER 08, 2023.

The Smith and Rowland Show run interference for Mike Bickle and IHOPKC:

Join Alan, Jeff, and Jason as they discuss the situation with IHOP-Kansas City and Mike Bickle.

Source: The Smith and Rowland Show, Mike Bickle Silenced – Ep 390 – 11-5-2023, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coVPwpIz4Z0, Published November 08, 2023. (Published November 08, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 09, 2023.

Petition starts against IHOPKC with many previous IHOP members and leaders signing their name to the petition.

A petition starts against IHOPKC on change.org:

STAND WITH US: Open Letter to the IHOPKC Leadership

Started – 9 November 2023
Petition to – International House of Prayer

Started by IHOPKC Survivors


An open letter to IHOPKC and its leadership:

We are voices that have filled your sanctuary, past and present.
We are voices who have learned to weep with those who weep.

As a collective of former staff, students, and dedicated members of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, we stand with a multitude of concerned voices responding to the recent allegations of clergy misconduct by IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle.

We believe the gravity of these allegations cannot be understated, nor adequately addressed should they be handled by parties that may carry the appearance of vested interests or potential biases. The integrity of the IHOPKC organization and the wellbeing of its members hinge on a process that assures impartiality, thoroughness, and transparency.

We urge the IHOPKC leadership to prayerfully consider taking the following steps in order to show their commitment to transparency, accountability, and justice:

1. We officially call on IHOPKC to invite GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to conduct a true third-party investigation into the sexual abuse allegations and the systemic environment at IHOPKC in order to protect the interests of the alleged victims and current congregants. Furthermore, we implore IHOPKC to allow GRACE to publicly publish their findings without restriction by IHOPKC or its leadership.

2. Openly provide the resources below and direct individuals to said resources instead of the pastoral care team, given the conflict of interest and bias that team would have in the current situation, especially for those who may have allegations to disclose but have not come forward yet.

Kansas City Police Department: Call (816) 234-5220 or email sexcrimes@kcpd.org
MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault): Call the crisis hotline at (816) 531-0233 in Missouri or (913) 642-0233 in Kansas.
Kansas Crisis Hotline: Call (888) 363-2287
DRZ Law: Call (913) 400-2033 to request a free case evaluation.

Signed with solidarity,

Founder and Leader of the Recovering From IHOPKC (RFI) Support Group, IHOPU alumni, and former IHOPKC staff member

Susan Tuma
Leader of the Recovering From IHOPKC (RFI) Support Group and former IHOPKC staff member

Brantley Smith
Leader of the Recovering From IHOPKC (RFI) Support Group and IHOPU alumni

Isaac Cole
Leader of the Recovering From IHOPKC (RFI) Support Group and IHOPU alumni

Isaac Meyer
Former IHOPKC Worship leader, IHOPU alumni, and IHOPKC staff member

Julie Meyer
Former IHOPKC Worship Leader

David Brymer
Former IHOPKC worship leader

Naomi & Sammy Syrett
Former IHOPKC worship team members

Thomas & Donna Cole
Former IHOP Staff Member, former Living Waters Leader, and current head of Pure Heart Ministries

Nancy & Jim Hester
Former IHOPKC District Pastor

Michelle Seidler
Former IHOPKC Leadership

Jon Rizzo
Former IHOPKC Worship Leader and Prophecy Team Leader

Tracie Loux
Former IHOP staff, curriculum writer, and teacher for the Children’s Equipping Center

John Loux
Former FMA Instructor, IHOP musician

Meredith & Corey Stark
Leaders of Into Internship & Immerse

Amy Loux
Former FMA Student and former IHOPKC staff member

Kenny Miracle
Former Lead Video Editor for IHOPKC’s Media Dept. and former Instructor at IHOPU’s Forerunner Media Institute

Ben Kilen
Former IHOPKC Leader Teens

Jennifer Brummett
Former Living Waters and Pure Heart leader

Jessica Brummett
Former Pure Heart leader

David & Sarah May
Former IHOPKC community members

Alyssa DeGraff
Former IHOPKC Worship team member

Mary Hester
Former IHOPKC Executive Assistant to CEO

Mallory & Kyle Gebhart
Former IHOPU Students & community members

Larissa Van Der Vyver
Former IHOPU FMI Alumni

Jessie Van Der Vyver
Former youth group, FITN intern, Broadcast engineer, FOH engineer, Musician, Media archivist.

Claire and Mark Yoder
Former IHOPKC Staff

Source: STAND WITH US: Open Letter to the IHOPKC Leadership, Change.org, https://www.change.org/p/open-letter-to-the-ihopkc-leadership, Created November 09, 2023. (Accessed November 09, 2023.)

Isaac Timothy Meyer shares petition on Facebook, adding his own words articulating his thoughts on the entire scandal and unhealthy history and leadership of IHOPKC.

He writes,

My intention in sharing these words is to bring hope to those who may find themselves in the early stages of grappling with grief, anger, or doubts about life and God. I want to offer my personal story, one that is honest, unfiltered, and deeply vulnerable. I don’t come here with swords drawn, but rather, I come bearing my genuine and raw experiences.

I want to begin by expressing the tremendous grief I feel surrounding the events unfolding at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. My heartfelt sympathies are with all the current staff members and volunteers as you navigate these difficult times, including any and all sexual abuse victims who are being re-traumatized from this situation. I understand that for some, the words I share might be hard to read initially, and I want to acknowledge that I am just one of many voices standing in solidarity with a community that is hurting. If I have any insight to offer in a situation like this, it’s because I am a son of the prayer movement who is intimately familiar with complex grief.

My deepest grief is close to home. In the past year, my adopted son, who has special needs, was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 6. To say that I’ve experienced pain, questioned God, and grappled with everything in between would be an understatement. Yet, I’ve also discovered profound healing and a deeper connection to a loving God in the midst of my own pain. My desire in sharing these words is to convey hope to those who are in the early stages of their struggle with grief, bewilderment, anger, and doubts about their relationship to God. I want you to know that amidst the complexity, there is still room for joy to emerge from the depths of all of our collective pain.

As some of you may know, my roots are deeply tied to Kansas City. I grew up in the House of Prayer, as my parents Walt & Julie Meyer have been devoted members of the ministry for over four decades. The influential prophet Bob Jones walked my mother down the aisle, and Mike Bickle officiated their wedding. Stuart Greaves, the current head of IHOP-KC, also officiated my wedding 15 years ago. One of the “great” prophets, Paul Cain, even prophesied over me when I was just a baby that “miraculous things would begin with me first.” These are just a few examples of how closely connected we are to IHOP-KC.

To say that I was deeply ingrained in this community would be an understatement. From the very beginning of IHOP, I spent my formative years homeschooling while immersing myself in the prayer room for hours on end. My days were a juggling act between studying on a computer and playing my guitar on stage. Some days, I spent 8-10 hours in the prayer room multiple days a week. I attended their 4-year Bible school, traveled internationally with various worship teams, and taught at their music school. All in all, I was officially on staff at IHOP-KC for over 10 years. I left the House of Prayer in 2011 to move to California, but even after more than 10 years of being away, I’m still in therapy, actively addressing the spiritual abuse I experienced due to IHOP’s misuse of their ‘prophetic history.’

The credible allegations of sexual misconduct and emotional/spiritual abuse concerning Mike Bickle (as told by Dwayne Roberts, Brian Kim, Wes Martin & Allen Hood) have only highlighted for me the egregious leadership problems at the House of Prayer in Kansas City. All victims deserve to be heard and while we wait for the findings of that investigation into the extent of the harm Mike has allegedly committed, we don’t need an official report to acknowledge that IHOP, in its current form, is incredibly unhealthy and needs immediate change.

I am convinced that one of the reasons the leadership team may be facing challenges in addressing this situation is because it brings to light an important truth. The foundation on which the House of Prayer was originally established does not solely rest on scripture. Instead, It was primarily founded upon the “prophetic history,” which, over time, has been marked by prophets who, to put it kindly, have fallen short of even basic godly character.

Like many former staff members, I have encountered significant challenges within the context of the prayer and prophetic movement, particularly in relation to the prophetic history as presented by Mike Bickle at IHOP-KC. Over the span of more than 30 years, I witnessed its use to pressure cooperation from staff and volunteers. By placing a stronger emphasis on discipling individuals through the prophetic history rather than focusing on scripture as the central guiding light, I believe IHOP-KC’s leadership, perhaps unintentionally, fostered tendencies that resembled a cult-like devotion and an unhealthy allegiance to Mike Bickle and “the prayer movement.”

The role of an apostle or prophet is not intended to replace individual discernment of God’s will. Often, we can unintentionally treat their voices as the unchallenged voice of God, feeling compelled to obey simply because of their authoritative presence. However, strong leaders should express love by fostering an environment of safety and freedom for people to test and discern the word for themselves. From my honest perspective this was not the case at IHOP-KC. I know this because, growing up, I learned not to question things too deeply, despite the talk of being open to conversations about the Bible. Disagreements with Mike or the prevailing ideology were often met with resistance, making it clear that such dissension wouldn’t be well-received within the community.

Though Mike Bickle helped catalyze this movement, he was never the originator, nor did he invent 24/7 prayer. If it is to continue to exist, it must be rebuilt on a foundation of transparency and truth, with a healthy leadership structure and fair compensation for those involved. IHOP-KC can no longer require its people to sacrifice their future and financial stability under the guise of ‘God’s call’ to build the house of prayer.

If you find yourself at IHOP and are grappling with the emotions stirred by reading this, please know that God is not afraid of your questions. He stands ready to meet you in the midst of your pain and confusion. Your theology doesn’t need to be a source of worry for Him. His primary desire is to meet you exactly where you are, as you are.

I genuinely believe that if you can let go of the things you’re holding onto, He will meet you in that authenticity. This journey may not be a swift or straightforward one, but it’s a path well worth embarking on. Your honesty in seeking Him will lead to a profound and meaningful transformation.

I recently found myself grappling with the full reality of my life and the fact that it hasn’t aligned with the visions I had when I was younger. I was exhausted, frustrated, broken, scared, and felt incredibly alone. It all became too much to bear. I had finally reached a point where I was ready to release everything I was holding onto, including my ideas about God. I spoke those words out loud, expressing my readiness to let go of God and anything I had previously believed.

What’s truly remarkable is that the very moment I let go, even before I could finish my sentence, I felt an immediate presence enveloping my being. It was a presence of love, kindness, comfort, and an enduring peace that I will always remember. I encountered God when I relinquished control. I experienced the presence of God when I surrendered rigid theology and embraced unfiltered honesty. This revelation has been a profound catalyst for my spiritual journey, and I believe it can be an inspiring revelation for others as well.

I genuinely believe the same can happen for IHOP-KC. They, too, may need to release everything they’ve been holding onto and allow God to manifest. Transform the prayer room into a sanctuary of peace and healing for those who are hurting. I’m asking you to please sign this petition and let’s unite, standing together in unity. Whether you are struggling to believe these accusations or not, we need to see an investigative process that embraces full transparency and truth. In fact, I firmly believe that it is the only meaningful way forward that can bring any measure of healing to this current situation.

I’ve had honest conversations with my mother about all of the current events happening at IHOP-KC and her initial reaction was one of deep sorrow, filled with regret and repentance. However, I assured her that I don’t see it that way. Her own life was marked by struggles, including her mother’s alcoholism, and she had to raise her brother and sisters on her own. Her discovery of Mike Bickle and the movement, despite its issues, helped pull her out of a cycle of brokenness. I’m profoundly thankful that my mother took that vital step towards God and made the effort to become a little more emotionally and spiritually healthy. I told her that she took one step towards God, and now, we’re showing that there are still more steps to be taken.

Each one of us holds a distinct narrative when it comes to IHOPKC. Some may find it difficult to accept any of the accusations as truth and have had profoundly positive experiences, while others have suffered deeply.. Can we consider that both perspectives have validity? In the midst of the turmoil, is there a way to address and acknowledge the negative aspects while also peeling back those layers to discover the gold that is left behind, which I believe is the humble, loving, gracious presence of Jesus?

A phrase that has provided me with encouragement throughout this challenging year, as I’ve navigated my son’s health crisis, is one I believe can offer comfort to those currently grappling with the crisis at IHOP: “The greater your capacity for pain, the greater your capacity will be for joy.” Just as I cannot rush my son’s healing process, I recognize that there is no way to expedite my own journey of healing. It’s a daily process of confronting my pain, frustration, sadness, and exhaustion head-on. This requires a holistic approach to healing, including seeking professional therapy, confiding in trusted friends, leaning on family, nourishing my body with healthy choices, and being open and honest with God, whatever that may entail.

This is why I’m adding my signature to a petition, advocating for an honest and transparent investigation, with the goal of paving the way for a fresh start. In this fresh start, I hope to see a prioritization of mental and spiritual well-being, offering better support to the staff, musicians, singers, intercessors, and ministry leaders. It’s my aspiration that this fresh beginning will be firmly rooted in a Christ-centered foundation that values holistic spiritual and emotional well-being.

Isaac Meyer

Source: Isaac Timothy Meyer, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/isaacmeyer/posts/pfbid02xvoVyUrStfxzf4t4RoaZUMvcrCNdqdtmphMYXiv3CHzZfMXKY7b1Uy63Ar45dTzjl, Published November 09, 2023. (Accessed November 22, 2023.)

Andy Weber responded with the following on November 09, 2023 at 21:54:

Andy Weber

Thank you SO much Isaac! Although my experience at IHOP 15 years ago was shorter than yours, I always had a nagging sense that something was wrong underneath it all. It was to my own peril that I ignored this and talked myself out of these concerns. I should have known better since I had previous Bible College training and ministry experience. But even that shows just how convincing the leaders were. If I was convinced for that short season, tens of thousands of young people who didn’t have the prior training I had didn’t stand a chance.

The pattern of elevating the subjective “prophetic history” (a history which MB deceptively revised numerous times when facts didn’t line up) to be functionally equal to if not greater than Scripture is the source of so many of these problems. It provides the means for abusers to victimize the vulnerable while shutting down dissenting voices. It also breeds a generally narcissistic theology where we think we are God’s unprecedented, special, superior answer for the world. It is man-centered, its roots have more to do with latter-rain dominion theology than the Bible, and it is unimaginably destructive. Despite all of MB’s attempts to draw fine distinctions between IHOP and the latter rain movement, the similarities are often stronger than the differences. To anyone still at IHOP, I urge you to look up all the scriptures Mike cites to support his hyper-inflated view of a “victorious” end-times church. Study the passages in context. You will immediately see that, at best, they have been ripped out of context. But more often, the passages don’t even hint at what MB is trying to proof-text. Ironically, this issue was one of the main disagreements between MB and David Pawson, a Bible teacher whom Mike deeply respected and had visited IHOP to teach seminars numerous times. Mike usually felt the need to “clarify” this difference after Pawson left. In reality, Pawson’s view of a faithful but suffering end-times church is far more congruent with Scripture.

The narcissistic and massively works-centered form of Christianity at IHOP causes so many to leave not knowing how to have a relationship with God outside of IHOP and feeling like complete failures. And this doesn’t even account for overtly abusive experiences that are often piled on top. This isn’t to say that God doesn’t meet people at IHOP or do powerful things in their lives or through their ministries while they are there. He obviously does. I’m also not saying that worship and prayer aren’t important. But I agree with you when you say that this ministry will not stop damaging people until they replace the rotten foundation of the ego-inflating “prophetic history” with biblical truth and leaders who live with integrity. Thank you for speaking up!

James Goll responded with the following on November 10, 2023 at 02:34:

James Goll

Hi Issac!

I love you and I agree me with about 95% of which you have composed – which is pretty high. You have done an excellent job of painfully and transparently depicting the “KC Prophetic History” as it pertains to IHOPKC. Let me make one personal appeal as someone who who has loved and cared for your family deeply over many years and continues to do so.

I am sorry to hear that you also have borne scars from our joint “prophetic history” which precedes the IIHOPKC world, but includes KC Fellowship etc. Issac, I love you and your family!

I need to note that there a broad brush stroke done here in one area that could paint all of the “KC Prophets” as involved at some point and time in sexual perversion. While the highest profile ones were, not all of those recognized by John Wimber as the original “KC Prophets” walked in such a manner. In many people’s narratives I was the fourth among them: Paul Cain, Bob Jones, John Jackson & then myself.

My family moved away from KC over 26 years ago and suffered much. I have been accused of many allegations by National leaders over the years – but like a lamb led to slaughter – I did not defend myself. But with all that is coming out in these days, let it be known, that I, James (Jim) W. Goll, was never guilty of any sexual perversion at any time in my life. By the grace of God, I have always walked in an upright morally clean lifestyle, and faithful to one woman. I never violated my marriage covenant and though a widower for over 15 I have not remarried. I have walked sexually pure this entire time and will continue to do so. It is possible to live a Psalm 24 life, as is my goal. “Who can ascend the Hill of the Lord, but He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”! Thank you for listening to my one earnest, transparent adjustment. James W. Goll

Isaac Timothy Meyer responded to James Goll asking, “I agree with Alyssa. I believe you have walked a pure walk. Thank you. You were not one I had in mind with this post. So I ask you to sign the petition and help spread the word. It’s more important for someone like you to be a voice for a godly and honest prophetic movement than anyone else.” [November 10, 2023 at 15:04] He then follow up with, “James Goll also. What’s the 5% you don’t agree with 😂.” [November 10, 2023 at 15:57]

James Goll responded with the following on November 10, 2023 at 09:50:

Isaac Timothy Meyer As stated, 95% is really high. That is a compliment! I disagree with some of my own writings about 5 years later, because I have learned more. So that was not a criticism, it was a compliment and a statement that I could have left out. In many people’s minds, they do not separate the terms and history of IHOP-KC and let’s say South Kansas City Fellowship / Kansas City Fellowship / Metro Christian Fellowship / Metro Vineyard Fellowship and then the emergence of IHOPKC and what is now Forerunner Church. It honestly a bit blur with many different shades of the leadership of dear charismatic Mike Bickle and about a 40 year history. But you, yourself, pull in story lines that preceded IHOPKC in your beautiful family narrative including Bob Jones and Paul Cain. I did reread this about 5 times and you never did one time use the Term the “Kansas City Prophets”. So I was wrong is referencing that. I apologize to you for thinking that you did, cause you did not. But I know in people’s minds, they connect things in such a manner. I want everyone to know, that I love Issac Meyer and I believe that you are a man of integrity and excellence. If people want to know a story line of pain, rejection, manipulation, unbelievable lies, misunderstanding and lessons from the woodshed from my beloved years in Kansas City, I have not begun to unpack my narrative. I am not sure I ever will. Some things are best covered by the blood….. But you dear Issac, I applaud you 100%!

Bree McMahon wrote the following on November 11, 2023 04:42:

Bree McMahon

Absolutely well said. 🔥🙏🤍✊️

Have come out of alot of this as well and its comforting to hear all your stories 🥺. have seen/ experianced but for so Long thought was the problem. Lived in IHOPKc in 2010 (left do to several stories of home group sexual assault and cultlike behavior) and was apart of a house of prayer here in northern CA for over 3 yrs. I believe it is Exposing a much DEEPER systematic issue within the pipelines of Charismatic, NAR and prophetic christianity. The Systematic gaslighting and spritual abuse/pride that MANY have come under the influence of hidden by works, and rightousness.

Back in July at a house of prayer was apart of I saw this manipulation and what had felt was happening to me w/my Son for what I now call spirtual abuse… and im sure you can relate to this having a son with special needs. This was the second time in the context of a cultlike community that had refused to allow my son there and or allow me to voice anything. Had went thru a bad injury to my atlas last yr while trying to take care of my son as a single parent. And basically no one wanted to have a relationship w/us and kept asking my son to leave or using spirtualizing everything or minimizing our needs rather than what we really hoped for which was Attunement towards us in the moment..I began to feel like we were involved in cultlike manipulative behavior and I kept trying to kindly address this treatment but everything made to believe it was my past trauma and Gaslighted as the problem.

Taking an honest look at it. Cause believe Honesty is key. And am willing to be completely honest. It was really the lord showing me the deeper things going on and how choosing NoT to be under the influence of this or in with it was what was the True problem. And it isn’t anything wrong with us and nor for choosing not to Distrust my own dicernment. I have prayed all This last year for this to get exposed. And although am not choosing Any sides with this going in with ihopkc. I do side in that it’s time for this to End! And the spiritual Trauma to stop destroying beautiful lives!

Michelle-Caleb Finkbiner wrote on November 11, 2023 at 14:20:

Michelle-Caleb Finkbiner

I (Michelle) signed! Thank you for your courage to share your story and start this petition!

I was at IHOP 2009 – 2011

Children’s Equipping Center Sunday School Volunteer, Signs & Wonders Summer Camp Volunteer, Community Outreach Kid’s Bible Study Leader.

It breaks my heart to hear about this news 💔 I moved to IHOP with such zeal for God in 2009, and left in such despair in 2011. I had so much love for Jesus when I first arrived, and so much fear when I finally left. I mentally battled leaving IHOP for about a year. I was told that when I left I was going to be “like a lamb lead to the slaughter”.

Leaving IHOP I had to either :

1.) Continue believing Mike Bickle was right, and by me leaving I was admitting to failure as a Chriatian who just couldn’t “endure” in these end times.


2.) Stop believing Mike Bickle was right about the end times, which meant I was disagreeing with a man who literally spent YEARS reading the Bible through probably hundreds of times.

Both choices felt really audacious, but getting out was ultimatley much better for my mental health so I could start to heal from all the spiritual bypassing!

I pray for those who were traumatized in more ways than I was mentally / emotionally / spiritually. I have struggled a lot on my deconstructing journey since I left IHOP, trying to figure out what is truly of Jesus and what is not.

I believe the victims. I stand with those who are so brave to speak up to tell their story and what actually happened there. That takes an incredible amount of courage to tell the truth about a man in such a powerful position of leadership with a worldwide reputation. May God give the victims the strength they need to persevere through this process, and protect them through this whole investigation. May people see Mike Bickle for the man he truly is behind closed doors. May all hypocrisy be exposed. May God bring about justice!

Ryan Harmon wrote the following on November 15, 2023 at 02:41:

Ryan Harmon

Isaac we never met, but I was at IHOP from 2008-around 2012, ihopu from 2008-2009 just before the “revival” (if you can call it that). Thank you for being honest and open about your experience. I have been untangling things for years and still am. I a mostly embarrassed I

Let myself get sucked into idolizing people over Jesus. I was just so hungry for the things of God that I was blinded. I can’t even imagine the hurt and pain and trauma you had to go through. I was a no body there. The pressure you must have been under is unfathomable! Thanks for sharing! I pray healing and restoration comes to all involved and affected by this.

This has brought up so much stuff I thought I was over.
In the end God is faithful and True!

Benjamin Hoogterp wrote on November 24, 2023 at 17:17:

Benjamin Hoogterp

I was at IHOP for nearly a year in 2001-2002… I’ve wrestled with the experience for 20 years since then, mostly at a distance, but revisiting usually yearly…

I never felt I put them on a pedestal.. I had the Word and while the prophetic history was “moving”, what impressed me was that, while they didn’t have everything right, at least they didn’t stop.

I never felt like the problem was the prophetic history… it wad their story. It generated excitement (a good thing). But, rather, they never actually looked out for the least… when I came, I was a mess. I had left literally everything earlier that year. I had spent the summer at a place in Virginia and showed up at IHOP. I didn’t think anything could be lonlier than where I’d been, but IHOP sure managed. I just spent 8, 10, 14 hours in the Old trailer. Not staff, just there.

Looking back, while Stuart Greaves reached out one time and invited me to dinner (I had just eaten), no one reached out for nearly a year. I had no idea about healing, no clue about forgiveness, completely ignorant about just about anything. They said many times that there wasn’t a prayer meeting in the entire city where a young man could go and find deliverance… there still wasn’t when I dropped by for a year.

And, now, I read stories of others with the same experience. Forced to work more than get to know God. Left to fill slots rather than to worship. When the intimacy left the place around 2008-2010, I could barely even want to drive down to Kansas City much anymore. It seems more important to have big bands come.into.onething and to get onto the enemies magazine cover than to spend time.with the one who was most dear (Relevant).

I’ve often looked back the 20 years since I first spent a year there… and, sad to say, the reason they are here is because they never cared about the “least of these”. If they had, the near 5,000 signatures on this petition would have been the 5,000 staff members returning… going from.500.to 5000 very quickly. Instead, there are 5,000 people saying it’s broken and unless it’s fixed, there’s not much worth saving.

I guess I was fortunate.. I truly met God while around IHOP. I learned to seek Him, to find Him, and, to a measure, to follow Him… maybe because I wasn’t on staff. I’ve spent many of the 20.years since living in poverty, spending most of my effort to keep that love first above everything,.and not let anything steal it away… that love that is as strong as death.

But, I’ve watched over the past 3 weeks nearly 5,000 people say the exact same.thing I saw… the church didn’t come first, meaning the people… the ministry did. Healing hearts didn’t come first, time slots did. Models.did. Promotion a specific version if what they called “IHOP culture” did. And I thought it was actually an.organic thing that many IHOPs looked and felt a certain way… until I overheard a random.convo and at a OneThing bookstore table talking about intentionally exporting the expression if IHOP (a soulish.thing) over the Spirit of prayer…

It’s kind of telling, following the dialog… all.the biting, devouring people are doing of each other, even recordings of leaders swearing at one another in their frustration…. there are two accusations actually circulating in all.of this… One. S**ual abuse, which may or may not have happened. There’s simply no data publicly available at thus point. 26 years ago.. only a handful of people even know. But, Two… the complete.fumbling of situation after situation, where ministry trumped the people… minimizing, sweeping under the rug… and failing to look after the “least of these”.

Only the first accusation is what is being thrown around like it’s “substantive”… but it is the second which, even before all.this surfaced, which has been weighing on my heart the past year or so…

While the “big one” may or may not have happened, I see story after story of disappointment, disillusionment, and heartbreak of people not being healed, not being delivered, and,.often, leaving worse.off than when they came. Not all, but many. And, at some point, because restoring hearts has never, and will.never, be a “core ministry” at IHOP, just an auxiliary attached to the side, IHOP scatters rather than gathers… Again.. nearly 5,000 who love IHOP enough to sign the petition, but nearly 5,000 who see that “restoring the church of Kansas city” does not consist of taking over churches or a model or exporting houses or prayer to mimic your phrases and paint color… but, rather, it consists in healing the heart of a fragmented and broken church, that needs advice to.go.get a real.college degree in some.cases. rather than plugging into a university that isn’t accreddited.. simply because it’s love.to do.so.

Of.the two “scandals” it might be the accusation of #1 that is “bigger”, but it’s #2, the complete disregard of people who are just doing what their told, that don’t know any better, but end.up.shipwrecked and disappointed that, to me, even before this became public, breaks the Lords heart.

Kerry Foster plagues Isaac Timothy Meyer’s Facebook page with pro-IHOPKC literature (Dates in order within ITM’s post.

Link to Preface post: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=122103287810115368&set=p.122103287810115368&__tn__=%2CO*F

Link to Chapter 1 post: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=122104331822115368&set=p.122104331822115368&__tn__=%2CO*F

Link to Chapter 2 post: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=122104881890115368&set=p.122104881890115368&__tn__=%2CO*F

Kerry Foster shared this resource in defense of IHOPKC on November 18, 2023 at 02:46:

Kerry Foster

“IHOPKC Is Still My Resting Place” A Prophetic Book Being Written by a Team of International Forerunners in 2023


Jesus is stirring many prophetic voices to expose the Satanic “woke” and Christian “me too” agenda that is assailing IHOPKC and Mike Bickle through @AllenHood Samuel J. Hood Dwayne Roberts Isaac Timothy Meyer Wes Martin @BrianKim Joel Richardson & others.

The Spirit will now vindicate International House of Prayer @IHOPKC and Mike Bickle by the spirit of prophecy through faithful forerunners and expose the false representatives who are attempting to tear God’s resting place down.

…And the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel…and the spirit of Joshua…and the spirit of all the remnant of the people; and they came and did work in the house of the LORD of hosts their God… Haggai 1:14

We are so stirred! We will now begin to release a detailed global prophetic report as the Spirit gives us utterance. We have made a commitment to each other & the Lord that we will not be silent, and we will be faithful to release to the nations all that the Lord speaks to us.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy? Amos 3:7-8


As soon as we noticed that Mike Bickle & IHOPKC were being accused by these false representatives we began to hear the Spirit of the Lord say “Fast, watch & pray right now.” We knew our assignment.

I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guardpost. There I will wait to see what the LORD says… Hab. 2:1

Slowly, the picture became clear. These false accusers were not representing Christ and they are a massive stumbling to God’s little sheep. They must be stopped the Lord said.

10 For there are many disorderly and unruly men who are idle (vain, empty) and misleading talkers and self-deceivers and deceivers of others…11 Their mouths must be stopped, for they are mentally distressing and subverting whole families… Titus 1:10-11

Their mouths must be stopped says the Lord! So we will make it our life mission to put their folly in our worship songs, books, sermons, posts, websites and our new global prophetic history so that their mouths will be stopped! We will continue until they see the error of their ways so that we can save the households who are being deceived by them.

We are also committed to advising all churches, ministries and businesses they are related to until every single associate of theirs is aware of this great tragic failure of theirs that is deceiving the entire global prayer movement.

Why is God so intense about this? Because this distraction is a satanic agenda that has gotten God’s beloved bride fixated on this “woke” mess, rather than preparing for the coming end time events that are soon to unfold.

But take heed to yourselves and be on your guard, lest your hearts be overburdened and depressed (weighed down) with the giddiness and headache and nausea of self-indulgence, drunkenness, and worldly worries and cares pertaining to [the business of] this life, and [lest] that day come upon you suddenly like a trap or a noose… Luke 21:34

These demonic distractions are a massive blow to God’s beloved house, and God has had enough. So have we, His servants.

Chapter 1 “These Accusers Are Sons of Korah”

Coming Soon…

#IHOPKC #MikeBickle #AllenHood #Samuel J. Hood #Dwayne Roberts #Isaac Timothy Meyer #Wes Martin #BrianKim #Joel Richardson

Kerry Foster shared this resource in defense of IHOPKC on November 19, 2023 at 03:12:

Kerry Foster

“Allen Hood Betrayed Mike Bickle” Chapter 1 “IHOPKC Is Still My Resting Place” (A Prophetic Book Being Written by a Team of International Forerunners in 2023)

Allen Hood will forever be known as the greatest threat to the end-time prayer movement the world has ever seen. Allen betrayed his ex-spiritual father Mike Bickle in the evilest way imaginable. Yes, Allen can be restored to honor and dignity among the global forerunners across the nations but to rebuild our trust will be very difficult. (We speak for thousands more prophetic intercessors who haven’t spoken yet.)

We speak by the Spirit of prophecy when we declare “Allen Hood betrayed Mike Bickle and IHOPKC.”


On 10-31-23 Allen published a “Public Statement” that spewed demonic hear-say & gossip about his ex-spiritual father Mike Bickle. This was released at the same time other ex-spiritual sons of Mike Bickle were releasing their public statement accusing Mike of sexually and spiritually abusing multiple women. (Their names are listed below.)

As the truth is now coming out, we are seeing these baseless claims for what they are, but the satanic damage is already done. Allen Hood and these other Absalom spiritual sons’ betrayal have started something that has every demon in hell laughing their faces off.

Allen Hood’s Public Statement

“Public statement concerning allegations of spiritual and sexual abuse against Mike Bickle”

This is how Allen entitled his betraying “Public Statement.” What kind of spiritual son will publish this title to the nations? A betraying one. Allen is passing along demonically fueled gossip and slanderous information about one of the highest-ranking generals of intercession who has ever lived in Mike Bickle! The house of prayer never forget Allen Hood.

Dear reader, would you do this to your natural or spiritual father? A faithful son or daughter would not. Allen Hood is just like Noah’s son Ham to Mike Bickle.

Noah’s Betraying Son Ham

Noah planted a vineyard and used the grapes to make wine. He drank the wine, became drunk, and shamefully lay naked in his tent (Genesis 9:20–21). Noah’s youngest son Ham saw his father’s condition and the fact that Noah was naked in his tent. Rather than keep the matter quiet or attempt to help his father, Ham told his two brothers the salacious news (Genesis 9:22). Ham’s response to his father’s sin shows somewhat of Ham’s betraying character & disrespect for his father. Mike Bickle has NOT committed all these sins Allen is gossiping about, but even if he did a true spiritual son would not publish such an evil statement to the world.

Back to the story. Shem and Japheth acted more nobly. They “took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father’s naked body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father naked” (Genesis 9:23).

Misty Edwards (I say in tears of gratitude) has acted more nobly as Shem and Japeth. Misty’s stellar character will forever be recorded as one of the first faithful spiritual daughters of Mike Bickle to dispel the lies that were perpetuated by these dishonoring Hams! We wish Julie Meyer and others were this noble.

Later, Noah sobered up. He made some inquiries and “found out what his youngest son had done to him” (Genesis 9:24). This wording suggests that Ham did more than just see Noah’s nakedness. He did something, but just what is unknown. It’s useless to speculate. In any case, upon hearing the facts, Noah said something surprising: “Cursed be Canaan (Ham’s son)! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers”

We believe that these dishonoring men and women and their offspring, who have defiled Mike Bickle and IHOPKC are now cursed with the curse of Cannan for their betrayal. Like it or not, dishonoring our natural and spiritual parents comes at a high cost. You see, Canann was ham’s son. Noah pronounced a curse on Ham’s son.

Let us pray intercessors. “Jesus please bind these dishonoring spiritual sons and daughters of Mike Bickle and do what you will to their offspring. Shake them and their families until they relent and publicly apologize for how they have defiled your holy sanctuary and your trusted servant Mike Bickle!

In Jesus’ name!

Why do we pray thus? For all you immature “woke” Christian people here’s why.

2 Kings 2:23-24 is a record of an insulting demonstration against God’s prophet by a large group of young men. Because these children so despised the prophet of the Lord, Elisha called upon the Lord to deal with the rebels as He saw fit. The Lord’s punishment was the mauling of 42 of them by two female bears. The penalty was clearly justified, for to ridicule Elisha was to ridicule the Lord Himself. The seriousness of the crime was indicated by the seriousness of the punishment. The appalling judgment was God’s warning to all who would scorn the prophets of the Lord.

To all of you who have scorned Mike Bickle and IHOPKC, the Lord’s anointed, we call forth these bears to attack and stop you now until you relent and repent! Go ahead and show your spiritual anemia and utter ignorance and kick against this. I quoted God’s Word, who’s word do you quote?

Chapter 2 Coming Soon…

Jesus is stirring many prophetic voices to expose the Satanic “woke” and Christian “me too” agenda that is assailing IHOPKC and Mike Bickle through Allen Hood, Samuel J. Hood, Dwayne Roberts, Wes Martin, Brian Kim, Isaac Timothy Meyer, Joel Richardson & others.

The Spirit will now vindicate IHOPKC and Mike Bickle by the spirit of prophecy through faithful forerunners and expose the false representatives who are attempting to tear God’s resting place down.

#IHOPKC #MikeBickle #AllenHood #SamuelJ.Hood #DwayneRoberts #IsaacTimothyMeyer #WesMartin #BrianKim #JoelRichardson

Kerry Foster shared this resource in defense of IHOPKC on November 19, 2023 at 18:53:

Kerry Foster

“Our Prophetic Message to IHOPKC & Mike Bickle” Chapter 2 “IHOPKC Is Still My Resting Place” (A Prophetic Book Being Written by a Team of International Forerunners in 2023)

Hear the Word of the Lord, “To My little IHOPKC lambs. Don’t be offended or angry with Me, I didn’t do anything to you. Don’t leave me. Does My Word not say in the last days there will be betrayal? Have I not taught you to prepare for this betrayal through the preaching of My Word in your midst?”

“Your betrayers have tempted Me and aroused My Spirit to now justify IHOPKC & the whole world will see it. Dwayne Roberts, Allen Hood and their false accuser friends are the sole guilty parties for your pain and disorientation. They are wrong and I call Mike Bickle innocent.”

But understand that in the last days will come perilous times of great stress…2 For people will be lovers of self and [utterly] self-centered…They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing)……4 [They will be] treacherous [betrayers]… 2 Tim. 3:1-4

“Now it is time for you to grow My loves. Where is God in all this? This is the key to your healing & restoration. Cloister away and find Me in the secret place & I will guide you. My Presence will move you forward, and this is the only way out of this controversy.”

“Don’t stop the work I’ve started here; it will be completed. Move forward now. Keep your eyes fastened high above the crowd. The crowd is listening to your accusers. The crowd is not for you but I am. Look at Me and not them. This is your moment to advance & win the epic battle of a lifetime!”

“Remember your purpose that was confirmed by mighty signs & wonders. Your betrayers mock & scoff against your prophetic history but you should wage war now with those prophecies which my beloved prophets revealed unto you. IHOPKC is My ordained place.”

This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare… 1 Tim. 1:18

“Your shame is falling off soon do not quit. This stigma is your gift. My anointing rests on you so I must give you a thorn & stigma. (2 Cor. 12) My solid trustworthy intercessors will help you again. Don’t lose heart little ones. I had to weed out your garden. Some who were with you were not with you.”

“Let us build again. Gather names on a list & unite your tribe. Hold private meetings & call a solemn assembly. I will visit you and help you re-organize. Mike Bickle: We trust you. You see for us, please go again. Listen to Me Mike Bickle, you are the shelter for many nations.”

“IHOPKC will not fail. We will build back. A solemn crowd will gather with us. My wealth is yours IHOPKC. You will have all you need. It is My good pleasure to give it. People are dying for the Word you preach. Yes, this season will be hard but I am with you. It is better that you learned to handle this pressure now, before the terrible days ahead.

“You betrayers & scoffers speak words void of power & substance. Your attractive posts seduce the gullible & cause My people to stumble. Your betrayal is obvious to My true warriors. Misty Edwards is 1st in My Kingdom.”

“No mercy for the man of God Mike Bickle? Help this man I say, for in so doing you will be helping Me. The foe is defeated and the whole world will see it. Hold on little lambs I am preparing a table in the presence of your enemies even now.”

“The spirit of Jezebel is blaming My prophetic voice but they are defeated. IHOPKC will unite an army and launch forth to take back what the enemy has stolen. Stay put & expose their lies in your midst. Fight for this house, fight for each other. It is not over. Give this to Me & do My will. The truth is coming out. The wash is just beginning and their hypocrisy will be made known. These betrayers don’t want the truth. They love conspiracies & muddy water.”

“This is lust & gossip working through the accusers. Many accusations are being spewed & not one of them have stood in My counsel to hear My Word. This is your red flag intercessors. It’s been this way from the beginning, fleshly people speaking lies not rooted in intimacy.”

“Let Him who speaks speak a Word from Me and not from their own heart. These human systems and scoffers do not have the Word of the Lord and they will multiply more and more.”

“I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in My counsel, And had caused My people to hear My words, Then they would have turned them from their evil way And from the evil of their doings. Jer. 23:21-22

“Where are the watchmen and the seers who can see this? Don’t speak unless spoken to. Is this a legal issue? No, it is a spiritual issue. Don’t stop seeing seers we need you to speak boldly. The accusers only have the upper hand for a moment. If you take the log out of your eye you will see the speck in your neighbors.”

“I’m drawing Mike Bickle deep into his calling now. The deeper you go the clearer it gets. The murk and mud is at the surface. Give all to Me and you will see. My trees will come to be planted in My house IHOPKC. Look past yourself and into the heart of the Father. I am for you, who can be against you?”

“You have not betrayed a man but God. You who have built IHOPKC and now called her accursed have betrayed Me and I’m taking this personal. Speak out My intercessors. Be bold and use words. Do not be intimidated & gather your remnant close together. We will overcome with the whole world watching. Don’t be silent, use words.”

“Speak up against those murmuring, even as Moses did. They are trapping others in their words. This is demonic gossip at the highest level. I call Mike Bickle blessed let no man call him accursed. Surround Mike Bickle with honor My intercessors. For I have many who trust him form the north, south, east & west. Do not lose hope & you will not fail! I am your shepherd, and I will restore your soul! My true warriors know this is the mind of God. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Chapter 3 Coming Soon…

Jesus is stirring many prophetic voices to expose the Satanic “woke” and Christian “me too” agenda that is assailing IHOPKC and Mike Bickle through Allen Hood, Samuel J. Hood, Dwayne Roberts, Wes Martin, Brian Kim, Isaac Timothy Meyer, Joel Richardson & others.

The Spirit will now vindicate IHOPKC and Mike Bickle by the spirit of prophecy through faithful forerunners and expose the false representatives who are attempting to tear God’s resting place down.

#IHOPKC #MikeBickle #AllenHood #SamuelJ.Hood #DwayneRoberts #IsaacTimothyMeyer #WesMartin #BrianKim #JoelRichardson

Kerry Foster shared this resource in defense of IHOPKC on November 22, 2023 at 17:22:

Kerry Foster

Anyone else smell that self-righteousness? Repent today and get your life back people! Got to be heavy carrying this entitlement, wokism & self-righteousness. Love to all!

The dictionary definition of self-righteousness is “confidence in one’s own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.” Biblically speaking, self-righteousness, which is related to legalism, is the idea that we can somehow generate within ourselves a righteousness that will be acceptable to God (Romans 3:10). Although any serious Christian would recognize the error of this thought, because of our sin nature, it is a constant temptation to all of us to believe we are, or can be, righteous in and of ourselves. In the New Testament, Jesus and the apostle Paul came down particularly hard on those who attempted to live in self-righteousness.

Jesus’ condemnation of self-righteousness was especially harsh in His treatment of the Jewish leadership of the time. Six times in Matthew 23, Jesus condemns the scribes and Pharisees for rigidly adhering to their legalistic traditions in order to make themselves look better to others. The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector was specifically told by Jesus to “some who trusted in themselves, that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt” (Luke 18:9–14). The Pharisee assumed his acceptance with God based on his own actions, whereas the tax collector recognized that there was nothing in himself that would cause God to approve of him. Over and over again in the Gospels, Jesus clashes with the Pharisees and scribes about true righteousness. At the same time, He spends a great deal of time and energy warning His disciples about the dangers of self-righteousness, making it clear that, without Him, they could do nothing (John 15:5).

It would be an understatement to say that every believer is plagued by this attitude. It is in our sin nature to try to do something to merit our salvation. The costly freedom of grace, bought for us by the blood of Jesus with no contribution from us, is difficult for our prideful hearts to understand or appreciate. It is far easier to compare ourselves with one another than it is to recognize that we cannot measure up to the standards of a holy God. However, in Christ we can know true righteousness. In Christ, we can know the forgiveness of sin that comes to us through grace. Because He stood in our place, we benefit from both His sinless life and His sin-bearing death (2 Corinthians 5:21). Because of His sacrifice, we can face our sin and bring it to the cross, rather than try somehow to be good enough for God. Only in the cross can we see the grace that covers all our sin and defeat the constant tendency toward self-righteousness in our hearts.

NOVEMBER 10, 2023.

After 8pm Friday, IHOPKC Family receive the following email,

“Third parties that claim to represent alleged victims have communicated a lack of trust in the national law firm IHOPKC engaged to lead the inquiry. After careful consideration, our leadership team has decided not to proceed with STINSON LLP and instead has retained a local KC law firm to conduct interviews with alleged victims. That local firm has already begun outreach to the few alleged victims whose identities are known, as well as the individuals claiming to represent anonymous Jane Does.

IHOPKC is committed to investigating any allegations of abuse in our organization in a way that honors privacy, safety, and due process.

It is our sincere desire to serve and assist every alleged victim in order to see truth and light come forth during this sensitive and challenging time.”

IHOPKC also put this out on their Instragram: Dear IHOPKC family, We have an important update… | Instagram

KMBC News also reports on this email: International House of Prayer hires new law firm for investigation (kmbc.com)

Someone named The Archivist on Twitter (X) observed, “The passive aggressive language here is intense.”


Joel Richardson reposted his comments from Twitter (X) to Facebook:

“Regarding the IHOP scandal, how these type of things tend to unfold is a pattern as old as mankind. The first effort will be to discredit all of the men and women who have come forward as whistleblowers and their advocates.

Mike will likely make an official mea culpa statement in which he takes responsibility for some issues, but not nearly all of the things for which he is actually guilty. This will be enough however, to elicit tremendous sympathy and support.

There will be a friendly or a weak investigation. Mike will likely be removed from ministry for a short period but then reinstated. I want to be very very clear here. Mike Bickle was my hero. I esteemed him not only for his excellent Bible teaching, but more than anything for his integrity and character. But based on everything that I have seen and heard, I absolutely believe that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who needs to be removed from ministry permanently. I am willing to lose everything over this. Before this is all said and done many more heartbreaking revelations will emerge. If they don’t, just know that there is so much being covered up, enough to make one sick. I understand that many out there are trying to understand this nightmare. Many will likely be very angry at me for saying these things. What I’m saying is truth and I am willing to die on this hill.”

Source: Joel Richardson, Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/Joel7Richardson/posts/pfbid02poYwbo6iWM9nfVGccBpKdFVD2h1pK1v8oBSR3CnafZoPeWjHr1ExdrFkJMVHdFZul, Published November 10, 2023 at 02:30. (Accessed November 20, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 11, 2023.

Dr. Michael Brown engages in damage control, tweeting out the following (emphasis added):

“Since I’m being copied and tagged in lots of posts concerning Mike Bickle and IHOPKC, I wanted to clarify what my role is with regard to the allegations against Mike.

1) I am not a spokesman for Mike, for IHOPKC, for any of the accusers, nor do I have any obligation of any kind other than to the Lord and the truth.

2) I was invited in to advise the leadership team at IHOPKC and to bring a message to Forerunner Church last Sunday. If you haven’t listened to the message, I strongly encourage you to do so. I did not have input on the statement read by the leadership; that was crafted by them. I preached what the Lord laid on my heart and was not even asked to disclose the contents to the leaders before preaching. They heard it for the first time when I spoke.

3) Before meeting with the leadership team last Saturday, I made clear to them that it was essential that they bring in an outside firm (like GRACE or Guideposts) to investigate the allegations and to ensure that the accusers had a safe place to bring their accusations and that Mike could be interviewed as well. I was informed upon my arrival that they had already decided to bring in an independent organization, a well-known law firm that had represented many victims of clergy abuse and could give the accusers a fair hearing.

4) Many have criticized the use of a law firm for this purpose, but that choice was made before my involvement. For my part, I was pleased that they had already called for an outside investigation since they expressed their desire for the truth to come to light. From that point on, my role was to do everything in my power to ensure that there was a process set in motion that was safe and fair for all involved.

5) I have been given assurances by the leadership that should the arrangement with the law firm not prove to be in the best interests of a fair investigation, they would bring in an outside organization like GRACE.

6) My request is that we pray for all involved — I have colleagues involved on both sides of this difficult and painful situation — for the truth to come to light, for proper actions to be taken from there, and for the Lord to be glorified and His people helped.

7) As to larger concerns about spiritual abuse or an alleged toxic spiritual culture at IHOPKC, I cannot speak to that at all. I am not part of the community or its leadership, and I have not been invited to address those concerns. If the concerns are real, I pray that other, senior leaders in the Body will work together to help bring health and healing to the community and its present and past members. But again, I cannot comment on the truth or falsehood of these charges, and they are not the focus of the current investigation, which focuses on allegations of sexual misconduct against Mike Bickle. Let’s look to the Lord!”

Source: Dr. Michael Brown, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/DrMichaelLBrown/status/1722999845676372216?, Published 2:29 am · 11 Nov 2023. (Accessed November 11, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 12, 2023.

Joel Richardson tweeted the following:

“Regarding the IHOPKC scandal, the ongoing use of the term “accusers” for the many very good men and women who are advocates and whistleblowers is absolutely and utterly disgusting.”

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1723520433549615174, Published 12:57 pm · 12 Nov 2023. (Accessed November 12, 2023.)

Original Tweet:

Reporting on the activity of Joel Richardson, ‘Wake Up and Win’ Podcast posted up their show on Mike Bickle and the scandal, (Blaise was a former IHOP member):

As you may know, Mike Bickle is the leader of IHOP in KC and he’s been at the center of a lot of controversy lately. Joel Richardson has spoken out about the issue and he’s not happy with what’s been happening. We’ll give you the latest on the Mike Bickle and IHOP KC scandal and what may happen next.


Welcome to our channel and our podcast! This podcast is all about growing in your faith, valuing and prioritizing marriage and family, and growing a profitable business — and doing it all at the same time without losing our minds! Join our journey as we grow together and share the ups and downs and everything in between!

Christina and Blaise run a Life Insurance agency that hires, trains, and serves newly licensed agents and career agents all over the United States for our work from home sales job. Our goal is to help you make 6 figures in your first year as a full time agent and we have plenty of success stories proving our system. Our agency also contracts with over 15 A-rated  life insurance companies nationwide and can help you with all of your life insurance needs — term life, whole life, and universal life as well as Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Be Your Own Bank policies, and children’s life insurance plans.

Source: Wake Up and Win Podcast, Is It All A Coverup?!?! | The Mike Bickle and IHOP KC Scandal Update, YouTube, https://youtu.be/3zu0M7U2UKM, Published November 12, 2023. (Accessed November 12, 2023.)

Ben Anderson discovers the law firm IHOPKC plans to use. Re-uploads post (previous one on 11 November at 09:06) with damning images highlighting IHOPKC’s conflict of interest.

Ben Anderson posts [images below],

DISCLAIMER: Upon request I have re-uploaded these images with discretion. For the record, all of them had been posted online PUBLICLY. They were NOT private images. And I want to reiterate, **Audrey Manito is NOT our enemy.** So many people can attest to how wonderful she and her family are. This post is not a smear campaign against her, it’s simply showing how the ELT’s law firm of choice is a massive conflict of interest that only compounds our rising suspicion about the motives of IHOPKC leadership. So without further ado –

I give to you, Exhibit A 🫱🏻


Audrey Manito You are a GOOD woman with a GOOD heart and PURE intentions! Don’t let David Sliker and Stuart Greaves use you to cover up their own tracks!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Source: Ben Anderson, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/benjammin412/posts/pfbid0wgig8tK3ggBj1RA7eEvisau7n8oKLbz3FGYhG72MccfhnFqoVGxSCgaUapWTkv1Sl?, Published November 12 at 14:18. (Accessed November 15, 2023.)

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Brother John Elving Premiere’s His Latest Investigations and Developments On Bicklegate:

Mick Bickle Sexual Misconduct investigation IHOPKC- Joel Richardson’s Twitter post has been very accurate. IHOPKC- Randy Bohlender says he knows it is true. My question for Randy Bohlendoer when did he know and what did he know? Links in the description.

Source: Uploaded by Brother John Elving, Mick Bickle Sexual Misconduct – James Goll Bizarre video “Could name names but not”, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvFNsdx2qik, Premiered November 12, 2023. (Accessed November 12, 2013.)

Shiloah Bickle adds her views – shared through a ‘Heaven Bent’ post:

Heaven Bent on Twitter (X):

“Many noteable people are raising the alarm over #IHOPKC‘s current handling of the allegations against founding-leader #MikeBickle. One of those voices is Mike’s granddaughter, Shiloah Bickle.”

Source: Heaven Bent, Twitter, https://twitter.com/HeavenBentPod/status/1723771055171608630, Published 5:33 am, November 12, 2023. (Accessed November 13, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 13, 2023.

The Change Petition (which started on Nov 09) provided this update:



As former staff members of IHOPKC and those involved with the organization of the recent petition, we would like to express our grave concern with IHOP’s recent decision to move forward with a local law firm.

While IHOP has said this is a response to “third  parties” who have communicated a “lack of trust in the national law firm” STINSON LLP, we believe this misrepresents our concerns—and further, we believe this move offers even less transparency to the concerned public, as the law firm has yet to be named. A local firm also raises new concerns about potential conflicts of interest, given IHOP’s level of integration with the local community.

We would also like to express concern that this is a performative gesture—it does not appear to be motivated by a sensitivity toward the trauma of victims, as it does not address the issues raised in the petition.

We again would like to urge IHOPKC to take a trauma informed approach and seek out an unbiased, true third party when proceeding in this investigation.

Above is a graphic demonstrating what we believe to be an ethical baseline for proceeding forward.

In solitary,

RFI Petition Team


Susan Tuma

Brantley Smith

Isaac Cole

Source: Petition Update, Chage.org, https://www.change.org/p/open-letter-to-the-ihopkc-leadership/u/32089535, Published November 13, 2023. (Accessed November 13, 2023.)

Brother John Elving covers Rick Joyner’s latest #SorryNotSorry gaff on Mike Bickle 

Source: By Brother John Elving, Mick Bickle Sexual Misconduct – “Rick Joyner’s apology non-apology “, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K-W6SPC1VY, Uploaded November 13. (Accessed November 12, 2023.)


NOVEMBER 15, 2023.

IHOPKC release a report on their findings:

Final Report on Initial Findings_ (ihopkc.org)

Archived: Wayback Machine (archive.org) 

(Please archive documents straight away that are relevant to the timeline at archive.org}

They further release the following:

ELT Update Letter 11/15/2023

Dear IHOPKC community,

We want to start by stating that IHOPKC takes allegations of sexual abuse very seriously.

IHOPKC is committed to investigating any allegations of sexual abuse in our organization and faith community in a way that honors privacy, safety, and due process.

If you are a victim of any form of sexual abuse, past or present, or if you are the victim of or a witness to any crime, please immediately report it to the proper law enforcement authorities.

You are encouraged to report any form of sexual abuse to IHOKC staff as well. We stand ready to provide pastoral care and counseling.

Today, in an effort to bring clarity in a time of pain and confusion, we are releasing a “Report on Initial Findings”.

The following statements and the information contained in our Report do not in any way negate our firm commitment to pursuing the truth of any credible allegations of abuse and obtaining restoration, healing, and justice for the victims of abuse.

We want to address a few important points:

• Why has IHOPKC chosen to utilize attorneys to conduct the preliminary examination?

IHOPKC’s decision to engage a law firm to conduct the preliminary examination had nothing to do with preparing a legal defense or intimidating potential victims and everything to do with handling these allegations with the utmost seriousness in which they deserved to be treated.

Stinson, LLP was initially engaged to conduct the preliminary examination because they are one of the largest firms in the nation with regard to representing victims of sexual abuse in the context of religious organizations. The Kansas City Star recognized, “The firm is known for representing sexual abuse survivors, including cases involving clergy.” Since one of the allegations brought forward would be considered criminal in nature, we believe that attorneys like the Stinson team, comprised of subject matter experts and former federal prosecutors, would be the most skilled at thoroughly and legally examining all the facts. We still believe this, which is why, after many expressed a lack of trust in a national law firm, we decided to choose a local KC law firm with a reputable attorney to conduct interviews with alleged victims.

Many people online and in the broader community are demanding that we not use a private law firm but rather bring in an outside party that “specializes in church abuse” to conduct a community-wide investigation.

You will find in our “Report on Initial Findings”, this step is premature until we can complete the first initial step of verifying the allegations.

Why we cannot hire G.R.A.C.E.

As stated above, IHOPKC did not retain its current attorney to conduct a community-wide investigation into the allegations but to conduct a preliminary examination into the allegations presented to us on October 24. Nevertheless, we are not opposed to having an outside group come to KC to review our initial findings. However, G.R.A.C.E. cannot be that third party.

Last week, on November 9, IHOPKC made multiple attempts to reach out to G.R.A.C.E. to explore the possibility of having their investigators come to review our findings. G.R.A.C.E. did not respond. The very next day, we learned that the founder of G.R.A.C.E. is now the private attorney of the main alleged victim whose claim is from 20+ years ago. This attorney is also currently listed as a board member on G.R.A.C.E.’s website. This represents a clear conflict of interest for G.R.A.C.E. and disqualifies the organization as a candidate to be an objective third party.

• Opportunity to make improvements.

Lastly, we want to say this crisis has highlighted things in our organization that need to be improved. We are planning to review everything from operations to administrative protocols and are engaging experts to recommend best practices.

Some of these areas were already being addressed before this crisis hit, some will take time to remedy, and some we need to address immediately.

The first change is that, very soon, we will be announcing a clear and simple process and protocol for people who want to report any form of sexual abuse.

Click here to see our Report on Initial Findings.

Thank you for your patience and your continued prayers,

Executive Leadership Team
International House of Prayer, Kansas City

Source: ELT Update Letter 11/15/2023, IHOPKC, https://www.ihopkc.org/press-center/press-releases/elt-update-letter-11-15-2023/, Published November 15, 2023. (Accessed November 15, 2023.) [Archive]

The IHOPKCStories website starts up (?), documenting the stories of people’s experiences at IHOP:

Stories on IHOPKC start getting published as early as November 2015. The website claims:

About IHOPKC Stories

We are voices that have filled your sanctuary, past and present.
We are voices who have learned to weep with those who weep.

As a collective of former staff, students, and dedicated members of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, we stand with a multitude of concerned voices responding to the recent allegations of clergy misconduct by IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle.

We believe the gravity of these allegations cannot be understated, nor adequately addressed should they be handled by parties that may carry the appearance of vested interests or potential biases. The integrity of the IHOPKC organization and the wellbeing of its members hinge on a process that assures impartiality, thoroughness, and transparency.

We urge the IHOPKC leadership to prayerfully consider taking the following steps in order to show their commitment to transparency, accountability, and justice:

    • We officially call on IHOPKC to invite an organization like GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) or GUIDEPOSTS to conduct a true third-party investigation into the sexual abuse allegations and the systemic environment at IHOPKC in order to protect the interests of the alleged victims and current congregants. Furthermore, we implore IHOPKC to allow that organization publicly publish their findings without restriction by IHOPKC or its leadership.
    • Openly provide the resources below and direct individuals to said resources instead of the pastoral care team, given the conflict of interest and bias that team would have in the current situation, especially for those who may have allegations to disclose but have not come forward yet.

Source: About Us, IHOPKCStories, https://www.ihopkcstories.org/about-us. (Accessed November 25, 2023.)

All ARCHIVED stories can be found below (viewer discretion advised – some are sexual explicit):

IHOPKC Story: Volunteer 2000-2001 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: FMA/Worship leaderWould hinder anonymity [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Student 2004 – 2009 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: FITN intern, IHOPU Student (FMA) 2009, 2011-2012 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Full time staff 2005-2008 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Volunteer Staff in 3 departments 2012-2016 2002-2003, 2012-2023 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Full-Time Staff, Student 2014-2019 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Camper 2008-2011 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Intern/ Student/ Staff 2007-2011 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: IHOPKC Student, Musician, Staff 2003-2009 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Intern 2007 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Staff 2003-2009 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Student and Staff 2008-2013 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: The Call/IHOPU 2010-2012 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Singer/Rapper 2007-2009 and 2014-2017 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Full-time staff 2007-2010 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: IHOPU GRADUATE 2005-2019 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Staff 2005-2011 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Student 2010-2012 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Intern 2017-2018 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Full Time Staff 2006-2010 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: OTI Intern & IHOPU student 2009-2013 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: Young 13yr old + at Dominion Christian School 2002 [Archived]

IHOPKC Story: OTI Intern 2008-2009 [Archived]

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NOVEMBER 16, 2023.

The Roys Report published the following:

IHOPKC Report Discounts Mike Bickle Abuse Allegations; Whistleblower Fires Back

The International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) has just released a report on initial findings, discounting some of the recent clergy sexual abuse allegations made against its founder Mike Bickle. The report also questions the “true objectives” of the “Complaint Group,” which presented the allegations to IHOPKC leadership in October.

This group, comprised of former IHOPKC leaders, published a statement Oct. 28, saying it had become aware of numerous allegations of sexual abuse against Bickle from “credible” women, “spanning several decades.”

However, IHOPKC said in its report that it has identified five of the eight women the group claimed are Bickle’s victims. Three of the women have publicly called the allegations “lies,” the report stated. A fourth has reportedly refused to communicate with IHOPKC’s lawyer. One of the women’s allegations predate IHOPKC’s founding, the report said. And four of the women did not give consent to be included in the list of alleged victims, the report said.

The report also claimed that the document presented by the complaint group didn’t contain any “actual evidence,” like victim statements, emails, or texts, but rather “only blank squares acting as exhibit placeholders.”

Dwayne Roberts, a founding member of IHOPKC and a member of the so-called “Complaint Group,” called IHOPKC’s report “disappointing on several levels” in a statement submitted to The Roys Report (TRR).

“We are firmly convinced that no charge should be made against an elder except in the case of two or three witnesses,” Roberts stated. “The fact that around 20 witnesses have come forward with first-hand experience of impropriety was why we could no longer remain silent.”

Roberts specifically took exception to the report’s claim that “victim #2” had “partial credibility.”

“This case includes a relationship between a 42-year-old internationally renowned minister and a 19-year-old, a relationship that began with prophetic manipulation and became a 4-year sexualized relationship that lasted into the early years of IHOPKC,” Roberts stated.

According to the report, the complaint group first approached IHOPKC on Oct. 24 with the allegations against Bickle. The report added that the group “did not, and has not, claimed that these women had ever previously made their allegations known to IHOPKC prior to October 2023.”

IHOPKC said in its report that it took the allegations against Bickle “very seriously,” and within 24 hours began looking into the details and asked Bickle to step away from public ministry.

However, the report claimed that the allegations came with “a list of pre-prepared demands ‘to prevent escalating levels of disclosure.’ These demands and threats, which included dictating the use of IHOPKC’s funds, generated an atmosphere of concern regarding the true objectives of the Complaint Group.”

The report added, “(U)pon review by outside legal counsel, it was determined that the collection and presentation of the allegations by the Complaint Group lacked any semblance of reliability or due process.”

In his statement to TRR, Roberts contested the timeline in the report.

“The statement that the Executive Leadership Team was officially notified on October 24th about these allegations is also untrue,” Roberts said. “While it is true that a meeting took place on that date and more information was given, key members of the ELT (executive leadership team) were officially notified on October 9th and (IHOPKC Executive Director) Stuart Greaves told me that the whole ELT was informed on October 10th.”

Roberts added “many of the allegations had been communicated over the prior 18 months in an ad hoc manner.”

IHOPKC says hiring 3rd-party to investigate is ‘premature’

IHOPKC also stated in a letter posted yesterday to its website that hiring an outside party, specializing in church abuse, to investigate is “premature.”

IHOPKC has heard the demands to bring in a third party to investigate the organization in general, but this step is premature until IHOPKC can establish the credibility of the allegations and genuine intent of the Complaint Group,” IHOPKC stated.

IHOP initially hired a national law firm, Stinson LLP, to investigate the allegations. But it changed course last week and instead hired a local lawyer, which it refused to identify.

petition circulating online, which has garnered over 3,000 signatures, is urging IHOPKC to hire GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Environment) to investigate the allegations.

IHOPKC said in its letter that it “made multiple attempts to reach out” to GRACE on Nov. 9, but GRACE did not respond. IHOPKC said it learned the next day that Attorney Boz Tchividjian, GRACE’s founder, is representing the “main alleged victim,” which disqualifies GRACE as an objective third party.

However, Robert Peters, GRACE’s director of institutional response, told TRR, “Following a review of communication channels, to our knowledge GRACE has never received any inquiries or communication from current IHOPKC leadership regarding recent allegations.”

Tchividjian, who confirmed with TRR that he’s representing one of Bickle’s alleged victims, told TRR that IHOPKC’s statement raises more questions than it answers.

“Who made the determination about the credibility of the allegations?” Tchividjian asked. “What was done to make that determination? What standard was used? . . . Institutions initiate an independent investigation for this precise purpose—and that is to review and assess allegations of reported allegations of abuse.”

Tchividjian added, “I don’t think most people outside the world of IHOP take that statement very seriously, because in essence, they’re making their own determinations as to the credibility of allegations made against the founder of the organization. Why in the world wouldn’t you have a qualified third party do that?”

Tchividjian also confirmed that he had heard from IHOPKC’s attorney, who he identified as Audrey Manito of Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, P.C. in Kansas City.

According to former IHOPKC staff, Manito is a member of the IHOPKC community.

After today’s news, some former IHOPKC staff are claiming IHOPKC’s reporting process isn’t safe for victims and are calling for its executive leaders to resign.

“IHOPKC’s statement calling a third party investigation ‘premature’ only further emphasizes their lack of commitment to a safe, transparent process for investigating abuse,” texted former IHOPKC staffer Susan Tuma to TRR.

“IHOPKC is not qualified to investigate, and attempts to ‘verify’ allegations themselves before calling in a third party are completely inappropriate. IHOPKC leadership must immediately step down and allow a full investigation by an independent third party like GRACE or Guideposts for the sake of truth, justice, and the future safety of vulnerable populations in their organization as a whole.”

IHOPKC said it “remains open to inviting a third party (or even multiple third parties)” to examine its finding.

IHOPKC also admitted that its recent process has revealed some deficiencies in how IHOPKC responds to abuse and the group plans to engage experts to do a full assessment.

The allegation document

IHOPKC’s preliminary findings offer a glimpse into the document that the complaint group brought to IHOPKC in October.

The document, which hasn’t been released publicly, includes a criminal allegation and an allegation of physical contact 26 years ago between Bickle and a woman, the report stated.

The report said the document refers to some of the women as Jane Does and some with initials. Two of the women’s names were mentioned “orally during conversations” the week of Oct. 24, the report stated.

The document claims that two victims were emotionally pursued and prophetically manipulated by Bickle. One of those women, however, has allegedly refuted the claim, telling an IHOPKC attorney that the members of the complaint group were “bullies.”

The report states that several victims named by the complaint group have refuted claims that they were Bickle’s victims.

IHOPKC worship leader Misty Edwards, and a woman named April Rose have posted online that they are not victims of Mike Bickle.

Another woman, Catherine Slezinger, posted online that she was “outraged” to find her name on the list of Bickle’s victims.

However, after Shiloah Bickle—the daughter of Mike Bickle’s son, Luke Bickle—called Slezinger’s credibility into question online, Slezinger deleted her post.

Michael Brown steps down as advisor

Well-known apologist and author, Michael Brown, who had been serving as an advisor to IHOPKC, announced today he is removing himself “from any official connection to the process.”

Brown said his “schedule constraints, including international travel,” prohibit him from staying “closely involved as necessary with the daily developments of the investigation into allegations against Mike Bickle.”

Brown added that he continues to “hope that a thorough, third-party investigation will bring the truth to light for the good of all involved.”

Brown preached at IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church on Sunday, Nov. 5 and urged people to trust IHOPKC’s leadership, who he claimed were not engaging in “damage control” but committed to bringing the “truth to light.”

Later, Brown posted on X (formerly Twitter) that he had “made clear to (IHOP leadership) that it was essential that they bring in an outside firm (like GRACE or Guideposts) to investigate the allegations . . .”

Brown added, “I have been given assurances by the leadership that should the arrangement with the law firm not prove to be in the best interests of a fair investigation, they would bring in an outside organization like GRACE.

TRR asked Brown if he feels comfortable with IHOPKC’s decision to change law firms from Stinson to its own lawyer, and not to hire an independent organization, like GRACE or Guidepost Solutions. (Guidepost Solutions is the third party whose investigation revealed widespread cover-up of abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention.)

Brown replied, “At no point have (IHOPKC leaders) indicated to me that they are not open to bringing (in) an organization such as Guideposts.”

TRR also asked Brown what his level of confidence was that IHOPKC leaders did not know about any allegations of sexual abuse against Bickle before their recent statements to that effect.

Brown replied, “IHOPKC leaders have rehearsed the history with me in detail, face to face, and aside from the one alleged victim coming to them some time earlier (as they have acknowledged), to the best of my knowledge, they did not know about the other allegations until a local pastor (the complaint team) presented them with a 50-page document.”

To TRR’s knowledge, IHOPKC has not admitted it knew about any allegations before Oct. 24, so TRR asked Brown what he was referring to. Brown said he could not comment further about the issue.

Source: IHOPKC Report Discounts Mike Bickle Abuse Allegations; Whistleblower Fires Back, The Roys Report, https://julieroys.com/ihopkc-report-discounts-mike-bickle-abuse-allegations-whistleblower-fires-back/, Published November 16, 2023. (Accessed November 16, 2023.)

MyCharisma reports on the IHOPKC Bickle Investigation.

They write,

IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation

In the wake of accusations that have rocked the Christian community, IHOPKC has developed and released a report on the initial findings of the investigation into founding pastor Mike Bickle.

The following present extracts from the initial findings report put forward by IHOPKC leadership:

Three weeks ago, on Oct. 24, a group of men led by a local Kansas City pastor, (the “Complaint Group”) officially presented IHOPKC’s Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”) with a series of allegations against Mike Bickle allegedly made by eight women whom the Complaint Group claimed to represent.

After three weeks of examination, IHOPKC has identified five of eight alleged victims.

Three of those five have publicly called the allegations lies, a fourth has not wanted to communicate with IHOPKC’s attorney, and the fifth’s allegations relate to incidents that preceded IHOPKC’s founding. Further, it became apparent that the Complaint Group did not have permission to include at least four of the women in their list of alleged victims.

We remain committed to verifying the remaining allegations, but we need the Complaint Group to assist in our inquiry of the remaining alleged victims to ensure their veracity. There is much at stake in getting to the truth.

Like many of you, we were deeply troubled and distressed to learn of the multiple allegations against Mr. Bickle. The ELT took these allegations very seriously and within 24 hours began the process of looking into the details, as well as asking Mr. Bickle to step away from public ministry to allow for a proper inquiry to be conducted.

Within days, the ELT commenced consultation of outside legal experts on how to conduct a proper examination of the facts and how to best handle the situation. Significantly, at all times, the allegations were treated as if they were credible in order to care for any past or present victim while objective due diligence was to be performed. However, upon review by outside legal counsel, it was determined that the collection and presentation of the allegations by the Complaint Group lacked any semblance of reliability or due process.

The document prepared by the Complaint Group to accompany the presentation of allegations on Oct. 24 does not contain any actual evidence: no statements from the victims, whether sworn or unsworn, and no emails, texts or other exhibits between Mr. Bickle and the alleged victim to substantiate the allegations (only blank squares as exhibit placeholders).

The Complaint Group’s allegations were also presented along with a list of pre-prepared demands “to prevent escalating levels of disclosure.” These demands and threats, which included dictating the use of IHOPKC’s funds, generated an atmosphere of concern regarding the true objectives of the Complaint Group.

Initial Findings:

On the week of Oct. 24, the Complaint Group presented a list of eight alleged victims to the IHOPKC leadership team. The Group did not, and has not, claimed that these women had ever previously made their allegations known to IHOPKC prior to October 2023.

However, it has become abundantly clear over the last three weeks that four of the women were presented as alleged victims without their consent.

Some of the Complaint Group’s allegations were presented in a document and some of the allegations were presented orally in conversation.

Three women were identified by their initials in the document. An additional five anonymous Jane Does are listed in the document but the Complaint Group would not share their names or any details about these allegations (or how these women came to be represented by the Complaint Group).

Then, IHOPKC was given the names of two additional women orally during conversations that took place the week of Oct. 24.

At that point, a total of five alleged victims had been identified by name.


IHOPKC has heard the demands to bring in a third party to investigate the organization in general, but this step is premature until IHOPKC can establish the credibility of the allegations and genuine intent of the Complaint Group.

We hope that by sharing our preliminary findings regarding these allegations, you will understand why it is premature at this juncture to have a third party conduct a community-wide investigation.

IHOPKC remains open to inviting a third party (or even multiple third parties) to examine these findings. It is our sincerest desire that alleged anonymous Jane Does would come forward as soon as possible, either directly to IHOPKC’s attorney, via the Complaint Group or through their own legal representative, so that IHOPKC can then take the appropriate next steps.

*End of Report*

As the Christian community navigates the complexities of the initial report released by IHOPKC leadership regarding the accusations against Mike Bickle, it is crucial that we approach this situation with a measured and discerning perspective. Rushing to judgment serves neither justice nor truth. In times of difficulty, it is imperative that we allow the investigative process to unfold, with our trust planted firmly in the Lord bringing truth to light, while withholding premature conclusions until all facts are laid bare.

Only through patience and a commitment to the pursuit of truth can we hope to achieve a fair and just resolution. In the face of adversity, let us hold fast to the belief that, ultimately, truth will prevail. As we grapple with the intricacies of this challenging situation, may wisdom guide our thoughts, compassion temper our judgments and the pursuit of truth be our unwavering compass rooted firmly in the Word of God and the impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Source: James Lasher, IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation, My Charisma, https://mycharisma.com/culture/news/ihopkc-announces-major-update-in-bickle-investigation, Published November 16, 2023. (Accessed November 20, 2023.)


NOVEMBER 17, 2023.

“You can’t be silent when you begin to know things” – Wake Up and Win podcast leak audio and provide further updates and commentary on scandal.

Here is the video and the blurb:

For context: Whistle blower was called into a private meeting with IHOPKC leadership. Whistleblower claimed that leadership knew of these allegations sooner than they publicly admitted to. Which was confirmed by the Roy’s Report release today (see link below). IHOPKC leadership (Sliker) brought this person in to confront them about this topic and proceeded to boldly claim that all the knowledge of allegations was new to him. Todays Roy’s Report article claims a timeline much different than IHOPKC claims here in the audio.

Source: Wake Up and Win Podcast, IHOPKC & Mike Bickle Scandal Leaked Audio — Whistleblower Captures Audio With David Sliker, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eBCDo-hmKo, November 17, 2023. (Accessed November 18, 2023.)

Wake Up and Win podcast posted another video on the Mike Bickle scandal, looking at some of the commentary and backlash from people commenting about their coverage.

Relevant sound bytes [3:32]:

“I had one girl say this is not helping people that have been victims. Like, “You need to stop talking about the way it’s being handled. It’s – this is literally what she said: “I’ve been abused in the past,” in which I said, “I am so sorry for that.” But she said talking about this is not help helping the victims at all.

I said actually, “I’m in communication with somebody working directly with VICTIMS, sexual abuse victims of Mike Bickle. Okay. You’re not going to hear that from stage at the ELT at IHOP’s (Executive Leadership Team). You will not hear that. But I’m in contact with people actually working with those individuals. Okay? This person said to me, “Keep talking. Because the information needs to pressure them. Do you think systems and organizations that are corrupt should be handling all the information flow of the investigation of that organization?”


“We’ve also received- um- I don’t even know if we can say, but we’ve received some, like, literally- I’ll just say this: we’ve received recordings of conversations with people that, um, that are-

Christina: Lying to you. That are lying to you. And they are people that you’re hearing from stage. We’re hearing the recordings of the conversations and that’s all we can give to that and you.

“Why?” Well, because like I’m not going to- I’m not going to break anyone’s trust here. But at the end of the day, we’re hearing this stuff and we’re like, “Holy crap! Well that’s bad.”


“If you’re still in the ELT, you either should demand reform today day or just resign. Now like, you should resign. Why? Because, I- I feel like from what I’ve- from what I’ve heard, (even from that um, recording), it is known that Mike has done some of these things (if not many many of these things). It is known that Mike has been a sexual predator. So that is the case. That’s what’s gone on. That will come out. But the problem is, if that slow rolled to come out and then couched in all kinds of, uh- uh-

What is it? The language that just kind of diminishes the impact. Then he’ll remain. “Oh we got to restore him.” And he’ll remain in ministry and that community will perpetuate this problem in the future. So I really think that, um, people need to make some bold statements here by putting in a resignation. Um, if you know anything about- if you know that this is true, that it’s happened, then, like, you need to stop acting like you don’t with these kind-of like soft statements.”


“I don’t have a dog in the fight. I’ll say this is the most corrupt thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m- I’m- I’m young. Forty. But like I’ve seen some things in ministry. I’m going this is one of the most corrupt things with people that I’ve worked with closely, um, and they- I- I believe that they could be involved in some sick disgusting cover up and Corruption and do the right thing. Do the right thing for your conscience. Do the right thing for your eternity. Do the right thing for the community. It- just come on. Like- out with it!”


Source: Wake up and Win Podcast, Story Behind IHOPKC’s New Law Firm // Mike Bickle and IHOPKC Allegations Update, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVG5I3ZaTts, Uploaded November 17, 2023. (Accessed November 17, 2023.)

NAR propaganda rag, Charisma News, and it’s NAR Apostle Steve Strang, misuse their authority to run interference for IHOP again:

Source: Strang Report, Mike Bickle Update, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wyxdHpwtyY, Streamed live on Nov 17, 2023. (Accessed November 17, 2023.) [Morning Rundown: IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation — Charisma News]


Nate Hagerty writes.

This post is difficult to write, especially in such a way that could possibly make sense to those who haven’t spent any time here in Kansas City, or at IHOPKC. So if that’s you, scroll away, I suppose.

Sara Elizabeth and I have deep compassion for different emotional journeys that happen as new information comes to light. We love our local family, in all of its different expressions.

But for whatever this might be worth, we firmly and deeply stand with Dwayne Roberts, Wes Martin, Elizabeth Zion Herder, Allen Hood and others who have been patiently, heartbreakingly, and kindly advocating behind the scenes on behalf of various women (and men) who have been abused, traumatized, and in many ways devastated by Mike Bickle.

We are all on a journey of understanding … but Sara and I have seen things over the past few years that have eliminated any confusion for us about the nature of this abuse, its reality, and the danger of allowing it to persist. We have been in small rooms with leadership over various aspects of this over multiple years now, and we have lost confidence in the ability of the Executive Leadership Team of IHOPKC to effectively navigate it.

It is so painful to write that, to live it. We have loved so deeply these men and women leaders in our community, and we still do. As do all of us who have been quietly working to bring these issues (and ones that contributed to a culture of hiding sin and covering for Mike) to light, always seeking guidance from the Scriptural standards of Matthew 18 and 1 Timothy 5.

But as recent ELT statements have come forth that do not (at all) accurately reflect what we know to be true, and furthermore which have maligned the intentions and care of very thoughtful, humble, and godly men and women, we couldn’t *not* say something. We know the truth of these matters, and have deep friendship with both victims and advocates.

This is an excellent article, from a very trustworthy reporter — who loves the church — and does a good job of clearing up (some) inaccuracies, including new public comments from Dwayne:


Lastly, we are raising our voice because there many important reasons that victims — and people like Dwayne, Wes, Elizabeth (and the dozen or so leaders and former leaders who are also advocating behind the scenes) — CANNOT yet do so. At first, it was because they still believed that this would be handled well by our friends in the ELT. But now, very sadly, it is for legal reasons.

This thing never should have had to get legal. But here we are.

And I suppose I see the significance of small voices speaking what they know and what they have seen. Years ago, Sara and I left the IHOPKC community after trying for months to bring light to a hidden sin that had profound and devastating implications for the families involved. We watched Mike stymie these efforts to bring light and we knew we couldn’t continue under his leadership. The “mission” moved on as these families were destroyed under the covering of Mike’s leadership — covering the sins that destroyed them.

So here we are, adding our small voice to say that there is another story than the one being presented from the leadership.

We’re so grateful for the voices of ones like Dwayne, Wes, Elizabeth, Allen, Brian and their spouses – willing to publicly disrupt a ministry and a vision in order that darkness would be exposed and brought to light. Jesus has no loyalty to a ministry or a “prophetic history” but He is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Source: Nate Hagerty, Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/natehagerty/posts/pfbid02tAiMb5Zt4JMAtwxfbW1TsXw1UpaFdFhHM27A6BxxSxWNUrvdsUSpwEWcZbi85uWHl?, Published November 17, 2023. (Accessed November 18, 2023.)

Ally Henny offers her assessment of the recent IHOPKC report (emphasis added for formatting purposes):

This is very long, and I am sorry for that. If there is interest, I can release it in a different and perhaps more easily read or shared format. I wanted to put some kind of analysis out there. I’m sure somebody has said all of this by now way better than I have.

RE: IHOPKC’s “Report on initial findings.”

IHOPKC’s latest statement and their “Report on Initial Findings” is a flipping trainwreck. This is a bit long, so I’ve divided into sections using double asterisks to hopefully make navigating easier.

A whistleblower is different than an advocate, but I have tended to couple these two terms (whistleblower/advocate), because in this situation, there seems to be tremendous overlap between these two groups.

For example, Dwayne Roberts, Brian Kim, Allen Hood, and Wes Martin are whistleblowers, but they also represent survivors’ interests. I believe there is a group of people working alongside the initial group of whistleblowers/advocates who are also advocating for the survivors in various ways.

I don’t know for sure who all is in this group (if you’ve been following, you might have some idea of who, but I won’t name names here to avoid it getting messy).

Also the ELT is the ministry’s Executive Leadership team, I use this interchangeably with IHOPKC leaders/leadership.To be clear (because I don’t know who will end up seeing this), I am in neither of the abovementioned categories. I am a writer, public theologian, occasional freelance journalist, and social justice worker providing an informed analysis of this situation.

**Throwing shade and casting doubt**

Their statement uses classic DARVO techniques (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender). They are casting doubt on the credibility of the whistleblowers, advocates, survivors, and the allegations against Bickle and making it seem like IHOPKC and its leadership are being threatened or harmed in some way by what they call the “Complaint Group” (more on that later).

It’s important to note that the tone of the initial statement made by Dwayne Robers, Brian Kim, and Wes Martin and the independent statement from Allen Hood was non-threatening, conciliatory, did not include ultimatums, and did not attack Mike or the ELT in any way.

Yet, the ELT has consistently characterized this group of whistleblowers/advocates’ actions as aggressive and has subtly cast doubt on their motives (by mentioning money). They have made claims inconsistent with what is a matter of public record and knowledge and have produced nothing to support their account of this matter.

They claim that the whistleblowers/advocates presented “a list of pre-prepared demands ‘to prevent escalating levels of disclosure…’ and that the “demands and threats, which included dictating the use of IHOPKC’s funds, generated an atmosphere of concern regarding the true objectives of the Complaint Group.” This is their analysis and interpretation of what the whistleblower-advocates said, but IHOPKC has not presented anything supporting this interpretation of the list of demands (let alone its existence).

**Is it okay for people to make demands?**

I do not know what was included in the whistleblowers’ documents given to the ELT. Still, it wouldn’t be inappropriate for a group representing survivors to ask the institution to meet specific guidelines for ameliorating the situation and to list actionable steps for doing so.

That the survivors/advocates felt the need to include a list of demands (I am assuming that this part of the ELT’s statement is factual) shows that the survivors/advocates believed that IHOPKC would not handle the allegations well.

Based on other unrelated complaints and allegations that have come forth about IHOPKC, it is fair to assume that IHOPKC leadership is not capable of satisfactorily (and ethically) handling abuse allegations against leaders and staff.

As a justice advocate, it is reasonable and right for survivors/whistleblowers to ask for a redress of their grievances and for them to be specific in how they believe things should be handled.

I make this assertion based on the testimony from people who have previously attempted to file unrelated allegations with IHOPKC leadership and what we have seen from the leadership team thus far.

From a tactical standpoint, I think it might have been premature to state that the group advocating for survivors would engage in “escalating levels of disclosure” if their requests were not honored; however, it is reasonable for the group to make such an assertion.

Probably, the group made it clear that they would go public with what they knew if the institution failed to act with due diligence.

This is essentially a “nuclear option,” and their presenting this option at this stage tells me a few things:

(a) they weren’t confident that IHOPKC leadership would take any substantive action to address the allegations;
(b) they were concerned that the allegations would be mishandled;
(c) they have enough of the kind of information that would force IHOPKC to do right if their requests weren’t met and if (a) and/or (b) happened;
(d) this isn’t their first rodeo with this leadership team, and they felt they had no other recourse than to present a “nuclear option” out the gate.

**Investigating in order to decide whether to conduct an investigation**

Let me state emphatically that it was not IHOPKC’s duty, nor was it the right move from a tactical standpoint, for the organization to conduct its own investigation, inquiry or whatever they want to call it to evaluate the strength or credibility of the allegations. That is literally the job of organizations like GRACE and Guidepost. Hiring a law firm (they seem to be making a big deal that it was a “national” law firm, which doesn’t mean anything to be honest) to conduct this type of investigation is problematic for several reasons.

There are a lot of folks who have written to say why this is an issue, but I will topline a few of the problems here.

First, not all law firms are equipped to handle the type of investigation needed in this kind of situation nor is every law firm equipped to investigate in ways that are sensitive to survivors and fully aware of the religious/spiritual considerations that come with such an investigation.

Second, when an organization retains legal counsel, the lawyers have a fiduciary responsibility to serve the client’s interests, not the victims.

Third, any investigative process is inherently opaque unless the organization waives attorney-client privilege.

If IHOPKC cared about survivors like they claim they do, their first call should have been to GRACE (or a similar organization), not to a law firm. Organizations like GRACE and Guidepost have lawyers who work for them and could have helped them assess and mitigate legal risk while also placing survivors at the center.

They also should have asked GRACE (or whatever other organization) to mediate or help them find a mediator to lower the temperature between the group of whistleblower-advocates and the leadership team so that they could conduct a sensitive and transparent investigation that honored survivors’ concerns.

It was extraordinarily irresponsible for IHOPKC to conduct a preliminary “investigation” and then release its “findings.” It poses a severe conflict of interest for an organization to effectively investigate itself and then “find” whether allegations are credible. There are no checks and balances.

All IHOPKC has done is to make it even harder for survivors to come forward.

**Contacting GRACE**

IHOPKC said in a statement from the ELT that they couldn’t work with GRACE because Boz Tchividjian had been retained as legal counsel for at least one of the survivors. It is true that Tchividjian represents one of the survivors and is the founder and a board member of GRACE.

However, the ELT statement fails to connect the dots: they waited two whole weeks to contact GRACE when the ministry should have been one of their first calls.

It’s possible (though unlikely) that the survivor had already retained Tchividjian before the ELT learned of the allegations on October 24 and that GRACE might not have been able to be involved from the start.

On October 29, the ELT stated that they had retained a third-party investigator (Stinson). It took them no less than five days to lawyer up but two weeks to contact an organization that prioritizes survivor care.

**The “initial findings”**

In IHOPKC’s “Report of Initial Findings,” they shared a list of “alleged victims.”

The first “alleged victim” is listed as “unable to verify.”

The second is listed as “partial credibility established.”

The other four are listed as “refuted,” which indicates that the women refuted the claims, and it also implies that the claim that these women are victims has been disproven.

Once again, it is not in IHOPKC’s purview, nor is it appropriate (especially since this is a statement from them and not from their newly-retained legal counsel or from their former legal counsel) to establish the credibility of the allegations, nor to refute or disprove whether certain people are indeed victims.

**The nebulous sixth “alleged victim”**

IHOPKC says that a sixth woman came forward when she heard that her name had been attached to the allegations. Her name wasn’t mentioned in the initial meeting with the whistleblower-advocates, and the report doesn’t establish whether this woman’s name (or initials) appeared in the whistleblowers’ document.

IHOPKC says that “she is the sixth woman whose name has emerged.” IHOPKC says that “[s]he is the fifth woman to refute that she is an alleged victim.”

The report doesn’t tell us how this woman’s name “emerged,” nor do they establish how the woman came into the knowledge of her name being used in conjunction with the allegations.

**The “Complaint Group”**

The label “Complaint Group” is incendiary, especially when coupled with certain statements that cast doubt on the whistleblowers’ motives. It implies, “These people are just complaining—there’s little to no substance to what’s being said.”

**More DARVO**

IHOPKC leadership seems to use this so-called “report” to soft launch their own vague allegations against the “Complaint Group” by making broad claims with no supporting evidence. Again, this is a DARVO tactic.

They are also trying to discredit the allegations by setting up their own ambiguous and problematic standards for evaluating the veracity of the claims–another DARVO tactic.

The standards they’ve established so far are asking permission, disclosure as credibility, lack of evidence, public denial, and private denial. I will highlight each of these below, and then I will be done.

**Asking permission**

This is the thorniest of all of the standards, so I want to tackle it first.

IHOPKC leadership has used claims from four of the six “alleged victims” highlighted in their report that they didn’t give the whistleblowers “permission” to use their names in making allegations against Bickle (the women also claim that they are not victims).

I want to establish right off the bat that I am not evaluating if and whether what these women have said is true because whether these revelations are true or not bears no impact on the issue of “asking permission” here. My argument is about the implications of these claims and not their substance.

The “Initial findings” say that the “Complaint Group” used women’s names/initials to claim that they were victims without permission. The report uses this to cast doubt on the allegations and the motives of the “Complaint Group.” The problem with this standard is threefold.

First, the whistleblowers didn’t necessarily need victims’ permission to name them as such. It’s possible that a whistleblower (or another victim) might also be a direct witness or have direct knowledge of a situation that wouldn’t be considered hearsay, making it appropriate for them to name someone in the course of making allegations.

There are many ways and reasons that specific names might have been mentioned, and none of those reasons have to be the result of fabrication.

Second, this standard overlooks the possible role of spiritual abuse (on its own) or spiritual abuse coupled with sexual misconduct. Someone could make an outcry against an abuser and then be coerced into denying what they said through spiritual abuse tactics.

Again, I’m not saying that is what is happening in this situation, but I am saying that it doesn’t seem that IHOPKC’s investigation accounted for this possibility in their handling of the statements from these women.

Third, this standard also ignores the possibility of a credible witness or victim recanting due to some form of witness tampering that could include threats, bribery, and even spiritual abuse.

Again, IHOPKC leadership doesn’t seem to be showing enough curiosity or thoroughness in handling these statements. It’s irresponsible for them to state that the claims have been refuted.

Additionally, the claims aren’t refuted; they are disputed. These are two different things with two different sets of implications.

**Disclosure as credibility**

IHOPKC leadership is conflating disclosure with credibility. Essentially, they have set the standard that they cannot even begin to entertain an allegation and that allegations lack credibility until they know the names of the people making it. This isn’t true.

Jane/John Doe allegations are a common and legal practice when it comes to making abuse allegations. This is why having an independent investigation is so important and why this should have been IHOPKC’s go-to move in the first place. It is literally the job of an independent investigator to establish the credibility of abuse claims, and they can do so while protecting survivors’ identities.

The women making the allegations don’t owe IHOPKC or Mike Bickle disclosure of who they are.

**Lack of evidence**

IHOPKC’s findings note a lack of evidence as if it somehow refutes the truthfulness of the allegations or says anything that would hurt the credibility of the whistleblowers. It isn’t the whistleblowers’ job to supply evidence; once again, this is what an independent investigation does—collect evidence.

Additionally, it would be unwise for the whistleblowers to hand over evidence to IHOPKC. Without established parameters or agreements for how IHOPKC would engage with this evidence, whistleblowers or victims could be vulnerable to harassment, censure, or other intended or unintended harms and consequences.

**Public and private denials **

The “initial findings” make mention of several public and private denials from women who say that they aren’t victims. These denials are used in the same way that “asking permission” was used and come with all of the same issues.


If IHOPKC leadership was as concerned about abuse survivors as they claim to be, and if they were really treating the allegations as credible, they would not be behaving so defensively. They would do what they could to work with the people advocating for the survivors—including hiring an independent investigator to help uncover the truth.

Their previous statements and this new report establish that IHOPKC is working in what the leaders perceive to be the institution’s best interest.

The ”Report on Initial Findings” is a weak and unnecessarily combative document that lacks objectivity, thoroughness, and analytical thought. It is not survivor-centered, nor does it try to be. This report was completely unnecessary, and it does nothing except muddy the waters and cast even more doubt on this investigative process.

I hope the whistleblowers and advocates will speak out and bring clarity where there is confusion. I hope that there will be a thorough, credible, independent investigation and that their findings will be publicly released.

#ihopkc #MikeBickle

Source: Ally Henny, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/jaime.henny/posts/pfbid0hudS9xv6oXfHxGBWMKz9RvzMQ1HkkKA86pR8nhcbNe3V1qY862i5XWsfwSTS19x9l?, Published November 17, 2023. (Accessed November 19, 2023.)

Ally Henny further provides insightful reflections of the TRR:

Whoooo chile that Roys Report article on IHOPKC snatched some wigs!

It’s way too late for me too get deep into it, but it puts a lot of IHOPKC’s narrative in dispute.

The four main points in dispute are:

1) When IHOPKC knew about allegations. Dwayne Roberts claims that IHOPKC received allegations in an “ad hoc” manner over the past 18 months. The implication here is that IHOPKC had received separate reports that they did nothing about. Could these “ad hoc” reports have prompted survivors to get in contact with former leaders? Could this be why an advocacy/whistleblower group was formed in the first place?

2) When the ELT was contacted by the group of whistleblowers. Dwayne Roberts asserts that he made contact with them on October 9 and that Stuart Greaves informed him that the entire ELT knew on October 10. The ELT claims they were informed on October 24.

The implication here—and this is very important—is that the ELT allowed Mike to preach not once but TWICE before asking him to sit down. Further, this means that when Mike preached the “Black Horse” sermon (the sermon in which he shares a prophecy from 1984 about coming false accusations against him), that the ELT allowed it to happen without disruption.

Additionally, it means that they waited 17 days to tell staff. It means that they could’ve gotten an independent investigator much sooner if this is true. We need receipts for this.

3) The allegation that pre-dates the founding of IHOPKC. The ELT has held this up as the only allegation with “partial” credibility, and they have emphasized that it pre-dates IHOPKC. Dwayne Roberts asserted in the Roys article that the misconduct began before founding of IHOPKC, but that it continued for several years, covering the early years of IHOPKC.

The implications of this revelation are that this allegation can no longer be spun to seem like it pre-dates the ministry, and that Bickle’s inappropriate behavior never crossed into his time as leader of IHOPKC. Because the allegation plants his misconduct firmly in the IHOPKC timeline and takes away the argument that he got his act together by the time the ministry was founded.

4) IHOPKC’s contact with GRACE. A representative for GRACE claims that they never received any kind of communique from IHOPKC about this matter, which disputes IHOPKC’s claim that they first contacted GRACE on November 9. The implication is that, at the very best, IHOPKC failed to utilize the appropriate channels to contact GRACE. There could also be a simple misunderstanding that is easily explained. At worst, it was an outright fabrication.

Perhaps there are clear and reasonable explanations for why there are so many facts that are in dispute. Or maybe the truth isn’t in some of these folks.

Either way, the jig is up.

#ihopkc #MikeBickle

Source: Ally Henny, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/jaime.henny/posts/pfbid02Fn1Y87ofTfUs5BdKfqyJNFPwvqrzqrx83d1LnoUowKrZoyKAfboNZchYdJPknDxel?, Published November 17, 2023. (November 17, 2023.)

NOVEMBER 18, 2023.


Ally Henny further provides insightful reflections of the TRR:

Re: IHOPKC mess

I am going to be doing some more analysis on the report, one of the elephants in the room (the women who deny they made allegations), the article from Julie Roys, and possibly one other thing that was recently released if I can get some more info on it.

What I want to say tonight, though, because I just feel like it needs to be said again:

The IHOPKC Report on Initial Findings has nothing to do with identifying survivors, helping the hurting, and bringing light and truth. Everything about “victims” in it is nothing but empty platitudes, or as someone so astutely put it on October 27th, “righteous sounding bullshit.”

The point of that whole document was to dirty up the whistleblowers and cast doubt on the credibility of the allegations.

By IHOPKC’s own standards, they have a single “credible” allegation, yet they want to focus on making it sound like Dwayne n’em was out here just recruiting people to make allegations. Miss me with that.

#ihopkc #MikeBickle

November 18, 2023. https://www.facebook.com/jaime.henny/posts/pfbid02WVvYGn5UP4mvyfKFHBE8CkHcyMSTStxJSdFUjjPnGRESazeiPBG1uHn42wNb3E4Ql?, November 18, 2023. (Accessed November 19, 2023.)


NOVEMBER 19, 2023.

Ally Henny further provides insightful reflections of the IHOPKC Report:

Re: IHOPKC and why the “refuted” claims ain’t the flex that IHOPKC leadership seems to think it is

Ok y’all I’m coming in hot with this one. It’s going to be long, once again, but I have found so many more things in the IHOPKC report than I did initially I had intended to write two whole other pieces (one on the denials and one on Julie Roys’ article), but as I was attempting to establish some basic facts from the report, it became evident to me that there are some internal inconsistencies, ambiguities, and incomplete/missing information from the report. So this piece covers the issues that I found with the report itself.

I use “Alleged Victim #” in this piece to be consistent with the report, but to also be conscious of the fact that there are people who have denied they made allegations. So rather than trying to keep all that straight I just used the language in the report.

Although the names of three of the four women who deny that they have made allegations against Mike are public, I ask that you do not refer to them by name here. I want to be respectful of them and honor where they are in all of this right now. Please also refrain from sharing screenshots of the statements they made; these things are publicly available. Thank you.

Double asterisks mark different sections that will hopefully make for easy reading. And if you want this in an easier to read format, just say the word!

Also, by way of introduction in case you’re new here: I am a writer, public theologian, occasional freelance journalist, and social justice worker who is providing informed analysis of this situation. I am very familiar with IHOPKC, but I was never on staff there (I was on staff at a different House of Prayer many years ago).

Alright, let’s go.

**Whistleblowers Refuted**

[10 points to you if you immediately got the Hamilton reference; also—I am not making light; this is 100% gallows humor. My apologies if you’re new to my nonsense.].

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about three different women who posted on social media denying that they are victims of sexual misconduct and spiritual abuse from Mike Bickle. The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has shared this information in statements and as part of the “initial findings” from an “investigation” of the allegations against the founder of the very organization that they are the executive leaders of.

The ELT has leveraged statements from the three women to cast doubt on the whistleblower report that was made to IHOPKC leadership in October. The Report on Initial Findings highlights that Alleged Victim #4 claims the whistleblowers contacted her and “insinuated” that she was one of Bickle’s victims. It also states that Alleged Victim #3 referred to the whistleblowers as “bullies” in an email sent to IHOPKC leadership.

The report positions these statements as evidence that refutes the whistleblowers’ claim that these particular women experienced sexual misconduct and spiritual abuse from Bickle. The report also claims that the whistleblowers verbally named Alleged Victim #5 in the course of conversation during the week of October 24. Alleged Victim #5 made a statement on her social media on October 31 stating that she was not a victim.

The rhetorical thrust of the report seems to be aimed toward poking holes in the allegations that the whistleblowers presented to the ELT and discrediting the whistleblowers by calling their motives into question.

The report claims the whistleblowers attempted to “recruit” women to be part of an “alleged victim group,” and that the whistleblowers’ list of demands “generated an atmosphere of concern regarding the true objectives of the [whistleblowers].” The report also asserts that IHOPKC can’t involve a third-party investigator until they “can establish the credibility of the allegations and genuine intent of the [whistleblowers].”

As I said in a previous post, the report presents the denials made by Alleged Victims #3, #4, #5, and #6 as if their claims have the effect of discrediting, disproving, or minimizing the allegations against Bickle.

The allegations don’t go away just because someone denied that they’re true. The denials must also be investigated so that their veracity may be established. That’s not a commentary on the people making the denials, but rather a reality that must be considered when dealing with this kind of situation. I will say more about this in a future post.

A denial doesn’t mean that an allegation has been disproven, discounted, or found to be otherwise false. What a denial does is put the facts into dispute or, alternatively, yield additional facts or claims that that must be investigated. Or both.

The women denying that they made allegations against Mike isn’t the flex that the ELT wants us to think that it is. What it means that more work must be done to establish what is and isn’t true. The ELT claims to have done its due diligence regarding this matter, but the report does nothing to demonstrate that this claim is true.

**The math ain’t mathin’**

Originally, this piece was only going to be about the denials. However, as I was preparing to write that post, I noticed some issues with the report as I was attempting to establish facts.

No tea, no shade, but this report is not well prepared.

There are several ambiguities and internal inconsistencies. There are points when the reporting isn’t as clear or thorough as it should be so that we can understand who said and did what concerning whom and why. The report fails to clearly establish certain facts and does not adequately support several of its claims. The report also contradicts some of the claims that it does clearly establish.

There are also some things that literally do not add up. I apologize in advance because this could get a little confusing:

(1) How many people is IHOPKC saying that the whistleblowers presented as victims? The report claims that the whistleblowers presented the ELT with a document that contained three names that were presented by their initials only, and five Jane Does. The report asserts that two additional victims were presented verbally by the whistleblowers. That would equal ten victims. The IHOPKC report says multiple times that there are eight “alleged” victims.

Were the two victims who were verbally presented originally Jane Does who the whistleblowers decided to name? If so, why were Jane Does named after the whistleblowers said they weren’t giving names? If not, why were names verbally presented to the ELT? In what context were those names mentioned? What impact did the verbal revelation of these two victims have on the total count of alleged victims? The IHOPKC report should have established these facts more clearly, even if the ELT believes that those allegations aren’t credible. The report should attempt to answer more questions than it raises.

Was there some other overlap between groups of victims? That is, was a victim who was verbally named also named by initials in the whistleblower document? Was a verbally named victim one of the Jane Does? Was Alleged Victim #2 a Jane Doe report? Again, the IHOPKC report doesn’t make it clear, and the IHOPKC report needs to make these things clear.

What the report does say is that there was a total of five Jane Does and five “named” victims (three by initials in the whistleblower report, two verbally). Again, that is ten, not eight. Did two of the Jane Does become named victims, and so now there are only three Jane Does? The report verifies that there are still Jane Doe allegations, but it does not establish if that number remains at five. If names are coming up or people are coming out of the woodwork, IHOPKC needs to show us how they fit into the narrative.

We could assume that two of the Jane Does became named victims, but the IHOPKC report does not establish this as a fact.

If two of the Jane Does did become named victims (again, the report doesn’t establish this), which of the victims are they?

Alleged Victim #1 was already a named victim.

It’s possible that Alleged Victim #2 could have been a Jane Doe, but the report fails to establish whether she was is considered a “named” victim or if she is a Jane Doe in the whistleblowers’ report to the ELT. The report says that IHOPKC attempted to get in contact with her.

The report also says that her allegations were the “detailed.” Does this mean that they know her name? Was her name presented from the beginning? If her name was presented from the beginning and she was one of the eight in the whistleblowers’ report, why does the IHOPKC report make no mention of her full name being given?

I know that this is probably confusing, but that’s the point. It should be crystal clear from the report, but it isn’t because IHOPKC has failed to show their work.

Alleged Victim #3 was already a named victim, so she couldn’t have been a Jane Doe.

Alleged Victims #4 and #5 were the “additional” names that were verbally submitted to the ELT. Could one or both of them be former Jane Does? It’s possible, but difficult to determine from the report because it doesn’t quite make sense based on the facts given.

The IHOPKC report does not give a reason why Alleged Victims #4 and #5 were not part of the whistleblowers’ initial report, it only establishes them as “additional” names. The report says “…IHOPKC was given the names of two additional women orally during conversations that took place the week of October 24.”

The use of “additional” here would seem to mean “added to the previous number” (which in this case would make that number ten victims), but it could also be interpreted to mean that the names were the only additional thing and that it didn’t add to the numbers.

Clarity regarding these naming of these victims would’ve benefitted IHOPKC because they could have cast doubt on the whistleblowers by claiming that the whistleblowers said that Alleged Victims #4 and #5 were Jane Does, but that #4 and #5 denied being victims—which would have made the Jane Doe report seem suspect. I AM NOT SAYING ANY THAT IS TRUE OR THAT IT HAPPENED…I am just pointing out that this is one way that clarity on this matter might’ve helped IHOPKC better make their argument.

Alleged Victim #6 is a whole different matter, and I’ve dedicated an entire section to her. What I will say here is that #6’s relationship to the whistleblowers and their report to the ELT is unclear—she was not one of the “named” victims. We cannot establish whether she was a Jane Doe since the whistleblowers haven’t given any of the Jane Doe names (hence them being Jane Does).

All of that, I’m sure, was as clear as mud. And that’s what I mean by this report not being adequately prepared. Whoever prepared this report failed to check it for internal logic and consistency, and so there is a lack of clarity.

(2) Another thing that isn’t clear is how Alleged Victim #2 was identified in the whistleblower report. IHOPKC’s report says that this was the only detailed allegation, but the report doesn’t mention specifically whether the woman was mentioned by name or initials in the whistleblower report.

If she was mentioned by name, that contradicts the report’s previous assertion that three of the “named” victims were presented by initials only.

She could not have been one of the ones verbally named because the report establishes that it was Alleged Victims #4 and #5 that were verbally named by the whistleblowers. The only other possibility based on facts that the IHOPKC report has established, is that this woman could be a Jane Doe victim—but that doesn’t make sense because they had her email and phone number (unless it was a burner phone and a fake email).

(3) How does Alleged Victim #6 fit into the eight total “alleged” victims that the report claims there are. If the whistleblowers presented eight (or ten) victims, that means that Alleged Victim #6 would make nine (or eleven) victims because the report says that she wasn’t named at the October 24 meeting.

She also cannot be one of the victims named verbally because the report establishes that Alleged Victims #4 and #5 were the ones the whistleblowers identified verbally.

It is not clear what, if any, relationship Alleged Victim #6 has to the whistleblower report. I will discuss this more below.

(4) How many people are they saying have “refuted” that they made allegations against Mike? If you said four, you are wrong. The report claims there are five, yet we only “see” four and are given no information about how the fifth person fits into the equation. Is this a typo, artifact from a previous draft, counting error, or an unsupported claim? Your guess is as good as mine.

The implication of IHOPKC failing to establish or clarify certain facts is that it makes the alleged victim count seem inconsistent within the report. If the IHOPKC report were clear, it would be simple arithmetic to calculate the number of victims.

Clear, consistent, and concise reporting would make it easy to follow their argument without having to assume or interpret. From a tactical standpoint, it benefits IHOPKC to have an internally consistent report because it demonstrates transparency, reliability, and care.

It would have been better for them to have included a simple overview that lists basic facts and figures alongside a more comprehensive report.

**Questions about Alleged Victim #6**

How does Alleged Victim #6 fit into all of this? The report claims that Alleged Victim #6 approached the ELT via email and shared that she heard her name being used in conjunction with the allegations and wanted to clarify that she did not make any allegations.

If the only way she was identified as an “alleged victim” is through an email to IHOPKC leadership, how did they establish the veracity of the claim that she “heard that her name was being used as part of the allegations…?” Did she say where or from whom she heard the rumors? Could the ELT verify the source of the rumors? Could someone in the community simply send an email and say that they heard a rumor that they would like to deny and be considered an “alleged victim” who refuted the claim?

The report claims that “[h]er name did not come up at the October 24 ELT meeting, but she is the sixth woman whose name has emerged.” So how did her name emerge? Are they saying that they only learned of her name because she emailed them, or did it come up some other way? If her name emerged by some other means, what were those means and how did the ELT establish the veracity of the claim?

What role, if any, did the whistleblowers play in Alleged Victim #6’s denial? The report is unclear about what Alleged Victim #6’s claim has to do with the whistleblower report. It seems that Alleged Victim #6 emerged independently and was not on the whistleblowers’ radar, but the report does not clearly establish this one way or the other.

The general thrust of the report seems to be concerned with the findings of an inquiry stemming from the whistleblower report, so it seems like a non sequitur (if not also a red herring) to include information about a “refuted” claim concerning someone that the report fails to clearly establish was on the whistleblowers’ radar in the first place.

Alleged Victim #6 claims to have never made any allegations. The report establishes that her name was not brought to the ELT on October 24. The report asserts that her name came up in rumors, but does not establish what, if any, action was taken to verify the content, source, or existence of these rumors (e.g. screenshots, names of individuals, social media posts) and the relationship of those rumors and her denial to the initial whistleblower report. All we have is the assertion that there was an email to ELT and some vibes.

The questions surrounding Alleged Victim #6’s denial raises another important question: Why did the ELT include this person’s account in their report in the first place? The report does not share the rationale for including Alleged Victim #6’s claim, but I will offer some possible explanations:

(1) Alleged Victim #6’s claim IS significantly connected to the allegations that the whistleblowers brought forth, but the report fails to adequately establish how it is connected.

(2) Alleged Victim #6’s claim IS NOT connected to the allegations that the whistleblowers brough forth, but the ELT felt it was necessary to bring this claim to light and address it in their findings. If this is the case, the report fails to establish their rationale and it needs to be revised to include the necessary information and context, preferably in the form of an appendix to avoid confusion with their findings regarding the whistleblower report.

(3) Alleged Victim #6’s claim IS NOT connected to the allegations that the whistleblowers brought forth. The ELT presented it in the manner that they did to discredit the whistleblowers and to make the allegations against Mike seem weak. They are being intentionally vague so they can spin it later.

Perhaps there are some other, reasonable explanations, but this is what I came up with.

**Final Thoughts**

I just have to say that there are several more things about this report that I could have covered but did not cover. The discussion of each of the “Alleged Victims” was a right royal mess that was a bunch of cherrypicked facts and unsubstantiated claims. The IHOPKC Report on Initial Findings is a document that lacks curiosity, answers the wrong questions, asks few questions of itself and is not well organized or sufficiently thorough in its scope or reporting.

You cannot convince me that this document was prepared by IHOPKC’s lawyers. If it was, wel…

In the report’s conclusion, IHOPKC says that they “hope that by sharing our preliminary findings regarding these allegations, you will understand why it is premature at this juncture to have a third party conduct a community-wide investigation.” This report does the exact opposite. It shows us why it was important to have a third-party investigation in the first place.

IHOPKC needed for this report to be well organized and airtight. It needed to present a clear and compelling elucidation of all of the facts and available information to date. It needed to be thorough, logical, and unambiguous. It needed to answer every question that it possibly could and demonstrate curiosity about things that are unclear. It needed to be internally consistent and logical. It was none of these things.

It’s possible that the report’s inconsistencies, ambiguities, and issues are the result of a leadership team that is out of its element trying to do too much and not having the range to write a sufficiently thorough report or conduct a sufficiently thorough inquiry.

It is also possible that the report went through several drafts and revisions. It’s possible that the team could have gotten new information that needed to be worked into the document creating artifactual information and inconsistencies. It’s also possible that that the team working on the report simply lacked the skill (or the time) to go over it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the presentation was solid.

Certainly, IHOPKC realizes that people are scrutinizing everything that they say and do. If I were in a similar position [I wouldn’t be trying to do this without investigators…], I would want the report that my ministry is putting out to be airtight and for every jot and tittle to be in place because people are watching.

Were they expecting people to turn off their brains while they read the report? Were they really expecting folks, in the midst of all this scrutiny, to simply take their word for it and not ask any questions?

**My unvarnished opinion**

I’ve tried to be fair here, if not always objective, but I’m just gonna say it out loud on Beyoncé’s internet: The fix is in.

I can’t tell you what to think, but EYE am very troubled that they aren’t giving us basic stuff done well or right. We didn’t even need this funky old report because they could’ve just called in a third party the DAY they found out (and everybody can’t even agree on what day that even ways) and those people could be giving us info. But here they are with a report that nobody asked for serving us with vagueness, inconsistencies, and cherrypicked facts.

Then they are insulting our intelligence by telling us that they can’t get a third party involved until they establish the facts and understand the motives of the whistle blowers. As I said before, investigators establish the facts. The whistleblowers’ motives don’t matter if what they’re presenting is the truth.

Saying that they can’t involve a third party until they establish credibility and motives is like me telling y’all that I can’t take my car to the mechanic until I figure out why the check engine light is on. They are peeing on our collective leg and telling us it’s raining. And they can miss me with that like Shaq shooting free throws.

#ihopkc #MikeBickle

Source: Ally Henny, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/jaime.henny/posts/pfbid0FQiQWatg24ynnDVGmDnKhVuJUeZniY5xa64v2jMoomxQp9Pf3vUw3RkzcWnktpGQl?, November 19, 2023 at 10:29. (Accessed November 19, 2023.)



NOVEMBER 20, 2023.




NOVEMBER 21, 2023.

Heaven Bent upload images of a GRACE IHOPKC Report from 2019 on Facebook.

Would you be interested in reading GRACE‘s 2019 executive summary regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against a member of #IHOPKC staff…? Thought so.

Let me know what jumps out to you. 🧐

*For more insight, see my previous post.

Source: Heaven Bent, Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/HeavenBentPod/posts/pfbid0uj2tNrC4cQGGGeaUyU1TdmRABxopDGcxdDv599QwPzp33f4cBKPnf9CYGg3HbfhEl, Published November 21, 2023. (Accessed November 21, 2023.)

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PDF version: GRACE Executive Summary Report on IHOP and Tebbutt Investigation (2019)  

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The Roy’s Report on the above report, reporting on the report’s report on IHOPKC’s handling of Tebbutt:

Report: IHOPKC Hired Man Who Admitted ‘Inappropriate Touch’ of 16-Year-Old; Fails to ‘Prioritize the Wounded’

The International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) accepted a man into its internship in 2012 who admitted on his application that he had engaged in “inappropriate touch” with a 16-year-old in his youth ministry. That’s according to a 2019 investigative report by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), which was recently leaked for the first time to that 16-year-old, who’s now 52, and then sent to The Roys Report (TRR).

The report claimed that IHOPKC has a culture of failing to “prioritize the wounded” and needs to investigate alleged incidents of sexual abuse by “other individuals associated with IHOP” that surfaced during GRACE’s investigation.

“(P)rioritizing the wounded means that institutional leaders engage in immediate, healthy, and transparent communications to encourage, pursue and care for those who are wounded and hurting,” the report states. “These issues must be addressed and GRACE recommends that these matters be promptly investigated. A failure to investigate and implement recommended changes is likely to result in continued missteps when handling and responding to misconduct issues at IHOP.”

IHOPKC hired GRACE in 2018 to investigate Brad Tebbutt, a former California youth minister, after news media contacted IHOPKC with allegations that Tebbutt had molested a teen girl in the 1980s, starting when she was 14.

The report found that Tebbutt “repeatedly exploited . . . the trust granted him” by the woman, identified elsewhere as Jennifer Roach. It also found that Tebbutt “minimizes or fails to appreciate the gravity of his potentially criminal . . . sinful behaviors.”

IHOPKC did not immediately respond to TRR’s questions, including what, if any, role Tebbutt currently holds at IHOPKC. However, according to a Kansas City Star article, he was still employed as a missionary at IHOPKC in 2022.

In 2019, GRACE gave its report to IHOPKC and recommended that the organization publicly release the report, but IHOPKC never did.

GRACE has a policy of releasing its reports not just to the organizations that hire GRACE, but also to victims who participate in its investigations. But in this case, the alleged victim, Jennifer Roach, did not participate in the investigation and did not receive the report, GRACE told TRR. However, on a recent The Roys Report (TRR) podcast, GRACE Executive Director Pete Singer stated GRACE’s policy of giving reports to victims without qualifying that the victim must participate in the investigation. This prompted Roach to complain publicly that she had not received the report.

Then, the report arrived in the mail in an unmarked envelope, Roach told TRR.

Robert Peters, GRACE’s director of institutional response, looked at the report to confirm it.

“We have not read through the entirety of what purports to be the leaked report, but the style and substance of what we have reviewed is consistent with GRACE reports from that timeframe,” said Peters.

Singer told TRR that GRACE was in the process of re-examining its four-year-old contract with IHOPKC to see if GRACE could release the report to Roach when the report was leaked.

The report is especially relevant now because IHOPKC is embroiled in a major controversy for its handling of allegations that IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle has engaged in clergy sexual abuse with multiple victims.

Several former IHOPKC staff and members have also complained that IHOPKC mishandled their reports of sexual assault by other IHOPKC employees.

TRR reached out to IHOPKC for comment but did not receive a reply by time of publishing.

IHOPKC hires admitted abuser

In 2012, Tebbutt applied to be an intern at IHOPKC. According to GRACE’s report, Tebbut answered a question on the application about whether he’d previously been accused of sexual or physical abuse by saying he had “moved outside of his marriage to find emotional fulfillment” with a 16-year-old girl which went “no further than inappropriate touch.”

In California, where this incident reportedly occurred, the age of consent is 18.

At the time of GRACE’s investigation of the Tebbutt case, Tebbutt and Roach were embroiled in a lawsuit Roach had brought against Tebbutt and the First Baptist Church of Modesto, Calif. Tebbutt and Roach declined to participate in GRACE’s investigation due to the pending lawsuit.

Roach later received a large settlement from First Baptist of Modesto for covering up abuse of her and others by pastors for years.

For its investigation, GRACE relied on a “fact sheet” Tebbutt had created from meetings with a psychologist, a polygraph he took in 2005, and letters and emails he exchanged with Roach, the report states.

When Tebbutt was 28 and Roach was about 15, Tebbutt and his wife took a “parenting role” in Roach’s life when Tebbutt was an intern youth minister at First Baptist Church of Modesto, according to the report. Roach’s father had reportedly just died, and she was going through a tough break-up from a dating relationship.

Tebbutt’s account divulges inappropriate touching on several occasions, including his touching her breasts. He denied engaging in sexual intercourse with her, the report states.

However, Roach claimed in her lawsuit that Tebbutt fondled her and had sexual intercourse with her, beginning when she was 14, the report states.

Despite Tebbutt’s answer on the 2012 intern application, IHOPKC admitted him into its internship. Then in 2013, Tebbutt applied for a staff position and IHOPKC hired him. And in 2015, IHOPKC promoted Tebbutt to be director of its Simeon Company Internship where he oversaw interns, including female interns.

IHOPKC’s president in 2012 (Mike Bickle) was “inclusive,” and wanted to give people a “fresh start” and “second chance,” the report states. Those who looked at applications for internships weren’t well trained and were given authority to decide whether a matter was “resolved,” the report states. IHOPKC reportedly was also understaffed, which meant things could “fall through the cracks.”

Neither the 2013 staff application nor the 2015 leadership promotion process asked about past allegations of abuse, the report states, and Tebbutt didn’t disclose the allegation either.

In 2018, GRACE sent a survey to 311 people, including IHOPKC and Forerunner Church leaders, IHOPKC faculty, admin, and security staff, and past Simeon Company interns and received 193 responses. None of the responses indicated any sexual abuse by Tebbutt while serving at IHOPKC, the report stated.

In 2018, IHOPKC’s Chief Operating Officer interviewed Tebbutt about what happened with Roach. According to the report, Tebbutt said what occurred was “inappropriate” but more of an “emotional connection.” Tebbutt also reportedly said the interactions were “sexual” only in that they involved “kissing and (engaged in inappropriate touching).” According to Tebbutt, all the sexual contact was “above the clothes” and “nothing below the belt.”

GRACE determined in its report that Tebbutt had abused his authority with Roach at the Modesto Church and showed a pattern of concealing or minimizing information about past allegations while at IHOPKC.

GRACE noted that IHOPKC needed to close these “gaps” in the various application processes. GRACE also stated that “the attitudes, the culture, and the priorities” of an institution make the biggest difference regarding safety.

IHOPKC’s response prompts complaints by women

When GRACE began its investigation, IHOPKC decided not to put Tebbutt on administrative leave, the report states. This caused women within IHOPKC to complain. Later, IHOPKC changed course and moved him out of his role, pending the results of the investigation, the report states.

“One leader explained, ‘(The President) said if we should put (Mr. Tebbutt) on administrative leave, then it would communicate that we were not standing with/being loyal to (Mr. Tebbutt),’” the report stated.  “This IHOP leader noted, ‘I had a number of other women in the ministry and in my life that were like, ‘What the heck?’”

Former IHOPKC-member Sarah Markman was one of those women, she told TRR. She and her husband, John, started off as interns at IHOPKC in 2009 and were members of the IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church until 2019. John also held several positions at IHOPKC, including handling its finances until 2017.

Sarah Markman told TRR that she had previously been a victim of sexual abuse. So, in 2019, she wrote an email to then-IHOPKC executive leader Daniel Lim, urging IHOPKC to handle the Tebbutt case well.

“I believe that the way IHOP handles sexual abuse and wholeness, will either set the stage for restoration or give way to a cycle of unhealth,” Markman wrote. “As IHOP faces a reset, I would ask that the leadership would consider a very intentional strategy to not only change policies and procedures concerning sexual abuse, but also to address the culture. To be a voice for the victim. To be proactive in establishing a safe and transparent community. As I share in my questions below, I feel that Brad Tebbutt should have been asked to leave staff when this case surfaced.”

In March 2022, the Markmans followed up with a meeting with Stuart Greaves and Dave Sliker, members of IHOPKC’s executive leadership team. The Markmans told TRR that they told Greaves and Sliker that they didn’t believe IHOPKC should restore Tebbutt to staff.

The Markmans said both Greaves and Sliker told them they should enter a Matthew 18 process with Tebbutt if they didn’t believe he had taken full responsibility for his actions. The Markmans added that Greaves and Sliker said that the couple couldn’t continue their appeal to IHOPKC leaders until they first went to Tebbutt.

John Markman told TRR that he tried to contact Tebbutt but wasn’t able to get Tebbutt’s contact info from those who worked closely with Tebbutt at IHOPKC.

TRR reached out to IHOPKC’s press office, requesting comment from Greaves and Sliker, but did not immediately receive a response.

GRACE recommends IHOPKC make changes

In its report, GRACE recommended IHOPKC fire Tebbutt if he doesn’t show repentance and a pattern of change. It also urged IHOPKC to notify Tebbutt’s past employers of his alleged past sexually abusive behavior.

In addition, GRACE advised IHOPKC to create a safeguarding committee, which would train staff in sexual offender dynamics, report sexual misconduct allegations to law enforcement, and review sexual misconduct policies.

TRR reached out to IHOPKC’s press office to ask if IHOPKC had implemented any of the recommendations, including instituting the safeguarding committee. The press office did not immediately respond.

“Environments that draw vulnerable people must be places that prioritize the abused, not the abuser,” the report states. “Prioritizing the wounded and vulnerable, which is at the heart of the gospel message, must be a part of every institution’s DNA.”

Source: Rebecca Hopkins, Report: IHOPKC Hired Man Who Admitted ‘Inappropriate Touch’ of 16-Year-Old; Fails to ‘Prioritize the Wounded’, November 21, 2023. (Accessed 21, 2023.)


Testimonies and responses highlighting IHOP’s leadership disregarding the GRACE Report and providing insights to the history of IHOP.

Samuel J. Hood, (Allen Hood’s son) who shared this post writes,


There are many alarming things about the GRACE report that Heaven Bent published tonight. For me, the following quote was the most shocking!

“Decide whether Brad Tebbutt will be permitted to return to IHOP. Without a proven demonstration of authentic repentance, Brad Tebbutt’s employment and association with IHOP should be terminated.

Should he be permitted to return to IHOP, he must never be allowed on the property when minors are present. In addition, he must never be allowed at, or granted participation in, any off-campus IHOP activities in which minors are present.”

As an IHOPU alumni, I am absolutely DEVASTATED reading through this report tonight.

IHOPKC not only ignored the GRACE recommendations, but also blatantly defied their recommendations when they brought Brad Tebbutt back on staff and moved him from leading the Simeon Company (ministry to 50 and older) to overseeing recruitment at IHOPU.

Brad was not only on the IHOPKC mission base when minors were present, but actively recruited 14-17 year olds to IHOPU — the same age range of Jennifer Roach when Brad groomed, fondled, and raped her.

I was 4 when I first started attending IHOPKC.
I was 17 when I started attending IHOPU.

As a child of this community, I consider this one of the greatest BETRAYALS of my trust in the leadership of IHOPKC (e.g., Mike Bickle, David Sliker, etc.). HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

Source: Samuel J. Hood, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/samuel.hood.39/posts/pfbid0aH7PLTecZzjz3foAuKzHppFx81qBfoghshM3SAX6VCjTzFApC1GezaEQZg2BBzxFl, Published November 21, 2023. (Accessed November 21, 2023.)

From the same thread, Crystal Schaefer writes:

Samuel — James Schaefer and I went up the appeals chain regarding Brad in 2018. [Which is a story in itself. We left staff and stopped attending FC because of it— having learned through this process the leadership’s position on sex offenders (I was told “sin is sin” by a top leader), the lack of empathy towards victims, and lack of care and concern for current interns, students, staff, and church goers]

Even so, because he is a known [yet unregistered] sex offender we continued to follow up with the appeals team about once a year to check in on Brad’s whereabouts. We were ‘assured’ by Sliker (Hi David Sliker!) that he was in a low and unimportant position on staff—which would still be concerning for many reasons — yet even this was not the case.

About a year and a half ago Brad was promoted to Director (!) of the Media School at IHOPU. As soon as we learned of this we, and many others raised our voices and within 24 hours he was replaced temporarily by another staff member. The narrative i was told was that this was the plan all along. Sure it was.

Then this past year I found out he was trying to get a meeting with a female friend of mine to discuss marketing. She had no idea who he was or his history.

So Brad has free rein and is on the loose at IHOP. The majority of people there do not know his story or what he’s done.

And yet—these past few weeks, the ELT continues to tout of the “great system” they have in place for people to come forward with concerns, while Brad sits in those blue chairs, nodding vehemently and thinking “No for real guys it’s an excellent system”

Source: Crystal Schaefer, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/samuel.hood.39/posts/pfbid0aH7PLTecZzjz3foAuKzHppFx81qBfoghshM3SAX6VCjTzFApC1GezaEQZg2BBzxFl, November 21 at 16:15. (Accessed November 22, 2023.) 

From the same thread, Crystal Schaefer also writes:

Marilynn Song Harri well said! (And hi!)

The conversations I had with leaders when we were in the appeals process was — when we’re dealing with a crime, especially one against a minor, especially one that is sexually and spiritually abusive in nature, it is impossible to be repentant without going through the due process. Brad cannot be repentant while circumventing the law for his crimes.

Repentance requires he turn himself in, and after he does whatever time is due, he must be registered publicly as a sex offender.

Sex offenders must comply with certain regulations — for example they’re not allowed within certain proximity to playgrounds or schools. Likewise churches should establish and enforce protocols that keep sex offenders away from church grounds where children roam free.

And if somebody who is an offender wants to attend church, the congregation must be made aware of what they have access to/what they are allowed to attend — so that parents can make informed decisions for the safety of their children, and also by being transparent, the statistical likelihood of history repeating itself, decreases drastically.

And to your point- 100% agree — in terms of a sex offenders, occupation, one strike and you are out. Go bag groceries, go be a botanist… There are thousands of jobs you can do. But for the rest of your life, due to the nature of your crimes, you have lost the right to work with children, women, any spiritual position, or position of authority in general.

Source: at 17:51

From the same thread, Elizabeth Zion Herder writes:

Crystal Schaefer we also confronted this, appealed, pressed, made noise…to no avail. We were stunned that it was not taken seriously. God forbid that he hurts anyone else!!! I know many good men and women for whom this was the final straw.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 00:13.

From the same thread, Joanna May writes:

Crystal Schaefer I believe firmly that the sad reality is the Mike Bickle used the Brad Tebbutt case as a trial run for his own exposure: to identify who of his leadership would balk at the continued support of Brad and to cull them out of the ministry with silly accusations like “betrayers” – and it worked to some degree! There were many leaders who left the organization because they could not on good conscience support Mike’s position on Brad. And now we’re seeing the complicity of those who stayed.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 00:16.

From the same thread, Crystal Schaefer writes:
Elizabeth Zion Herder you were courageous and relentless in putting pressure on ELT regarding Brad, though they gaslight and mocked you for it. You are brave my friend— and I am so proud of you for this, and for so many other things. Justice will have its day.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 03:36.

From the same thread, Crystal Schaefer also writes:

Joanna May wow what a wild thought — the evidence certainly does point to this. Brad became the great divider of IHOP. Those who objected left— and there was a great exodus because of him.

This speaks to the culture— overnight IHOP lost many respectable and critical leaders, as well as high caliber staff and church goers — yet this did not trouble the majority of staff enough to seek out why.

And this is worth digging into. Those who leave are viewed as they can’t hack it. The work they invested is rewritten, lower management clamors to grab their positions of power, and the wave moves on without them. Those who pressed for answers were gaslight and pushed out.

And then to your point, Joanna, with the resistors gone, only good ol boys remained in leadership — those indoctrinated by Mike’s worldview on protecting offenders, and discounting victims — making conditions ripe for the worst offenders (aka him) to essentially get away with murder, so to speak

Source: November 22, 2023 at 04:03.

From the same thread, Alicia Good Marshall writes:

Crystal Schaefer This. 💯 this. Your story is my story is the story of every woman who ever tried to call out a male perpetrator in this abusive IHOP system and was shrugged off and silenced and told “sin is sin.”

Source: November 22, 2023 at 05:02.

From the same thread, Alicia Good Marshall also writes:

Joanna May So, I was told by someone in leadership at Metro in the 80s that Bob Jones sexually abused several underage girls during the Kansas City prophets days. It was swept under the rug, settled out of court (I’m sure NDAs were involved), and Bob Jones was moved to a platform at Morning Star. IMHO that was the original trial run. From what I have been told it was an open secret among top leadership for decades. Of course Brad’s situation was handled like this. They’ve been weeding out the people willing to leave over sexual abuse for DECADES and bringing in young (“wet cement”) eighteen and nineteen year olds and telling them a highly edited version of events that involves a “sexual fall” into “sexual sin” and then repentance. The tree is rotten to the core.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 05:13.

From the same thread, Breanna Noel Winslow writes:

Alicia Good Marshall Crystal Schaefer we were TOLD by our leaders at IHOP kc in 2006/7/8 do not google: Bob Jones, Do not google Kansas City prophets, Paul Cain, or MIKE BICKLE because it’s just lies…they don’t know the REAL story.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 05:26.

From the same thread, Alicia Good Marshall writes:

Breanna Noel Winslow Yes! I was told that too! And at 19 years old I was stupid enough to believe it. Now it seems so, so painfully obvious. They built their theology to be a closed system that protected perpetrators of all kinds, and it has been successfully protecting perpetrators for 40+ years now. It is rotten to the core. There is nothing salvageable in Mike Bickle’s legacy. It really, truly does just need burnt to the ground. And I pray to God they salt the earth so that none of these dudes are starting their own IHOP 2.0 in five years so more women can be told they are seductresses when they are raped and more pedophiles can be living their best life in comfort and ease.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 05:39.

From the same thread, Amy Fredette writes:

Breanna Noel Winslow yes this is one clear memory I have. I sure af don’t remember much of the actual prophetic history they locked us into a room and forced us to listen to for *hours* but I *do* remember being told not to google anything about Mike or the KC Prophets..or even IHOPKC in general

Source: November 22, 2023 at 06:32.

From the same thread, Paige Whitaker writes:

I’m disgusted to learn of this all NOW and not WHEN I WAS ON STAFF. I was a staff member in 2018/ 2019. Why was something of this magnitude not made clear to the staff members?? As a woman, I want to know I am safe. I want to know who I am around.

When I left ihop in 2019, I went to work for Geico (corporate). While we were still in the training phase, there was a guy that gave a bunch of us girls a really weird feeling. He never touched any of us but he would make comments about other women (that didn’t work there) that made me uncomfortable.

After a couple of days, the other girls in my class and I had a convo and realized we all felt uncomfortable around him. No one wanted to say anything so I went to our instructor and asked her to seat us away from him.

It was so bad that the other men in the class watched him like a hawk and were ready to act if needed.

AS SOON as the manager found out, she called me in her office, kindly invited me to share anything I wanted about the situation, thanked me for my time and sent me on my way.

She had that joker packed up and canned within the hour.

He didn’t touch anyone. He didn’t even make a comment about US. and yet they could see his behavior as inappropriate, predatory and unacceptable and then they took action.

It is so devastating that an organization that is supposed to represent JUSTICE HIMSELF seems to be so out of touch with His heart while simultaneously talking about the smile of God over them.

Cognitive Dissonance at its finest.

I feel so betrayed.

Source: November 22, 2023 at 03:22.

Brother John Elving slams the IHOPKC Elders Leadership Tea (ELT) on his website, insisting they resign:

It appears he put the following content out on Nov 21:

The IHOPKC ELT actions are reprehensible causing harm to victims, advocates, and the church.

Nov,21,2023 I am publicly calling for the resignation of the IHOPKC ELT. For the safety of the church and all involved at IHOPKC, I am asking for A third-party investigation. I accept the testimony of Dwayne Roberts, Brian Kim, Allen Hood, Wes Martin, and Randy Bohlender. These men are not investigators they are full-time pastors. A third party will provide a safe environment for the women and an opportunity for Mike Bickle to respond. I pray the Lord brings the truth to light.  Brother John Elving.

Source: IHOPKC Resignations, BrotherJohnElving.com, https://www.brotherjohnelving.com/ihopkc-support, Published November 21, 2023. (Accessed November 25, 2023.)


NOVEMBER 22, 2023.

IHOP releases another update on the scandal across social media platforms and on their website,

ELT Update November 22, 2023

Dear IHOPKC community,

We’d like to share a few important updates and responses to frequently asked questions.

Please take time to carefully read and understand the following text.

1) IHOPKC has contacted and is in communication with multiple third parties about conducting an independent examination of the allegations presented by the Complaint Group, as well as a review of IHOPKC’s Report on Initial Findings.

These third parties include national Christian leaders, journalists, and investigative firms who were involved in #MeToo and investigated the SBC and RZIM.

There has been unfounded suspicion and sowed fear around IHOPKC’s choice to utilize law firms to conduct the initial examination of the allegations. However, law firms are routinely involved in the investigation of sexual abuse in accordance with due process – a fundamental part of the justice system and a basic right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Without due process, complaints are taken at face-value, evidence is not required, proceedings are unfair, and there is no accountability.

In this case, the disregard for due process by the Complaint Group that presented the allegations against Mike Bickle and the fact that a potential crime has been alleged, necessitated the use of law firms who understand and will operate within the confines of the constitutional due process right. In addition to understanding due process, the law firms IHOPKC chose are very experienced in representing victims of sexual abuse, including victims of clergy abuse and victims in the Boy Scouts of America.

Simply put: IHOPKC takes this situation very seriously and has been adhering to due process to verify the allegations presented to it, and unless/until IHOPKC is able to verify these allegations, it cannot move forward with an investigation.

If IHOPKC is presented with first-hand evidence of sexual abuse by Mr. Bickle, it will immediately take the necessary subsequent steps.

2) The Report on Initial Findings is precisely that – an initial assessment. It is NOT an exoneration of Mr. Bickle.

The Report stated very clearly that IHOPKC’s attorneys had limited information and would not be able to perform any further investigation until it could interview witnesses with first-hand information, or until the Complaint Group was willing to present evidence or any details about the anonymous Jane Does. Our leadership team was presented with allegations in the form of stories told by third persons. With the exception of one victim statement regarding allegations from 20+ years ago that was read out loud by a husband, the group did not present any first-hand information or evidence to substantiate the stories. We have repeatedly asked the Complaint Group to come forward with evidence. We have also called on any alleged victims to come forward either directly or via a legal representative.

3) The events of the past four weeks undeniably constitute a crisis. Every facet of the organization has been impacted and strained in the last few weeks. We are grateful to the incredible men and women who have been working around the clock and we look forward to announcing several new protocols and organizational changes in the near future.

4) IHOPKC has sought great care and prudence in its approach to this entire matter. Our ELT is doing its best to walk this out based in Biblical principles, while grounded in facts and legal parameters. In the span of four weeks, IHOPKC has only issued a few public statements and published one initial report. We acknowledge that this may have created an information vacuum, leading our community to grapple with hearsay, rumors, and vague claims circulating online.

Moving forward, we aim to provide more frequent updates and address the frequently asked questions from our community.

Thank you for your patience and prayers.

Source: ELT Update November 22, 2023, IHOPKC, https://www.ihopkc.org/press-center/press-releases/elt-update-november-22-2023/, November 22, 2023.


NOVEMBER 23, 2023.

Joel Richardson uploads a response to IHOPKC’s “Report on Initial Findings” to Twitter (X), accusing the ELT of “protecting a predator” and needing “to resign immediately”:

A Response to IHOPKC’s “Report on Initial Findings” htv-prod-media.s3.amazonaws.com/files/file-913

The Report on Initial Findings forever cemented in my mind the complicity of the Executive Leadership at IHOPKC of protecting a predator. They all need to resign immediately.

Source: Joel Richardson, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/Joel7Richardson/status/1727382985131823237, Published

Wake Up and Win provide full leaked audio in context and transcript of recorded conversation:

Source: Wake Up and Win Podcast, FULL Leaked Audio // IHOPKC & Mike Bickle Scandal — Whistleblower Captures Audio With David Sliker, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwXFTthuwuM, Uploaded November 22, 2023. (Accessed November 22, 2023.)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

YT Transcript: 2023-11-23_YouTube-W-U-A-W-Transcipt

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Christina [6:20] provides context of why this audio is concerning:

There’s a couple things that stuck out. One. The big one was- I have a couple like the transcript here- where it seems like Dave Sliker is admitting to knowing about part of the allegations before they made their statement, that this is the first they’ve heard of them. Which is huge because they literally stood on stage and said, “You know, we just found out about this days ago.” And the whistleblower confronts him multiple times and says you know you lied from the stage. You knew about this. I know you did.” And he brings up an instance of an actual conversation they had about a specific victim from months ago (which this conversation here also matches the article that came out on the Roy’s Report with Dwayne Roberts saying that they knew about this allegation from months before (but somehow stood up on stage and said they just found out about it)). Which also makes sense why everybody heard Isaac say that he’s been crying about it for weeks.

And you’re like, “Wait. Have you been crying about it for weeks? –

Blaise: The initial statement from IHOP KC from stage, Isaac said I’ve been crying about this for weeks. And I think a lot of people went, “Wait a second, I thought you just heard about this.

Christina: So if you pay attention, you will hear him caught in a lie. But he’s he keeps saying to the whistleblower, “I never lied to you. I never lied to you.” And- and he’s like, “I- you lied from the stage.” He’s like, “I never lied to you.”

– – – – – – – – –

Christina [18:26]:

He said that he’s recalling a conversation they had. Previously, whenever Sliker did know about these other victims. And he said, “You said quote ‘I’ve known about * * * * * * victim and I’ve been working with this victim through this,’ that’s what you said.” So Sliker literally said to the whistleblower that he was working with a victim through this, months ago whenever the whistleblower brought up a different victim’s name. So it’s like, “This is happening. This is going on.” And Sliker knows it because he’s working with one of the victims.

Blaise: Right.

Christina: So it’s just like, “How are you going to stand up there and say you just heard about it?”

– – – – – – – – –


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/pfpyrlmafkulz0m6h73kn/Leaked-Audio-IHOPKC.pdf?rlkey=vdva87qaffb1kcutbdplru6l1&dl=0

PDF: Leaked Audio IHOPKC


NOVEMBER 24, 2023.

Allen Hood alerts people to the fact he was the one that led the Tebbutt investigation and called in GRACE back in 2019. Hood insisted he was very vocal against IHOP keeping Tebbutt on staff. 

Malachi O’Brien inquired about  Alled Hood tweeted on Twitter(X):

I led the internal investigation with @jonochall and called in GRACE. I voted for the removal of Brad from staff, and though I moved away from Kansas City, I protested their keeping of him on staff at every turn, verbally and in writing to the executive leadership team and board.

Source: Allen Hood, Twitter (X), https://twitter.com/allenshood/status/1728110826379440133, Published

Original tweet:



NOVEMBER 25, 2023.

Allen Hood alerts people to the fact he was the one that led the Tebbutt investigation and called in GRACE back


NOVEMBER 26, 2023.

Allen Hood alerts people to the fact he was the one that led the Tebbutt investigation and called in GRACE back

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwv4klBNMb0, Published



NOVEMBER 27, 2023.

Allen Hood alerts people to the fact he was the one that led the Tebbutt investigation and called in GRACE back

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwv4klBNMb0, Published

Heather Griffin


I started to share a couple of articles on how Bridal Mysticism theology has been used sexual predators in the Roman Catholic church to groom victims, but got into a good writing groove and ended up writing a much longer, rambling essay talking about how Bridal Mysticism has also been used in Protestant movements (including the charismatic movements) by prominent Christian leaders to groom sexual abuse victims.

We don’t have enough public information about the Mike Bickle Clergy Sexual Abuse allegations to know if the survivors allege that he used Bridal Mysticism theology to groom victims. Given how much he drew from Madame Guyon and the Roman Catholic mystics like Teresa of Avila in his work, this would be expected if he was actually grooming people.

Even if Mike Bickle is later exonerated, it is abundantly clear that despite endless assertions in their best Sincere voices & solemn tones that IHOPKC leaders Take Abuse Very Seriously that there are a trail of mishandled abuse allegations that undercut these stirring little speeches. There is very little public education of the community about sexual abuse and predation, which is profoundly irresponsible in an environment that encourages people to be open at all times. It is also irresponsible in an environment that has leaned so heavily on Bridal Mysticism teachings, which are prone to being hijacked by predators in fairly obvious ways.

I want to be clear that most people who study Bridal Mystical theology are not sexual predators, do not misuse this teaching, would never dream of using it to groom victims, and would be horrified to learn that it was being used to do such great evil. However, everyone who has been edified by this tradition needs to understand the history of abuse associated with it and needs to educate people about these abuses if they are going to teach it and share this devotional literature with others. It’s not enough just to vaguely gesture to “But I don’t mean it *that* way.” Tell people how this is misused so they can spot it. If they are old enough to learn about Bridal Mysticism, they are old enough to learn about abuse.

Madame Guyon’s writings are a common thread in Protestant Bridal Mysticism abuse cases. I know lots of people also love her writings and it is difficult to hear about how they have been used. We can bracket the question of the health of her theology for a much longer, later conversation, preferably led by people who have studied her works intensively and who also understand trauma and spiritualization of trauma responses. It doesn’t mean you have to stop liking her work. It does mean you should pay attention to how she is misused.

Most charismatics still don’t seem to know that Watchman Nee was a clergy sexual abuser who actually filmed his sexual exploitation of young women. As with many other charismatics, his reputation is laundered. We need to understand how his teachings on Spiritual Authority shaped both Bill Gothard and the later charismatic movement in ways that still empower abuse today. If you have benefited from his teachings and are just finding this out, I am so sorry. I am sorry for the betrayal. I am sorry that your leaders did not protect you from this experience. I am sorry for the confusion of having to wrestle with how we can find someone’s work so helpful if they are capable of such great evil and manipulation in the name of Jesus. Please do not bypass that tension. Please do not make his sin small so our small view of Jesus can hold onto the image of Nee as merely flawed, but repentant leader who had a momentary lapse of judgment that did not distort his teachings. Please ask Jesus to grow your capacity to tolerate knowing painful things about people we admire without letting them off the hook or sacrificing their humanity.

This will be a hard read and will include discussions of clergy sexual abuse and grooming. If you are a leader & can handle this, you should read it, even if you need to digest slowly. Charismatics have done a terrible job educating people about abuse, which has made it very easy for predators to prey on beautiful, open, trusting people who like to pray. None of the previous sexual misconduct scandals by Charismatic superstars led to any serious cultural change. Again and again, we have seen the usual round of minimalization of sin (vague gestures towards “sexual immorality” or “adultery”, implying everything was consensual and minimizing spiritual manipulation and brainwashing). The minimization is followed by rushed and botched minimization of sin leading to hasty “restorations” of men whose behavior clearly went well beyond little oopsies of momentary lapses of judgment.

If you want to see better, you have to learn better. You cannot trust the leaders of the charismatic movement to bother to educate themselves on abuse or how to best investigate abuse. You cannot trust their puffed up, uninformed judgment about whether someone is “restored” if they won’t even bother to learn about how predators operate. You also cannot trust them to be transparent and to educate the flock so the vulnerable can recognize abuse and grooming so they can better keep themselves and others safe.

If I have time, I’ll see if I can break down this thread and expand it into a series of educational articles for IHOPKC and other charismatics who want to understand how this kind of abuse operates so they can protect people & hold predators accountable.

Be sure to read the two articles linked at the beginning, as they describe Bridal Mysticism and how it was used by clergy to abuse. The rest of the thread won’t make a ton of sense without that background info.

Source: Heather Griffin, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02BMoqHUsbaQTr2sH3pDSDWmS6d5mKAtxuLthhwmdgDh4kQa7awBwnvtUSS1Sh1E5el&id=100068663501467, November 27, 2023 at10:38.

[PDF Version of attachment here]

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Link to key resource on NAR/IHOPKC’s “Gothard’s” approach to Matthew 18:
Silencing The Lambs: Twisting Matthew 18 (archive.org)

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NOVEMBER 28, 2023.

The ‘I Second That: A demonstration of solidarity’ protest is promoted on Facebook. 


70 people responded

Event by Charlea Taylor and Susan Tuma

10524 Grandview Rd, Kansas City, MO 64137-1624, United States

Public Anyone on or off Facebook

We stand in solidarity with the survivors of Mike Bickle and IHOPKC.

You are invited to join us in asking for an acceptable level of transparency from the Executive Leadership Team at IHOPKC.

Please meet us in the public parking lot of the address below on November 28th, 2023 at 9am to learn more.

10524 Grandview Rd

Kansas City, MO 64137

*This event description is intentionally vague. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to one or both of the event admins, Charlea Taylor and Susan Tuma.*


Source: I Second That: A demonstration of solidarity, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/events/606521704860920/, Accessed November 29, 2023.


NOVEMBER 29, 2023.

‘I Second That: A demonstration of solidarity’ protest happens on IHOPKC property. Livestreamed from @_bytheirfruits channel on Instagram:

Charlea Taylor writes on the ‘I Second That: A demonstration of solidarity’ Facebook event:

We are in the prayer room now. Come and join us. Anyone who has red tape on their mouths have more of it.

We want to advocate for victims in a way that comes alongside people who are on staff and share concern over how this is being handled—so it’s not about attacking IHOP. What we’re hoping people will see is that advocating *is* intercession, and it isn’t about sides—it’s about truth, integrity, and justice. Those aren’t things that will destroy a movement, they’re things that will preserve whatever good fruit it has.

Everyone who participates agrees to be respectful. We will simply put red tape with “truth” on it over our mouths (much like the life protests we all did). That’s a shared symbol and shared history we can rally around. We will have small cards available to hand to anyone curious. The cards will say what we are doing (respectfully advocating for a third party) and how others can participate, and include actions they can take (like a verse to pray, or joining the petition).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/606521704860920/?post_id=608262218020202&amp;, Published November 29, 2023 at 03:45. (Accessed November 29, 2023.)

Taylor added (at 03:55) they were “in the prayer room for now. We are being peaceful and they aren’t asking us to leave.”

Instagram livefeeds of IOPKC protest found at @_bytheirfruits.

Follow @_bytheirfruit Instagram to get regular updates.

Former staff, students, and interns protest at the IHOPKC global prayer room wearing familiar red tape. For years we used to stand outside of abortion clinics wearing red tape over our mouths with the word LIFE written across it as a way of protesting abortion and the loss of life.

Today we came to an intercession prayer meeting and wore red tape over our mouths with the word “TRUTH” As a means of standing with any/all survivors of harm by IHOPKC, and to continue to advocate for transparency from leadership unto real and tangible addressing of abuse (clergy abuse and otherwise) and to push IHOPKC towards seeking true repair and true healing.

The truth does have a way of always coming out in the end.

#ihopkctoo #westandwithihopkcvictims #ihopkcaccountability

Source: _bytheirfruits, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0MmIZGuPid/, Published November 29, 2023. (Accessed November 29, 2023.)

Source: _bytheirfruits, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/C0Mtj5gOy8Q/, Published November 29, 2023. (Accessed November 29, 2023.)


Source: _bytheirfruits, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/C0MydWCOL0G/, Published November 29, 2023. (Accessed November 29, 2023.)

Commentors on Instagram noted the following on IHOPKC:

“They definitely aren’t live on their website right now”

It was further observed:

“yeah that’s because they were running replaced [footage] today to keep people from seeing the red tape on faces…”


Isaac Timothy Meyer posts another well thought-out response to Bicklegate, uploading a Mike Bickle Staff Meeting transcript from 2013. 

Meyer writes,

The feedback from my letter earlier this month has been incredibly uplifting. It’s truly heartwarming to express oneself vulnerably and receive such a warm response. I’ve received hundreds of positive comments and a handful of negative ones. To me, this indicates that my story resonates with many others.

I’ve noticed a common question from many people, asking for examples of the spiritual trauma I mentioned. While I do have many personal experiences and stories, I believe a most harmful aspect is precisely what I mentioned in my previous letter—IHOPKC’s misuse of the prophetic history.

Attached below is a word for word transcription from the August 2013 staff meeting at IHOP, which highlights this unhealthy fixation with the prophetic history. I encourage you not to take my word for it and to read the transcript for yourself.

Similar to many other meetings and services, Mike begins by talking about how the Lord orchestrated significant signs and wonders in the early 80s to establish what would eventually become IHOPKC. The language he goes on to use shows a clear and dangerous pattern of urging people to remain loyal to this extra biblical prophetic narrative. He makes frequent references to the prophetic history, while using the fear of divine judgment to ensure adherence to its commands. Now, consider the impact of being exposed to this kind of teaching and language for an extended period, even for years, or being born into it as was the case for me.

Over time, individuals, myself included, have felt a sense of entrapment at IHOP due to what I thought was a combination of elitism, pride, and the fear associated with “leaving the movement.” In the past, serious questions would arise when someone expressed the desire to depart IHOP, such as concerns about falling away or their spiritual well-being. After years in therapy, I can now honestly recognize this as a symptom of spiritual trauma.

Our highest point of pride should not lie in a movement or a series of prophetic events, but rather in the cross of Jesus. In my humble opinion, discipling individuals primarily through prophetic history rather than focusing primarily on the teachings of the Bible has led to cult-like behavior. This approach has fostered an unhealthy loyalty to Mike Bickle and “the movement,” erroneously equating it with loyalty to Jesus and Christianity.

When one is willing to employ this level of spiritual manipulation on a public stage and broadcast it on the Internet, drawing from a prophetic history, it raises questions about the extent to which one might go behind closed doors to safeguard and preserve that narrative’s sanctity.

(I want to forewarn you that this transcript can be challenging to read. Below are a few excerpts that stood out to me, but I urge you to read it in its entirety. This video is also still available on their website.)

To capture your interest, I’d like to share a couple of phrases that have raised particular concerns for me.

1. Mike Bickle “Here’s my point. Is that just a good story? No. When God does this. Here’s the point I want you to put your seat belt on. When God gives signs in the Heaven to back up words that have to do with a global purpose and he invites you to do it. YOU ARE NOW ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT AND WILL TALK TO HIM ON THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST ABOUT IT. Everyone of you in this room and everyone that’s been in this room for the 14 years that was sent by the Lord they didn’t just kinda come accidentally they were sent by the Lord they will talk to the Lord about THIS PURPOSE”

2. Mike Bickle, “The Lord said you don’t get to choose any of that. I sent signs in the heavens. I raised up prophetic voices. I went out of my way to establish it. You are BOUND to this or we are going to have a serious talk.”

3. Mike Bickle, ”it’s a purpose God really cares about and again years later looking back I can’t negotiate it, but neither can you. That’s the point I want you to see. I want you under the weight of that. It’s not that mike is bound, YOU’RE BOUND. You’re sent here, YOU’RE BOUND. Not to this city. Not to the way we do the ministry but to the message and the values. If you were sent YOU’RE BOUND. ALL YOUR DAYS TO DO THIS. Beloved I urge you to bring your ENTIRE FAMILY into it.”

4. Mike Bickle, “And when you talk to the Lord one day he’ll say where is your family at? Where are you at? Did you do it? Not for a summer, not for a month, not for 3 years but for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.”


Source: Isaac Timothy Meyer, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/isaacmeyer/posts/pfbid0236bSyQjdjU7eExUD3X2rgLcmrJL39ayuYmU2BsSpwrbEMqzfjtgpHvVEo9wwqCdol, Published November 29, 2023 at 11:37. (Accessed November 30, 2023.)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Responses and testimonies to this post, people confirming transcript, meeting and other IHOPKC cult-like antics:

Marilynn Song Harri wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 11:48:

Marilynn Song Harri

Unbelievable. We left a year before this staff meeting but we heard plenty of language like it. For years I struggled with guilt that we left, but looking back, I see more clearly than ever how we were delivered from that place. Thank you for sharing your insights, Isaac. My husband Matt and I have gleaned much from it.

Marilynn Song Harri wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:36:

Marilynn Song Harri

George Estrada Jr. I remember clearly when he said “it’s better if you go – only a few are called to stay” . But when I heard it, I remember feeling keenly like he was upholding an elitist “call” that I had failed to fulfill. I’m sure he didn’t mean it to come across that way, but culturally, words spoken like that often played out in the community in very shaming ways. We felt we couldn’t leave without a prophetic word, supernatural sign or apostolic commission and our life choices were arrested for several years before we left. We were even told by close friends that we weren’t hearing from the Lord and it was a mistake if we left. People were often viewed and talked of as backsliding for leaving. We were less spiritual, in rebellion, or compromising.

Also, my husband and I were just talking about what Mike has said about not building the ministry on prophetic words. We remember that too. Problem is, when you share grandiose supernatural experiences from the platform that have very directional implications for the prayer movement and for people’s entire lives, and are confirmed with visits from Gabriel and chariot rides to heaven and comets in the sky… but then you throw in “but it’s not on the same level at Scripture!” – it doesn’t really matter because everyone is believing it to be true and therefore making life decisions based on the authority of that testimony. People moved across the country because of the supernaturally confirmed prophecy about God resurrecting the Tabernacle of David where the fire would never go out until the Return of Christ. People stayed for YEARS on the basis of that prophecy being true. So they absolutely did “base their lives on these stories”, regardless of how many times we were also told they weren’t on the same level as Scripture.

I would also perhaps challenge your statement that the prophetic history is just a history of how this ministry came to be and therefore not that relevant. Would you still say that if you came to believe that many of these prophecies were fabricated in the first place? Or if they were exaggerated and adapted and changed over time when they weren’t fulfilled as predicted? Because this entire ministry is founded upon some seriously shady prophetic manipulation if you do even just a little bit of research on Bob Jones, Paul Cain and other outside accounts of many of those stories – outside of what Mike and the ELT would rehearse or spin from the platform. I’d encourage you to look into it. The prayer movement will continue around the world, and I cherish it very dearly. But I cannot remain under deceptive leadership.

Susie Jameson wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:12:

Susie Jameson

George Estrada I read what you are saying but I was there in the beginning and all the prophetic words that were the foundation of what Isaac is speaking of. I was there from way back when Mike came from St Louis after a very big prophetic word went very wrong. Then he started all over in Overland Park KS. The biggest word was his brother would be healed and walk again. I waited year after year and saw Pat lying on his bed, for a short time being in a wheel chair but getting worse instead of better. I stayed longer than I ever should have and watched as my dear friends the Meyer family were drawn deeper into Mike’s world. I do believe in Romans 8:28 so that is what I live by. I am happy for you that you have had only good things happen to you…but Mike Bickle has a lot of repenting and asking for forgiveness from many people…sadly to say way too many have passed, his brother being counted in that group. To really understand where Issac is coming from you need to research from the beginning. I am not eloquent with my words like Issac so you might not understand my ramblings, but believe me there are thousands out there who would understand. GBY

Courtney Dunstan wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:38:

Courtney Dunstan

Also, Isaac, when Tyler confronted the ihop leadership back in 2014 before we left KC, he stood in front of Mike and told him that he/we will most certainly NOT be held accountable before God in the judgment day for the prophetic history – that it’s all about the cross of Jesus. He said it better, but that’s the gist of it. And Allen was the only one who “got” what the guys were saying (in their 3 hours of grievances) and saw how IHOP’s environment wasn’t healthy, but he couldn’t reconcile it at the end of the day bc that would mean letting go of the prophetic history and letting go of bad/damaging eschatology.

Ross Bennett wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:29:

Ross Bennett

I remember him in the meeting and it was exactly this meeting that i knew it was off… exactly these words… i brought it up to so many people…

Ross Bennett wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:43:

Ross Bennett

I remember him saying something like, “God is pinning you against the wall and will talk to you about this”. I was like, nah partner…

Isaac Timothy Meyer wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:44:

Isaac Timothy Meyer

Ross Bennett could be another meeting. Or it might be here. This is word for word but there were manyyyy staff meetings

Ross Bennett wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:45:

For the record, i still believe Jesus is God and the Bible is the word of God. Hahahaha there’s some folks that are talking about IHOP’s faults that don’t even believe in “truth” as a thing… just wanted everyone to know… I’m not bitter at Jesus and therefore crapping on IHOP… but this particular meeting in the multi purpose room (i think)… showed some seriously flawed theology on mikes part.

Ross Bennett wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 12:45:

Ross Bennett







Sierra Noel wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:17:

Sierra Noel

Ross Bennett for what it’s worth – I can’t think of anyone I know who has been speaking up against ihop that had been doing so because they’re “bitter at Jesus.” 🫶 but a lot of folks sure seem to think that’s it, so your disclaimer is a smart move here!

Seth Parks wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:03:

Seth Parks

Sierra Noel You are absolutely right. I was there from 1999-2012 and whenever anyone left, they were looked at as wayward or bitter (including myself). To this day I haven’t met anyone who left bitter. Only some actually became bitter by the way they were treated on the way out.

Seth Parks wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:17:

Seth Parks

Thank you for putting the thoughtful work into this, Isaac. Mike said, “We don’t build our ministry on prophetic words. We build our ministry on our relationship to Jesus and the written word of God.” . . . Mike proceeds to speak for almost a full hour without mentioning Jesus or the word of God again. He literally dug a hole, threw Jesus into it, and then buried it in a graveyard of extra-biblical prophecies and mandates. I’m so thankful I can see clearly again.

Courtney Dunstan wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:32:

Courtney Dunstan

Seth Parks, yes, that exactly: “He dug a hole, threw Jesus into it, and then buried it in a graveyard of extra-biblical prophecies and mandates.” 💯 It took me THREE years of hearing Tyler talk about eschatology that was different from MB’s/IHOP’s and then Bethany Deaton taking her own life for me to realize that I don’t have to be beholden to the prophetic history – exactly because it’s what caused her death. That kind of toxic, unchecked, extra-biblical Gnosticism has a detrimental fate and leaves a massive wake of carnage in its path.

Jay Tyler wrote the following on November 29, 2023 at 15:30:

Jay Tyler

Thanks for sharing, it has helped me process the same things you’re mentioning. I never had any ‘overt’ spiritual abuse personally while at IHOP, or at least I didn’t think I did. But what you’re describing as well as many of the cultural issues and lack of accountability for young adults is what I’ve come to understand as manipulation and abuse as well.

When I left IHOP in 2010 to go back to school, I remember struggling to find value and significance in my walk with God for years after leaving IHOP if I wasn’t able to maintain a certain level of ‘spirituality’ which in reality was just works.

I was taking between 18-21 credit hours a semester to be able to catch up and finish my bachelors in 2 years, then working a part time job after school but would still feel like I failed if I couldn’t make it back to the prayer room late evenings.

I do believe this person was sincerely trying to help but I remember when I announced I was leaving to go back to school and knew clearly the Lord had called me to leave, they attempted to talk me into staying on full time staff while doing full time school at same time. There was always this attitude that those who were leaving IHOP were becoming less focused on God and spiritual for doing so.

Mike many times from the stage spoke about those, ‘who couldn’t uphold the calling long term’ and had grown bitter or weary and gave up was what they were judged as for leaving. So likewise as a young impressionable adult who sincerely loves God you take that to mean if you ever decide to leave you’re one of the ones who couldn’t make it long term or who gave up on this elite calling.

Also, when Mike and senior leaders would introduce someone new and ‘important’ to the IHOPKC community it was always lauded what they gave up to join the movement. Ie. ‘This person went to Harvard and could have been a rocket scientist BUT they gave it ALL up to do the only thing needed’ Looking back these manipulation tactics are so very clear now but at the time you can’t see them and you view someone as more important based on what they ‘gave up’ to join.

Also, another control tactic that worked its way down to mid and lower level leaders and this was repeated by many in the community was anytime someone had constructive or what was deemed negative feedback to give IHOPKC, calling out the unhealthy culture etc. they were always labeled bitter. ‘Oh they’re just bitter’. This was the catch all that leaders passed down to give reason to ignore anything that was opposing viewpoint. If you were in the community any longer you couldn’t possibly have something helpful to offer IHOP leaders so you’re just bitter.

I still to this day find my life in God in spurts or like a roller-coaster. I wouldn’t trade my years at ihop in because God is good and placed so many people in my life who I still call friends today as well as so much truth and experience in me…and I think this is a testament not to IHOP as a ministry but to the many sincere God loving people who found themselves there reaching for Him in whatever capacity they knew how…and He always meets us.

Even if Mike’s entire life turns out to be a big sham what a testament that He is able to use all things for our good(not excusing any abuse or trauma as much as pointing out the real ways God met me in the midst of it).


NOVEMBER 30, 2023.

Julie Roys Report releases damning article on one of Mike Bickle’s scandals.

Julie Roys provided this summary of this below article:

EXCLUSIVE: A woman says International House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle used prophecy to sexually abuse her when she was in her 20s and Bickle was in his 40s.

The woman said Bickle told her that he had a dream that she was Esther and he was David. A few weeks later, she said Bickle called her from Asia. “He begins to tell me that the Lord has spoken to him and that Diane is going to die and that we’re going to get married,” she said. “. . . That line that Diane, his wife, is going to die and that we’re going to get married—he at least said that to me 100 times.”

The woman said that from 1996 to 1999, Bickle put her up in an apartment by herself, gave her a key to his office, and engaged in sexual interactions with her that included everything except intercourse. He also told her about the dream, again and again.

The woman said she also saw Bickle groom other women.

“I would see him do things like put his hand up one of my friend’s leg under the table at the restaurant. And I would the next day, go in and confront him about it,” she said. “Another woman—I saw her put her hand in his pocket to get ibuprofen. And she had a key to his office, and she was coming in with special drinks and herbs and essential oils.”

Our story includes the corroborating witness of eight people, including several former high-level IHOPKC leaders, who also spoke exclusively to TRR.

Source: Julie Roys, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/reachjulieroys/posts/pfbid0vZxu6TzJbMvhXeN7Ky1WSGxacNZrowd1RT2ar6hWZNWt3S4hfHaJukSb1p2wdG3ul?, Published November 30, 2023. (Accessed December 01, 2023.)

Her facebook post linked to this article:

EXCLUSIVE: Woman Says IHOPKC Founder Mike Bickle Used Prophecy to Sexually Abuse Her

In 1996, at age 19, “Jane Doe” decided to move to Kansas City to intern with her father’s friend, Mike Bickle. The 42-year-old prophetic pastor’s preaching about King David had touched her heart.

“I just remember feeling like he knew the same Jesus that I knew,” Doe told The Roys Report (TRR) in an exclusive interview.

Soon after she arrived, she said Bickle told her he had a dream about her. After a Sunday service, in front of Bickle’s wife, Diane, Doe said Bickle prophesied that he was David and Doe was Esther.

“He gives me the biggest word of my life,” she told TRR.  “It was, ‘You’re not just an Esther, you are going to lead thousands of Esthers.’”

A few weeks later, Bickle called Doe from Asia to say the Lord spoke to him about her, she said. This time, though, she said he sounded drunk.

“He begins to tell me that the Lord has spoken to him and that Diane is going to die and that we’re going to get married,” she said.  “As he’s talking to me, I’m thinking, ‘Is he drunk?’ And he did start talking about the alcohol that was in the fridge that he had been drinking.”

From 1996 to 1999, Doe said Bickle put her up in an apartment by herself, gave her a key to his office, engaged in sexual interactions with her, and told her about the dream, again and again. He also began establishing the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC).

“That line that Diane, his wife, is going to die and that we’re going to get married—he at least said that to me 100 times,” Doe said.

TRR is referring to “Doe,” rather than the woman’s real name because TRR has a policy of not naming victims of alleged clergy sexual abuse unless they request it. But Allen Hood, former president of IHOP University, and Erin Parks, an IHOPKC founder, confirmed Doe’s identity with TRR.

TRR reached out to Bickle repeatedly for comment, but he did not respond to our requests. TRR also reached out to IHOPKC but did not receive an on-the-record response.

Doe told TRR that she provided information for a 50-page report that former IHOPKC leaders, known as the “complaint” or “advocate group,” turned over to current IHOPKC leaders last month. The advocate group alleged that Bickle engaged in clergy sexual abuse with multiple women over decades. Eight people—some former high-level IHOPKC leaders—also spoke exclusively to TRR and corroborated Doe’s allegations and Doe’s attempts to bring accountability.

Former IHOPKC staffers have called for a third-party investigation into the allegations against Bickle.

However, current IHOPKC leaders have said any such investigation is premature. Three women have publicly said they were named by the former IHOPKC leaders as victims of Bickle’s but are not. IHOPKC has also released a report, discrediting some of alleged victims mentioned in the report or named in conversations with whistleblowers.

Yet Doe told TRR she’s not just one of Bickle’s victims. She’s also witnessed his grooming of other women at IHOPKC. She told TRR she tried for years to confront Bickle on inappropriate behavior with other young women.

“I would see him do things like put his hand up one of my friend’s leg under the table at the restaurant. And I would the next day, go in and confront him about it,” she said. “Another woman—I saw her put her hand in his pocket to get ibuprofen. And she had a key to his office, and she was coming in with special drinks and herbs and essential oils. . . Anytime I saw anything with any other woman that was inappropriate, I would confront him on it.”

Several people who worked closely with Doe at that time told TRR they also noticed strange dynamics between Bickle and other young women, as well as Doe. They include Erin Parks and Doe’s brother, whose name we’re not revealing to protect Doe’s identity. However, Allen Hood confirmed Doe’s brother’s identity with TRR.

Parks and Doe’s brother say Bickle’s spiritualized explanations, the power of his fame and presence, his generosity, and the fact that they were all young—in their 20s—masked the red flags.

“He was 40-something and we were 20-something,” said Parks. “And so, I guess it felt safe to let him dote on you and to let him encourage you and to let him offer to buy you houses and things.”

Until this year, Doe hasn’t spoken publicly about what happened with Bickle, heeding his alleged warnings to her that if she did, no one would believe her. But beginning in March, she said she realized the gravity of her situation and began talking—first to family, and then, through the 50-page report, to a watching world.

Doe’s brother told TRR that after hearing his sister’s revelation, past encounters with Bickle that seemed odd suddenly made sense.

Doe’s brother said that one time, Bickle pointed out verses about King David sleeping with Bathsheba.

“He highlighted them in orange, laughed, and gave my Bible back to me,” Doe’s brother said.  “I just so believe (Doe). . . . I’m grieved that it’s true, but it’s so true.”

A movement of young women

Bickle is a “larger than life” pastor whose attention toward young people and use of prophecies were exciting, Doe’s brother said.

In 1982, Bickle claimed God told him, “I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.” In 1983, pastor and prophet Bob Jones came to Bickle with a word from God: Bickle would lead young adults in a prayer and worship movement that would have strong ties to Asia, Bickle explained in this September sermon.

A few weeks after Jones’ prophecy, God gave Bickle a prophetic word for 24/7 prayer “in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.” Bickle claimed he went to heaven in a vision—and in another vision, met with the archangel Michael, which is documented in Bickle’s sermon notes from this past October.

Bickle built up a global following while pastoring Metro Christian Fellowship (MCF), a church he founded in Kansas City in the early 1980s, said former MCF pastor Michael Sullivant.

Then in 1999, with these prophecies in mind, Bickle founded IHOPKC, which has held continuous prayer meetings for the past 24 years, drawing devotees from around the world.

But the young people Bickle gathered during his time at MCF and the early years of IHOPKC were mostly women, said Parks, who worked at MCF, and a former MCF intern who requested anonymity. This other, former intern, whose identity Parks confirmed, told TRR that Bickle groomed her but never crossed the line into abuse.

Parks, the former intern, and Doe said they were part of Bickle’s group of female disciples who were in their late teens and early 20s. He was a father figure to many, Parks said. He was generous, too, she said, buying some of them clothes and giving them gift cards. He regularly organized pizza and movie nights—usually religious movies or World War II movies—at one of the women’s homes, without his wife or kids present, Parks said.

“I don’t know why no one said anything at the time because looking back at all of this, it’s clearly inappropriate,” Parks said.

Bickle would also prophesy over the women, Parks said.

“He was like, ‘You guys are the core and the foundation of IHOP. . . People will come and go, but you are the pillars in the house of the Lord,’” Parks said.  “He would do that a lot, hook people in with this prophetic vision and calling.”

One time, the other former intern said Bickle met with her and Doe in a restaurant and other young adults saw them. Right after that, Bickle said they shouldn’t meet in public anymore, and he invited a few young women to begin meeting secretly.

“We had plenty of conversations with him about what celibacy meant, and the special calling of setting ourselves aside,” the former intern said. “We weren’t supposed to tell anybody that we were invited to this mystic group to study because then people would be jealous.”

Special attention

Doe’s family revered Bickle, Doe said. In 1995, Doe’s brother said he was the first one in their family to return to Kansas City as a young adult to be near Bickle and MCF. He rarely saw Bickle until a year later when Doe also moved there. Then everything changed.

“That’s when all of a sudden, Mike showed special favor,” he said.

Bickle would invite Doe, age 19, and her brother, on outings. They would go to the park to play football, to restaurants, and to Barnes and Noble for caramel lattes, Doe’s brother said.

“The way that it was presented was that there was a call on our lives, that we had basically a special friendship,” Doe’s brother said. “I was extremely excited to obviously receive that attention.”

Doe’s brother also noticed that Bickle called his sister at the church from a trip overseas and talked to her for an hour. Bickle also expressed a special connection to Doe because on the day she was born, he’d received one of his prophecies, Doe’s brother said.

Parks said she heard Bickle prophesy over Doe at a prayer meeting. “Specifically, for (Doe), there was always language around Esther and Shulamite,” Parks said.

Parks said Doe told her something she never forgot.

“She said to me at one point, ‘There’s a married man who said that I’m going to be his wife,’” Parks said.

Another alleged abuse victim of Bickle’s, whose identity was confirmed by Allen Hood, told TRR she heard Doe say something similar: that Doe believed she was prophesied to marry a much older man. Because of the amount of physical affection Bickle showed Doe, the woman said she assumed Doe meant Bickle.

But in both cases, Doe reportedly didn’t say who it was. It wasn’t the only secret she would keep, Doe told TRR.

Doe said that in early 1997, Bickle told her that God had told him she was supposed to leave the internship she was doing with MCF and do research exclusively for him. As part of the internship, she said she was living with a host family. But with the job change, Bickle rented an apartment for only her, which Parks also confirmed.

“He actually started telling me about the sin that the leaders were in, and that it wasn’t a safe place for me,” Doe said. “He would pay me to do research where I would go to all the libraries in the city and search out everything on the return of Jesus.”

The anonymous former intern said she knew that Bickle was paying Doe to do research and asked Bickle if she could also do that job.

“Not only did he tell me, ‘I’m just doing that to invest in her,’ he was also like, ‘You know, no one’s supposed to know about that,’” she said.

Doe said Bickle gave her a key to his office, telling her to use it anytime she wanted, which both Parks and the anonymous intern confirmed. Doe said Bickle also told her that she would someday join him in a chariot in which God had invited him.

“I felt like I was the center of his world,” Doe said.

Bickle then started to control her schedule, inviting her to fast with him from Sunday to Wednesday. He limited who she could see, supposedly so she could follow the isolation of the early Desert Fathers.

“He controlled who I met with and when I met,” Doe said. “I could only have a couple of friends. When I met with them, I could only meet with them about the Bible or Jesus. It was not to be a hangout.”

In the fall of 1997, she said Bickle invited his research team—five women and one man—to travel to Europe. Bickle would refer to his wife, Diane, as Lady Di and connected Princess Diana’s recent death in Paris to his prophecy that his own wife would die, Doe said. Bickle also gave Doe a book and magazine on Princess Diana, she said.

On the last day of the trip, they were scheduled to tour Paris, Doe saidBut that morning, Doe said Bickle disappeared. The team spent the day looking, but no one could find him, Doe said. When Doe finally got back to her room that night, she said Bickle called her.

He reportedly didn’t tell her where he’d been. But she said he invited her to eat alone with him at a restaurant. He also said he’d splurged on everyone having their own hotel rooms, she said. At the restaurant, she said he ordered her a couple rounds of cocktails. At the time, Doe was 20 and Bickle was 43. After dinner, she said he took her to an alley and kissed her “full on.”

“The next thing I remember, I was waking up in my hotel room the next morning,” she said. “I definitely blacked out. . . I remember I was clothed. That’s all I remember, and just being very disoriented.”

Sullivant, who said he was a close confidant of Bickle at that time, said he knew about Bickle’s travels, but had no idea Bickle was taking mostly young women with him.

“We would’ve intervened if we had known that was going on,” Sullivant said.

When they got back home, Doe said the dynamic with Bickle “progressed.”

“He would cross the line and kept crossing it more severely sexually,” she said. “And he would have me pray a prayer of Psalm 51, asking the Lord to forgive us.”

Bickle soon told her the apartment was no longer a good place for her and rented a different apartment for her, five miles away, she said. He told her that someday they’d have their own house, “but that it needs to be conservative in the front and could be bigger on the back,” she said.

The sexual interactions included everything but intercourse, Doe told TRR.

“I have a few memories in hotel rooms,” she said. “I don’t—I just—they were way worse than Paris.”

Doe said she didn’t write about Bickle in her journal entries from that time, due to the secrecy Bickle required. But in an entry a month after her Paris trip, she wrote, “I’m in a whirlwind right now. Sometimes I think I do good to just come up for air.”

Meanwhile, in 1997, Bickle “became urgent” to bring in another senior pastor to replace him so Bickle could focus on establishing the prayer movement within MCF, said Sullivant.

In 1998, Doe’s father bought a house for Doe and she soon added roommates to the house. Also, two other young women moved to Kansas City, who drew Bickle’s attention, Doe said. The meetings with Bickle slowed down, Doe said. Yet, in late 1999 or early 2000, she said she had one more physical encounter with Bickle in a hotel room in Dallas.

By 2000, Bickle had taken the prayer ministry out of MCF, Sullivant said, adding: “I think that he separated from our church because he didn’t enjoy the kind of scrutiny and accountability that was built into our church.”

Bickle, however, said in an apology email to MCF in 2005, that God had told him to separate from MCF.

“I had a dream that I believe was from the Lord,” Bickle wrote. “In it, He showed me that MCF did not establish IHOP, but rather IHOP was removed from MCF by the Lord because of the spiritual culture of MCF that evolved by 1999.”

Sullivant views the supposed prophecy differently.

“In my view, (Bickle) has regularly used claims of urgent prophetic revelations to trump the ethics of biblical love and relationally healthy processes,” Sullivant said.

Bickle also spiritualized his requirement on Doe to keep their interactions secret, Doe said.

“During that time, he would nicely threaten in his charisma way . . . that if I would ever say anything, no one would ever believe me,” she said. “He talked about lying and truth and how Jesus had a different truth than we think he did. It was very sophisticated, the brainwashing weirdness.”

Doe said Bickle also told her to delete emails from him and never to reply back, but rather to start a new thread.

When Doe started dating the man who became her husband, Bickle became angry at Doe for dating him, the other anonymous victim told TRR.

“One night we had a meeting and (Doe) and (her date) came a little late. And (Doe) walked up to Mike, and I was standing there. And Mike berated her, got very angry with her, and said she was ruining her life in God and what was she even doing with this guy?” the woman said.

Though Bickle officiated at the wedding of Doe’s brother, Doe said Bickle told her he couldn’t officiate hers. Instead, he walked up to the front during her wedding ceremony, sobbing, Doe’s brother said.

For years, throughout her marriage, Bickle sent Doe coded emails or texts, Doe said. “Praying for you for real 195 to the end,” he texted on Nov. 1, 2018. When he used “195” he meant, “I love you,” Doe told TRR.

“We both have chariot to get into in this life and we both being challenged physically,” he emailed to her on Oct. 3 of this year.

Doe said she mostly tried not to think about Bickle.

“For these 20 plus years, I would drive by the exit where my apartments was—my two apartments—and in my mind, I would wonder if I’m ever going to talk about that,” she said. “But that was as far as I would go. I would feel sick to my stomach . . . I’ve never gone to any place I’ve ever been with Mike since then, like there was no curiosity. There was no nothing. It’s like I ran.”

‘Trauma unearthed’

In March 2023, Doe said she listened to a podcast about Bill Cosby’s alleged abuse and saw herself in that situation.

“I fell to my floor and began to wail,” she said. “That was a moment of trauma unearthed.”

In May, Doe finally talked about it for the first time, first telling her husband. Her husband also confirmed this with TRR. Four days later, a friend of hers asked her a question out of the blue: “Did Mike ever do anything physical to you?”

“I literally start to cry and shake and I just shared with her my story,” Doe said. “That’s when she said, ‘You know, there’s a current woman.’”

And that’s when Doe said she knew she had to do something.

Neither Doe nor her husband had confidence in IHOPKC’s leadership or accountability structure.  So, in late June, Doe told Allen Hood her story, which Hood confirmed with TRR. Hood called it “devastating” news.

“(Doe) is so credible, her fruit, the fruitfulness of her life and faithfulness, that I’ve seen her walk in for over 20 years,” Hood said. “That, to me, it couldn’t be denied. And yet to be honest, I didn’t want to believe it . . . We just wept and I said, ‘I’m with you, (Doe), I’m here and I’ll stand with you. And we’ll walk this out together.’”

By August, Doe and her husband also reached out to former IHOPKC leader Dwayne Roberts, his wife, Jennifer Roberts, and to Sullivant, both Dwayne Roberts and Sullivant told TRR.

“We’ve known her to be a person of integrity and character,” Roberts said. “It’s not in her nature to come up with something remotely close to this to gain something. (Doe) will always tell the truth and Mike will always tell his own story.”

Roberts, who was part of IHOPKC since its earliest days, told TRR that he didn’t know about Bickle’s secret meetings with women in their 20s in the late 1990s. But he said Bickle didn’t hold similar discipleship groups for men.

Roberts said Bickle commonly had young women who were 20 years younger than him around him at IHOPKC. Both Roberts and Hood told TRR that Bickle had internal deadbolts in his office.

Sullivant said Doe’s story reminded him of a 2015 conversation he and his wife had with a woman who’d been close to Bickle when he pastored at MCF.

“She told us that was the line that he used—that Diane was going to die and that they would be together,” Sullivant said. “So, when (Doe) told us that, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve heard that before.’”

The woman to whom Sullivant was referring spoke with TRR. She confirmed that Bickle, when married and serving as a pastor in her church in Kansas City around 1983 or ‘84, had connected emotionally with her. She said she doesn’t consider herself a victim of Bickle’s. But she said Bickle communicated to her a prophecy that someday his wife Diane would die in an earthquake and then Bickle and this woman could be together.

Seeking accountability from IHOPKC

Roberts said that phrase became key throughout August and September when he talked with Doe and other former IHOPKC staffers who’d noticed red flags in Bickle’s behavior through the years.

“That was the golden thread we pulled on and things began to come to the surface,” Roberts said. “That phrase has been tied to stories in three different decades. I’m 150% positive that Mike has said that to other women.”

Roberts said he met in person with IHOPKC Executive Director Stuart Greaves on Sept. 30, and told him some allegations had been made about Bickle but didn’t go into specifics. Roberts said he told Greaves he intended to meet with Bickle, and asked Greaves to be a witness to that conversation.

However, Roberts said Greaves refused, saying Roberts needed to conduct a Matthew 18 process with Bickle and initially confront Bickle one-on-one.

On Oct. 2, Roberts met with Greaves again, telling Greaves he’d involved two other pastors who had strong ties to Bickle. The exchange turned “heated,” Roberts said, because Greaves didn’t want to involve anyone outside of IHOPKC.

On Oct. 9, Doe’s husband, who TRR is keeping anonymous to protect Doe’s identity, emailed Bickle to meet that day to talk about “something personal.”  Doe told TRR that she declined to be part of the meetings because she doesn’t think it is appropriate for victims to meet directly with their abusers.

Roberts planned to attend the meeting, too, but when Bickle found out, Bickle insisted that Doe’s husband and he meet alone, the emails show.

Doe’s husband told TRR that Bickle denied the allegations when they met and said Doe had misunderstood his prophecy. Bickle said God wanted Doe and Bickle to work together in ministry after Diane died, not in marriage, Doe’s husband said.

“He said, ‘I always just assumed that (Doe) was so pure, she would never take any of those things romantically,’” Doe’s husband said.

Bickle followed up that night with an email, urging Doe not to go public with the accusations, and then accused Doe of “the greatest betrayal of my life.”

“I realize she has not betrayed me at this point . . . but even the chance of her doing this creates great pain in me (but not anger at her)—that a most trusted friend did this to me at the end of my life after 40 years of being in prayer meeting many hours a day (6 days a week),” he wrote.

Doe’s husband said Bickle’s foundation was a donor to their organization. But Bickle predicted that if Doe were to talk publicly about her allegations that Bickle would need to remove financial support to avoid the appearance of a “bribe.” Bickle also warned that a social media storm would bring up accusations against her.

That same day, Doe’s husband and Roberts met with Greaves and Marci Sorge, another senior leader of IHOPKC. Doe’s husband shared what happened between Doe and Bickle in Paris with the leaders, Roberts said. But then Greaves and Sorge were “incredibly slow” to move after that, Roberts said.

On Oct. 20, Bickle preached a message at IHOPKC on a “black horse” prophecy and predicted he’d be betrayed by someone close to him.

On Oct. 23, Doe’s husband emailed Bickle and requested another meeting, this time including former IHOPKC leader Brian Kim and Wes Martin, former pastor of IHOPKC’s Forerunner Church. But Bickle reportedly refused, saying that Bickle is under Greaves’ accountability, and that Greaves had advised Bickle to meet only with Doe’s husband and not with “a group.”

“I am still waiting on ladies who allegedly have a story to come to me and Stuart according to Matthew 18:15-18,” Bickle wrote. “I am very sure none will come because they do have a real story.”

On Oct. 24, IHOPKC executive leaders, including Dave Sliker, Greaves, Sorge, and Lenny LaGuardia met to hear Doe’s husband share Doe’s allegations, Roberts said. Brian Kim, Wes Martin, and Roberts also attended that meeting, Roberts said.

Roberts said he had written a 50-page document with a timeline and some suspicions concerning Bickle and several women. He added that the report had no names, only a couple initials, and some unnamed references. Roberts said he referenced the document in that meeting but did not give it to the leaders.

On Oct. 25, Roberts gave the 50-page document to Greaves, and talked with him about a few alleged victims he identified by name.

Roberts told TRR he urged IHOPKC’s leaders to issue a bold and transparent statement about the allegations to the IHOPKC community. But on Oct. 27, IHOPKC announced merely that there were allegations against Bickle but declined to comment on the nature of the allegations.

Roberts said IHOPKC staff were threatening to resign. So, on Oct. 28, Roberts, Kim, and Martin released a statement with details about the allegations against Bickle to IHOPKC staff, hoping more information would stabilize a frustrated community.

Greaves has publicly said IHOPKC leaders responded within 24 hours of “official notice” of allegations to meet with Bickle to remove him from public ministry. A recent statement from the advocate group refuted Greaves’ claim.

Greaves and the executive team did not respond on the record to TRR’s repeated requests for comment.

Roberts said he believes IHOPKC leaders are good people who are caught in a system created by Bickle who engages in “masterminding storylines.” They need outside help and must demonstrate transparency, Roberts said.

Doe said speaking out to the media was her last resort.

“In spite of the fact that IHOPKC thoroughly knows my story, they have consistently minimized and denied their knowledge of real evidence from the victims,” she said. “I am devastated that men and women who have been my friends for 25 years have completely shunned me since they were first made aware. I had hoped we could all work together to do the right thing. . . . How I have been treated has broken my heart.”

Source: Rebecca Hopkins, EXCLUSIVE: Woman Says IHOPKC Founder Mike Bickle Used Prophecy to Sexually Abuse Her, Julie Roys Report, https://julieroys.com/woman-says-international-house-of-prayer-founder-mike-bickle-used-prophecy-to-sexually-abuse-her/, Published


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