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Specific Christian cults we monitor are the:

# Purpose-Driven Life Cult (PDL)
^ Cult of Personality (COP)

$ Health And Wealth Cult (HAW)

? Emergent/Liberal Cult (LIB)
~ New Apostolic Reformation Cult (LIB)
” ” Word of Faith Cult (WOF)
! Roman Catholic Cult (RCC)
♀ Mysti-Chicks Uprising (MCU)
♂ Manly Man Resurgence (MMR)

& Alternate Cults (ALT)
* Hebrew Roots Movement Cult (HRM)
(* Chrislam Common-Word Initiative (ISL)

[  ] Evangelical Industrial Complex (EIC)

How do you know if you are in one of these cults? These specific cult movements fulfil the following cult criterias here. We have noted that each of those we monitor, although claim to be Christian and confess the Christian, actually preach a different gospel, a different Jesus and promote a different gospel contrary to the teachings Christ and His Apostles teach.

For your convenience we have decided to flag movements or places that are cults or peddle these cultic doctrines.




Code: RED || Abb: PDL
Symbol: Hashtag/Number
Alt. Names:  Seeker Sensitive Movement, Seeker Driven Movement,
Purpose Driven (Life) Movement, Church Growth Movement
Recognised Leaders:
Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Bob Buford, David Yonggi Cho, Keith Miller, Don McGavran, C. Peter Wagner, Michael Fletcher, Charles Simpson, Michael Fletcher, Gary McIntosh, Dag Heward-Mills
Key scripture:
Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 29:18,

Description: The PDL Movement has its roots in the 1948 New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) cult. Among many restoration heresies that emerged from the NOLR were that of the ‘New Apostolic Paradigm’ and the ‘New Thing’ doctrine. Proof of one’s apostolic authority was there popularity and number of ‘converts’. This gave rise to doctrines surrounding church growth, (a field of study that began in 1955 by Donald McGavran in his book ‘Bridges of God’). As the NOLR developed their apostles through the Charismatic Movement, the New Order pushed a ‘New Wine Skin’ model of church so that the ‘new way’ of ‘doing church’ could receive the ‘New Wine’ of God. The book ‘The Taste of New Wine’ by Keith Miller helped give rise to the ‘New Wine’ Magazine and also affected influential apostolic church countless growth gurus (C. Peter Wagner, David Yonggi Cho, Bob Buford, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren); and helped inspire the Vineyard Movement, New Wine Movement (UK) and other like-minded revival experts.

Rather the idea of churches being for believers, gurus/architects/apostles decided to craft the entire church service as being for and meeting the felt needs of unbelievers. This was intentional and on purpose, their mantra often being “Doing church for the unchurched”. That means they were doing church for the so-called “seeker”. Although the PDL cults came out of the NOLR/NAR and are synonymous with NOLR/NAR beliefs, Rick Warren’s book ‘Purpose-Driven Life’ bolstered him to fame in Christendom and the world. However, by shaving off the spiritual extremisms in the NAR, Warren presented a ‘new way’ of doing church by emphasising to the non-believer the idea that God wants to give ‘seekers’ of truth a purpose. What came with his Purpose-Driven exploits was his advice on church growth, emphasising ‘relevant’ ways of doing church. Thus, PDL cults emphasise purpose, dreams, causes, goals, visions and ‘faith’ in people’s lives and entice people into their churches through cultural/technological/innovative gimmicks. They are often anti-scripture and anti-gospel. This can be head in their phrases such as, ‘Deeds not creeds’, ‘preach the gospel – use words when necessary’ or ‘love God, love neighbor’. By downplaying the gospel and the bible, they sacrifice Christians on the altar of relevance to only grow the worldly in their church.

Issues: The problem is that the scriptures teach in Romans 3 that “no one seeks after God. No not one”. The only true seeker in scripture is Jesus who seeks and saves the lost. So the entire seeker church model is built off the idea that the church needs to be made irresistible and not to continue old practices like singing hymns, preaching irrelevant sermons (generally expository preaching). They often redefine love, the church, the role of the pastor, the role of worship and so on to entice and feed the goats on life and purpose-driven messages at the expense of feeding and nourishing the sheep with God’s Word. Furthermore, Christian churches do not have altar calls – only cults have them so they can bash Christianity to show why they are growing and why Christians aren’t. It is a boasting and guilt-making invention.

The PDL cults are very similar to the Cult of Personality as both have an unhealthy view of the apostolic teachings of the early church . The minor difference is that the COP is not necessarily as obsessive with church growth. However, the PDL have no biblical foundation for teaching leaders how to grow a church. Essentially, these leaders are usurping the power of God and play God when they teach they do the growing and not God (See 1 Corinthians 1, Mark 4:26-29).

(NOTE: There is also some cross-over between Liberal/Emergent thinking and the PDL movement in that they are both postmodern in how they approach ‘seekers’. The Liberal/Emergent church though has adopted kind of the hard postmodern worldview whereas the Seeker Driven movement has a softer version of postmodernity. Nevertheless it’s postmodernism.)





Code: ORANGE || Abb: COP
Symbol: Caret/Circumflex
Alt. Names:  Elevation, [Insert Person’s name] Ministries
Recognised Leaders:  
Stephen Furtick, Mark Driscoll, Eric Dykstra, Eddie Long Jr.
Key scripture:
The key feature of cults of personality is the celebrity pastor and their ability to read themselves into any biblical text (known as narcigesis).

(NOTE: Cults of Personality can emerge in any other particular cult movement. However their distinguishing feature is how based on the minister preaching selfies and not Christian teaching.)

Beginnings: Unknown.




Code: YELLOW || Abb: HAW
Symbol: Dollar sign
Alt. Names:  Health & Wealth, Prosperity cult, Money Magnet Ministries, Buck-suckers
Recognised Leaders: 
Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Brian Houston, Kong Hee, Joseph Prince, Phil Pringle, Joyce Meyer, Paula White
Key scripture:
Genesis 14, Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:8-11, Matthew 23:23, 1 Corinthians 9, 3 John 1:2.

Description: The Prosperity and Health & Wealth cults propagate the belief that Jesus was rich and died poor so that we may be rich, successful, influential and happy in this life. A defining doctrine of prosperity cults is the binding, anti-Christian tithe doctrine. This doctrine teaches that if you do not tithe to God, you are cursed by God himself or bound by the devil/devourer/creditor.

(NOTE: While the WOF may be prosperity focused, they emphasise speaking prosperity into existence and pop-psychology practices. The HAW movement teach you must tithe to obtain prosperity among other rituals or formulas.)

Beginnings: Unknown.





Code: GREEN || Abb: LIB
Symbol: Question mark
Alt. Names: Emerging Church, Emergent Church, Liberal Church,
Positive Church Movement, Liberalism, Cult of Liberalism
Recognised Leaders:  
J. Shelby Spong, Doug Pagitt, Brian MacLaren, Rob Bell, Brian Zahnd, Peter Rollins, Tony Jones
Key scripture:
The Emergent Church was an attempt to try and figure out how to do church in a post-modern context in order to reach the postmodern generations X and Y. It was originally a project put together by Leadership Network, looking forward to the church that was emerging in the young people.

Doug Pagitt was the man that headed that up which eventually split into two streams. There was the Emergent Church and the Emerging Church. The Emergent Church use to be the darlings of Evangelicals but decided to go hard left, (represented by Brian MacLaren, Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell, Phyllis Tickle). They are regarded as the hard left, dying, mainline, liberal churches and are mainly drawing their numbers from previous liberal churches.

(NOTE: The PDL Movement is synonymous with the LIB and can be argued that it progresses into the LIB.)

Beginnings: Between 1992-2000 AD.






Code: BLUE || Abb: NAR
Symbol: Tilde

Alt. Names:  NAR, Narzi’s, Joel’s Army, The Third Wave, Latter Rain Movement,
Kingdom Now, Manifest Sons of God, New Order of the Latter Rain, NOLR.

Recognised Sects: Shepherding Movement, Bethel Church, Healing Rooms, Kansas City Prophets, iHOP, YWAM, Campus Crusaders.

Recognised Leaders:  This movement consists of men and women in leadership.

Men: William Branham (deceased), Loren Cunningham (Founder of YWAM), Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade), John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Michael Brown, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, John Arnott,  Mike Bickle, John Kilpatrick, Randy Clark, Brian Houston, Lou Engle, Gilman Hill, Os Hillman, Rodney Howard-Browne, Johnny Enlow, Rick Joyner, John Crowder, Benjamin Dunn, T.L Osborne, Paul Crouch, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Brown, David Yonggi Cho, John Cameron, Paul de Jong, Kong Hee, Lawrence Khong, Joseph Prince, David Yonggi Cho, Oral Roberts, Steve Furtick, Phil Pringle, Peter Mortlock, Gordon Lindsay, Bill Hamon, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Carlos Annacondia, Samuel Rodriguez.

Women: Doris Wagner, Wendy Alec, Jan Crouch, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Cindy Jacobs, Heidi Baker, Jennifer LeClaire, Carol Arnott, Beni Johnson, Jen Johnson, Patricia King, Bobbie Houston, Chris Pringle, Gloria Copeland, Katherine Ruonala,

Key scriptures they misuse: Acts 2:17, Joel 2:23, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Ephesians 4:11-13, Matthew 6:9-11, Matthew 18:18, (MSG – Romans 8:19), …

Description: The NAR believe in a false gospel, a false Jesus, a false spirit and a false commission, stemming from a non-Christian faith.

False Gospel: The NAR cult preaches a false gospel that they call the “Gospel of the Kingdom” (aka Gospel of Power). This gospel stresses that God is “alive” and not “dead” by manifesting itself to people through signs and wonders or material blessing. In spite of the claims that these manifestations of “the gospel” are from God or the trinity, the overall emphasis on the origin of this “gospel power” is from “the Kingdom” or “Heaven” (thus why it is called “The Gospel of the Kingdom”. As a result, many bizarre doctrines and ministries have been invented so that Christians can tap into “heavenly resources”, “God’s storehouse”, etc.This different gospel is often considered more importance than the gospel of salvation and at worst, condemns the Christian gospel of being a gospel of just words.

False Jesus: While they confess to be orthodox and believe the creeds, this is not true. They deny Jesus is fully God and fully man. The NAR Jesus is an heretical Jesus known as the kenotic Jesus. Leaders of this movement will not be up front with their listeners on this truth unless you are familiar with passages they use to emphasize how we are to operate in the miraculous the same way Jesus did.

False Spirit: While they claim to follow the Holy Spirit, the spirit they operate from is akin to the New Age movement, emphasising metaphysical techniques to tap into the power of heaven. They specifically call this spirit the Spirit of Adoption/Sonship (SAS) and class themselves above the Christian faith and spirit. This spirit emphasises sonship and pragmatic divine blessing and success over and above the Holy Spirit who convicts the Christian of sin and makes them true disciples of Christ.

False Commission: The NAR has also invented a false commission known as the “Seven Mountain Mandate” (aka “Marketplace Ministry” or “Cultural Mandate”). Because their gospel is very pragmatic they attempt to bring this gospel to transform, restore or awaken cities, cultures, nations and finally the whole world. They do this by infiltrating by what they call the seven mountains (or pillars) of society.


While the term “mountains” or “pillars” are popular for this doctrine, they have also been called “channels”, “spheres”, or “mind-molders”.

The NAR has also invented a false ecclesia which can be recognised if it’s leaders came to be Apostles and Prophets. To manifest the ‘gospel of the kingdom’, NAR leaders teach that “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21) from the King James Version. This means heads of the NAR may manifest through spiritual experience (Heidi Baker), revelation knowledge Bill Johnson), supernatural signs and wonders (Josh Mills), healing (Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley), revival (Rodney Howard-Brown, Reinhard Bonnke) or kingdom growth (Rodney Howard, Yonggi Cho, Brian Houston).

People who operate strongly in one of these areas or in all these gifts are considered those who operate as approved by God as endtime governing Apostles and Prophets. These people are presented as paragons for Christians to follow as they are “advancing the Kingdom”. To question or not to submit to these governing Apostles or Prophets is to question God Himself. All leaders and teachers must be under the covering of the Apostolic and Prophetic networks otherwise they are operating outside of the will of God and open to satanic attack. This means that Christians and churches that are not NAR are considered dead, religious, rebellious, demonically possessed, apostate or not of God.

The NAR has also invented false practices. The NAR ‘gospel’ takes on a metaphysical cult-like element when it expresses itself through new revelation how God will provide new blueprints, vision, DNA, divine strategies or battle plans on how to advance the “Kingdom” on earth and to subject “principalities and powers”. This used to be called “Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare”. It is now called “Marketplace ministry” which teaches people how to be successful or revolutionary in the marketplace to advance the cause of the Kingdom.

Thus this gospel is called to rally it’s members to take dominion of the earth. This gospel presentation can take many soft or extreme forms. In meetings, this gospel often emphasises how to tap into ‘Kingdom Living’, ‘Kingdom influence’ or ‘Kingdom Potential’. As a result of such practices, the “succeful” individual is exalted to that of a “workplace Apostle” and thus progress up the chain within the NAR network. This leads to people worshiping the church. Because this is what the NAR has done,  they stress that a generations to come will usher in Christ’s return through an end-times revival, harvest or awakening. The NAR often teaches that one final generation will emerge as god-like persons (or even Jesus Christs) on earth who will purify the church and the world from darkness and usher in Christ’s return. These false teachings are often known as the ‘Manifest Sons of God’ doctrine, the  ‘Manchild’ or ‘Sons of Thunder’ heresy.

When this movement was widely criticised and condemned back in the 1940s, it played down it’s controversial doctrines and practices. However, these doctrines are alluded too in many popular megachurches and are continually renamed to hide the NAR agenda. The movement has renamed itself constantly whenever it’s Apostles, Prophets or leaders are exposed for spouting or practising bizarre things or caught in scandals.

Beginnings: 1948

Resources: The New Apostolic Reformation: Influence and Teachings, The Roots and Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation.




Code: INDIGO || Abb: WOF
Symbol: Quotation marks/Quotes
Alt. Names:  Blab it and grab it, Name it & Claim it, 
Recognised Leaders:
Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Brian Houston, Phil Pringle, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Paula White
Key scripture: Genesis 1-2, Proverbs 23:7, Proverbs 18:21, James 3:7

Description: This particular cult teaches Christians can speak life, blessing, success or prosperity into their circumstances. These hybrid teachings emerged largely out of New Age mysticism,  metaphysical sciences and the occult between 1890 to the year 2000. It’s gospel espouses the idea that just like we speak and confess that Jesus is Lord of our life, so too, through the power of the “Holy Spirit” in union with our own, we can speak things into existence. The concept is pushed further to make people believe that they are to “speak” faith, “decree”, “declare” or “prophetically utter” what is often called “rhema” into circumstances to see form of deliverance, redemption or salvation.

This teaching gets complicated and fairly metaphysical. It often can cross over into New Apostolic Reformation, Health & Wealth, Cult of Personality and Purpose Driven cults to suit a leaders agenda. For instance, since it is often taught one must have positive thoughts, ;positive feelings and positive words to release one’s miracle, it’s not surprising that other cults take this and use it to manipulate people.

Many famous heretics in the WOF between the 1980s to 1990s concluded that because we can speak things into existence like God, that we are little gods and we need to acknowledge our ‘I AM-ness’. Judaeism and Christianity are monotheistic religions, that is they have only ever confessed to believe in one God, not many. Because of the bad exposure of this “Little Gods” doctrine they espoused, this teaching has remained dormant for many years.

Beginnings: ?





Code: VIOLET || Abb: RCC
Symbol: Exclamation mark
Alt. Names:  
Recognised Leaders:
Key scripture: 
Matthew 16:18-19






Code: PINK || Abb: MCU
Symbol: Ampersand/And
Alt. Names:  
Recognised Leaders:
Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Lisa Bevere, Holly Wagner, Bobbie Houston, Wendy Alec, Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, Jan Crouch (Deceased)
Key scripture: 

Description: N/A

Beginnings: N/A




Code: PINK || Abb: ALT
Symbol: Ampersand/And
Alt. Names:  
Recognised Leaders:
TD Jakes (OP), Tommy Tenney (OP), Witness Lee, Matthew Vines (GLBTI Reformation), 
Key scripture: 

Description: We’ve classed smaller cults under the category of ALT. Cults such as Oneness Pentecostalism (Tommy Tenney, TD Jakes), Christian Science, Scientology, GLTBI “Reformation” movements (Matthew Vines), etc.

Beginnings: N/A




Code: BLACK || Abb: ISL
Symbol: Parentheses and Asterisk
Alt. Names:
Recognised Leaders:
Rick Warren, Brian Houston, […]
Key scripture: 

Description: People are not often aware that Islam emerged out of Christianity with Muhammad claiming to be a prophet of God. He claims that Jesus is only a prophet and that he did not die on the cross. When one reads the Koran, it becomes clear that it was written in reaction against Jews and Christians.

However, our focus is not necessarily Islam, it is those that push Chrislam in so-called “churches”. These churches are incredibly dangerous for any Christians who are fleeing persecution back in their countries ruled by Islamic-extremists. They fear that such institutions may disclose private information to their Chrislam movement/network.

Beginnings: N/A





Code: GREY || Abb: HRM
Symbol: Asterisk
Alt. Names:  Shemitah, Jewish Roots,
Recognised Leaders:
Jonathan Cahn, Jim Staley, John Hagee, Jim Bakker, Glenn Beck (Mormon), Rosh Hashanah.
Key scripture: N/A


Beginnings: N/A





Code: BROWN || Abb: JWS
Symbol: Braces
Alt. Names:  N/A
Recognised Leaders:

Key scripture: 


Beginnings: N/A

Resources: Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin




Code: Rainbow || Abb: EIC
Symbol: Brackets
Alt. Names:  Evangelical Industrial
Recognised Organisations: 
Trinity Broadcasting Network, GODTV, Lifeway, Hillsong, Charisma News, Koorong,
Key scripture: 


Beginnings: It is of our opinion with the birthing of the New Order of Latter Rain (NOLR)  cult in 1948 that the rise of the EIC began also with William Branham. This was done through his Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) to help financially support preaching circuits and boost ‘Christian’ business and media. Branham’s Voice of Healing magazine, preaching circuits and radio programs were his attempt to further the NOLR teachings in the 1950s Voice of Healing Movement (VHM). With the dissemination of NOLR teachings in publications and radio, other men and women started to be considered NAR Apostles when they started harnessing media and propaganda to further their own ministries.


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  1. what are your views of the reformed doctrines eg. Calvinism, Eschatology , Dispensationlist . the Covenants of the bible thanks

    • We have our opinions on Calvinism. But we’ve stressed that these sites are not to get derailed on more complicated doctrinal issues. Our goal is to point out the obvious and blatant error that is so easily spotted in many of the cults we monitor. If you want to encourage this discussion, email us privately.

  2. I would like clarification on the “evangelical industrial complex” label. For example, I am a SBC pastor. Does that earn a flag? Or, is there more to it than that? Thanks.

    • Hi Anthony. We are monitoring cults and movements that threaten Christians. The SBC does not even come close to cult – but we are definitely tackling individuals who are pushing the WOF, NAR, HAW, LIB, ISL heresies in the SBC.

  3. Are churches that preach that the King James Version of the Bible is the only correct version also considered a cult? This is something I’m unsure about.

  4. I was wondering what your views were on listening prayer. There is a big church in my area that promotes this a lot. I believe it to be a very dangerous doctrine. But how would I convince family that it is. My word would not be good enough as this church creates a loyalty much like ( to me) an abused person to an abuser. Also the senior pastor said in a sermon a little while ago (adlib) that we should not be looking to go to heaven soon but rather to look to see heavens creative aspects here. Yet it says in Gods Word that we are to look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

  5. The NAR and WOF are Dominionists. 7mountain mandate. Just like the Harlot on 7 mountains. Andrew Wommack is WOF and now a Dominionist. He never shows up anywhere. Considering he has teamed up with Dave Barton and has a college, I think that’s a dangerous mix. Thanks so much for your site! Always informative!

  6. Andrew Womack’s church is rapidly expanding. His teachings are so sly that if someone doesn’t know their Bible extremely well, even Christians could fall for it. He crosses over into a few of these cult descriptions but it seems he is an evil force all to himself. I woyld love to see some attention given to his heresies so that people can see his grotesque, intricate, devastating, but very smart twisting of scripture. Can you make him a cult unto himself and post some info?

  7. Hi Here is another head of the red dragon rising — http://kingdomcity.com/

  8. Please will you post or advise us of anyone or organisation willing to address the not for profit angle and non tax paying aspect of these cults.


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