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C3 Parramatta Scandal (Part 7) Letter exposing Pringle covering up paedophilia & refusing to help victim

This is part 7 of a series of articles that looks at the institutional response of C3 Church to child sex abuse. In this article, we look at a letter that the mother of the abused wrote to Phil Pringle. This letter records some revealing events between Pringle and his leadership that should concern C3 members. If you are a witness or a victim in regards to this scandal or latter developments, please contact us at

Who is Tim Hall?

Tim Hall is an itinerant preacher but has partnered with the apostate Planetshakers cult to further his ministry. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 says that “Two are better than one because they have a better return for their labour”. We have partnered with Planetshakers… Read More ›

03 Heredex

Specific Christian cults we monitor are the: # Purpose-Driven Life Cult (PDL) ^ Cult of Personality (COP) $ Health And Wealth Cult (HAW) ? Emergent/Liberal Cult (LIB) ~ New Apostolic Reformation Cult (LIB) ” ” Word of Faith Cult (WOF)… Read More ›