We would like to be factual as we can on ChurchWatch Central. If there is any information on ChurchWatch Central that you think is not accurate, please contact c3churchwatch@hotmail.com. All constructive criticism will be appreciated.


This site is about monitoring various sects and movements that claim to be Christian. While many Christians are snared in numerous sects and movements, these groups (although they use Christian language, concepts and literature), often reflect the values, philosophies and and ideas of modern culture. Thus they often present a counterfeit or hybrid Christianity. Many would consider this behaviour to be immoral, unethical and cult-like. Thus,

1. We will be WATCHING so-called “churches” values by critically examining their beliefs.
2. We will be DISCERNING their teachings by comparing their doctrines, behaviours and methods to the historical texts of the bible.
3. We will be INVESTIGATING so-called “church’s” histories, knowing their influences, sources and attempt to define their language and ideas.
4. We will be MONITORING these so-called “churches” visions, events/issues and outcomes and compare them to the standards of the gospel and New Testament church, revealed in the New Testament scriptures.
5. We will be TESTING the so-called “church” leaders spirituallity by comparing the persons of the Trinity in the bible with their ‘Godly’ encounters, their Jesus’s and their prophecies from God.


This site does not take/ask for money from people. This site exists solely to identify and warn people of these dangerous so-called “churches” that we monitor.

We started as a group of concerned leaders, pastors and elders from various denominations around Australia on Facebook. The main focus of ChurchWatch Central is to warn and inform people about these counterfeit churches, sects and movements, or those both inside and outside the movement. We ask that you pray for those caught in these movements.

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  1. Would like to know more about Harvest church in Addison


  2. Well done on your new role with Crime Stoppers.


  3. Not a bad salary.


  4. Can someone tell me what c3 means and also what do the c3 churches say it means.


  5. I like to pass your site on but first can you answer: What does your symbol represent/mean? It reminds me of the Freemason “all seeing eye”


  6. I understand your concept of your mission but I find your logo just as deceiving as freemasonry/illuminati symbolism is deceiving. I’m not one to judge but I try my best to live by my convictions and the scripture that states in
    1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from ALL appearance of evil.

    Just food for thought.
    God bless


    • Thanks for visiting our sites, Lady Sarah.

      “One problem with emphasizing the appearance of evil is that it can make us slaves to the perceptions of others. There will always be someone who thinks that something you are doing is wrong, or that it looks wrong to him. So, rather than spending our time getting to know God and serving Him, we worry about the possibility that someone, somewhere, might misconstrue our actions. In the same letter that he wrote about avoiding evil, Paul wrote, “Just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts” (1 Thessalonians 2:4). Our goal is to live righteously before God, not to comply with others’ arbitrary standards of conduct.”



  7. Why did my response post get deleted?


  8. Was wondering…

    It looks like a sound idea when…
    ChurchWatch mentions checking out these suspect churches with the Bible.

    2 – “…comparing their doctrines, behaviours and methods
    to the historical texts of the bible.”

    4 – “…and compare them to the standards of the gospel
    and **New Testament church,** revealed in the New Testament scriptures.

    “We started as a group of concerned **leaders,** **pastors** and elders
    from **various denominations** around Australia on Facebook.”

    In the Bible, “the NT scripture,” can ChurchWatch name…

    Any of His Disciples who belonged to **various denominations?**

    Any of His Disciples who called them self pastor? Or leader?
    Any of His Disciples who called another Disciple pastor? Or leader?
    Any of His Disciples who took the “Title/Postion” pastor? Or leader?
    Any of His Disciples who was Hired, or Fired, as a pastor? Or leader?

    Seems, in the Bible…
    NOT one of His Disciples belonged to **various denominations.**
    NOT one of His Disciples called them self pastor. Or leader. Or reverend.

    What did His Disciples know 2000 years ago?
    That those who desire to be known as pastor/leader/reverend, miss today?

    What is popular is NOT always “Truth.”
    What is “Truth” is NOT always popular.


  9. Hi I can certainly tell you about my experience with the Leadership at Churchlands as I was a member there for over 10 years until I resigned in January 2015. john McElroy calls himself an Apostle but I can tell you He missed the mark big time and the story will be coming our very soon as People need to know the truth of the leadership of this church

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