Discernment Resources

This section of Church Watch Central has been designed to point our readers to various Discernment Articles written by various authors to help equip Christians in discernment. We hope these resources bless you.

False churches are a blessing?

Impersonating a shepherd

Is the Church a movement or an institution?

Seven tips on how to swallow false doctrine

Spotting cult/anti-Christian propaganda in Christianity

The Pagan Bible: The Message Bible Exposed

What is Christian love?

What is the Evangelical Industrial Complex (EIC)?

Why Church is an institution, not a movement

Why tithing is not a Christian Doctrine (Part 1)

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  1. Providing more anecdotal articles and posting more personal opinions than scripture. Where is the Scripture church watch. If you find no one fit to teach the sheep the Gospel then where are you at teaching it. Why does this site not preach the gospel? Why does it not direct us to somewhere that does? what are you doing with the stewardship and platform you have other than using it to attack people who are irrelevant. The Gospel is what is relevant. If God is really at the center of what you teach and want people to see then point them to scripture. You’re letting the “False Prophets show you up” I’ve been pointed in the direction of Christ far more from them than this whole site and it doesn’t ,mean I agree with them I’m really just wondering what is the point of this if I still never hear the gospel?

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