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The Church Watch Cult Radar exists to help you discern locally and globally counterfeit Christian cults.

Our Cult Radar presents you with the:

CW Alētheia Creed

CW Cult Criteria

CW Flag Factionary

These resources are all designed to identify and combat many Christian cults in this day and age. This Radar resource will help you identify the basics of what a Christian cult is.


Many people, especially Christians, get hurt in movements that teach and promote a counterfeit Christianity that oppose the real, historic, orthodox Christian faith.

The hard truth is that cults, as well as the anti-Christian movements that we monitor, will send people to Hell if they embrace their messages and follow their false prophets, leaders and teachers down the wide road that Jesus warns us about in Matthew 7.

So, if you are in a cult or a “Christian” church that is teaching you falsely regarding God’s Word, it is best that you repent of your idolatry, be forgiven by the shed blood of Christ and find a church that is faithful to teach the true faith, once and for all delivered to the saints.


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  1. do you win any souls or just criticize the theology of other Christians ????

  2. I want to say, “Thank you brothers, thank God and praise the Lord for you guys whom God has used greatly to help His churches throughout the world not to fall into all the false prophets, pastors and church leaders. YOU guys are doing and have been doing a very important task of all as I see it because I believe we almost have had enough teaching of the Word and so called Theology but what we need is WHAT YOU
    GUYS ARE DOING – Exposing the Crooked, Giving Truths and so on (sorry, I did not have much this morning). I would like to join with you guys and to launch similar website in Thailand for Thai churches.
    May I contact you guys later to find out about the idea please.

    God richly bless you all. I also really want to give you guys all a hug, man.
    Love man!
    Andrew (Apichai) Branjerdporn

  3. God bless Churchwatcher for all their good work exposing deceiving, conning and scamming wolves.

  4. This has been a real concern in our area of Barrie Ontario, Canada. A Registered Sex Offender has been leading a Cult. Here is the Blog, I would encourage you to read through all the articles and comments. Some headway is being made this year Praise the Lord. So many families torn a part and precious children wounded.

  5. God calls some to be preachers and to focus on preaching gospel and “winning souls”. Others God has called to monitor and expose the wolves who have snuck into the sheepfold seeking to fleece Christ’s sheep. The Church needs all parts of the body to function correctly if she is to remain healthy.

    • “God calls some to be preachers and to focus on preaching gospel and “winning souls”. Others God has called to monitor and expose the wolves who have snuck into the sheepfold seeking to fleece Christ’s sheep.”

      Hi Mike H. It is true we all have different functions to play in the body of Christ. However, these types of sites should not exist at all.

      They exist because Christians have become lazy, do not read the bible and have listened to false teachers instruct that we must turn off our brains.

      Jesus and His Apostles emphatically warn and instruct all Christians, whether they are pastors/elders, members, etc., to expose and expel the expatriate.

  6. Jefre Cleveland. I am glad that sites like this exist on the internet. It goes without saying that all of us are sinners who are in need of Jesus. Having said that there is nothing worse than these rotten churches that teach prosperity faith, false teachings on healing, have cult-of-personality pastors and are in opposition to the true teachings of the bible and of Jesus. Until you have been hurt and/or rejected by one of these kinds of churches you have no idea what it is like. Many true chrisitians do stand up against these false churches and are constantly criticised for doing so. Most, if not all of these megachurches exist for several reasons. Money, power and celebrity. That is what drives them. If you took away the money they would fall in a day and the people would scatter. They are not Christian churches and they especially exploit those who are vulnerable and who are searching for God. They are not interested in helping people, only interested in helping themselves…to other people’s cash. And worse than that, they only reinforce to unbelievers the corruption in this world.These cult churches take advantage of that and so many are blinded by being told they will prosper if they turn out and empty their pockets. Jesus is a long way down the list, if He is even there at all.

  7. New-Age philosophies and practices are infiltrating large Australian Pentecostal churches at such a rapid rate that it is very distressing. The behave like cults in shutting down those who question them, seem to function by love-bombing and then controlling new members and have so much power now. Their teachings seem to be completely human-centred- realise your potential, get everything God has for you, vision casting, and money money money – here’s our bank details and here are three different ways you can give. Or we have our own EFTPOS machine you can use to deposit money into our account (at one Erina church). I’ve been watching Daystar programs, feeling increasingly uneasy that what the preachers are saying does not match up with scripture. I know this is not knew but thank Heaven for people who watch and pray.

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