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FallacyWe’ve created a series of pages to help you learn about the different fallacies used in arguments. This is to help improve the standard of discernment and argument.


A logical fallacy is an occurrence of bad or incorrect reasoning.

The Oxford Dictionary says a fallacy is,

A mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound arguments… A failure in reasoning which renders an argument invalid… Faulty reasoning”. [Source]

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word originated in “late 15th century (in the sense ‘deception, guile’; gradually superseding Middle English fallace): from Latin fallacia, from fallax, fallac- ‘deceiving’, from fallere ‘deceive'”.

(NOTE: You can also find the word ‘modalism’ in the Oxford Dictionary.)

The Merriam-Webster (MW) says a fallacy is,

“A wrong belief : a false or mistaken idea; … the quality of being false or wrong”.” [Source]

MW also says,

1       a obsolete :  guile, trickery
 b :  deceptive appearance :  deception
2      a :  a false or mistaken idea <popular fallacies>
 b :  erroneous character :  erroneousness
3         :  an often plausible argument using false or invalid inference

(You can also find the word ‘modalism’ in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)

No one wants their opinion, teaching, or sought-after advice, to be false, invalid or dangerous. Spreading fallacy only damages one’s character, reputation, ministry or relationships.

Therefore we encourage our readers to use these linked resources to not only on those we critique or those that comment here. We would like to encourage you to use this standard on us and on yourselves so we present ourselves as faithful witnesses about God to the world.

01 ‘Relevance’ Fallacy

02 ‘Presumption’ Fallacy

03 ‘Clarity’ Fallacy

04 Other Fallacies

We hope these resources help benefit your discussions on social media and in social settings.

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  3. Good to see another blog have a “how to argue with out falling into the trap of a logical fallacy” page – well done.

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