Benjamin Ady

Atheist upset at “being deceived by” Hillsong’s Brian Houston

Hillsong has downgrade from the prosperity cult / word of faith cult to the purpose-driven cult. As a result, they continually flaunt their avante-garde gospel at the expense of what it biblically means to be Christian church and how it is to be instituted and governed. This article looks at an atheists response to Hillsong’s new “Christianity” and how it’s leadership does not reflect the Christian church or Christian behaviour at all.

Houston bends knee to critics and media (Part 1): Lateline

If there is anything Brian Houston of Hillsong hates is anyone who criticises him. If they are Christians, they are “Pharisees” and “evil people”. If it’s the media, it’s demonic, anti-Christian and not of God. This series of articles will observe how Brian Houston went against his own teachings and decided to act according to the public criticism over Mark Driscoll the last week.