Exclusive – Brian Houston: “I got attacked by a protester”

Emotions were raw yesterday in the Royal Comission when Brian Houston recounted his father’s confession as a serial pedophile.

Brian Houston HearingIn a 2GB interview yesterday after the hearing, Brian Houston said the following:

“And even today as I was walking out of the commission, I got attacked by a protester who was attacking me because somehow it was my fault.” [5:50]

Yesterday afternoon we received information from Brian Houston’s “attacker” who attended the hearing. The woman was a victim of institutional child abuse.

She states,

“I just went up quietly to Houston and said, ‘You’re a very wealthy man. You probably drive an expensive car. You live in a mansion. You’re the leader of a wealthy organisation, church. And your church offers the victim only a measly ten thousand dollars for being assaulted as a seven year old? You’ve never gone back and offered the victims any more?’”

Another person present at the hearing who contacted us said they could hear Brian Houston screaming within the vicinity.

Houston’s female “attacker” explained what happened next,

“He screamed out, ‘That was my father who was the pedophile! I’m not the pedophile!’

And then he started screaming at me… ‘I’m not a pedophile!’ And then I knew he was illogical, so I walked away. I said what I had to say. But Brian Houston storms up to me and started screaming at me, ‘I’m not a pedophile! I don’t like pedophiles!’

I was very annoyed that he evaded my real question by not disclosing anything about the victims measly compensation and whether he was going to properly and correctly compensate the victims of his father’s abuse. “

The woman did confess as she walked away that she labeled Brian the “head” of the male appendage. As she was sitting down she noticed Brian was approaching her.

“He then got right in my face. I thought Brian was going to bash me and I stood there. Stood my ground. And I was ready to take the blow. I’ve dealt with the heads of churches and religious organisations before when confronted with child abuse. I’m immune to the leader’s out of control behaviour.

The security at the Royal Commission had to drag him away from me. They had to scream at him and tell him to get away from me, words to the effect of “Brian! Brian! Stop it Brian!” As they were dragging him away he was fighting them to come back at me.

Frustrated with him, I gave him the bird.”

When asked what the woman wanted to achieve with her dialogue with Brian Houston she stated,

“I want those victims properly compensated. I know Jesus said that false teachers come to steal, kill and destroy. If Brian Houston or the leaders of Hillsong are listening, prove to your God, His Church and the victims involved, your level of faith: properly compensate for the victims.”

NOTE: Time of correspondence – 10/10/2014-09/10/2014.

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