Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 4): Kong’s “selfie” sermon.

This article will be focusing on Kong Hee’s session on Thursday night at Presence Conference 2014. Before doing that, it is important to see how Phil Pringle used his own conference to mislead and manipulate people to attend this session.

Before Kong Hee’s scheduled session on Thursday night, Phil Pringle had Kong Hee up on stage the previous day to present misleading information over Kong Hee’s case back in Singapore. Was this a plug to encourage Christians to invite friends for Kong Hee’s free night session at his Presence 2014 Conference?

Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 1)

In the above article, consider this statement as you read/listen what Phil Pringle says in his introduction to Kong Hee.

“Pastor Kong and I are friends and we go back a long way and uh- he has recently in the last three and a half years faced one of the most serious- uh- trials and tribulations that I’ve known of any minister to travel through and I know he’ll be referring to that somewhat tomorrow night.”

Phil Pringle has made it clear that he knows what Kong Hee is going to be talking about – and it’s not going to be about Jesus. It was going to be about Kong Hee’s “trials and tribulations”. And Phil Pringle was right. Kong Hee preached all about himself and his tribulations.

On Wednesday afternoon, Phil Pringle establishing a scenario that disallowed questions. If anyone noticed what Phil Pringle was doing at Presence 2014 Conference, they would be right in questioning Pringle’s motives. With Brian Houston in attendance as a keynote speaker, was Phil Pringle using Houston’s “spiritual leadership” (and his own) to shut down any critical thought over Kong Hee’s case and his attendance at Presence Conference 2014?

Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 2) Hillsong “Stands” with C3 & CHC?

On Thursday night, Phil Pringle not only introduced Kong Hee, he did a fine job manipulating everyone to not question Kong Hee’s situation.

Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 3) All faith – no substance

With all this in mind, do you think Kong Hee is actually going to teach people about the Holy Spirit? Or do you think he is going to preach about himself and how remarkable he is?

Below are snippets of Kong Hee’s session. If there is any other information we missed that hasn’t been transcribed, please transcribe it yourself and we will post it up.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit is Kong Hee’s lawyer? Notice how Kong Hee is using identification to manipulate his audience?

Here is Kong Hee’s session.

“… but really, it’s a cool thing to be here and um, it’s a tremendous privilege and your friendship means so much to me, especially in this season of life and ministry I’m in. These days I introduce myself the way Paul would have introduced himself. I say I’m Kong Hee, a prisoner of Christ. The last four years has been filled with tremendous pressure and stress. Many ask me, say “Kong, how do you manage to cope with the-the-the pressure? How do you keep on smiling and preaching and serving and keep on going?” So I want to share with you a little secret, how I keep my sanity, how I keep my peace of mind, not have a nervous breakdown (laughs) and keep my walk with Jesus Christ intact. I have a secret helper. I have a secret agent who gives me intel, a few steps ahead of the competition, and he helps me all the time, and he is the Holy Spirit. You know the first time Jesus openly talk about the Holy Spirit was in John chapter fourteen, when the disciples were really troubled. Jesus talked about his impending arrest and his crucifixion, his burial. So the disciples say “whoa Jesus, you’re not going to leave us are you?” He encouraged them by saying in John 14 verse sixteen and he say, “don’t worry, I pray to the Father and he will give you another helper, that he may abide with you forever.” Jesus says the Holy Spirit is our Helper, he’s our Comforter.

Recently I saw the NIV, the never incorrect version, (laughs), and it says He is your advocate. Now that brings a lot of excitement to me, He’s your advocate. He’s your lawyer. And I did my research and I realized that the word ‘paracletos’ in the Greek it means ‘paracletos’, one called alongside to help you. It actually has its context in a court trial. You’re going through a court trial, your – the prosecution, the prosecutor is standing up, accusing you and you’re at a loss of words. You don’t know how to respond. So you look out among the crowd for a familiar face, for somebody with the skill, the influence to fight the case for you and you see somebody familiar. You wave your hands, you call out to that friend “please come alongside”, paracletos. The person break through the crowd, stood by you with tremendous ability and power and fight your case to win. I tell you the Holy Spirit, paracletos, He’s our helper, our comforter. I don’t what is the of the case you are going through, maybe a sickness in your body, maybe a bondage a addiction, maybe you’re stressed by a situation in your finances, in your marriage, in your ministry? But we have a friend. He is the Holy Spirit and he is coming alongside you to help you win your case no matter what it is. C’mon somebody give the Lord a big clap, hallelujah, amen.”
[^ 11:31-15:10]

The Holy Spirit apparently speaks to Kong in Matthew 22 that Kong Hee is just like an Old Testament prophet:

“By the end of 1995, I was so discouraged. I thought “that’s it”. You know I mean, man I, I uh gave up being missionary to the Philippines, come to pastor this small tiny church we are going nowhere. I was really discouraged.

The next year of February of 96 I was invited to go and Hawaii and Pastor Art[??] was kind enough to invite me to be one of the workshop speakers. I was young I have a small church I was not the main speak-preacher. On the Tuesday night I was not scheduled to preach. So I gave an excuse. I was discouraged. I’m not a service junkie. So I thought you know tonight, I’m just going to stay home in the hotel. So I went to Art[??], I said “Pastor Art[??], excuse, my excuse I’m jet-lagged, can I just rest in tonight? My wife and I just want to stay home in the hotel.  I just got nearly married, just for a few years”. So… (laughs) seven o’clock we finish our dinner, we went back to the hotel room. My wife open up the bible sat on the bed, she did her nightly quiet time, her nightly devotion as she would normally do.”

And I walked out to the balcony, that was overlooking the beautiful Waikiki beach. It was a bright, moonlit night. The moonlight was shimmering on the Pacific Ocean. But deep in my heart, there was a desperation. And I cry out, I say, “Oh God, what must I do to see revival? You promised me revival, I tried everything I knew how but I’m not having a breakthrough.”

Now we would read about the glory cloud of God, in some of those Pentecostal books and I kid you not for the next hour there was a cloud in, in the night, that came and saturated my balcony. I turned back, my wife was prostrating on the floor, crying and weeping, crying out to God and I knew that I knew I was in a God moment. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, remembering me, bringing to my remembrance something I read. So he say turn to Matthew 22, and I turned to it. It says I’m to love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might. He say read again. I read it two times, five times, ten times, twenty times, fifty times. You gotta love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. And I got exasperated, I said Spirit of God you are trying to tell me something. I’m not getting. He say “In one sentence Kong, what is that?” It’s so simple, it means loving God wholeheartedly – loving God with all your heart, all your soul , all your mind, with everything you got. He said read the next line. It says “love your neighbor as yourself”.

He says read again, so I read the ten times, twenty times “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”. I read it a hundred times I say in one sentence what is there and I heard myself saying “oh, that means loving people fervently”. And then I look at the next scripture. It say “On these two hang all the law and the prophets”.

He say “Kong what is the law for”? I say “the law is everything we gotta do”.

“Who are the prophets?” I say “they are the ones that give the prophetic vision”.

Right then and there a light bulb lit on the inside, and I understood one thing: everything City Harvest Church must do, every vision I must have must be built on two things, on loving God and loving souls.

The Lord began to speak to me and say, “Kong, if you go back to your city and build me a church that is without walls,” (now this is way back in the mid-nineties), He say, “If you take the anointing within the four walls of your church and go to the highways and byways and build me a church without walls, by the end of this year I will take your church to 3000 people.”

Now I tell you, for six years we hardly had any growth and now God is saying I’m going to take your church to three thousand. We’re not even a thousand. But the Holy Spirit is amazing. When He gives us a vision, he adds to it a corresponding gift of faith. I came back to my city, and I told my church the encounter, and the spiritual eruption happened in the congregation.

We have a simple mantra, we say, “We’re going to find a hurt and heal it, we’re going to find a need and meet it” and much like what brother Louie was saying, my – we’re meeting in a small cinema in a bad part of Singapore. On one side was a gang infested area, on the other side was a Muslim area. On the other end of the crossroad, was the beginning of one of the biggest red-light districts in the whole of Asia. But we had this one idea: to find a hurt and heal it, to find a need and meet it. And we went everywhere and shared the love of God and just begin to meet the needs of the people and-and share the gospel.

God kept his word. The Holy Spirit kept his word. In ten months, (and now that was February), in March all the way to December we grew from several hundred to three thousand two hundred, hallelujah. Hallelujah, amen.

But that’s not the miracle. The miracle is the next year we grew to five thousand, and then it was seven thousand, and nine thousand, and eleven thousand, thirteen thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand, twenty-five thousand. By twenty-ten we had thirty-two thousand in the church for the glory of God! C’mon somebody, give the Lord a hand! Hallelujah!

Now, what was the key to the breakthrough? The Holy Spirit! I wasn’t so smart. I was jet-lagged!
[^23:13 – 29:41]

(Talking about the building of the church)

And now we have Kong Hee saying he is as innocent as the Apostle Paul. Christians know that Paul faced unfair persecution by the pagan government. This is why C3 members believe that the Singaporean government is unfairly persecuting Kong Hee. This is the third year Kong Hee has insinuated that the Singaporean government has been unfairly persecuting him as the righteous and innocent man that he is. This is simply disgraceful on Kong’s part who has deliberately kept the facts of the investigation and the court proceedings out of his presentation. Why is he getting away with this?

We’ve also noted that Kong Hee was associating his church to the under-gound Chinese church movement. Is this just another pictorial smear against the Singaporean government, insinuating an unfair government overshadowing Kong’s City Harvest Church? Let’s just see what the Singaporean government really had to say:

The Singaporean Government officially stated,

“[…] that the charges filed by CAD are against 5 individuals from the City Harvest Church (CHC) regarding the use of Church funds. They are not filed against CHC itself.  The CHC is free to continue its church services and activities.

[…] As the matter is now before the courts, we should let the law take its course and avoid speculation or making pre-judgements that may unnecessarily stir up emotions.” [Source]

We couldn’t help notice Kong once again exposing his own false theology. It’s ironic that he claimed in this session, “Don’t you worry, my father is rich” when he knows he is about to receive more cash after his sermon to pay for his own legal defense. Secondly, by stating, “I was confessing “one more month, I’m gonna be free, I’m gonna be free, hallelujah, I’m gonna be free”, he exposed that he had no prophetic faith to have this come to pass. By accidentally slipping this in to his testimony, his false theology exposed him again of being a false teacher.

“… and do you know if we dig a big hole, and-and-and it’s going to escalate the costs many times. I said I don’t care whether how hard it is, you just go and check with the law books, are we allowed to build this underground and could I build from fence to fence. He came back one week later, he said “Pastor, let me tell you there’s no law against this so I guess we can do it but it will escalate the cost three times”.

I said, “Don’t you worry, my father is rich!” (laughs, crowd cheers) Hallelujah. He thought I was talking about earthly father, my earthly dad was just a civil servant, I’m talking about heavenly father. How many of you know God in heaven in richer than anyone possible. Oh. C’mon, give the Lord a big clap! Hallelujah!

So we built underground.  So if you want to go underground your church you don’t have to go to China anymore, just go to Singapore. Four hundred feet underground. When it’s full, two thousand three hundred seats. And it served its purpose for many years, our Durong West Campus, Pastor Phil been there many times.

Go with me in Acts twenty and verse twenty-two, and see “Now I go bound in the Spirit to Jerusalem, not knowing the things that will happen to me there, except that the Holy Spirit testifies in every city, saying that chains and tribulations await me”.

In April 2012, two years back, I was feeling a sense of excitement, because the investigation, that started 2010 is coming to the end of two years. Somebody, one of the lawyers have said to me that there is a two year statute of limitation. In other words, after two years investigation, or within the two year period, if you have committed a crime they will indict you or charge you, but within the twenty-four months if they couldn’t find anything you are free to go. So that was April, it was the twenty-fourth month. I was really excited, one more month I’m gonna be free. I was confessing “one more month, I’m gonna be free, I’m gonna be free, hallelujah, I’m gonna be free”. On April the twentieth I was taking a morning flight back on Singapore Airlines back to Taiwan. I, I go there a lot. So early in the morning, I went down and I sat on my chair, and I sat on the wrong seat. In came a nice looking gentleman and he said “Excuse me sir, this not your seat, this my seat”. I look I say “oh, I’m sorry, I-I-I sat in the wrong place.”

I look at him and lo and behold! It’s an old friend of mine that I have not met in twenty years. And he’s a known prophet of God. I don’t have too many prophet friends but he’s a known prophet of God. So, I-I shifted over, I was tired, I was – it was an early morning flight, I was about to sleep. He turned to me and he said “Hey brother, the Holy Spirit just spoke to me. I have a prophetic word for you.”

So just when the plane was about to take off, he said to me, he said “You think the case is coming to an end. It is not coming to an end. In fact it will get darker. It will go on for more than a year.”

I was so upset. In my mind I’m thinking “get in behind me, you devil” (laughs). And he kept saying, he went on and he said, “you know God wants to do something great with your church. This trial is not to break you, but to make you. This trial’s to make your church purer and stronger,” and he says, “you‘ve to raise up a whole church of intercessors and pray and your deliverance will come but it will drag on.”

[Take note of what Kong Hee is revealing here at this point. Kong is telling his audience that God wants him “to raise up a whole church of intercessors and pray” so Kong can receive “deliverance”. This is God Himself claiming Kong is innocent. But to get free, Kong must do what God says. No wonder Kong Hee did not mention this ‘prophets’ name.]

I was really upset with him, I was trying to be nice but in my mind “get thee behind me, I rebuke that, I bind that in the name of Jesus” (smiles and laughs). But it stuck in my mind. In June 2012, ah-on the twenty-fifth month, at six am in the morning I was taken away from my home, brought to court and indicted. But as it happened, in my mind, in my heart, I knew that the Holy Spirit has forewarned me. So as I walk in there’s an assurance. He is in control. God is in control and how many of you know that when he’s in control you don’t have to fear. God is in control.

The Holy Spirit is the greatest encourager.  Just one more verse – one more verse, okay? Romans fifteen and verse thirteen.  It says “Now may the God of hope fill you with all the joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Abound in hope by the power of the Spirit. Shortly after we were charged in court, my wife got suspended. Now that’s tough because we are both founders of the church. So if I’m out of action and she’s out of action, it will become like a leaderless church (smiles). By 2013 of March we had to make certain decisions. What we gonna do with this suspension. We had so many lawyers, every lawyer has a different opinion so we are very uncertain so I pray “Holy Spirit, please give me wisdom, please tell me what to do”. The Holy Spirit led me to make a series of decisions. A series of decisions. It can be quite scary. And gave me a word “something is gonna happen in May”. Now that was March. “Something is going to happen in May”.

On May the thirteenth I was at my lawyer’s office, on the thirtieth floor and we’re having a very intense conversation, and my phone began to buzz, my phone was buzzing. I look at the number, it was from Korea. One of my intercessors was calling me.  I tried to ignore it but the phone was buzzing. So I turned to my lawyer, I said “excuse me I gotta take this call”. I walkl outside to the lobby, I pick up the phone, I said “hey what happened?”. He say, “pastor we’ve all been praying for you and the Hoy Spirit gives us a word, and the word is this, listen carefully: the word is, “‘as of tonight, all the burden upon Sun is gonna get lifted up, all the yoke on your wife is gonna be broken and it will never affect her ever again”.” Now that was four-thirty in the afternoon. He say, “you gotta tell you wife that”.

So I call up my wife Sun, I say “this is what the intercessors are say”. And you know what Sun says?

“Okay it’s nice to hear, it’s good to know, praise God, go back to your meeting.” Put down the phone. Five-thirty, one hour later one of my lawyers came excited into the room. He say “Pastor you won’t believe it, the authorities just released your wife, she’s totally exonerated and vindicated. She’s free from all suspension”. Oh, c’mon, give the Lord a big clap! Isn’t that encouraging?

One last story. I promise I will end after this. The first eight months of my ordeal in 2010 was horrible. Horrible.

I became the attention, and mockery of the entire world. So I became severely, severely depressed. I felt publically humiliated, I felt publicly shamed. I couldn’t get out anywhere. For eight months I spe-practically locked in my own house. Technically I was under arrest. I guess like Paul, under house arrest, or some sort. I couldn’t leave the jurisdiction.

So, one day I was in a prayer meeting, and the Holy Spirit led one prophetess, who I’ve never met before, and this was in Korea. Never met her before. And she came to me and said, “Brother are you – are you serving God full time? I say, “Yes, I’m a pastor”. And she looked at me and she said, “The Holy Spirit just say this to me: You’re facing a trial. Oh-no! It is a legal trial. I see judges, authorities, making decisions about what to do with you. Oh dear! The investigation has started. OH! They’re going to throw you in jail.”

So she’s like reading my mail. So that piqued my interest.

[So Kong calls her a genuine prophetess after she successfully ‘read his mail’? In her prophecy, she prophesied, “They’re going to throw you in jail”. Uh-oh. We have a liar. Is Kong Hee lying about this woman? Is the woman lying about Kong? Or is Phil Pringle lying about what God said to Kong Hee that “Not one night will [Kong Hee’s] fair head spend behind bars”? [Source]]

She said, “Pastor. The Holy Spirit says, “Why sunglasses?” And I was thinking, “What a Word! Sunglasses!” Everybody around me in the room like- they were all public- SUNGLASSES! Nobody understood, except my wife, assistant and me.

[Lastly observe this move by Kong Hee. How do you get people to give money for your cause? Kong Hee will show you:]

Because for eight months when I was so severely depressed, that twice, I was suicidal. One time I was standing at the edge of apartment and I thought, “If I just jump all my problems will be over”. And you know we are human. Human – humans think human thoughts.”

 That was one climactic manipulative “sermon”.  And it worked! Preying on people’s gullibility to give him their cash to pay for his legal fees? Well done, Kong Hee.

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