Impersonating a shepherd

Tom Ascon has given an important message on false prophets. We encourage you to listen to this entire piece.

We hope you find this resource insightful, equipping and uplifting.


“Under the Old Covenant, God’s people were warned against false prophets. They were told false prophets would come among them. In Deuteronomy thirteen, they were told what to do about them. When a man was discovered to be a false prophet, he was to have his ministry ended with stoning. It was a capital crime. Spiritually misleading God’ people was regarded as abusive. It was recognised as deadly. And false priests and prophets were regarded as worse criminals than unrighteous and corrupt kings. Why is that?

Because without justice, a nation suffers. But without truth, a people will die. And we saw that in the history of the Old Testament. In both Israel and Judah. Under the ministry of false teachers, truth fell in the streets, God’s people were led into apostasy…” 3:15 (Emphasis ours.)

Does this message against false prophets sound like anyone you know?

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