How Brian Houston strives to win the world to Jesus…


It’s interesting to see that people are becoming more aware of Brian Houston’s social media campaign to further his ‘cult of personality’ and Hillsong. We were notified of this twitter exchange via Facebook and thought it gave an interesting insight into just how Brian Houston handles those he claims to care so much about.

Hillsong & Brian Houston Exposed

His online antics are hardly representative of pastoral behavior, to say the least. We encourage Christians, and non-Christians, to continue to challenge Brian Houston on social media and express your ongoing concerns to him.


How do you think Brian Houston should have responded towards the author of this tweet?


It’s easy to see that Brian Houston was not dealing with a Christian critic but the world he claims to strive to win. Is this the appropriate way to reach out to the lost?

@hillongLA and are both horseshit for the truly deluded. RT

Source: Meghan Wilkes, Twitter,, 3:32 PM – 15 Dec 2014. (Accessed 17/12/2014.)

Be sure to check for yourself before ‘authentic and genuine’ Brian Houston’s response to Meghan mysteriously disappears (as is so often the case).

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