Perry Stone’s weird worship at “Winter Reformation”

Perry Stone uploaded the following videos to his FaceBook account Perry Stone Ministries. They gave us a glimpse to the worship experience he created at his Winter Reformation event.

[Click here to download video]

[Click here to download video]

These were some of the comments on these videos.

This creates a lot of problems for pastors when their young people get back to their home churches. That is why we don’t send our young people to events like this. We used to but the negative out weighs the positive for us and we are in the same denomination as perry stone. So, it’s not like we aren’t Pentecostal but wild fire and Holy Ghost fire are two totally different things.
Source: Mac RigginsFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

wow this is bad–where is God in all of this..

Source: Brian KupiecFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

This is a clear example of what Aaron and the Israelites did when they couldn’t wait on Moses to return. We all know the rest of the story, I hope.
Source: Vitaliy Victoria Kondrya, FaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

I don’t see any reverence or awe for God here…just a bunch of loonies dancing in the flesh…typical of the modern day emotions and experienced based sign-seeking ecumenical church.
Source: Pete HomesFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

The Holy Spirit was not there it was a demonic influence that seemed to be right but so far from the truth. I’m not Perry Stone enemy I have followed his teaching but this is not of Yahweh our Lord. Remember Aron and the Golden Calf.
Source: Darrell Pittman Sr.FaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

Here are what other people said on these videos.

Ok, so you have the youth up dancing and praising G_d, not the visual effects, and people are complaining???? rather them be drinking and partying in a club??? Seriously, get over yourself.
Source: Rosalie MizeFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about pentecostal worshipping. . It’s Christianity and it’s actually the same way king David worshiped god when the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem… I encourage everyone to open 1st and Second kings in the Holy Bible and read about how they worshiped. Then you will understand why they are worshipping. . They are not worshipping the ark of the covenant, they are worshipping god.
Source: Levi ColeFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

I was in this service. This is so not what you’re making it out to be. This was an outpouring of the Holy Ghost in a way that some have never seen much less experienced. Brother Stone your preaching was off the hook and the worship service could only be felt not told.
Source: Brandi Maupin HarrisFaceBook,, 26/01/2015. (Accessed 26/01/2015.)

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  1. This is a manifestation of the False Trinity demon named Kundalini. An Hindu demon unleashed from Hell to confound the weak into the false belief that it is the Holy Spirit activity not found in the Scriptures. Satan, the Serpent, used the Kundalini Spirit at the Garden to pull Adam and Eve from God. Please, reader, look it up. It first became “popular” at the Toronto Airport and Lakeland Experience.

  2. Well Fails, How many teens have you touched lately. David danced without his cloths. What do ya say about that…demon…

  3. How can I judge something that has a total of 2 minutes on it? I need the entire service to watch. Out of context, much the same as speech…if the Holy Spirit is moving, I want to see it for myself…not take your word for it that it is ‘bad’ for 2 mins.

  4. Not sure about the whole thing. But my eyes are now opened to this guys preaching. I think that most of his stuff is new age.

  5. Discerning Christians will immediately recognize this ritual as being irreverent and ungodly. Do not blame the Holy Spirit for this rowdy, worldly demonstration. Nothing in the Bible commands that the church dance around an ark replica. Paul never taught this. Even the secular world could join right in with this form of “worship” and feel comfortable doing it. This is a blasphemous man-made idea and not a church service designed to further the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ to His sheep. Shame on Perry Stone. It demonstrates his severe lack of discernment.

  6. That is why the pastor, evangelist and ministers MUST have the spirit of discernment! satan will walk all over those at meetings where folks or the leaders of this meetings don’t have discernment!

  7. Everyone has their own style of praise just because it’s not doing something for you to feel from them doesn’t mean they are not feeling anointing from God. Music, buildings, and upbringingshe are different. Soothingly I say they are showing that being shameless to god, can be a drug in sense.

  8. Gods ways are so much higher than those of man. How many adult men paint their faces and stand and cheer at a football game, but praising God who gave his only son like this bothers you? If more people worshiped the Lord God with all their might, body and soul, we would have a very different world. Attack the REAL enemy, satan. Not this true man of God and by the way, you better
    watch it brother, you’ll have to answer God, not Perry Stone!

  9. Irreverent emotional hype. Been there and the only thing I see is a bunch of deceiving spirits crawling around like spiders. Kids that are ignorant about scripture but love loud music.

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