Kong Hee speaking at C3 Church Kawana Waters

John and Danielle Pearce are “pastors” of C3 Kawana Waters.


They write,

“We are ONE CHURCH in TWO LOCATIONS with services at Kawana Waters and a campus having been launched in Coolum in 2012.”
Source: About, OurC3, http://www.ourc3.com/about/, Accessed 04/02/2014.

Why is C3 still allowing Kong Hee, (who is currently in court for mishandling church of up to 46.3 million dollars), to speak in their churches? Wouldn’t it make more sense for C3 to wait after the trial? A lot is at stake here if the allegations against Kong Hee are true.

Kong Hee writes,

I will be ministering at @c3kawanawaters (Australia) on 11 February. Come to church if you are in town!#kongheeAustralia #c3kawanawaters
Source: pskonghee, Instagram, http://instagram.com/p/ynr1JSO8j0/, Accessed 04/02/2015.

Notice the comments from the Kawana Waters Senior pastor in the below screen grab.

It crossed our mind that maybe Kong Hee is short of money to pay for his lawyers again. Will he be manipulating C3 people for financial gain again?

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