Pop goes the evil? (How to “perform brain surgery on our own brains?”)

We present to you this from the Leafy one:

‘Pop Goes The Evil!’

Did you know all of us can perform brain surgery? Is that possible? Don’t we have to go to medical school and then undergo many extra  years of training?

I will teach you in just 21 days. Let me explain….

As the Holy Spirit convicts us we bring toxic thoughts buried in the non-conscious into consciousness. The conscious thought, represented as a toxic branches (dendrites) in the brain,   become changeable. Our mind can then send a series of signals over a 21 day period that literally pops off the toxic branches, ‘pop goes the evil!’.

During this 21 day period we can build a healthy thought represented by healthy branches. To become self sustaining the healthy branches need another 42 days to be established; a total of 63 days. This is how we perform brain surgery on our own brains!

The property of our brains that allow it to change is called ‘neuroplasticity’. We are actually neuroplasticians, this  brain surgery at the nano, even the quantum, scale.

I have developed the online 21 day brain detox program to enable help you pop off those toxic branches (thoughts) and build healthy ones. Go towww.21daybraindetox.com.

Watch Episode 5 of my TV Show for more details.

Source: By Caroline Leaf, ‘Pop Goes The Evil!’, Dr. Leaf, http://drleaf.com/blog/pop-goes-the-evil/, Published 04/09/2014. (Accessed 15/11/2014.)

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  1. Leaf is a doctor, and attained the doctorate from a reputable university.

    ” University of Pretoria South Africa
    Doctor Philosophiae with specialization in Communication Pathology With distinction/cum laude and academic honors- May 9th 1997 ”


    Your attempt to discredit Leaf based on your implication that she does not have a valid qualification is based on a false assumption.

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