Rosebrough reviews Pringle’s infomercial sermon: Is Phil Pringle your Ezekiel’s Angel?

Chris Rosebrough decided to review another sermon from Phil Pringle of Christian City Church (C3 Church).

What was breath-taking with this review was how Phil Pringle took one biblical text and used it as an infomercial for his Presence Conference. What was even more concerning was Pringle sharing his angelic experiences and what he heard God say about Phil Pringle’s heavenly-appointed Presence Conference.

The gross manipulation did not stop there. Chris Rosebrough pointed out this creepy comment made by Phil Pringle:

Angel Pringle“And I share that with you because you got- you need to know that when we read the Bible – like just what we read- that was an angel leading Ezekiel deeper and deeper.

And there are angels who want to take you and lead you deeper and deeper. And if we can follow that- And if you can think of me maybe – just now – as that angel, measuring out 1500 metres for you to walk to get knee deep and then another 1500 – c’mon! Let’s go a little deeper.

C’mon! Let’s go all the way – for your sake. We’re not going to lead you into things that’ll hurt ya – that are bad for ya or that kind of thing. We only have your best interest and the Kingdom of God in our hearts. And one thing that we are desperate for is not just for every individual here to get blessed but our whole church to be blessed. And our whole movement around the world – C3 Global – to get touched and empowered for a whole new day, to go to a whole new level in Jesus’ name.

Source: Phil Pringle, Awakening 2, My C3 Church, “Awakening – Part 2” – Phil Pringle,, 60:50-61:45, 14/04/2013 PM.

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Source: Chris Rosebrough, Fighting for the Faith,, 17/02/2015. (Accessed 09/03/2015.)

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