Brian Houston insisting Christians take the wide road


Brian Houston last year preached a sermon at Hillsong Conference 2014 title ‘No Other Name’. You woul think with a sermon title like that, Houston would preach the gospel. However, again and again we are being bombarded with Christless sermons that seem to be more focused preaching everything else accept the gospel.

The question that Hillsong members need to be asked is this: Does Brian Houston know the gospel?

Recently, Chris Rosebrough reviewed the sermon and leveled a fair accusation against Brian Houston for using the skillful heresy two-step technique to trick people. Rosebrough also highlights some new techniques that Brian Houston employs to trick people. He says they are the,

Blenderbender: a deceptive preaching technique where the teacher blends different words and ideas together to bend the scripture to mean something completely different.

(Brian Houston used this by blending key words (like “big”, “large” and “roomy”) from different scriptures and bending the scriptures to say something completely different.)

And the thesis/antithesis which is also known as the darkothesis or antithesis backflip. Brian Houston used his “opposite world translation” (OWT) on the benediction in Numbers 67. Adds eisegetes the OWT to reinterpret what the benediction actually says. In this case, he used this as a strawman to make ‘bloggers’ online ‘Christians’ look like idiots and evil and to bolster his prosperity gospel heresy.


So what did Brian Houston end up teaching?

StarTrek Gospel

He ended up peddling ecumenism and encouraging Christians to walk down the wide road and not the narrow road. (See quotes below the radio segment.)

Larry Huch’s Passover Payday

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Program segments:

• William Tapley’s Prophetic Angle on German Wings Crash
• Sandy Shoeber on Giving God Pleasure
• Larry Huch’s Passover Payday
• Sermon Review: No Other Name by Brian Houston of Hillsong

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Larry Huch’s Passover Payday, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 02/04/2015. (Accessed 07/04/2015.)

Here are some quotes from the sermon:

“It’s kinda how I see it working with the church [the way Peter “lifted up” the cripple]. We carry his name and we use that name to lift people up toward the promise and the purpose of God.”

“There is no other name! Sounds kind of exclusive? Makes it sound like a very exclusive message. Sounds kinda like a narrow way to get to God if there is only one way.”

“Don’t ever allow religion, people’s poor mentality, legalism, negative defeated Christians have you believe in somehow that you’ve got to live this narrow path. It’s a big life through a narrow gate.”

“narrow is the gate – there is no other name. And difficult is the way which leads to life…. Here’s the sad thing. A lot of people, they don’t just see it as a narrow gate- in other words, there is only one way.”

“Don’t ever think that serving God is a “narrow path”. People make it so narrow! So negative! So legalistic! And they make it into a narrow path! And I think that’s one of the devil’s great strategies. Here at Hillsong  church, let’s decide to live a big life!”

“You enlarge the path under me. It’s not the path that’s narrow. I believe God wants to challenge you to have bigger dreams. Have a wider belief. Build a bigger church. Amen! Be a bigger spirited person. Have bigger thinking! Because it’s a big and a wide path.

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