Brian Houston in damage control… again… and again…and again.

When a person’s “image” starts to be bought into question through their own conduct, it’s not uncommon for that person to automatically kick into damage control mode. Brian Houston is doing just this over the recent A Current Affair report.

Hillsong: The multi-million dollar “crazy cult”

As a result of this report, Hillsong published a very lethal statement lambasting the media and even political figure Nick Xenophon. Houston retweeted the article from Hillsong:

RT : Statement by Hillsong Church on A Current Affair story:

The statement and our analysis of it can be read here:

Which “tabloid trash” do you believe?

The problem with Brian Houston’s damage control is that it actually is doing more harm than good. For instance, the more he says, the more easier it is to spot his hypocrisy online. For example, Brian Houston tweeted the following:

Leaders goal: Lead with grace, even in the face of opposition. Lead with love, even when under attack! Source: Brian Houston, Twitter,, 12:43 PM – 22 Apr 2015. (Accessed 23/04/2015.)

Love is a very compelling argument!! Source: Brian Houston, Twitter,, 12:43 PM – 22 Apr 2015. (Accessed 23/04/2015.)

However, Brian Houston seems to think that when he throws words around like “love”, “grace” and “leaders goal”, it means Mr Houston can be justified to say things like this:

When A Current Affair lie and malign  (which they have done regularly) they insult the intelligence of the thousands who attend. Source: Brian Houston, Twitter,, 2:28 PM – 22 Apr 2015. (Accessed 23/04/2015.)


It’s sad seeing Tim Costello become involved by aligning not only himself but World Vision in this story as well.

I’ve personally witnessed the generosity of -partnering with  after Typhoon Haiyan Source: Tim Costello, Twitter,, 2:28 PM – 22 Apr 2015. (Accessed 23/04/2015.)

In closing, there’s an important question still to be asked.

Why didn’t Brian Houston call out Reverend Bill Crews for his strong statements against Hillsong during his interview on the ACA segment?  

Nick Xenophon has been quite vocal for years about addressing cults and religious movements and their impact on families. What is the difference between Rick Xenophon and Reverend Bill Crews in their appeal for truthfulness from these ministries making mega millions of their “flocks” while their leaders lead lives of luxury and comfort in a very rarified atmosphere? Did the Reverend Bill Crews miss out on an attack from Brian Houston because he (Brian Houston) operates under the false teaching of “not touching the Lord’s anointed” (Reverend Bill Crews)? It’s a mystery yet to be answered.

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  1. Going by the number of entries on the “multi-million dollar crazy cult” entry a certain bee’s nest must have been hit pretty hard…. Now a “half-serious question to all the drone worker bees who came to defend the ‘Queen” :many of your defences e.g. “don’t touch the anointed”, “don’t judge EVER (no matter what the circumstances e.g. false teachers)”, are commonly used by supporters of C3, Hillsong and other churches exposed on secular news/ Christian discernment websites…. are they hidden in e.g. Hillsong’s lyrics or backmasked on their recordings? 🙂

    Seriously now, it is time for Hillsong supporters to STOP responding via reflex emotional responses and time to START seriously studying whether what is being said is true or not. Jesus said love God with all your *MIND*, not just your heart, soul, strength (Matthew 22:37)- he did not say (as Hillsong claims) your wallet.

    IIf these Churchwatcher websites are so wrong you should have no difficulty *via factual evidence*, and/or bible verses (especially New Testament) *in context* that Hillsong church is beyond reproach.

    Please Hillsong supporters – for your own sake – open your bible/bible website, it is time for you to think for yourselves and *carefully* examine whether what is being said by ANY Christian lines up with scripture or not. Learning to discern the difference between right and “almost right” is an essential part of growth in Christian spiritual maturity.

    Yes Hillsong is correct in its claim that God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7), and that we should love our neighbour as ourself (Matthew 22:39), but how much time does Hillsong teach about ALL the other aspects of the Christian life? As a RESULT of faith in Jesus Christ alone Christians SHOULD turn from person sin/ what pleases the world (not God), focus our minds upon Heaven and grow in holiness over time. e.g. Ask yourself this question: does Hillsong ever preach about the need for repentance (turning away from/ changing mind about) sin?

    • “Going by the number of entries on the “multi-million dollar crazy cult” entry a certain bee’s nest must have been hit pretty hard”

      They’re a really sensitive mob, aren’t they? It seems they don’t subscribe to the idea of turning the other cheek – perhaps they’ve had too much exposure to Brian’s messiah complex and triumphalist “preaching”.

    • Yes some of the Hillsongees’ responses give further credence to critics’ claims that Hillsong is a cult, not a church.

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