Beth Moore’s “most singularly bizzarre applications ever” of Exodus 15

Rosebrough reviewed Beth Moore.

While Beth Moore tries to come across comical in her TV segment, she appears to coming across mocking the biblical characters. Chris Rosebrough decided to compare Exodus 15 (by reading it) to Beth Moore’s bizzarre interpretation of the chapter.

Faith Always Brings A Tamborine?

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Program segments:

• Tom Chantry’s Reductio RE: Rick Warren
• Under the Influence?
• Beth Moore’s Bizarre Tamborine Application
• Joel Osteen on Generational Blessings
• Sermon Review: Success by Terri Savelle Foy

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Faith Always Bring a Tamborine?, Fighting for the Faith,, Accessed 30/04/2015. (Accessed 29/04/2015.)

Have you packed your tamborine?

(Make sure you also tune in to the segment afterwards to hear Rosebrough review Joel Osteen.)

18CWCPortrait_Joel Osteen

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