Führer Bill Hybels invents Führergesis; applauds Visionary leadership of Hillsong

Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed Bill Hybels who spoke at Hilsong Conference 2014. This review only proves yet again that Hillsong Church does not listen to God but invite dangerous men to teach things that counter the teachings of Christianity.

Warning: Some people may find the content incredibly unsettling and disturbing.

Chris opened up his review with this introduction:

“What you are going to hear here is, well, not narcissistic eisegesis [narcigesis]. Not psychological eisegesis [psychogesis] but leadership eisegesis. otherwise known as führergesis.” – 59:46 [Emphasis added]

This sermon starts in the second hour.

Birthing Anointings And Conception “Miracles”

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Program segments:

• Birthing Anointings and Conception “Miracles”
• Modern Tower of Babel?
• Sermon Review: Bill Hybels at Hillsong Conference

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Birthing Anointings And Conception “Miracles”, Fighting for the Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2015/05/birthing-anointings-and-conception-miracles.html, Published 15/05/2015.

You can watch the videos of these sessions here:

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[Click to download video]

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  1. quintegesis. Extrapolating a truth into a lie for one’s own self gratification, particularly in relation to members of a micro cult.

    • Dear Senior Pastor
      Warmest greetings in the precious name, Glory and honor to God. Really good we are glad and happy of your faith your website indicates truth of the gospel in your web site that is why contact you, as one church in the lord. We pray and request that you be our leader because we need to grow. So through your inspiration to reach out the communities in the world, this is wonderful to meet your email in web site is good and encouragement. I see small group of your church.

      We welcome you in 2015 praying that God we answers Our prayers that is our Hope. Happy and prosperous blessing to uplift our spiritual foundation kindly consider our prayer and we pray that God to keep you in good health as you live to fulfill this great commission in your life, Matt 28:19. 20
      Helping people to obey the New Covenant in Christ’s blood and to be transformed into Christ so they can live in peace life.Ephesians 4:11-16,
      We pray God’s blessing upon you all as we look forward to hear from you. and good Hand of Christians we invite you to come and see what we are in our church here in Kenya we are a group Members .Grace and peace to you from our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We love you all and your church Statement of Faith,
      Our church address.
      Po. Box 1178 -40200-Kisii-Kenya Africa.
      yours in Christ pastor, Boiro.
      Thank you,

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