Chew summoned Lavigne to stand, examining his ” frame of mind before 2013″

This article is from Mrs Light n Friends, examining the exchange between Chew Eng Han and the witness Mr Jean-Jacques Lavigne.

Witness: former church executive member Jean-Jacques Lavigne was called to the stand by Chew Eng Han.

Witness: former church executive member Jean-Jacques Lavigne was called to the stand by Chew Eng Han.

Mrs Light n Friends writes,

20 May 2015 – JJ’s EIC (Part 1)

My original plan was to write more details about the last witness, Mr Jean-Jacques Lavigne’s Examination-in-chief after I have finished writing part 3 and part 4 of Sun’s Examination-in-chief.

When I see JJ has to explain to his friends why he said Crossover was world class, I decided to temporary stop writing Sun’s EIC. Just merely one simple reason, I don’t want JJ to be wrongly accused by vicious people.

Recap of JJ’s EIC.

This is in relation to JJ’s Examination-in-chief by Mr Chew on May 20 2015.

How did the word “world class” come into picture?

Chew: JJ, I’m going to finish soon. Is the Crossover the vision of the church?

JJ: There is no other vision but the Crossover.

Chew: How important is it to the church?

JJ: That’s the number one calling of the church.

Chew: Number one calling?

JJ: Yeah, it’s the number one calling of the church. It’s not to stay within the premise of the church, it’s really to go out there.

Chew: Did you pray for Sun and Kong?

JJ: Yes, absolutely.

Chew: In relation to the Crossover?

JJ: Yes, absolutely.

Chew: Did you have faith in Sun’s album success?

JJ: Yes, total faith. I was yeah, I was actually, for one, certainly delighted with the works that were being done in the States. I was very impressed with the quality of the production works I thought it was top-notch, world class. Maybe not to the taste of everyone, but it was really up there in terms of quality.

Questions by the Judge.

Judge: Mr Lavigne, I just have one point to clarify with you. You mentioned that you left the church in 2013. I don’t think you’ve told us the reason.

JJ: Once I got access to a bit more information about the case and some of the information what was filtering down to some members through some websites and things like this, some members of BBG made the conscious decision of leaving the church, to terminate their membership. I did not terminate my membership, I didn’t step down from the church. I just wanted to wait and see, so to speak. I always want to give people an opportunity of defending themselves as well, so I wanted to hear two sides of the story. At the same time, I had access to information, and yes, I was very suspicious. Then I receive a phone call from one of the church leaders telling me that my cell group was being taken over from me; I was no longer in charge. And that’s it. We were supposed to have a meeting to do the takeover and for the migration, so to speak, but it never happened. And that’s how I was left out, so to speak. I never went back to church. We never had that conversation. Did I answer your question, your Honour?

Judge: Yes. So formally you are still a member of the church?

JJ: Formally, I have not terminated my membership

Judge: But you’ve not been attending.

JJ said, “I don’t know if my membership has been terminated. I have no information whether I’m still a member or not.”

JJ: I have not been attending any of the church services.

Judge: Mr Chew, do you have any questions arising out of what I’ve asked?

Chew: Yes, your Honour. If I could just ask a few more questions relating to this.

Judge: Yes, of course.

Further examination by Mr Chew

Chew: JJ, you left the church the same time as me.

JJ: Yes, probably one month after you.

Chew: That’s about June 2013.

JJ: Absolutely.

Chew: In the months before that, there was information that I’d passed on to you.

JJ: Yes.

Chew: In relating to certain discoveries that I’d come upon?

JJ: Yes.

Chew: JJ, would you confirm that much of the information that I passed on to you had nothing to do with this case?

JJ: Very little information about the bonds. A lot information about something else. Absolutely, yes, your Honour.

Chew: So it was stuff like the MPA, the…

JJ: MPA, copyrights, royalties, such issues. Yes.

Chew: So it was mainly those other issues that coloured your mind?

JJ: Yes, it had nothing to do with the bonds.

At the end of the examination, Chew said, “Actually, JJ, when I was about to start examining you, I forgot to tell you that whatever questions I was putting to you was your frame of mind before 2013. But actually you have done that.”

Chew: Your Honour, that’s all I have to say.

Source: 20 May 2015 – JJ’s EIC (Part 1), Mrs Light n Friends,, Published 22/05/2015.

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