C3 Parramatta Scandal (Part 5) Phil Pringle’s leadership – an unresolved mess


Phil Pringle and his cohorts continue to refuse to deal with issues that occured in the C3 Parramatta scandal 25 years ago. We are talking about two men that covered up pedophilia in the C3 Church movement.

C3 Global Scandals

The two pastors put into C3 leadership that showed lack of pastoral care, wisdom and responsibility in the C3 Penrith scandal are STILL in leadership positions today

These pastors are Gary Dench and Ian Treacy.

C3- Gary Dench Ian Treacy

Before reading on, we encourage viewers to read what we have covered on the C3 Penrith scandal so far. In this article we wish to publish an open letter that alleges that Pringle was informed of this sexual misconduct and did nothing about it. Nor did he deal with the C3 pastors in relation to the trials.

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So our question is this: where are these men pastoring today?

More information has surfaced that Pringle knew of this situation and chose not to resolve it. From what has been disclosed to Pringle personally, Pringle did not drop C3 “Pastor” Gary Dench because of his handling of the paedophile scandal in C3 Parramatta. Nor did he drop “Pastor” Ian Treacy pastor involved in this issue.

Kerri Ferguson C3 Hillsong Brian Houston Phil Pringle

The below letter was a response to Phil Pringle slamming critics and mocking those that would go to the newspaper over Phil Pringle’s leadership. As you can see, this letter highlights Phil Pringle’s negligence over this situation.


I am one of those people who found it necessary to go to the media with a complaint about you when you failed to answer my concerns yourself. I am dumbfounded that you are not humbled and ashamed that any one in your congregation would feel it neccessary to seek assistance from outside the church as a result of YOUR failure to listen and assist them.

When it was discovered that TWO Pastors in one of your churches failed to attend to a plea for help by a child because he was being systematically raped by his father, (also a member of one of your churches) telling the child instead that “he must have led his father on” and “he should pray for forgiveness”, I requested that you intervene immediately on behalf of this child.

You, with all the care and concern you could muster only agreed to see me and the child AFTER we threatened to go to the media.

You refused to speak to us without your “legal adviser” being present. I didn’t see Christ setting that example in the Bible……………but then our Jesus had strength of character and faced up to hurting people without needing a “legal adviser”.

You didn’t even offer to PRAY for the child or his family, instead, packing us off out of your office as quickly as you could.

You offered NO counseling, NO assistance and NO prayer.

You refused to take action against these two Pastors telling me that you had no power to do anything. You even refused to instruct them to go to court and give evidence on behalf of the child when they refused a police request to do so. You said they “were a law unto themselves”!

However, some time later when you discovered that one of these Pastors had benefited from a lottery win by his wife, you took immediate action to stand him down. It seems, Mr. Pringle that someone winning a lottery is of greater concern to you than the rape of a child!

The other Pastor still oversees one of your church branches Mr. Pringle but then he never committed the dreadful sin of sharing a lottery win did he?

You never contacted the victim or the victim’s family after your meeting with them – not even to inquire about the child’s well-being.

Which of these actions, Mr. Pringle, mirrors what Christ would have done under the circumstances?

If the measure of the contempt in which you hold people is how many people they have on a Twitter account, you must have deep contempt for me Mr. Pringle, because I don’t even have a Twitter account.

You see, I am STILL too busy cleaning up the mess left by you and your Pastors to be bothered with such a thing.

That people can discover your deeds (they are well documented) and learn of your behaviour during these events and yet still sit in your church each week and follow your teachings is an indictment on every single one of them and their obedience to God when we are told to “test all things and hang on to that which is GOOD!”

Perhaps the desire to test all things and follow GOD’S INSTRUCTIONS might move some or any of your followers to require you to stand in church before me and answer for your behaviour in this matter, Mr. Pringle.

Or are the people in your churches just sycophantic sheep, more afraid of displeasing you than they are of pleasing our precious Lord and Saviour?

Of course Mr. Pringle, you tactic is to make fun of, or ridicule, the complainant in these matters. That has always been your way. Your Pastors referring to people as “nutters” whom they wish to discredit in order to deflect proper examination of events, is shameful and abhorrent.

But when will your “followers” begin to ask, “Is this how Christ would behave”?

I wonder if Jesus will say to me on the last Day, “Sorry, you can’t come in – you didn’t have a Twitter account!” I doubt it!

And I wonder, Mr. Pringle if Jesus will ask me why I had to go to the media about a problem in your church? I certainly hope so. I will be only too happy to tell Him!”

One thing we would like to highlight in this letter is the following:

“The other Pastor still oversees one of your church branches Mr. Pringle…”

This would be referring to Ian Treacy.

So where are Gary Dench and Ian Treacy today?


Gary Dench is STILL a pastor but is no longer part of the C3 movement.

On Parramatta Life Church Parramatta website, his bio reads:

Gary DenchGary Dench

Role: Pastor


Gary and Joyce are the senior leaders of Life Church International in Australia. They head the Parramatta congregation, a multi-ethnic church representing more than 30 nationalities, and believe God has a definite and specific plan for Parramatta. Gary and Joyce began their ministry in New Zealand in 1975. After 8 years of pastoring in New Zealand, they moved to Australia and pioneered Parramatta New Life Church (now called Life Church Parramatta). Gary’s dynamic, animated and biblically focused preaching inspires and empowers the congregation to live a life committed to God and challenges them to demonstrate his loving character through their own words and actions. Their dream is for the church to be a blessing to the local community; a hub where people can gather in unity and love; a haven of acceptance and forgiveness and a school to train, equip and release mission-minded people to share God’s message of hope and healing to the world.

Source: LifeChurch Parramatte, http://lifechurchparra.org.au/index.php?option=com_preachit&id=3&view=teacher&Itemid=0, (Accessed 21/12/2013-18/06/2015.)


The issue is this: Why didn’t C3 Leadership either encourage Gary Dench to step down or resolve his past wrongs as best he can with his victims? Gary Dench says that his dream for their church is to “be a blessing to the local community; a hub where people can gather in unity and love; a haven of acceptance and forgiveness and a school to train, equip and release mission-minded people to share God’s message of hope and healing to the world”. Is this a lie?

And what did Gary Dench do between “8 years of pastoring in New Zealand” and pioneering in Australia “Parramatta New Life Church (now called Life Church Parramatta)”? As you can see in the above bio, Dench did not mention his involvement with C3 Church.


Believe it or not, Ian Treacy is still a C3 Pastor and “pastors” C3 Church Prospect.

The C3 Church Global website confirms that Ian Treacy is STILL a C3 pastor:

“Ian & Arlene Treacy

Church Details

Venue: Cnr Great Western Hwy & Blacktown Rd PROSPECT NSW 2148 Australia Service Times: 9.30am, 6.30pm”

Source: Prospect, http://www.c3churchglobal.com/church-detail/59, Accessed 02/03/2012.


DomainTools tells us that Ian Treacy purchased the domain for his C3 Church Prospect on,

“Aug 4, 2012”

Source: DomainTools, c3Prospect.org.au Domain Report, http://domainreport.domaintools.com/c3prospect.org.au, (Accessed 21/12/2013.)

More information that Treacy oversees the C3 Prospect Church can be found here:

Domain Name:                c3prospect.org.au

Last Modified:                 11-Mar-2013 02:25:57 UTC

Registrar ID:                   TPP Wholesale

Registrar Name:              TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd

Status:                            ok

Registrant:                      Christian City Church Prospect

Registrant ID:                 ABN 61003881543

Eligibility Type:                Charity

Eligibility Name:              Christian City Church Prospect

Eligibility ID:                    ABN 61003881543

Registrant Contact ID:             DIT-640488

Registrant Contact Name:        Ian Treacy

Registrant Contact Email:        Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

Tech Contact ID:                 DIT-640490

Tech Contact Name:               Ian Treacy

Tech Contact Email:              Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

Name Server:                     ns1.mediatemple.net

Name Server:                     ns2.mediatemple.net

Source: DomainTools, c3Prospect.org.au Whois Record, http://whois.domaintools.com/c3prospect.org.au, (Accessed 21/12/2013.)

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