Houston disgraces Australian News program at Hillsong Conference: “They are a malicious program… they lie… they’re underhanded.”


It is not uncommon to see Brian Houston to “cast the first stone” at Christians or nonbelievers who question him. Brian Houston for a long time has hated anyone who questions him or the way his movement operates.

Sledgesong Brian Houston

Here is “authentic,” “real,” and “honest” Brian Houston internationally disgracing the Australian ‘A Current Affairs’ program. This was also streamed internationally.

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“Can I have your attention for a moment before anyone moves.

Firstly, that was a great, great session. And practical. And we love pastor Rick. Uh-

Second thing is, obviously young people are about to go off to ‘Young & Free’. Now [crowd applauses] just a word for the young people. And I want you to listen to me. Out in the forecult- court right now is an Australian program called A Current Affair. They are a malicious program. They have a constant agenda against Hillsong. They lie. They’re underhanded. And they’re asking young people questions. And I want to encourage every young person here not to answer them. Not to talk to them. [Crowd applauses] And certainly don’t talk about things – haha – certainly don’t talk about things that you know nothing about. Alright?”

And as for who is here and who isn’t there, it’s not for you to tell.”

Source: Brian Houston, Hillsong Conference 2015 , 01/07/2015

These below articles are other clear examples of Brian Houston’s unhealthy hatred to anyone who questions him. Don’t forget that even yesterday in his interview with Rick Warren, both Warren and Houston dared to depict their critics as liars and murderers and themselves as sinless Messiah-like figures before Pontious Pilate. This is not an uncommon tactic as we have also seen C3 Church and City Harvest Church use similar propaganda-like tactics.


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Brian and Driscoll interview twitter heart

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  1. Brian Houston has taken hostage, the hearts and minds of the young and old.
    When will God reign in this man? Only God knows the answer & in the meantime, we continue to hear bad and sad reports of the antics of Hillsong, its Pastors & its visiting Pastors on “the circuit” & reaping thousands of TAX FREE dollars. The indoctrination of adherents is very strong & incessant. Young, pliable minds submitting to the voices of Hillsong Pastors and not to the voice of God Himself.
    I have been around long enough to have seen the embryo stages of Hillsong and 3C Churches. There’s nothing I haven’t seen. Nothing, that has enriched my Christian walk either! I have exited like many before and since. Staying far too long and hoping for the best. Sadly for those who remain, the best is yet to be their portion.

    I am now out of the muddy water and on the clean, sparkling & pristine sand and in the Arms of God Himself. He and I walk & talk together and I have to state emphatically, that for years I was impeded in my Christian walk by a Pastor and his Regulations and Rules, e.g. compulsory attendance at EVERY Service! I witnessed the violated confidences of members of the congregation, lies, concealments, betrayals & tugs of war & power struggles and the continual undermining between the Pastors. Yes, I was close enough to be privy to all that sewage. It is only when God had to launch me from within the clutches of these Pastors, that I was able to be free from the chains of the church. You see, I was set free when I met Jesus. A glorious time it was!! Then, I joined one of these Churches. First CLC (as Hillsong was named back then) and then CCC (now 3C). In each Establishment/CORPORATION I was given a new set of chains and I was BOUND once again and hampered in my Walk.

    Set free, God had said in His Word. In church, my freedoms to choose were given new meaning and I began to shrivel and die. I had to break free and I stalled and made excuses. I liked the fellowship of the saints, you see!! I compromised, made excuses and allowed sadness & despondency to spill all over me. I had to exit . . . . throw off the chains of a 3C church and find God again.

    In His Wisdom, GOD launched me from the claws of a very “religious” Pastor, his wife & his Asst. Pastor and I was out of there! It was painful, at first. I managed to clamber from the muddy water & up onto the gleaming, clean sand and up onto the Knee of God – just like a little kid!! I snuggled into His loving arms for months and months, (probably years) allowing God to heal, comfort and soothe my wounds. He restored me!! He said He would!!

    It was indeed a wonderful experience with God and I will never, ever return to the domination, supremacy, control and hegemony of another “Penty” Pastor. Never. Ever.

  2. Disgusted, praise God He set you free! Can you cut-and-paste your entry to Hillsongchurchwatch?

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