Does Kong Hee’s behaviour over his property jeopardise Pringle’s integrity?

Recently, Kong Hee hit headlines for putting his $10 million Sentosa Cove on the market. This has raised some questions over Pringle’s words about Kong Hee’s “poverty” while going through trial.

Mrs Light n Friends reports,

Kong has $ to invest in Sentosa, no $ to invest in Sun?

Kong invested in property 295 Ocean Drive #11-19, Singapore 098534.

Excerpt from Straitstimes, “The 5,242 sq ft duplex which comes with a huge rooftop infinity pool and overlooks the upmarket One Degree 15 Marina Club, was bought for $9.33 million in 2007”. Source:

295 Ocean DriveWho bought the property in 2007 at $9.33m?

The split share of 50/50 only registered on June 15, 2011, which is after the investigation started in May 31, 2010.

50% share to Kong Hee with the home address at Leonie Hill and 50% share to Wahju Hanafi at River Valley.

You can purchase information from trusted source Singapore Land Authority (SLA) at  Just provide your name and email address to SLA and pay $5.25. You will have a report.

Some points to ponder

1. Who is the first owner?

First owner bought this unit for $5,760,270 in 2006. Who?
2nd owner bought this unit for $9,330,000 in 2007.
First owner must be very happy profit of almost $3.5m.

2. Kong Hee has the money to invest in Sentosa Cove, no money to invest in his wife music career?

Kong Hee was looking for investors to invest in Sun’s Album around 2006 and 2007. The church approached Eng Han who was the fund manager at that time. Many other individuals were approached to invest and some were approached to give direct to Xtron.

3. What did Kong’s spiritual mentor, Phil Pringle say?

For those who follow C3 church watch. Remember what Phil Pringle said during C3 Presence Conference, 2011?

Phil Pringle says

To actually even be here, because their passports were confiscated, they had to pay bail to get those passports back. The bail was set at one million dollars. Each. Uh- oh, for Kong Hee I’m sorry.

Then, I think it was even more for him. I can’t remember the figures. But I know that for- they had to raise seven million dollars for members of staff and others to travel. That’s just that area. If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you know how expensive this place is. To fight the case he has had to employ a legal firm. And I know what the bills are. They are nearly a million dollars each time they come. Between half a million and a million dollars each time those bills come. His church is not allowed to pay one cent of his personal cost that he is incurring in this battle. He has to find it himself

[Mrs Light comment: I don’t know how Phil Pringle came out with the $7m bail figure. Xtron directors pay their own bail, Eng Han and John Lam pay his own bail. Not sure about the rest of them. It cannot be $7million.

The church is not allowed to pay for his personal cost. This statement is true, but Phil didn’t tell the congregation there are other sources of income from the individuals!]

He’s sold his house. He has scratched together everything he can. One of the things that I’m doing is going there. I’ve made a commitment to be there once every two weeks. Normally it ends up being once every three weeks because of a variety of commitments that I’ve already got and doing things. But when I’m gone, he’s able to travel. And when I’m their, he’s able to travel and preach and find support amongst Asia and other churches.

[Mrs Light comment: Kong sold one of his temporary houses?]

Uh- I know that he was finding it hard to put some money together to get a cup of Starbucks at one stage. And uh- it’s a challenge. There’s been new legislation passed on the use of commercial spaces in Singapore since this case has come. So the religion- the restriction on his church is severe, ah, in that area [inaudible] after their purchase, go into co-ownership with ah, SunTec. And we’re in there. I will be speaking there in a couple days time. I will be on Friday to speak there happily.

[Mrs Light comment: Was Phil Pringle joking? Kong needed to put some money together to get a cup of Starbucks? See what Straitstime reported, “The wardrobe area also features two watch display cabinets filled with fine timepieces from Cartier and Bvlgari.”


So in 2011 Kong couldn’t afford a Starbucks, but from 2013 trial onwards, he is seen with a Starbucks everyday in court.  Did he get richer?

I thought of this MediaCorp song and I would like to sing too
un… un… un… un…Unbelievable!]

Source: Kong has $ to invest in Sentosa, no $ to invest in Sun?, Mrs Light N Friends,, Published 

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