Christian media report on Driscoll’s unwanted comeback

Christian Today reports,

Mark Driscoll’s return to high-profile ministry continues with string of public appearances

Former Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll was interviewed by Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston.

The return of controversial pastor Mark Driscoll to high-profile ministry is continuing with appearances at churches and conferences in the US and abroad.

Driscoll’s giant Mars Hill church in Seattle imploded last year after a string of revelations about his leadership style and questionable practices used to market his books. He has faced allegations of bullying and misogyny, and calls for him to withdraw from ministry for a period.

However, he has posted details on his website of appearances at churches in Texas and Alaska, and at the Men Coaching Men Discipleship Ministry Leadership Conference in Arizona.

Also on his website is a reference to his appearance, with his wife Grace, in a video interview at the Hillsong Europe conference in London, being held at the O2 Arena from July 22-24.

Hillsong had previously said that Driscoll would not appear at the conferences in Australia and England and campaigners have criticised Hillsong leader Brian Houston for the decision. A protest is taking place on Sunday at Hillsong in Melbourne. Organisers say: “Please bring protest signs. We will be protesting peacefully!

“Under enormous pressure from pro women groups and others, Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston was very deceptive about cancelling an interview with misogynist and abuser Mark Driscoll at Hillsong Conference. We demand that Brian Houston publicly fully admit his intentional deceit and publicly apologise both for his deceit as well as for giving a gigantic platform to abusive power monger Mark Driscoll.”

Campaigner Natalie Collins, who has organised a petition against Driscoll’s appearance in London and will be leading protests at the event, said in an update on the petition page: “After Brian Houston’s statement that Mark Driscoll would not be ‘coming to Australia or the UK to attend Hillsong Conference’, it seems the truth was in the semantics.” She added: “It is sad to know that it is the letter and not the spirit of Brian Houston’s words that we should have trusted.”

Source: By Mark Woods, Mark Driscoll’s return to high-profile ministry continues with string of public appearances, Christian Today,, Published 10/07/2015. (Accessed 10/07/2015.)

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