Chris Rosebrough exposes the Pringles as whacky false prophets

Ps. Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith’ has done the hard work in examining the false prophecies of Phil Pringle against the scriptures and tests to see if these prophecies have come to pass. Some of the audio was of Kong Hee speaking about Phil Pringle prophesing over Hee becoming owner of the SunTec Convention Center.

In this podcast Ps. Chris Rosebrough also reviews Chris Pringle’s sermon ‘Winter is Over’ and exposes her as a false teacher and prophet. Ps. Rosebrough points out how she lies by omission, giving the impression to her audience that she and her husband were ‘struggling financially’. However, as we have covered over on our C3 Church Watch site, Chris Pringle fails to leave out key details as to just how much they bought their new home for – $3.4 million.

Patricia King Claims She Averted WWIII

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Program segments:

• Patricia King Claims She Averted WWIII
• Mike Bickle’s False Prophetic Claims
• Phil Pringle’s False Prophetic Claims
• Sermon Review: Winter is Over by Chris Pringle of C3

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Patricia King Claims She Averted WWIII, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 12/03/2015. (Accessed 28/07/2015.)

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  1. Chris Pringle preached that message at C3 Church San Diego in August last year as Summer was ending, then preached the same message at the C3 Presence Conference in Sydney this year in April as Summer was ending. Poor woman has her seasons confused.

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