Resource: Exposing Word of Faith “little gods” heresy

This article has been designed to resource people with the facts that Prosperity heretics and Word of Faith heretics believe that they are gods. This resource also offers teaching to expose this false theology.

This is an article that is exposing the Word of Faith heresy, particularly their teaching that we are “little gods.” Below Chris Rosebrough plays soundbites of Word of Faith heretics teaching the heresy that we are all little gods. He had sound bites of the following teaching that we are “little Gods”:

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Listen to this resource here:

Are You A God?

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Program segments:

• Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Paul Crouch & Benny Hinn teach that we’re little gods.
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• Albert Mohler On Inerrancy & Hermeneutics from the Shepherd’s Conference

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Are You A God?, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 13/03/2015. (Accessed 20/03/2015.)

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