Breath-taking interview with ex-CHC insider

Chris Rosebrough recently decided to review Kong Hee and interview ex-CHC insider, Nathan Avidan.

The interview in this edition of Fighting for the Faith shines a lot of insight into Kong Hee and CHC’s history and significant issues happening behind the scenes leading up to the CHC scandal.

Expanding Your Capacity

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Program segments:
11:31 – John Shorey RE: The September 2015 Financial Meltdown
33:56 – Heath Mooneyham and the 5 Benefits of Going to Church
44:36 – Kong Hee On Expanding Capacity
1:06:36 – Interview with Nathan Avidan

Source: By Chris Rosebrough, Expanding Your Capacity, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 03/08/2015. (Accessed 04/08/2015.)

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