Timeline of events: The Brian, the “church” and the closet

For years, Hillsong has been vague on their stances on various issues. Whenever questioned or confronted on clear Christian stances, they play word games to weasel their way out of giving direct biblical answers. Even before the controversial story of Joshua Canfield and Reed Kelly broke out, Hillsong have already created distrust among Christians due to their postmodern obfuscation tactics.

So when this story broke, it wasn’t very surprising for many Christians to find that Hillsong had homosexuals in positions of leadership. However, this did confirm to many Christians that both homosexual, Christians and the global community cannot trust Hillsong, even if their life depended on it.

Josh Canfield Reed Kelly Hillsong United

The main issue here isn’t that there are homosexuals leading worship at Hillsong, (although that is a byproduct of it). The problem is the fact that Hillsong still refuses to handle God’s Word faithfully and stand for the things God stands for. And worse still, because of Hillsong’s rejection of the bible, they still have the audacity to call themselves a ‘church’ or ‘Christian’.

The reason why Christiansor non-Christians, homosexuals or heterosexuals are abused and destroyed by Hillsong is because of their lack of transparency, integrity and honesty. Putting it bluntly – truth is absent. And because the spirit of Hillsong is not based on the Spirit of Truth, the abuse will get worse.

The issue in all this is that Hillsong is a house of liars, being built on liars and being defended by liars. And when you see how they reacted against Christians, the facts, the biblical stance on same sex issues and how they went behind the scenes to save face over the recent same-sex controversy – one help can’t wonder if anyone can hold them accountable to future sins or crimes.

We put this timeline together to ask these glaring questions:

1. Would Hillsong have been in this mess if they were upfront and honest to begin with?
2. Do you think Brian Houston really had the homosexual couple in mind when he wrote that media statement, or do you think he was trying to save his own skin?
3. The secular media reported on the same sex couple attending Hillsong and when they got engaged. Hillsong was silent when that broke. But when Christians discernment websites accurately reported it using the information available and confronted it using clear Biblical passages, Hillsong was quick to condemn them. Why were they so quick to issue a statement against the clear Biblical responses?
4. If Brian does lean towards traditional Christianity and to the teachings of the Apostle Paul, why issue a statement at all? Why not just apologize and deal with it using Biblical standards?
Why did James White, Dr. Brown and Saiko Woods believe the information available was wrong to begin with? (It looks like the common factor between the three is Carl Lentz.)
6. Why was the Christian media (EIC) so slow to write about this; and when they did, why were they so quick to cast stones at those who were doing the Christian media’s job?


29/07/2015 at 8:50 Date the article was given to us on FaceBook.

FaceBook Post

29/07/2015 Date we broke the article.

Now THIS is sexy entertainment!

29/07/2015, 8:05 Date and time Chris Rosebrough broke the story.

“Famous Gay Couple, who attend Hillsong NYC claim to be devoted Christians, volunteer with Hillsong’s choir AND say they’ll remain abstinent until marriage.” [Edited]

29/07/2015 Date and time Chris Rosebrough broke the story on radio.

The Absalom Spirit? **Link Fixed**

02/08/2015 Date when NowTheEndBegins (NTEB) broke their story.

Hillsong NYC Church Has An ‘Engaged’ Openly Homosexual Couple Leading The Choir

0Date Stand Up For The Truth (SUFTT) shared the NTEB story.

UPDATE: Hillsong issues statement 8 months after worship leader announces his upcoming homosexual marriage

(No date when update was made.)
We noticed what SUFTT noticed: “Today, less than 24 hours after this story published, finally, Hillsong issues a press release.)

03-04/08/2015.. Hillsong released their press release.

Hillsong media statement.

04/08/2015 Date and time Chris Rosebrough continued the story on radio.

Mike Murdock Likes Onions On His Tacos

05/08/2015 Date Jordan Hall released story on his blog.

Rosebrough on Hillsong and Homosexuality

05/08/2015 Date James White came onto the subject.

Seer Stones, Hillsong Church, and KJVOnly Deceitfulness

05/08/2015 Date SamSame published an article on the Broadway Couple.

Hillsong Church “surprised” by engaged choir couple

06/08/2015 Date Chris Rosebrough further researched this story on radio.

Postmodern Language Games

06/08/2015 9:30am Edited Date & Time Michael Brown launched smear campaign against Christian (Charisma News).

Hillsong, Homosexuality, Internet Rumors and Spiritual Clarity

07/08/2015 Date Jordan Hall weighed in on this issue.

Hillsong and Homosexuality: The Real Story

07/08/2015 11:31am Date & Time Michael Brown launched smear campaign against (Christian Post).

Hillsong Homosexuality, Internet Rumors, and Spiritual Clarity

08/08/2015 Pulpit and Pen add further commentary.

Oh, You Didn’t Know? Hillsong and the Broadway Boyfriends

08/08/2015 Pulpit and Pen break news on Homosexual couple’s statement.

Homosexual Couple Contradicts Brian Houston

08/08/2015 Pulpit and Pen Discuss Hillsong controversy on radio.

Podcast: Hillsong and Discernment

09/08/2015 Date Jordan Hall called out Brian Houston on his media statement.

The Smoking Gun: Brian Houston Acknowledges Ministry of Gay Couple at Hillsong NYC – on video – Back in 2014

10/08/2015 Date Jonathan Merritt promotes Carl Lentz lies and smears Christians.

Why Survivor’s ‘Broadway Boyfriends’ will keep singing with Hillsong Church

There are some articles in the above timeline we know we have missed. If you have any articles and dates you would like to add to this timeline that you think are important, please email: c3churchwatch@hotmail.com.

*Twitter conversations not included.

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