Throwing out the C3 Constitution – is Phil Pringle above his own church “rules of fellowship”?

Below is a link to the C3 Constitution:

C3’s CCCI (Christian City Church International) Constitution Document

Under the ‘Rules of Fellowship’ it says:

“Membership in this fellowship is dependent upon your agreement to observe and carry out the following requirements. You are to understand they are not optional but mandatory. You are to understand that if found by the Board of CCCI to be delinquent in any of these areas and fail to conform to the disciplinary requirements of the Board, you will ultimately forfeit the right to continue to use the name Christian City Church and will cease to be a member of the fellowship.”

Paragraph 16 under the Preliminary states:

“16) – You shall not use or allow the pulpit to be used to:

a) promote commercial ventures
b) promote political beliefs
c) do anything of a lewd, corrupt or heretical nature
d) to vent personal needs, injustices, angers or business ventures.”

How does the C3 Consitution define the word ‘heretical’?

“b) Heretical – in paragraph 16, shall be interpreted with reference to the “Apostolic and Nicene Creeds”.”

You can read the “Apostolic and Nicene Creeds” on our website on Our A/B/C/D’s page. One reason why the Nicene Creed was established was to separate and condemn the Modalist, Sabellianist and Adoptionalist heretics in the church in that time period.

You can see how seriously the early Christian church fathers dealt with Modalist, Sabellianist and Adoptionalist heretics when one reads The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople.

“If anyone does not confess that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are one nature or essence, one power or authority, worshipped as a trinity of the same essence, one deity in three hypostases or persons, let him be anathema. For there is one God and Father, of whom are all things, and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and one Holy Spirit, in whom are all things.”


We bring the constitution up for this reason: does Phil Pringle think he is exempt of the C3 Constituion? Why?

At this year’s Presence Conference, Phil Pringle announced that next year TD Jakes (well-known modalist) will be speaking at Presence Conference 2016.

19CWCPortrait_TD Jakes

Famous Modalist heretic TD Jakes: denier of the Trinity.

To this day, TD Jakes still preaches his modalist view of the Trinity. In fact, TD Jakes promoted this ancient heresy in a sermon Christian apologist and theologian Chris Rosebrough reviewed on his program back in March:

“The Bible says that he sits on the circle pf the Earth. He said that Heaven is his throne and the Earth is his footstool. And whenever he sits something is going to happen. He sat down on the Earth and separated the firmament. He sat down on the Mount of Olives and taught the Beatitudes. He sat down on the colt and entered into Jerusalem. He sat down… He sat down… He sat down on the day of Pentecost when they were in one place with one accord. The Bible said he sat on each of them and they were filled with the Holy Ghost. Throw your hand up and say sit on them.” [59:39-1:00:57]

What made Pringle think that it was wise for him to promote a Modalist heretic? Why does Pringle want to be associated with one by promoting TD Jakes at his Presence Conference as though he is a Christian when the C3 Constitution condemns TD Jakes as a dangerous heretic?

Why isn’t Pringle bound to his own constitution? And who in C3 will hold Phil Pringle accountable, if nothing written officially, holds this man accountable in the C3 Movement?

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