Now THIS is sexy Hillsong entertainment! (Hillsong move Broadway couple to different Hillsong church?)

Carl Lentz portrays himself as a Christian pastor. However, people are seeing straight through his sheep skin and are now looking at a man who clearly rejects the teachings of Jesus Christ in regards to homosexuality.

Earlier this year, Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith helped break the story about the Broadway couple getting engaged towards the beginning of this year (2015). This gay couple were involved in leadership, leading Hillsong bible studies, one also voluntarily leading a Hillsong music choir.

Rosebrough stated on his program,

“Now when I covered the story earlier last week, I made it clear that I had heard through channels that Carl Lentz had said that they had addressed this and that the pastors of Hillsong were “privately counseling” the couple.” [Source]

Well this is what the result of Hillsong counseling looks like.

The results of this Broadway “counseling” resembles how effective Carl Lentz’ “counseling” has been towards Justin Beiber. Clearly the gospel of repentance and the forgiveness of sins is failing to exist in Hillsong. Carl Lentz needs to put aside his barbie doll clothes, repent of his wickedness and start demonstrating he’s really a “Christian” he claims to be.

His refusal to take Christianity seriously as a “man of God” proves that his sheep skin is wearing thin over his lupine fur.

Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield have made it clear they believe Hillsong approves of their homosexual lifestyle. Why else would Hillsong be tagged in their pictures?”

What is also interesting with these Instagram snapshots is their @HillsongLA!  #hillsongLA tags. Have they been moved from Carl Lentz’ church to Hillsong LA which means he no longer has to deal with them? This would echo Frank Houston’s case where Brian Houston hid his father in another church until the controversies surrounding his pedophilia died down. Even if they’re just visiting from New York, the most revealing hashtag on their Instagram  clearly demonstrates a huge problem:  #broadwayfiances.


Now THIS is sexy entertainment!
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  2. I’m seriously disappointed with Hillsong. They should now be called “Hell-wrong.”

  3. Didn’t H-song say ; we are being relevant to (evolving) culture?

  4. And we are still in discussion on this sensitive issue?

  5. There’s nothing sensitive about this issue. The Word of God is complete truth and authority. We need to be bold and speak the truth, and not compromise, regardless of the consequences.

  6. i agree with you Anette. If we keep asking questions, do you think H/song will come out one day and tell us what they stand for?

  7. We know what Hillsong stands for….

    Hillsong stands for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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