Pringle: there was “no evidence whatsoever” of CHC “wrongfully losing any monies”

Pringle tweets,

LIVE on : On our way to court where the verdict for Ps Kong and give others will be given

Source: Phil Pringle, Twitter,, 6:07 PM – 20 Oct 2015, Accessed 21/10/2015.

We have uploaded his Periscope video so you can see the range of Pringle’s international audience tuning in. You can hear Pringle protest that the court produced “no evidence… whatsoever” of CHC “wrongfully losing any monies”. So what are we supposed to think? That the judge unfairly sentenced Kong Hee?

Read transcript below.

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Transcript (Emphasis ours)

“Hi there I’m just in the car with ps Chong who’s one of the team from CHC and we’re on our way to court here in Singapore to stand with our brother Ps Kong Hee as a verdict is passed down on him and the members of the team- there are five of them who are also defendants. This trial has been going for five and half years and now finally the verdict has come which provides some relief although the lawyers are not that positive, we are believing that God will reign and He rules in all the affairs of men.

Jesus is lord and we will believe that whatever outcome we see He will still gain the victory for His people, His church, His men, His team and I want you go pray for us today that’s why I really thought I’d “periscope” just to ask people all round the world as many as we can see just to believe God and to see victory in Jesus’ name.

Ps Kong has been prosecuted and interrogated and is very tired obviously but he’s strong and he…we had a prayer meeting last night in the church, maybe there were 2500 people there? Just really crying out to God, I think you’d find some images of that prayer meeting on my Twitter account as well and maybe a link to it on my Facebook. Aah it’s an astonishing church to see them come together and prayer for their pastor and they’ve been doing it regularly for the past five years.

This church has still seen 1000’s of people come to Christ under this kind of pressure. There’s still way more than 20000 people turning up and even though obviously some have left but still the church is extraordinarily strong and faring well.

Pastor Kong has uh- they have tried to find some evidence of him gaining personally from the funds that were used for missions and the Crossover Project, but he, there is no evidence of that whatsoever and ahh neither has there been any evidence of the church wrongfully losing any monies.

So, aah, now the court has to decide whether a issues of governance have brought about this situation and aah, I don’t believe it’s our job to arrive at those kinds of judgments. Let the courts do that. But our job is to definitely to pray and believe and stand with ministers and men of God when they’re distressed.

And aah, obviously everybody makes mistakes. Some kinds of mistakes. God built His church, not on perfect people but um aah, but people who are yielded to Christ.

And aah, I think through all this there’ll be obviously critics and there’ve been people who have pointed out how things could have been done better – that’s easy to do in hindsight

And aah, it’s the same for all of us. But I think grace is the culture of the kingdom and aah, we need to stand together and believe God that we’ll see Jesus’ hand victorious here today.

Thanks for listening and watching.

I won’t be able to do any aah, “periscoping” inside the courtroom. Obviously we’re not permitted to use any devices in there […] that would be umm, a violation of aah, their rules. And aah, they’re very strict about that. So aah, there’d be no aah, no filming or photos of anything at all. But I will let, I will “periscope” again around about midday which is about three hours from now. Aah, aah, if the aah, proceedings are finished by then.

So aah, stay in prayer, stay believing, keep declaring Jesus is lord over this situation.

And aah, we know that the devil is bound, strongman is bound, and aah, whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven, whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. Jesus promised us that. And that was in the context of growing and building the church. So we’re believing God. Thanks we looking to seeing you soon God bless, bye.”

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  1. No wrongdoing???

    Come on Phil Pringle you liar.

    Millions of CHURCH dollars were SUNK into that dismal, loser, worldly Crossover project.

    For what, to further Sun Ho’s worldly music career???

    WHAT PLANET are you living on???


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