Phil Pringle insinuates that the Singaporean courts are being used by the devil?

In a recent YouTube video, Phil Pringle once again claims Kong Hee’s innocence to his church, insinuating that the Singaporean courts are being used by the devil.

In the video, Phil Pringle appears to portray Kong Hee as Christ and the Singaporean authorities as the corrupt court of the Sanhedrin, who relied on blood money and false accusation to murder Jesus. This is no different to Kong Hee’s “live” message at Presence Conference 2012 to win support for his case in front of thousands of Christians around the world watching the live feed.

How is it acceptable to portray the Singaporean legal system in such a way? Furthermore, Pringle compares Kong Hee to the Apostle Peter before governing authorities. But there is a huge difference between the Apostles and Kong Hee – they were persecuted for preaching the gospel and falsely accused because of their message.

However, Kong Hee is not in court because the government wants him to stop preaching the gospel. He is in court for mishandling church funds of up to S$46,000,000 to finance his wife’s musical career – that’s a far cry from the accusations made against the Apostles.

Phil Pringle writes:


This Wednesday, the CHC court case will end, and a verdict will be read over Kong Hee. Our job as fellow believers is to stand in faith with our brother. On      Wednesday 21st October, Pastor Kong Hee’s court case in Singapore will conclude and a verdict will be read. Below is video footage containing my comments on the matter. This video was recorded during our 6 p.m. service at C3 Church Oxford Falls.

When you’re building the Church, you’re never going to be found without a fight. Our job as fellow believers is to stand with each other when we are facing trouble. At the end of the day, it’s easy to stand for Jesus, but it’s more challenging to stand for one of his servants when they are facing difficulty. In this coming week, our good friend Pastor Kong Hee (Senior Pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore) is going to be standing in a courtroom and a verdict will be passed on him after a 5 year long trial – the longest trial in Singapore’s history. I know Pastor Kong Hee to be an honest, true and faithful minister of Christ. He has also been extraordinarily effective in raising up one of the truly great churches (CHC) in the world, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to Christ. Jesus has told us this kind of advancement would not go uncontested. We must be prepared to be immovable, strong and faithful to Christ through all the challenges we face in building His Church. Ultimately, it is the Courts job to arrive at a verdict. But we are praying for victory. There is a sentiment against believers, but the devil has always got it wrong. He thinks if he attacks the church it’s going to die, he even tried it with Jesus, but He just came up out of the ground again. I believe we have a victorious Christ ruling over His house, His Church and His Kingdom.

You can find a reliable summary of the trial available here:

See you in church!

Source: Phil Pringle, PHIL PRINGLE COMMENT ON KONG HEE COURT CASE,, Published 21/10/2015. (Accessed 21/10/2015.)


“I want to take a second, for us all just to take a minute to pray for Pastor Kong Hee.

This Wednesday he is going to be standing in a court room in Singapore after five years of trial, the longest running trial in Singapore history. And so I’m going to go up there and stand with him in the court room and ahh you know it’s not my job to judge, rights and wrongs but I do believe it is our job to stand with people who are in struggling situations.

He is one of the most pure hearted, holy men of God I know. One of the most devoted, dedicated, like rugged soldiers for Christ that I’ve ever met. There are some people that are like ‘I’m not so sure I actually want to try to stand but Kong Hee he’s impeccable in integrity in these areas and it’s just that he’s been caught up in it.

This has become a very complicated processes, the prosecution has not been able to provide one piece of evidence of him wrongfully gaining anything or the congregation wrongfully loosing anything, in terms of finances.

But as I say it’s not our part to reach that judgment, that’s in the court’s hands. And do you know Paul and Peter, a lot of these guys found themselves in very difficult situations with the Government authorities and put in predicaments that were scary for the Christians cause they were associated with them and ahh when Jesus got convicted as a criminal and was sent to the cross to die, it was pretty difficult for the disciples to say, ‘we know him, he’s a friend’ they scattered and I don’t want to be that, I want to say I’m standing, I don’t understand everything all the time but I think when we see a good brother, a faithful brother in trouble we should stand with them, in Jesus name.

So let’s pray for one minute here for him right now, Lord we pray for your hand to be upon Pastor Kong and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be in his life, let the power of Christ rest on him, in Jesus name. Let a miracle come to pass, a miracle of deliverance and victory by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, let your presence fall now on our brother and those other defendants, let them all know the power of God on their life. In Jesus mighty name we believe God, Your presence, Your power, Your Holy Spirit falling in Jesus mighty name, our God we praise You.”

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  1. Phil Pringle says @ 0:30 that “Kong Hee is one of the most pure hearted holy men of God I know.”

    Well Phil, you must not get out much, nor have met many men, because anyone convicted of ripping off a church for £23m is not considered a ‘holy man of God’ in the Bible. Those are considered crooks by both the Secular worldview and the Christian worldview.

    Where do you get your strange standards from Phil?

  2. @ 0:45 “Kong Hee is impeccable in integrity”

    Ha ha ha. Who’s Phil Pringle fooling?

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