Ex-CHC member gives testimony against Kong Hee and cohorts after verdict

Ex-CHC member writes,

Finally, I’m so happy that divine justice has been executed on CIty Harvest. I would like to share my testimony.

Kong Hee was once a man I greatly revered and respected. In almost every service, he made me and my family believed that we could be rich by sowing seed money. Out of pressure in their cell groups, we gave and gave, losing 5-6 figure sum in total over the course of years.

As a pentecostal, he emphasized the ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit, making erroneous claims that those who do not have tongues are not saved. Manifestations of holy laughter, shaking, convulsions, “slain in the spirit” and “casting of demons” were frequent.

As an Arminianist, he taught that one could lose their salvation if they don’t read their Bible, stop going to church, stop living a holy life or just continue sinning. So for years, I responded to so many altar calls, whispered the sinner’s prayer almost all the time, tried to do all the good works possible to please God, to the point I got angry and cursed God at the same time because I was never guaranteed salvation.

He invited many celebrity preachers like A.R. Bernard, Phil Pringle, John Avanzini and heavily promoted the teachings of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth E. Hagin and Brian Houston.

He taught New Age ideas and step-by-step theories in the guise of Christianity to promote false teachings.

He once taught in 1999, that people who are in hell cannot come out of hell becos they cannot remember the name of Jesus.

Huge numbers in attendees and money were seen as success or God’s blessings.

Churches that do not practice worship concert-style or did not have humour in their sermons were ridiculed often.

If you’re successful in life, you will be selected to announce your testimonies to the assembly. Achieving fame, health, wealth and success are treated as legit evidences of God’s blessings.

Celebrities and the financially wealthy tend to be granted first-hand encounters with the pastor.

In the youth cell groups, we were pressured by our group leaders to attend church and cell group every week (they would interrogate or call if we don’t). The fear of men was so great that to be rejected was like death. We were pressured to report our life activities and confess our sins to our leaders, and if we failed to donate tithes and to the building fund, we would be interrogated for ‘lack of faith’ despite many of us poor students not having the means to afford giving. If we failed to turn up for the group’s meeting, even if legit reasons are bcos we have a friend’s birthday or family function on that day, we were accused of not putting God first. If our parents did not let us attend church, we would be pardoned as experiencing ‘persecution’.

Those who gave the most in seed offerings were applauded and praised. Those who don’t were treated as 2nd class. Being sad or depressed was a sign of defeat. Many of us were forced to put on a smile and pretend everything else in life was good in positive confession, else we would be ridiculed by members of having a defeated, powerless life.

If a new person was to come on that Sunday, you had to tell your leader in advance so that they will prepare a card with all CG members’ well wishes written on it. If you brought a new member without letting your leader know, he or she will not be happy with you as she had no gift to prepare for the newbie, hence they believe that without a gift, the newbie will not feel welcomed. (No wonder guest attendees thought we were super scary in that approach – can u imagine getting a card from ppl whom you hardly talk to and just met, who write to u well wishes as if they know you on your first meeting??)

If a guest attendee came, you cannot show sadness or pain else you are “tarnishing God’s name” by not being happy all the time. You have to express interest to talk to the newbies to make them ‘feel welcome’ even if you don’t feel like it else you are accused of not showing love.

When a guest attendee comes, give him or her notepad and a pen to make them write down the sermon. If you as a member came to service not writing the sermon down, you are accused of not taking preaching seriously.

If you did not lift up your hands or clap during worship, the member next to you will whisper in your ear and accuse you of not praising God. If you do not do these during worship in cell groups, the leader will rebuke you openly or privately.

If you had girlfriend or boyfriend and dating at such a young age, cell group members will subtly try to separate you by giving you excuses to sit next to them than to your bf/gf bcos he/she feels more ‘comfortable’ that you sit next to them. They were not mature enough to tell u their thoughts.

Some cell group leaders in the youth groups were so young that they could not provide any solid advice or mature guidance.

Like a MLM organization, we were tracked on our progress based on how many friends we manage to bring to service. If we don’t, we were interrogated and judged as not having love for the lost. If we did not wear nice enough (means ties, skirts etc. Can you imagine 15 year olds wearing corporate suits to church??), we were accused of dishonoring God. [After Sun Ho’s early rose to fame, over time, Kong Hee exchanged his fashion for more youthful, fashionable wear. After that, demands to wear a suit / tie and mature fashion were changed]

If a member wanted to switch cell groups, he or she will get disapprovals from leaders (whom were competing among each other based on numbers). If a member wanted to change church, he or she will be accused of being unfaithful, even if he or she lived far away.

Sacrifice of time and money were seen as signs that a person loves God rather than signs that the individual was pressured under the fear of men.
When I questioned my cell group leader, I was accused of lack of faith and interrogated for my questioning.

When I left, my cell grp leader told the whole group that I backslided and to never contact me. True enough, members whom I thought were my frds for years avoided my calls or msgs.

Many ppl whom I have invited and who left, turned atheist or stopped seeking the Christian faith altogether as they got hurt from the abuse that is rampant in there.

All in all, it was about men’s approval, not God’s approval.
Kong Hee, for all the money that you have cheated, for all the false teachings you promoted and for the multitudes of people you have led to hell, prison is not such a bad idea to humble you. Your idolatrous god of your imagination can’t hear your prayers, neither can he save you. While you still have breath in you, REPENT!

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Source: Ex-Charismatic Christians, C3 & Hillsong Church Watch – An Urgent Call To Discernment, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/c3churchwatch/permalink/1028474940542139/, Published 21/10/2015. (Accessed 22/10/2015.)

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  2. All the above , was a witness to the same fraud in Perth Western Australia . PHIL Pringle has a spirit , but it’s not gods and has manipulated and deceived many in his quest for fame and fortune .

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