Actions speak louder than words: Ruonala updating Prophetic Summit before Culprit in the Pulpit was exposed

This was the old Glory City Church add of the Prophetic Plummet Summit advertised throughout the year:


On October 25, 2015, we published ALL the clues for the Elijah List game. Clue 20 was a dead give away on who we were honing in on to the Elijah List prophetic Network and the Australian Prophetic Council:

CLUE 20: After researching everyone on the Elijah List Challenge, all the Elijah List contestants should KNOW who the Culprit in the Pulpit is.

(We have also reached out to these people and we KNOW people on the Elijah List are trying to ignore us! “Many people in the body have a very small God.” “I ignore it and won’t look at it. I don’t let that garbage in my soul.”) [Source]

We had people voluntarily email false prophets of the Elijah List about the Guess Who Elijah List Challenge: Culprit in the Pulpit game. They emailed us some responses to the false prophets to the Elijah List game. Those quotes, we decided to publish above, were from Lana Vawser and Amanda Wells. (As you can see, we gave Amanda Wells PLENTY of opportunity to repent and turn herself in!)


However, something happened behind the scenes when we released these clues and quotes from Lana Vawser and Amanda Wells. This is because on the 3rd of November, Glory City Church released this on FaceBook:

“Good Morning everyone.

The Australian Prophetic Summit is happening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Prophets from all over the world are gathering in Brisbane for this event. Steve Shultz from The Elijah List will be joining us as will Gary Morgan, Faylene Sparkes, Fini and Isi de Gersigny, Amanda Wells, Lana Vawser and Katherine Ruonala. It is going to be an amazing time together as we seek our Father and His will for our nation.

Registrations can be made at…/australian-prophetic-summit-2015…/

Day Registrations are also available and can be made at the door.

It is going to be an amazing time together, register today to make sure you don’t miss out.”

Source: Glory City Church, FaceBook,, Published 3/11/2015. (Still accessible 13/11/2015.)


Their link brought you to a page with this image:


Source: Australian Prophetic Summit 2015 Registration – 5th-7th November 2015, Glory City TV,, Accessed 12/11/2015.


At this point, we can only speculate what was said and done behind the scenes – but Katherine Ruonala, Amanda Wells and Lana Vawser appeared to be talking. Once again, consider the changes made to the Prophetic Plummet advertsing:

GCC - Prophetic Summit Plummet

When we quoted Lana Vawser and Amanda Wells for the clues, their image went missing in the Prophetic Summit banner. Coincidence?

It appeared that Katherina Ruonala, Glory City leadership and the Elijah List/APC prophets felt uncomfortable receiving “Culprit in the Pulpit” attention. So much so, that this convenient issue popped up:

“Hey guys unfortunately we’ve had some technical problems and won’t be able to Livestream tonight. Hopefully we will have it fixed by Sunday. God bless and have an amazing night!”

Source: Glory City Church, FaceBook,, Published 06/11/2015. (Accessed 06/11/2015.)


Oddly, Livestream was back up and running after the conference.

“Hey guys Livestream has started! Come join us as we worship the Lord”

Source: Glory City Church, FaceBook,, Published 08/11/2015. (Accessed 08/11/2015.)


Coincidence? We don’t think so.


Not only has Ruonala’s behaviour and actions convinced us that she knows she is guilty of harbouring the Culprit in the Pulpit, her silence is deafening over Amanda Wells. We believe Ruonala’s actions and silence are sufficient to conclude that she knows that Amanda Wells is guilty based on her “cover up”.

Katherine Ruonala

“Prophet” Katherine Ruonala – Founder of Australian Prophetic Conference, Glory City Church and Amanda Wells’ “Pastor”.

The question is, what is “Prophet” Katherina Ruonala going to do about the fraud Amanda Wells? Has Amanda Wells confessed about inventing her past and other experiences to Katherine Ruonala?

Has Amanda Wells told you Katherine? Or do we need to provide evidence of Amanda Wells making up her past life to bolster a fake ministry?

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3 replies

  1. Churchwatcher – at the end of the day, I believe that you’ll have to prove it. Not for the sake of the APC acolytes and devotees, but for the sake of the rest of the Body of Christ. You’ll have to back your claims, but I have no doubt that you’ll have mountains of evidence (seven mountains worth? 🙂 )

    Amanda Wells took an awful gamble in allegedly plagiarising other people’s works, but the gamble didn’t pay off. Now she has to face the music…

    And in doing so, she may cause the downfall of some of those other ‘false profit’ ministries – I hope so. There’s enough havoc and mayhem in the church already, with the likes of Hill$ong and C3, without a third player entering intothe fray in the form of the APC.

    Let’s hope and pray that this will mean the end of the so called “Australian Prophetic Council”… for good!

  2. @Churchwatcher – here’s a link to Steve Schultz, endorsing both Katherine Ruonala AND Amanda Wells back in January 2015. Both of them have published “words from the Lord” – enjoy…

  3. I personally challenged the air brushed panda wells , her writings and testimonies did not add up and were not The Word of God at all . She is a trickster , thief and fraudster , unfortunately she has allowed the Love of Money and greed of position and power to enter her heart , she blocked me immediately . The saddest thing about amanda wells is the blatant asking for money from people who are very poor , people who are sucked in by her evilness . I hope and pray her false claims of being a prophet and teacher are exposed every where she goes , but also I hope her fraudulent friends like ruonala are exposed as well . Jesus said these false leaders would arise , and here they are , blatant and obnoxious as the pharisees of old . They can be removed by prayer , nicked watson , falene sparkles , schultz , victory lifesuckers , hillsongers , all of them have gone the book selling way , promotion of self , chasers of church stages , all are under the spell of satans tentacles . The prophetic council con machine is a prime example of lovers of self and obsession with recognition . Good on you church watch , we appreciate your diligence .

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