Amanda Wells’ Whinge Binge Part 1 – Addressing typical arguments of frauds

When we exposed Amanda Wells as being the Culprit in the Pulpit in our international “Guess Who? Elijah List Challenge” game, Amanda Wells did not handle the situation well.

Instead, just like other frauds, criminals and phonies in the pulpit, Wells appealed to “Mercy” and “Grace”. appealing to the typical mantra’s and distorted bible cliche stories. Just like any convicted criminal going to the electric chair for their crimes claiming innocence, Amanda Wells boringly went out of her way to misuse the Christian ethic to manipulate Christians to believe her cause.

If you want to know how we came to discover Amanda Wells’ plagiarism, we applied this rule:

Its Plagiarised

In her rant, we thought it is worth observing that:

  1. she acknowledges three websites that exposed her crimes: this website, Jordan Hall’s Pulpit & Pen website, and a new website called Weeding Out Wells. (And for clarification’s sake Amanda Wells, you are DEFINITELY on them. Not APPARENTLY on them.)
  2. By admitting this, she is not “ignoring” her critics as she tells us and others to do, she is reading their every word. (Nice try Amanda!)
  3. Amanda has difficulty differentiating between “slander” and “substantiated claims”.
  4. Many people are sending her this information. (Keep sending it to Amanda! She might actually realise how many people around the world have seen her public sins exposed.)
  5. When Amanda Wells says, “just don’t tell me,” it’s a public confession that she is in denial.
  6. Amanda considers truth and facts “garbage”. (We’ll see just how garbage this is when we we see how Ruonala deals with Amanda’s sins. It appears Ruonala already removed Wells from the Australian Prophetic Summit advert.)
  7. When Amanda Wells says, “I have to deal with it”, it’s a confession that she’s created a problem that she needs to deal with. (Because if these allegations are false, what would you to be having to be dealing with Amanda? You can hold your head up and ignore it. But you’ve been crying foul because you have tried to hide your sins – and now your theft and lies have been publicly exposed. Right?)
  8. When Amanda says “lets NOT be the bearers of yuk news”, it means that her news is not the Christian good news, which reveals she is not a Christian minister. (Amanda, if you are blocking people’s messages and calling what people are saying “yuk news” because they are bringing the gospel of repentance to you – then how can you even call yourself someone who confesses Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?)
  9. Amanda Wells believes in and encourages censorship when she says, “If we are receiving this garbage about anyone may I suggest humbly we delete them block them immediately.” (What prophet in the Old Testament did that Amanda?)
  10. When Amanda says the “Bible says be kind, be edifying to each other,” why doesn’t Amanda apply this passage to herself? After all, she is the one who has lied to hundreds and thousands about her ministry and her teaching by stealing people’s work and profiteering from it.. We don’t know how many people she has defrauded and or how much work she has stolen from people.
  11. Amanda Wells appeals to her audience to identify with her. She does this hoping that people would feel caught in their own sins that they’ve committed and manipulating them to justify her sins. (Would you really replace your name with Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, etc? You know – they’re just like you!)
  12. When Amanda asks “would Jesus do what they are doing?” she presupposes that Jesus would have no problem with her lying, stealing and cheating behavious in regards to plagiarising her way into pulpit prominence. She also assumes that Jesus has no problem blocking “Christians,” calling what they have to say as “rubbish” and calling others to do likewise. Who’s the “kind one” here Amanda?.

Do you know what we consider “yuk news?” When we hear how Christians and nonbelievers react when they find out that Amanda Wells stole and plagiarised their work and then lied about it to make it look as though it was her ow. That is yuk news because we had to expose yukky actions from a yukky woman.

Amanda Wells wrote,

Just so all know Yes I am aware there are 3 websites that I am apparently on that are totally slandering and attacking me as well as others, I am aware who they are. May I humbly ask you don’t send me the info, don’t hand me paper that you have downloaded, just don’t tell me. I had to block around 30 people as they keep sending me this garbage…. just so ‘I’m aware.’ Hello I’m aware!!! It hurts, it means I have to deal with it, LOL and lets NOT be the bearers of yuk news, Lets do what the Bible says be kind, be edifying to each other. If we are receiving this garbage about anyone may I suggest humbly we delete them block them immediately and pray for all involved Lets not be talebearers of bad news Put your name in there and say wow if this was written about me how would I feel. Would I like an email telling me, would I like to be handed that paper The answer I assure you is no……… would Jesus do what they are doing? No So lets walk in love and protect each other Be Blessed

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  1. “Lets do what the Bible says be kind, be edifying to each other.”

    What verse is she getting that from? False Prophets (and in this case False Prophetesses) are supposed to be exposed, not extolled!

  2. The air brushed amanda cheatwells will use scripture to support her lifestyle . If a so called prophet asks for money continually as she does , has no respect for the poor as Jesus did , then they are truly deceived . Wells is a huge con artist , she uses other peoples ministry to her own gain . The prosperity doctrine is her core belief , she will do anything for a few dollars . This is very sad , but she is not alone , her friends in ” The Business ” of scamming believers are rampant today . nick watson , ruonala , sparkes , hinn , prince , t d jakes , osteen , houston , steve penny , stringer , they are all tarnished with the same brush , greed and the love of money . We need to pray that God will bring them to their knees and save them !!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t believe that anyone is being slandered here. If Wells has stolen other people’s intelectual property and passed it off as her own on multiple occasions, then she has comitted sins (and possible crimes too) as ther publishers of the works she has allegedly stolen, may take issue withthat and haul her before civil and criminal law courts.

    “For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” 1 Peter 4:17

    How can God judge the world in righteousness, unless He first judges those (who claim to be) a part of His ‘house’ – the church? So it is appropriate that the church (those who can see through this blatant form of theft,) take action, before the real house of God is brought into disrepute by their antics and greed for money…

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