Scipione & Baird AGAIN speaking at a church that covered up paedophilia

Despite C3 Church being involved in various scandals and cover-ups over the years, the Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird and the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, Andrew Scipione continue to share a platform with Phil Pringle.

To this day, Phil Pringle still:

  1. likes to be endorsed by his convicted mentor David Yonggi Cho,
  2. continues to endorse his convicted protege, Kong Hee,
  3. continues to lie about the Singaporean authorities to his church as to why Kong Hee actually went to jail,
  4. continues to cover up a pedophile scandal he was personally involved in,

while taking advantage of the credibility of Andrew Scipione and Mike Baird.

Phil Pringle writes,

 Great #c3Pathfinders full house breakfast with both NSW Premier @mikebairdmp & Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione sharing about leadership, family & their faith. #newdayleaders #C3churchhub

Source: Phil Pringle, Instagram,, Accessed 26/11/2015.


Since its inception,  the C3 movement has been heavily involved in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult and has heavily pushed its agenda around Australian churches. Very similar to a Masonic society, a trait of the NAR is their “organic” networks, one aspect being the Seven Mountain Mandate (7MM). (Kong Hee calls this the seven pillars of society and the cultural mandate.)

The 7MM is all about infiltrating what they call the “marketplace.” Talking to insiders, C3 College often invites famous Christian leaders to demonstrate how they are influencing their area of the “marketplace” in their allotted field of expertise, this also including spor (under the pillar of Art/Entertainment).

To infiltrate society (to take the city for God), the NAR and C3 teaches that Christians need to conquer the seven mountains of society: Art/Entertainment, Business, Church/Religion, Dissemination/News, Education, Family/Health, Government/Law. (Science often falls under ‘Education’, Health often falls under ‘Family’.)


This explains Elise Boggs comment below on Phil Pringle’s instagram:

Leadership! My favorite word @philpringle . Thanks for the encouraging shout out at c3 global. Love that C3 has a marketplace ministry. #c3pathfinders #marketplaceinfluence

We speculate that the reason why Phil Pringle had both Baird and Scipione speaking was to demonstrate to his movement that C3 are making “Christian” inroads into the Government/Law mountain in their “marketplace ministry.”

While PathFinders will not specifically teach the 7MM to those who attend, C3 appears to be moulding its members to conform to the philosophies and pagan teachings of the NAR, specifically through its ‘bible’ (The Church mountain) and Arts colleges (Arts/Entertainment mountain).

The Seven Mountain Mandate cannot be supported by scripture as it’s an unbiblical system developed by Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham back in 1975. They both claim that God spoke to them.

There is a good chance that Andrew Scipione and Mike Baird may have been accidentally indoctrinated by Hillsong or C3 who have been pushing this anti-Christian, totalitarian doctrine for decades.

It is our hope and prayer that Scipione and Baird are not hoodwinked by these cults and instead start investigating them.


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