Chris Rosebrough reviews Mike Bickle’s sermon,”Blow the Trumpet in Zion”

Between 1983 to 1984, Mike Bickle was formulating the controversial ‘Blueprint prophecy’ with the convicted Bob Jones and false prophet Augustine Alcala. Chris Rosebrough from “Fighting for the Faith” recently covered an older sermon of Mike Bickle in 1983 called “Blow the Trumpet in Zion.”

Bickle’s theology is saturated with the New Apostolic Reformation heresy (Aka: NAR). It’s a fascinating sermon that exposes the “New Apostolic Reformation,” the “prophetic” background of Mike Bickle and the birthing of the NAR Kansas City Prophets (KCP). This false prophetic movement within the NAR has released utter chaos, confusion, destruction and division in the church to this day. In this sermon review, Rosebrough helps people understand the NAR philosophies, ideas, methodologies and language.


The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth through the regime of it’s Apostles and Prophets.

Bickle delivers a disturbing message on how we are supposed to accept without question any new revelations from God. He condemns those who compares his new teachings to Scripture. He also emphasizes that those who are educated cannot be used by God.

To put it bluntly, Bickle is a totalitarian NAR “Prophet.” To question him or any of these NAR “prophets” is to question God’s Heavenly governance here on Earth. So why is Ronnie Floyd, (president of the Southern Baptist Convention), speaking at one of the biggest NAR cult conferences on the planet?

Floyd partners with iHOP cult leader & false apostle/prophet Mike Bickle

To listen to Chris Rosebrough’s sermon review click here:

Subdue the 500 Pound Woman?


00:05:34 – Prophecy Open Mic
00:18:28 – Patricia King Teaches The Law of Attraction
00:49:49 – Guillermo Maldonado Teaches on the Holy Spirit (Falsely)
01:06:52 – Sermon Review: Blow the Trumpet In Zion by Mike Bickle

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Subdue the 500 Pound Woman?, Fighting for the Faith,
bible-twisters-claiming-to-hear-directly-from-the-holy-spirit, Published 19/11/2015. (Accessed 20/11/2015.)


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  2. If you don’t mind, I’m going to share this thread on my post – Well said, sir. Well said.

  3. Ps. Not only is IHOP a danger to those who get involved with it, but for myself, personally, it nearly destroyed my entire family. I went YEARS without any communication from one of my children. YEARS.
    I thank God that my child, now an adult, returned and shook the dust off his feet when leaving IHOP. Praise the Lord!


  1. Chris Rosebrough reviews Mike Bickle’s sermon,”Blow the Trumpet in Zion” | An Unknown Berean's Blog showing that IHOP is New Age

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