Brian Houston & Hillsong stand with Kong Hee & Sun Ho

People have asked about the video footage of Brian Houston endorsing Kong Hee when we published the  ‘A Current Affair’ report on Brian Houston. Back in 2013, Kong Hee uploaded the following video of Brian Houston on his FaceBook account.

Yes Hillsong – your pastor stands supporting another crook, Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho.

“A greeting by Brian & Bobbie Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia!”

Source: Kong Hee, Video Greeting by Brian Houston, FaceBook,, Published 25/05/2013. (Accessed 07/12/2015.)


Congratulations Brian Houston for standing unashamedly with the whore Ho of Babylon CHC.

[Right click here and save to download video]


Censorship: CHC leadership play dirty to hide their dirty deeds

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  1. Hey Brian – wasn’t the script supposed to say “your greatest days in jail are still ahead of you…”?

  2. Brian Houston, Why do you say you admire Kong Hee?

    He pilfered his church. What is admirable about that? Facing jail time? What is wrong with you man?

  3. That was brilliant showing the video of Sun Ho against all those guys praising them. UNBELIEVABLE.

  4. Birds of same black birds flock together! All of these charismatics churches are from deviant teachings propagated by false teachers and false preachers who abuses the Bible and twisted the theology by introducing heresies. They are plain conmen making money out of Holy Scriptures by teaching falsehoods and conning many to their flocks. The truth serum – false teachings contrary to the real Bible.
    Nothing good will come out of them.

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