Hillsong: from Silent Night to Sordid Night

Hillsong’s a church… and a charity… can’t you tell?

They do Christian Christmas carols so much better than the world. Look how relevant Hillsong is – not even the world has taken this song to this level.

We tend to think that all the faithful men in Hillsong “church” decided to close their eyes for this “traditional” Christmas carol.

Note: A few hours after we posted this video, it was “made private” by Hillsong; the video on this page now is a copy of the original.

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Source: By Hillsong Church London, Silent Night – Hillsong Church London – Hillsong Carols 2014, Youtube, https://youtu.be/FIzxWBr4ZDE, Accessed 16/12/2015.

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  1. one word only… satanic

  2. Blasphemy!!!!! No fear of God!!!

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  4. This is about a disgusting display as I have EVER witnessed. Forget God. It’s all about money.

  5. Hillsongs compromises too much. This song has nothing to do with Jesus being born except the song.

  6. from gay choir leaders to this what happened to hillsong

    • “what happened to hillsong”
      If it was started by lawless, evil men to begin with – what do you think the end fruit was going to be. You can’t expect to find figs growing on thistle bushes. Too many Christians have been trying to superglue figs on Hillsong’s thistlebush, in their attempt to enjoy their own form of pagan Christianity.

  7. Pretty sleazy! Looks like a nightclub and the dancers/singers were nothing better than sleazy dancers. The synonyms of sleazy are “corrupt, immoral, unsavory, disreputable” They are corrupt and immoral. Where was God in this song? Where was God in their sexy dancing? They were not singing to the glory of God, but to their own glory. Their own idols.

  8. Excellent daring to be different!

  9. What if this was part of a play? and these are characters in a story? And then during the production they actually catch catch a revelation of who Jesus is during the story? Surely we can’t be that quick to judge by just seeing 1/20th of the actually show?

    • Cults and frauds will always capitalise on the Christian ethic. They expect people like you to give them the benefit of the doubt. You clearly have not thought through what you have just said. Please reconsider what you are justifying in the name of Jesus.

  10. ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’

    • Hillsong know exactly what they are doing. They are unforgivable. It’s called apostasy for a reason. They know that Christianity does not encourage sin – but they don’t care. They bend the knee to no one.

    • “They are unforgivable” — From a ‘Christian’? No wonder so many people turn away from church and God when ‘Christians’ like you spout crap like this. Jesus preached accountability, mate, not judgement. And I’m pretty sure that not forgiving people wasn’t part of his teachings! Turn the other cheek and 70×7 ring a few bells, though.

  11. I don’t care for this rendition at all but church watcher let’s me ask you this, what makes you perfect? What makes you better? I’m not justifying any of what they did to make it seem so “Holy or Godly” as I saw none of it myself. But perhaps just perhaps the above person who’s comment mentioned something about a play or drama and this was part of it, is correct! We can’t judge and if I had only this to judge by then I would say it’s all wrong! Too many “Christians” want to take certain scriptures from the bible to live off of but fail to see the rest of the book and see the whole picture! I’ll let God judge their souls and me? Well I will just judge the artistic value of it..2 thumbs down! Merry Christmas everyone!

    • “I don’t care for this rendition at all but church watcher let’s me ask you this, what makes you perfect? What makes you better?”
      Easy answer: we are Christian. Brian Houston is not – many of those who defend Houston are often very anti-Christian, hypocritical and don’t love Jesus Christ at all. They like making up their own god.

      You are just another example of someone who stands with those Christ Himself will damn in the end times. You are one that does not read their bible and will willingly twist Jesus’ Words to justify sin and idolatry.

      “We can’t judge”
      And Jesus teaches the exact opposite.
      Why don’t you read what Jesus and His Word actually teach on how a Christian is meant to judge before gaffa taping Jesus’ mouth shut and offering your ignorance as the final authority?

    • “Too many “Christians” want to take certain scriptures from the bible to live off of but fail to see the rest of the book and see the whole picture!”

      Like you, for instance.

    • May I suggest you plug Ephesians 5:11 into your iPod and play that 1 verse over a few thousand times until it sinks in.

  12. I hate to judge because Christ is the ultimate Judge, but that was pretty pathetic. More about entertainment than about Jesus ?.

  13. That performance was was not of god, very sad!

  14. This is a clear example of churches trying to bring the world into the church instead of the church into the world
    yhis is

  15. When the devil can not shut the worship, he drag it far away from who it should be given to.


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