Proof Hillsong DID turn Silent Night to Whorey Night

Since Hillsong have set their raunchy Silent Night video clip to ‘private’, we are hearing weird arguments suggesting that Hillsong critics have taken a secular version of Silent Night and decided to smear Hillsong Church with it.

This is not true. And an argument that can be quick to refute.

If you go to the Hillsong Church London FaceBook page, you can see them advertise their Hillsong Carols 2015 event. In this video, you will see them take snippets of their previous carols, including snippets from their raunchy ‘Silent Night’ video:

Hillsong Carols at the SSE Arena, Wembley, is a night that is focused on and celebrating what Christmas really is about: JESUS!

Definitely one to share with your friends & family!

Get your tickets now at

Source: Hillsong Church London, Hillsong Carols 2015, FaceBook,, Published 10/11/2015. (Accessed 18/12/2015.)

[Click to download video]


The above Hillsong Carols 2015 trailer can also be seen on the Hillsong website:


Source:, Accessed 18/12/2015/.

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  2. Personally, I think the entire group (Straight Path) is with me in saying that Hillsong totally is off base on this one. We all have looked up o Hillsong in the past, but will look for better Christian songwriters/musicians/arrangers for our inspiration in the future.

  3. Just appalled at what this so called “Christian” group has done to this beautiful song! A Las Vegas show! SMH and sad of heart that they made it a sleazy rendition of a wonderful birth. May God forgive them and have mercy upon their souls.

  4. This ‘church’ appeals to the flesh and that’s about all it has to offer.

    Oh, and plenty of lies too.

  5. I literally cried when I watched this. I couldn’t believe it – I love so much of the wonderful worship music Hillsong has produced in the past. No church is perfect but some of the doctrine coming from Hillsong in the recent past is way off and now this! I’m so disappointed in this ‘performance’ – how does this glorify God? How many sheep will continue to be led astray..

    • Many members of latter CLC and early Hillsong clowly came to the realisation that they were involved in a cult. It was the music and the feel-good preaching that continually made them think it was just a normal church. But learning along-side them, we realised that at it’s very beginnings, it had all the marks of a cult. It’s only a matter of time for the Hillsong beast to show it’s true colours. This is just the beginning.

  6. Once in a while I’ve listened to Hillsong music. I’m not familiar with their doctrine. I happened on Hillsong Silent Night two nights ago and was deeply shocked. If this had been done by a non-Christian group, I would immediately assume it was to mock Jesus Christ and mock Christianity.

    This was done by a supposedly ‘Christian’ group proclaiming to London – ‘a night that is focused on and celebrating what Christmas really is about: JESUS!’

    There aren’t a lot of Christians in Britain and Europe. Many are atheists or agnostics. They either don’t believe in God or don’t know that He exists and live their lives accordingly. This is very tragic. I’m native English and I’m very angry that Hillsong presented their song/show as celebrating the Birth of Jesus. I have one thing to say to Hillsong: Stay out of Britain and Europe. My people need Jesus, NOT your horrifying presentation of Jesus.

  7. If you find it sleazy then you live in a cave of self-righteousness. Get a grip.

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