Stone throws insults at Christians – calls them “swine”

Perry Stone is a false prophet of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult.


The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

Recently, Perry Stone released a video on YouTube titled ‘Partner Update New Years 2016′. Towards the beginning, he promoted the NAR ‘Awaken America’. (Notice the language – ‘awaken’ or ‘awakening’ are key words used by NAR leaders to emphasize they are bringing the end-time revival to the nations.) The idea of continual, exhaustive prayer is also heavily entrenched in the NAR movement – the idea that God has to move or do things when all people unite in prayer. (We are not condemning prayer – however, the theology of NAR prayer is unbiblical, unhealthy and therefore fruitless.)

Perry Stone in the below video then advertises that he will get a word from the Lord in his “election message for 2016”. By stating this, he is implying he is a prophet of God. In the New Apostolic Reformation movement (aka Christian Taliban), Apostles and Prophets are the one’s governing God’s church by revealing the latest strategic level spiritual warfare tactics, blueprints or visions for the “church”. Those who question these Apostles and Prophets and their revelations are not tolerated.

For example, Perry Stone later in this video scoffed and mocked Christians who he calls “scoffers and mockers on the internet.”

“One time I put one of our Youth Conferences up and five hundred people got on and blasted the kids for dancing and rejoicing. Five hundred Christians! Five hundred church people.

This is why we don’t throw things on facebook. This is why we don’t throw things on the internet. Because I am not going to do what the bible says to, “cast my pearl before swine.”

Source: Perry Stone, YouTube, Partner Update New Years 2016,, Uploaded 31/12/2015. (Accessed 31/12/2015.)

This is what Christians were reacting too that made Stone blow his top.

Perry Stone’s weird worship at “Winter Reformation”

What do you think? Do you think Perry Stone was honest with his presentation on the facts over his crazy Winter Reformation worship event?

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  1. This guy sounds like another puffed up personality leeching off the Body of Christ.

    As soon as one hears the words “partners” and “I have a word from God” that should be a tip off this is most likely another wolf.

  2. I used to watch Perry Stone several years ago and thought he had so much wisdom that he could make connections and have insights into the Bible that I had never heard from anyone else before (and I grew up in the Pentecostal church). But then the Lord led me to preachers who humbly proclaim the true Word of God and now I have the wisdom to discern that he preaches extra-biblical nonsense from his own arrogant ideas, he preaches personal experiences of himself and others, and regularly claims he hears from God and has had a visitation of an angel. ALL red flags! I heard him report that Rod Parsley and Jessee Duplantis would be coming to OCI to speak, and they would be giving away free Joyce Meyer books…apostate company, indeed. He is for the Charismatic movement. The video with the ark is blasphemous. Parents would be wise to keep their youth far away and carefully seek out a Protestant church that preaches the true Word of God, minus the emotions, dreams, visions, fire tunnels, end-time move of God, reformation, seven mountain mandate, prophesying, and all his and Mark Casto’s other heresies. There is even more evidence that he does not know how to properly interpret scripture, but I will sum it up by saying this is part of the growing apostasy leading people astray. He is a good speaker and a fast talker, so you must listen carefully to what’s actually being said. Beware, sheep, beware and run.

  3. Perry Stone has conversations with his deceased grandfather, so anything coming out of his mouth is tripe :p

  4. People like P Stone seek out the gullible who are always looking for a sign and are willing to part with their shekels for anyone claiming to have a word from God. If only people would read their bibles,study,and pray they could recognize these wolves easily.

  5. An even worse example of a false teacher brainwashing his flock that his critics are sub-human.

    David Hughes of Church by the Glades plants the seed that his critics are Human Excrement.

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