Parable of the Dog: A Case Study of False Teachers

Chris Rosebrough from “Fighting for the Faith” recently reviewed Phil Pringle’s sermon, “Parable of the Dog.”

Phil Pringle bases this message not on Scripture, but rather, on his own life experiences. This means the title is misleading since Phil Pringle isn’t teaching a parable (it’s an anoalogy).

Furthermore, Pringle pushes a works based righteousness whereby you’re saved by your good works rather than trusting in the assurance of the Gospel that Christ died for your sins and all who trust in Him are forgiven.

Rosebrough used this sermon to expose the problems with the false “Lordship” doctrine. This doctrine is designed by cult leaders to control people using reward and fear-like tactics. Considering the work of Ivan Pavlov’s “Respondent conditioning” (aka Pavlov’s Response) using dogs, it is interesting that Pringle parallels the behaviour of the “dog” with the behaviour of the Christian. This school of psychological thought is called Behaviorism and was very popular last century.

One could argue that Lorship doctrine is a spiritualized version of “respondent conditioning.” And when you hear the review, you will be hearing Pringle pit God’s salvation against God’s Lordship, which is blasphemous. This is why he was insinuating towards the end one can lose their salvation if they do not tithe.

Here is the sermon review:

Joel & Victoria Osteen Start 2016 by Twisting God’s Word


Program Segments:
00:06:30 – Joel & Victoria Osteen Start 2016 by Twisting God’s Word
00:40:16 – Ken Copeland’s “Word of the Lord” for 2016
00:56:49 – Steve Kozar Museum of Idolatry Update
01:07:37 – Sermon Review: Parable of the Dog by Phil Pringle

Source: By Chris Rosebrough, Joel and Victoria Osteen Start 2016 by Twisting God’s Word, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 07/01/2016. (Accessed 08/01/2016.)

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